Photo of wedding makeup for brown eyes of brunettes

Brown eyes themselves are quite bright and expressive.

Today we will tell you how to make bridal makeup for brown eyes so that you look even more beautiful.

Traditionally, bridal makeup is done in delicate colors, with an emphasis on the eyes.

It looks beautiful, fresh and romantic, but there are many other interesting make-up options.

Smoky Ice Wedding Makeup for Brown Eyes

Perhaps nothing makes the eyes brighter and more expressive than smokey ice. Using this technique for wedding makeup on brown eyes is careful so that the image is not overloaded and the face does not look "plastered."

Smokey looks good in gray, brown and plum tones.

Makeup with arrows for the bride with brown eyes

The arrow not only makes the eye more expressive, but also great corrects its shape.

Choose the length and width of the arrow depending on the desired wedding look: a retro wedding will require thicker and bolder arrows, expressive arrows in the Dior style are suitable for an elegant look, and if you are natural, then the arrow should be thin and barely perceptible.

The basic rules of makeup for the brown eyes of brunettes for a wedding

  1. To begin with, you should choose a makeup artist who entrust your image on this important day for every bride. Do not save on trial makeup, which is applied a few weeks before the wedding. Its price is several times cheaper than standard wedding makeup, and the benefits are unimaginable. The tastes of the bride and the stylist do not always converge, and such a discrepancy can spoil the wedding mood,
  2. Cosmetics should be of high quality and hold well all day,
  3. Makeup should match the bride’s color type and shade of the dress. For example, the bright white color of the dress is suitable for blond and blonde, but the color of champagne is more to the face of dark-haired and brown-eyed girls.

Gentle bridal makeup for brown eyes

Surprisingly, pink shades of shadows go well to brown eyes. We advise you to pay attention to them if you want to make a gentle wedding make-up.

It doesn’t matter, brown eyes can be slightly summed up with a black pencil - and you will still look luxurious.

Color spectrum

There are many shades for girls with brown eyes and dark hair. Chocolate colors, delicate honey tones and all brown tides will look especially successful. Such shades well emphasize the natural beauty of dark eyes and make the look more expressive, but at the same time very natural. If you have chosen a sand scale of warm tones, then you can dilute them with darker colors. A good option for brown-eyed brunettes will be a pink palette. These tones are suitable even for swarthy girls, with makeup with which there should be moderation in everything so as not to overload the face with many tones.

Blue, cornflower blue or lavender color is also under the face of brunettes. Do not neglect the green shades, although they are still more suitable for fair-haired brides. Do not use eye shadows with orange tones, they will make the bride’s look tired and dull, and yet her eyes should burn with happiness. In any case, despite the tenderness and naturalness of makeup, chic brown eyes must be emphasized with dark tones for even greater expressiveness.

Mascara selection

Since the main focus of brown-eyed brunettes is always their eyes, you need to connect eyeliner and mascara to the makeup. Such cosmetics should be of high quality. In daylight, showered mascara or smeared arrows will be clearly visible. It is better to use eyeliner in liquid form, what is the intensity of its coverage will be chosen by the stylist, based on the general image of the bride. With eyeliner, you can easily emphasize the line of eyelashes or use it in more daring decisions, for example, for smokey ice. Mascara should lengthen eyelashes; a strong amount for daytime makeup is extremely rare.


Any eye makeup will look unfinished without proper eyebrow shaping. Dark-eyed girls usually have gorgeous dark eyebrows, but many simply do not know how to give them the desired shape. Makeup artist will correct the bend of the eyebrows and emphasize their elegance with fondant or eyebrow shadow. This part of the eyes should be taken in moderation, because overloaded, overhanging, too dark eyebrows will spoil the entire image as a whole. For a clear outline of the eyebrow line, its edges are formed using a concealer, so the makeup artist will paint over the dark points of the hairs and make the eyebrow clearer.

Shades in wedding makeup brown eyes

The gamut of colors that are used in the makeup of the bride, as a rule, is not so wide. Makeup should not be evident, and this imposes certain restrictions. In the foreground is the natural beauty of the girl, so too bright, unusual accents are not welcome. It is better to give preference to calm shades. But this is not all: it is important that they correspond to the color type of the bride’s appearance, and also be combined with the color of the eyes.

  • beige, coffee, brown (it is better to emphasize dark eyes with these shades, so that the look is “soft”),

  • gold (including "pink gold"), bronze, copper,

dark green (this makeup is good with a golden highlight), dark blue, burgundy, plum,

light gray and dark graphite.

Of course, when it comes to the makeup of the bride, it is important to consider the design of the dress, its style, design details.

