How to choose the best mechanical or electronic meat probe with a thermometer

How to choose a meat thermometer? Grilling poultry, fish and vegetables is easy. It is enough to adhere to the recommendations indicated in the recipe. Beef is much more complicated. It can be difficult for beginners to guess with the right degree of roasting meat. In such situations, special gadgets are very helpful. Read our review on how to choose a meat thermometer.

You can fry the meat to the desired degree of frying if you control the temperature inside the meat. When you are not sure what you can determine “by eye,” use a thermometer. They come in several forms. They differ in appearance, materials, functionality, and finally, price.

Standard Digital Thermometer

This meat thermometer consists of a probe and a dial that shows the temperature. It is extremely easy to use, it has high accuracy and, best of all, low price. Ideal for those who are just learning to work with a culinary thermometer.

It is worth considering only one nuance: this thermometer is not suitable for use in an oven. If a kitchen thermometer is bought in order to control the temperature of the meat while it is cooking in the oven, you should look at other options. The fact is that a standard digital thermometer mainly consists of plastic parts that simply melt under the influence of high temperatures.

Handheld Thermometer

This thermometer consists of a dial and a probe, which is attached to it using a special connector. That is, you can remove and put the probe in place as needed. Such a thermometer is more suitable if you plan to measure the temperature of the meat baked in the oven. The cables in thermometers with a portable probe are made of stainless steel and reach a meter in length. Such a thermometer is convenient when the meat is cooked on the grill or barbecue.

Infrared thermometer

This type of thermometer will be interesting to those who love modern kitchen gadgets and spend most of their life in the kitchen. Infrared thermometers allow you to instantly determine the temperature at a distance. No contact with the products! It is enough to bring a thermometer to the products and you will immediately show the result. True, such a pleasure is not cheap (an average of about $ 30).

But there are drawbacks. The farther the thermometer is from the product whose temperature you want to measure, the greater the error in the indicators. Given that the infrared thermometer does not come in contact with the products, you will not be able to measure their temperature inside. That is, this thermometer is not suitable for determining the temperature inside the meat, on the basis of which it is possible to draw conclusions about the degree of readiness of the steak. But to measure the surface of the grill - that's it!

Modern kitchen thermometers are equipped with all sorts of additional features. For example, special programs allow you to specify the type of product (meat, fish, vegetables) and the desired degree of frying. As soon as the product reaches the degree of frying you need, the dial will change color, this will mean that the dish is ready.

Do not save on a meat thermometer. The price of a really high-quality and convenient gadget starts at $ 8. But be sure, it will serve you for many years.

Types of probes and their purpose

If you still wield a knife and a fork, piercing a chicken, duck or boiled pork to check readiness, know - you spoil the dish. A thick tip damages the fibers, causing the product to lose juice.

The simplest probe without a thermometer

Checking the readiness of meat and poultry with a probe is an old way that appeared long before the invention of electronic thermometers. Previously, professional chefs in cafes, canteens and restaurants actively used this tool. The simplest instruments were thin and sharp steel pins with a handle. Long needles were made of solid stainless steel.

They used the probe simply - they stuck a long needle between the fibers of the meat, so as not to damage the integrity of the piece, until the middle, and then evaluated the result. If signs of the crude product remained on the metal, cooking continued.

Simple needle probes are also used to determine the quality of raw meat. The device takes analyzes from the depths of a carcass or a piece for bacteriological and microbiological studies.

Types of probes for temperature control

Modern devices are supplemented by thermometers. Monitoring the degree of warming is important in order to properly cook meat and poultry. Different types of meat require different heating temperatures. For large pieces, it is the temperature inside that is important, not the readings of the oven thermometer. For example, beef should be cooked at 65-75 degrees, and pork at 90.

The probes for determining the temperature inside the product are divided according to the type of thermometer into electronic, mechanical and alcohol-based.

Electronic more accurate, compact and convenient. A digital thermometer instantly calculates the temperature in the thickness of the piece, and the display displays it. Sold models with memory and advanced features that help determine the time of preparation of different dishes. In the line of electronic probes there are options with a built-in and remote thermometer.

Mechanical with an arrow and a dial are easy to set up and operate. The temperature is displayed on the scale, and some manufacturers describe the types of meat and the degree of roasting for the convenience of the hostesses. Round thermometers are convenient for frying in a frying pan with a glass lid, since they do not take up much space in height.

Alcohol probe to measure the temperature of the meat, it works on the same principle as a thermometer for water or air. The cheapest variety. It takes time to get the exact values.

What is it for?

A meat thermometer with a probe-needle (the photo of which allows you to see what the device looks like in order to choose it correctly) makes it easy to control the baking process so as not to miss the moment when the dish is cooked.

This product will help determine the degree of readiness directly during baking, and for this you do not need to remove products from the oven.

How to use

The meat thermometer manual with a probe needle is quite simple. For quality work, you need to stick the probe deeper into a piece of meat, while trying to reach its middle. If it is on the bone, then the probe must be in contact with it.

Then you need to put a piece of meat in the oven or put on the grill. The digital product is heat resistant inside the oven. All measurements are immediately displayed on the device screen. It remains to look at these indicators so as not to miss the moment of readiness.

The device and principle of operation of the oven probe

Oven temperature probes can be included with the kitchen oven, complementing the standard thermometer. In this case, the accessory is connected to a special connector in the oven, and the temperature is displayed on an external thermometer. The advantage is that you only need to make one puncture. In advanced ovens, oven power control is automatically adjusted based on the temperature probe.

Separate devices are wired and wireless. Wireless models are convenient in that the cord does not interfere with tightly closing the oven door, and baking can be controlled without being in the kitchen. Electronic temperature probes consist of a thermometer with a display and a stainless steel probe with a heat-resistant cord. For power, usually you need affordable batteries. The thermometer is integrated in compact devices.

How to use a meat temperature probe:

  1. Insert the steel needle into the product, and install the external thermometer outside the oven.
  2. Next, set the desired temperature or set the cooking mode taking into account the type of dish, if the possibilities of the thermal probe allow this to be done.
  3. In the process of cooking, you don’t even have to open the oven, just watch the thermometer. And if the device is equipped with the ability to configure programs, then a signal will inform about readiness.

More detailed instructions should be sought in the kit with the devices or on the manufacturer's website. All models are different, so there may be nuances and differences.

Interesting in this series. probes with two thermometers - one shows the temperature in the oven, and the second - the product. This option is convenient for those who have a broken thermometer in the oven or cooking takes place in the oven.

How to choose a product

There are many meat thermometers on sale with a probe needle. They differ among themselves in:

However, all of them are intended to facilitate the cooking process. Due to the wide variety of products, you