Brown bride makeup with brown eyes: photo tutorial

It’s a paradox, but such a striking appearance lacks the contrast of shades - they will have to be added using make-up. Work with the effect of radiance, it will add sculpturality to the face and this compensates for the lack of color diversity.

  • Spread a special base on the skin of the eyelids. Then - beige shadows with a shimmer (you will also need to “capture” the area under the eyebrow). Pay special attention to the areas near the inner corners of the eyes - a highlighter should be applied there.

  • Shine the shining brown shadows in the crease, as well as at the outer corners. With their help, emphasize the contour of the eyes. Instead of shadows, a soft pencil-kayal can be used for this purpose.

Wedding version of smokey ice for brown eyes

If you choose the smokey effect for the bride’s makeup, it should be the main focus. If possible, use shades that do not match the color of the eyes - for a soft contrast. And also listen to the recommendations of makeup artists who often prepare girls for the wedding:

  • Smoky eyes may seem like a too bright beauty-solution for a wedding. But this does not mean that you need to refuse expressive haze: blend the dark shadows only at the outer corners of the eyes or at the ciliary contour, then there will be no drama effect that you want to avoid.
  • Instead of darkening the entire eyelid, apply shades like brown or gray only to the crease. Be sure to blend them properly to create a natural play of light and shadow.
  • Using the haze effect, emphasize the contour of the eyes. You only need to draw a line using the kayal, close to the roots of the eyelashes. And then slightly shade it, softening with a dense brush.

Delicate brown eye makeup

To create a gentle romantic look you will need soft shades. True, the pastel - pink, lavender, sky blue - will look without support in combination with brown eyes faded. Therefore, using such shadows, you will have to supplement them with an emphasis on the outline or arrows in black or brown.

What do you think should be guided more by performing wedding makeup - on a dress or appearance of a bride? Write a comment.

The subtleties of choosing a gentle make-up

Makeup for brown eyes for the bride’s wedding, when only one area of ​​the face is highlighted, is now becoming more and more popular. Most often, fashionistas try to highlight either eyes or lips, leaving one of these areas unattended, thereby emphasizing the natural beauty of the face.

The peculiarity and charm of the brown eyes is that, without even turning to a makeup artist, brown-eyed girls are always located, as they say, "on top".

Having called for the help of an experienced master of cosmetic art, the bride has the opportunity to try in practice the application of all kinds of make-up, choosing the best suitable for the wedding look.

Makeup artist can offer to make test photos of the finished makeup, which will determine the best combination of makeup colors and dresses.

Below are tips from experienced makeup artists on how to combine the colors of your chosen products.

Photos and features

There is no need to choose a too oily texture of the foundation, since during the festival all makeup can simply “float”. The ideal option here is waterproof cosmetics of the time-tested brand.

When doing wedding makeup for a bride with brown eyes, it is worth refusing to use too luminous cosmetics, whether it be eyeliner, eye shadow or highlighter. This is done so that the minor imperfections of the face of a happy bride are not so noticeable.

The tonal basis must be selected based on the natural shade of the skin. Lighter or darker would be inappropriate. Too cheeky to choose bright blush for makeup on the wedding, which is applied to the cheekbones. This makeup is more suitable for a party with friends than for marriage.

A correcting pencil should be used if you want to achieve the perfect tone, and the skin has small acne, freckles or any other imperfections. A concealer with a reflective effect will help visually highlight the area under the eyes, making the look even deeper and more piercing.

Features of wedding makeup for brown eyes

There is no doubt that wedding makeup is different from everyday makeup, so the issue of applying it must be approached very responsibly.

A few days before the celebration, you should contact the makeup artist and decide on a make up choice. It is advisable to make several types of makeup, photograph them, and then choose the best. This way you can avoid problems and save your nerves on your wedding day. You don’t have to worry about the fact that the makeup does not fit the dress and shoes - or even is not in harmony with the hairstyle.

The bride’s hair color can help her with the search for a palette of shadows, blush, lipstick. Here are some suggestions.


Owners of dark hair would do well to pay attention to the golden and sand colors of shades. They will reveal individuality and emphasize the beauty of the bride. Eyes should be let down by a line of medium thickness - this will add a touch of mystery to the image. But lipstick is better to choose either pale pink, focusing on the lightness of the image, or dark and saturated shades of burgundy, beige and coral. Lipstick will be the final touch of the image.

Facial skin cleansing

It is necessary to thoroughly cleanse the skin from impurities and excess sebaceous glands. To do this, you can use various cosmetics, for example, scrub or peeling.

After this procedure, you need to wipe your face with a warm towel and use a softening or nourishing cream. Only after completely absorbing the cream can you proceed further.


If the lady is the owner of blond hair, then she can recommend the cool colors of the shadows: blue, blue-gray, pale purple, pinkish. Such girls will face cream, brownish, golden, silver and grayish shades. Facial blush is worth choosing peach tones. Lipstick should be a natural shade of coral or rose. All these little secrets will help to emphasize the image of a cute and mysterious goldilocks.

Shades for brown eyes: color selection and application technique

Given that brown eyes are already very beautiful, one should not over-decorate them. It will be easy to underline with mascara and eye shadow. It is recommended to apply a little powder on the eyelids before applying shadows: this will help to maintain a permanent make-up for brown eyes on the wedding until late at night.

The second step is to apply the shadows themselves. The outer corners do not need to be darkened, but from the middle of the century to the inner corners, on the contrary, it is desirable to draw darker features, but after that they need to be softly shaded. Many prefer to embellish the solemn makeup with sparklesthat are applied directly to the eyelid, on top of the shadows. The color of the latter can be completely different. It all depends on the preferences of the girl herself, as well as on the skin tone of her face. If the bride wants to appear before the future spouse as a yoke, pinkish shades or body shades are perfect for her.

Some beauties can boast not just brown eyes, but a look with golden sparkles. So purple shades are perfect. Those who have blotches in their eyes are lighter, for example, the color of a nut, it is recommended to choose paints with pink.

Charming eyelashes: which mascara to choose for brown-eyed girls?

In choosing a carcass in this case, you need to focus on the desire for maximum naturalness of appearance. For a brown-haired woman it will be preferable brown version, and dark girls will become more attractive if they apply eyelashes black ink.

It must be remembered that during the wedding celebration the bride may not hold back the tears from the long-awaited happiness, therefore it is recommended to use waterproof paints.

Mascara should be applied non-quickly, calmly, without leaving lumps. The brush should be carried from the roots of the eyelashes to the tips.

Brown Eyeliner Selection

The best for brown-eyed beauties are eyeliners of emerald and brown colors.

Gold eyeliner sometimes looks good. And you can choose, for example, brown, and the so-called arrows in the corners - golden color.

Those brides who are close to the oriental style sum up their eyes with black paint.

The technique of applying this cosmetic product involves drawing the contour of the eyelid, where the outer arc needs to be gently lifted up to make the gaze seem wider.

Brides paint lips: a selection of lipstick colors depending on the tone of the hair

Brown-eyed girls are well suited for lipsticks in such colors:

  • Beige.
  • Pale pink, that is, natural tones.

Brighter lip make-up is also not prohibited, in this case it is better to use red lipstick.

Fair-haired girls will appear in the image of a naive pure beauty if, along with barely noticeable blush, they use lipstick of expressive shades. After applying it, you should circle the contours of the lips with a pencil, the color of which will be slightly darker than the color of the lipstick. At the ends of the lips you do not need to leave sharply ending lines - it is better to shade them. After the procedure, you can once again apply a saturated color lipstick.

“Marine,” “Chicago,” or red? How to choose a style for decorating a wedding hall? Read our tips.

The image of a dreamer

To create this role, cosmetics of the following tones are best suited:

At the inner margins of the eyes, shadows should be applied lighter, sparkles can be used. Starting from the central part of the eyelid, leading the brush to the outer corners of the eye, it is recommended to carefully blend the lilac shadows. The corner itself can be emphasized with a darkened gray color. In the same way, the lower eyelid should be painted. A black, barely noticeable strip applied with a pencil will look good.

Moisture-resistant mascara should thoroughly color each cilium. The bottom row will not require long staining, it will be enough to walk with a brush once. The upper eyelashes can be colored several times in a row, so that the look is more expressive.Of course, you don’t need to apply too much paint so that the effect of natural makeup does not disappear. In the case of circles under the eyes, the lower eyelid and the lower row of eyelashes do not need to be painted.

Brown-haired, red-haired and light brown

Owners of such curls should not do catchy makeup, it is enough just to slightly emphasize the existing advantages. The main shades of shadows that should be used when creating a wedding make-up are beige, green, delicate lilac and light terracotta. It is important to note that in the image it is better to use an eyeliner of chocolate or gray, rather than black. Instead of lipstick, you should choose a delicate coral or caramel shine.

And the owners of the mysterious green-brown eyes will be interested to know some features.

Using gray-green tones, you can emphasize the brown color of the iris, using golden - green. Do not abuse marsh, brown and green shades, as this can lead to a visual fusion of eye color with the tone of shadows. It is better to choose tones lighter or darker than the iris. You should not be afraid to use saturated colors - such as purple, dark gray and dark green.

Kinds of make up

Many brides prefer classic makeup. Their snow-white, cream or beige dresses, neat hairstyles are the best suited to a gentle pastel palette of shadows, slightly emphasizing the eyes, lipstick in a pale pink tone. All this literally drives the bridegroom crazy and is remembered for a long time by everyone present at the wedding.


Only very brave girls are ready to “return” to the 60s and try on these bold images. Here, the most important role will be played by catchy dresses of extravagant style and lush hairstyles. As for makeup, the following rule works here: the brighter - the better. However, a composition of pearlescent shades in brownish and blue tones will be preferable. Do not be afraid of false eyelashes. It will look bright and expressive if you apply a lip contour darker than lipstick.


This option is suitable for lovely ladies who want to opt for vintage dresses with embroidery and beads. However, this image is suitable for girls with a very fair skin color (owners of dark or tanned skin should turn to a different style). White shades are applied to the eyelids, which are played out with dark brown shades. The eyes are emphasized by thick but neat arrows. In the end, catchy lipstick is applied to the lips.


Those who choose such an image with dark-skinned and tanned skin are allowed to muffle their complexion with powder, which is as close as possible in tone to natural. Eyes accentuate with a dark cosmetic pencil, do not make a special accent on the lips, but only slightly affect their shine. In the hairstyle, falling curls, bangs and even slightly sloppy bouffant will be appropriate.

Smoky eyes

These “smoky eyes” literally won the hearts of brown-eyed girls, because they emphasize the expressiveness and depth of look. Smoky eyes can be safely called the technique of applying makeup, and many are accustomed to the fact that it is carried out in dark colors. Such a make up is not always appropriate in the image of the bride. If we are talking about a wedding make up in the style of smoky eyes, then brown-beige tones are more often used here. Such a gradient of shades of shadows only emphasizes the tender image of the future wife.

Less well-known, but no less interesting ideas for wedding make-up cannot but attract attention.

Light nude

This make up will appeal to girls who want a minimum of makeup. Gentle and light shadows, barely noticeable lipstick and a small amount of powder - this is enough for the graceful image of the bride.

Many girls have enough skills to make themselves a wonderful make up. However, when it comes to weddings, even those girls who decide to do their own wedding makeup approach the issue with all responsibility. They can not only follow their daily habits, so the first nuance in this matter is the choice of cosmetics.

How to choose cosmetics?

Any wedding make up must comply with the “3 in 1” rule (daytime, evening and photo), which means that the cosmetics that are used during application must be stable and of high quality.

It so happens that the weather can play a cruel joke and “give” the wedding ceremony rainfall. There is definitely no way to do without waterproof mascara. This nuance needs to be put in the first place. For a languid look, you need neat eyelashes, so in no case should there be lumps. Conclusion: eyelashes should be stiff, keep in shape, mascara should not spread on them. You can recommend quite budget brands of mascara: Clinique "Lash Power" (very high quality, can not be washed off in cold water, persistent, the average price is 1500 rubles) and Lumene "Blueberry Wild Curl" (excellent mascara, tinted eyelashes without lumps all day long, the average price is 500 rubles).


Here, stability is important, as well as how comfortable the cosmetic product will be felt on the lips. Of course, not in the last place there is a gamut of shades, it is easy to bribe any girl with a beautiful color. The following brands can be recommended: Estee Lauder "Pure Color Love Lipstick" (creamy texture, persistent, extensive color palette, average price - 800 rubles), Clinique "Pop Lip Color Limit" (high-quality lipsticks that last long, excellent color scheme, average price - 600 rubles), L'Oreal "Color Riche Matte Addiction" (persistent matte lipstick with a chic palette, the average price is 500 rubles).

Makeup base

The choice of a high-quality foundation will ensure absolute makeup resistance. The main criterion for the selection of this type of cosmetics is durability, as well as uniform coverage. Clarins "Eclat Minute" (moisturizing, creates an even tone, lasts a long time, the average price is 1,500 rubles), a stable tonal foundation, lasting remedy, the average price is 2,800 rubles) - these two products are favorites in the battle for high-quality make up.


Much has been said about them, this is really the key to a beautiful image. In order for it to remain so until the end of the wedding day, it is necessary that the shadows are of high quality. Shadows should be easy to apply, not crumble and not roll. Reliable here can be called Smashbox "Photo Matte Eyes Palette" (average price - 3000 rubles), Lumene Nordic Chic Pure Color Eyeshadow (average price - 700 rubles), Pupa "4 Eyes Palette Ombretti" (average price - 550 rubles).

Much depends on the quality of the shadows, but the basis for them is less important, then an excellent result is guaranteed. The following make up tools should be noted: MAC "Prep Prime 24-Hour Extend Eye Base" (stable base for the eyes, the average price is 2000 rubles), Lumene Nordic Eyeshadow Primer (excellent primer, easy to apply and lasts a long time, the average price is 800 rubles).

How to apply?

  1. First you need to degrease the skin. Even the best cosmetics can slip in the process due to the active work of the sebaceous glands.
  2. Drawing base under make up. If the skin is dry, then moisturizing is suitable, and for oily - matting.
  3. Next is applied foundation. To achieve the best result, you should choose a cream fluid, it will qualitatively hide skin imperfections.
  4. Application of blush. First, a blush of pink shades is applied to the apples of the cheeks, and then outlines are given in brown colors. They do this according to a certain principle: where there are already shadows, strengthen them.
  5. The shadows. For best effect, primer is applied. Then shadows are applied, it is advisable to use special brushes for this. Light shades are applied to the inside of the eyelid, and dark shades are applied to the top. They shade towards the eyebrows. You can also emphasize the line of the eyes with arrows.
  6. Ink. The main thing here is not to make a mistake with the choice of a product, then you won’t have to stand in front of the mirror for a long time to make eyelashes beautifully, they will turn out expressive, stained and without lumps anyway.
  7. Eyebrows. A few days before the wedding, it is recommended to pluck the eyebrows. Immediately on the day of the celebration, they are emphasized with a cosmetic pencil - extremely carefully so that they fit harmoniously into the image. Blondes are suitable for brown, gray and beige tones. Dark brown and black shades will suit brown-haired women and brunettes.
  8. Lips. Before applying, you need to slightly powder your lips, then the lipstick can last longer. The lipstick itself is applied carefully and in moderation so that it subsequently lasts for a long time and does not become a cause of discomfort.

It is worth familiarizing yourself with the interesting idea of ​​a beautiful wedding make up step by step:

  1. Gently apply eye shadow primer to the entire surface of the eyelids. It will save the “life” of your makeup until the end of the wedding celebration.
  2. Shadows are applied to the upper movable eyelid, the tone at this stage should be chosen medium.
  3. Dark shadows are applied to the outer corner, and then shaded by the middle of the century.
  4. The inner corner is tinted by analogy with the previous step.
  5. Dark shadows are applied in the crease area between the movable and fixed eyelids - as if creating a neat arc, connecting the outer shaded corner of the eye and the inner one.
  6. By highlighting the brow area, eyebrows are emphasized with light beige or warm sand shadows.
  7. Using eyeliner (pencil), the contour of eyelashes is gently emphasized.
  8. Mascara is applied and the lower contour of the eye is drawn.
  9. With a white pencil it is necessary to draw an area inside the lower eyelid.
  10. Blush is applied to the cheekbones using a delicate peach color scheme.
  11. Lipstick in soft pink tones is applied to the lips.

Such a simple and elegant make-up will fit almost any look and be harmonious.

Makeup artist secrets

  1. When make up is ready it is advisable to additionally fix it with a special spray for fixing makeup - for example, NYX "Matte Finish". This tool will help reduce the degree of oily skin and better fix the applied cosmetics on the face.
  2. Makeup artists do not recommend using large sequins for makeup, they will not look very attractive, and the photos will turn into inappropriate points.
  3. To make the makeup look great, it must be applied in a well-lit room.
  4. It’s advisable to avoid thick lines of eyeliner because of this, the eyes may seem smaller.
  5. You should not choose blush and lipstick color to match jewelry or dress color, so you can lose the zest of the image.
  6. If the bride is going to visit a beautician and to take a course of cleansing and improving the skin of the face before the wedding, it is better to do this a few days before the wedding ceremony in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

How to do your own wedding makeup for brown eyes, see the next video.

Rules for choosing makeup for brown eyes

First of all, you need to figure out what they are - brown eyes? Light, with greenery, with gray spots, golden, dark. There are a lot of options, and in each case, you need to select the most winning shades. The classic for brown eyes is the violet range, this combination makes the look mysterious and mysterious. Green is also very complementary to brown eyes, but should be used with caution if the color of the iris is light. And, of course, the whole gamut of brown and pink shades - for a delicate, wedding make-up, this is a win-win option. The main thing is to find high-quality shadows, preferably from brands that produce cosmetics for professionals, for example:

  • palettes from Make-Up Atelier Paris,
  • Sweet Peach Eye Shadow Collection by Too Faced,
  • Naked by Urban Decay,
  • Eye Shadow X9 by A.C.

What colors should be avoided for brown-haired brides? First of all, these are all gray shades. Of course, smoky, dark smokey suits everyone, including brown-eyed ones, but on the day of the wedding, perhaps, they are inappropriate. Warm, burgundy shades should also be used with caution, they give redness to brown eyes and make the look tired. If painted with such shadows, then be sure to "separate" them with a black or dark brown arrow. And, by the way, about the arrows: in 2018 they are still at the peak of popularity. If you have almond-shaped or round, wide-open eyes, then it is quite possible to do with light, golden or beige shades, gel eyeliner and mascara.

Makeup for brunettes

Brown-eyed brunettes are basically such southern beauties, with swarthy skin and brown or black hair. Their appearance is bright and expressive, and makeup in bronze and golden tones will help emphasize the depth of the eyes and a beautiful skin tone. Rarely, but sometimes brunettes with pale, porcelain skin are found. In this case, you need to look for a foundation with a cold tone, or add a couple of drops of a liquid highlighter with a blue glow to a suitable color. It is better to use cold violet, lavender shades in eye makeup.

Makeup for blondes

Natural blonde with brown eyes is a rare and spectacular combination. Such girls definitely need to emphasize their femininity and sexuality, so you can safely use red lipstick, black eyeliner and shiny shadows in your makeup. The make-up in the style of the 30s will look interesting and unusual: black, thick arrows, false eyelashes, underlined eyebrows and necessarily bright lip make-up.

Makeup for brown-haired, red-haired and fair-haired

Girls with chestnut, copper and ash-brown shades in make-up need to adhere to the middle ground: do not get carried away with dark colors and graphite arrows, but at the same time it is enough to emphasize eyes, eyebrows and lips. In eye makeup, it is good to use combinations: bronze - green, pink and coffee. Eyebrows should be drawn with a pencil, two or three tones darker than the color of the hair. For lips choose peach or beige gloss.

Choice of eyeliner and mascara

Brown eyes are dark enough, therefore, so that the mascara and eyeliner do not "get lost" against their background and give the look of mystery, it is better to give preference to black color. Purple, brown or green mascara is appropriate in the thematic makeup, as well as with arrows of bright colors it is worth being careful. You can find a suitable mascara and eyeliner among expensive, luxury cosmetics, and in the mass market, most importantly, pay attention to such details:

  • Mascara should be voluminous, and lengthening at the same time.
  • It is better to choose a helium eyeliner, such products are more resistant.
  • If you have even eyelashes, the mascara brush can be soft, the rest is better to take with silicone, the bristles of which separate the eyelashes.
  • It is better to buy mascara in advance and “colorize” it, use it for several days in a row, so that it acquires the desired consistency. Eyeliner, on the contrary, must be protected from drying out and always tightly closed.

It is imperative to use the base under the shadows, it extends the durability of the makeup, does not allow the shadows to slide into the crease of the eyelid, and the eyeliner to blur and lose the contour. As a base, you can use persistent, creamy shadows.

Lipstick and lip contour selection

To brown-eyed girls are lipsticks and shines of warm shades: peach, coral, pink with a golden tint. Swarthy brides need to emphasize their lips with bright colors so that they do not merge with the skin, for example, choose a beautiful gloss with a wet effect. To prevent it from spreading, the lip contour should be outlined with a transparent, wax pencil. For those who have not had time to tan, you can look at lipsticks in nude shades.

Removing Flaws

The skin is not always perfect, so you need to use special cosmetics: they will hide minor defects. It is best to use a foundation - apply it with a sponge or fingers. With this method, the distribution occurs evenly.

The movements should be light and smooth. Do not forget that the neck should also be treated with foundation. To consolidate the effect, it is enough to use the powder of the desired shade.Perform this action best with a large brush.

Eyebrow correction

Carefully create or adjust the silhouette of the eyebrows. Correction must be done at least one month before the wedding. After correction it is necessary to keep fit. To make your eyebrows clear, color them with an eyeliner or specialized eyebrow. You can use shadows of a suitable color, but the main thing here is not to overdo it. Blondes with brown eyes will suit a light brown color, while brown-eyed brunettes are closest to black.

Interesting! In detail about how to do makeup yourself, we wrote here in this article.


Applying make-up should be approached responsibly. The bride’s wedding makeup for brown eyes, as in the photo, begins with the choice of the shade of the shadows and their subsequent application. You can use multi-ton overlay, while each color or shade is applied with different brushes.

As for the mascara, the bride should choose for herself the most suitable, depending on her type of eyelashes. Professional makeup artists recommend using waterproof mascara.

Lipstick and blush

Use blush, they are able to emphasize the dignity of the face. When choosing, you should give preference to natural shades that are most suitable for skin color. Blush is applied with a large brush on the cheek area. You can use flickering powder of a light shade: it is distributed on the cheeks, frontal part, nose and chin. Beautiful lips always attract eyes, you can choose bright colors.

Use different types of lipsticks. Please note that lipstick or gloss should have a maximum durability. You should also choose a moisturizing lipstick so that the lips do not look tight.

"Cat's Eyes"

The purpose of this makeup is to visually stretch your eyes to the temples, to make the incision almond-shaped. To do this, draw an arrow, pulling its tip up and to the side, the inner corner of the eye is also drawn with dark shadows. The lower eyelid is emphasized by shadows or a pencil, connecting with the upper arrow. This makeup is not suitable for girls with deep-set eyes or with an impending eyelid.

For dark hair

Suitable honey, chocolate, dark brown and hazelnut shade, as well as the color of coffee beans. As for the “warm” sand shades, it is better to combine them with the shadows of a more pronounced dark segment.

Doing the makeup of a brunette bride with brown eyes, you can give preference to the classics of the genre - a combination of black and white tones. Cool shades of flowers can also be very to the face of brown-eyed nymphs. They should choose lavender, cornflower blue, as well as pale purple.

For the blonde

Girls whose eyes have a rich brown color can choose a warm shade of juicy grass for makeup. As for the so-called "forbidden" colors, orange and terracotta are considered as such.

Makeup experts claim that these colors can not only not emphasize the depth of brown eyes, but, on the contrary, they can narrow the section of the eye and make the look “predatory”, which does not fit with the wedding image with all its femininity and tenderness.

Attention! The best solution for the wedding makeup of the brown-eyed bride is a gradient that goes from the lightest to the darkest.

Having done the right wedding makeup for the brown eyes of blondes, the girl will receive a gentle, touching and truly feminine image, from which the groom and all guests at the wedding will be delighted.

All shadows applied must be shaded as best as avoid a clear distinction on the line. Do not be too afraid to make the makeup rich, as it will look advantageous on memorable photos.

The opposite situation will look quite profitable when making outrageous brides who want to surprise everyone around with their original appearance. Here, the multi-color of makeup and the very bold transitions from light to dark, which find a response in the whole image of the bride and groom, will be justified.

Performing the perfect make-up for the bride with brown eyes, as in the photo, it makes sense to apply eye shadow of an unusual shade, for example, the color "electric" or "malachite".

The arrows on the eyes should be displayed as clearly as possible. and designed to create a feeling of not vulgarity, but a particularly developed sense of style. Lilac or pale pink colors are also quite suitable for such makeup.

When choosing eyeliner and mascara, it is better to choose dark specimens that are similar to those that are commonly used for Smokey Ice makeup. The saturation of the color and the thickness of the layer of cosmetics can vary depending on what the bride wants from the final result. Such a tool will be appropriate for a gentle and feminine make-up and smokey ice, which will be relevant at weddings taking place in crowded places.

Light nude makeup

What you need for young brides. Minimum makeup, clean skin, radiant eyes. It is necessary to slightly darken the outer corner of the eyes, color the eyelashes and eyebrows, apply a transparent gloss to the lips. Suitable shades for makeup: beige, sand, pink, brown.

How to apply makeup

Whatever make-up is chosen, with emphasis on the eyes or lips, the main thing is to apply in the correct sequence. Consider step-by-step makeup:

  1. Base makeup.
  2. Concealer to mask imperfections.
  3. Tone cream.
  4. Base under the shade.
  5. Basic shade of shadows.
  6. Dimming arrow.
  7. Color accent (glitter, glitter in the corner of the eye, etc.)
  8. Mascara.
  9. Eyebrow shaping.
  10. Finishing, fixing powder for the face.

Lips are painted before going out, as lipstick and gloss are the most unstable products. All cream and liquid products should be applied in a thin layer, without rushing. And the main rule: any make-up will look beautiful in combination with eyes shining with happiness and a sincere smile.

Makeup for the bride with brown eyes: choose shadows and mascara

Brown eyes look spectacular on their own, however, properly selected, beautiful wedding makeup will emphasize their natural beauty and expressiveness. Although such a make-up as expressive lips and natural eye makeup has recently gained popularity, there is nothing better than to emphasize the full depth and richness of brown eyes with mascara and eye shadow. Which of the makeup options for the bride with brown eyes to choose, you decide! We will only give you some important photo tips so that you can imagine how it all might look.

Eye shadow palette and skin color

Thinking over the makeup for the wedding, in particular, the choice of eye shadow for brown eyes, be sure to consider the color of your skin:

  • If you are dark-skinned, then soft tones (for example, peach) and brighter or darker (plum, brown, purple, etc.) will suit you.
  • If you have fair skin, you can choose pink shades, as well as silver shades, emphasized by the depth of black.
  • Universal colors that are suitable for any type of skin are beige, sand and "nude". But many experts advise focusing on contrasting shades in wedding makeup, which will emphasize the richness and expressiveness of the dark iris!

Do not put orange and terracotta shadows on your brown eyes, which will "dampen" the shine of the dark iris, making your look dull and less expressive.

Eyeshadow Palette and Hair Color

When choosing shadows, do not forget to take into account your hair color:

  • brown-eyed blondes will suit lavender, blue, purple or sand shades (excellent combinations: mother-of-pearl beige + blue + violet, mother-of-pearl gray + green + dark olive, beige + pale pink + burgundy), do not use too dark shades in the make-up because they will “conflict” with blond hair, making their look gloomy,
  • brunettes can choose different shades of brown or gold, shaded silver, purple or even pink,
  • in a wedding makeup for brown-haired women, you can use a palette of shadows and blondes and brunettes (from cold pink tones to gold or even purple),
  • red-haired girls can highlight their eyes with light silver shades, complementing them with a touch of pink and / or chocolate.

For clarity, we present to your attention photos of wedding makeup for blondes, brunettes and brown-haired women, so that you choose the option that emphasizes the fullness and depth of your brown eyes!

Eye shadow palette

Some makeup artists advise paying attention to the shade of the eyes, because brown eyes have many varieties:

  • Classic-colored eyes can be accentuated by golden and chocolate shades. Just make sure that they do not completely match the color of your eyes, but are lighter or darker than them.
  • Brown eyes with a nutty shade - pink and pearlescent shades.
  • Brown eyes with yellowish or golden spots - lilac and violet.
  • Brown eyes with a splash of orange - blue and purple.
  • Brown eyes with a copper tint - green.

Do not forget the universal the rule: Apply light shadows to the inner corners of the eyes, medium shadows to the middle of the eyelids, darker shades to the outer corners of the eyes and to the folds of the eyelids. Smoky eyes that many girls love, which is perfect for a magnificent evening celebration, are performed in this technique.

Other makeup details: blush and lipstick

If you have decided on the color of the shadows, it is worth considering other details of the wedding make-up, in particular, lipstick and blush:

  • Brown-eyed girls are perfect pink or peach blush, which should be applied towards the ears.
  • If your eyes are brightly made up, then it will be enough to apply a natural shine on the lips (soft pink, peach, powder, etc.). If you want to highlight the lips, then they can be painted with red, cherry or other bright lipstick, while the eyes should not have a pronounced make-up, otherwise, all together it will look too bright and even vulgar.

Not sure which one to choose? We present you wedding makeup ideas that you can use to highlight the beauty of your brown eyes.

Tip: when going to a meeting with a makeup artist, be sure to pick up a few examples of the makeup you like, just as you picked up photos of wedding dresses when you go to the salon, so that it is easier for you to explain what exactly you want to get in the end.

Wedding steward

It is eyes that will be the main point of attention in make-up, so choose cosmetics carefully, preferring high-quality samples.

Elena Sokolova

Lipstick and eye shadow selection

Speaking of lips, it all depends on the preferences of the bride. Both lip gloss and lipstick are appropriate, the main thing is that the selected product does not look defiant. For dark-haired girls, a slightly flickering lipstick is suitable, and blonde nymphs should opt for matte makeup.

Brunettes can be bolder in choosing wedding makeup, as they have a special attention-grabbing moment in the form of bright hair. Wedding makeup for brown eyes step by step involves applying bright pink, purple, green and even smoky gray or lavender eyeshadow. Brown and golden shades of any shades are also suitable for brunettes.

Blondes can experiment with sand, as well as with lavender, pink, white, purple and any other color presented palette. Dark colors can “not play” with a light shade of hair, not emphasizing, but spoiling the look.

Smokey ice

Wedding makeup “brown eyes - dark hair” in the style of Smokey Ice can be done even without special skills. It is worth saying that the popularity of this type of makeup is very understandable, because it is this make-up that can make dignity out of a person’s flaws, from which it will then be impossible to take their eyes off.

Makeup artists are advised not to be afraid to experience new types of makeup. Perhaps, having seen the make-up in a glossy magazine, the bride will think that it is impossible to perform this technique at home, but this is not at all. Wedding makeup for brown eyes, as in the photo, can be done step by step by reading the video posted at the end of the article.

Try different styles, and in the end you will have good makeup skills and will be able to choose the perfect option for your wedding.

Watch the video: My Bridal WEDDING Makeup RECREATION LOTS of TIPS! (February 2020).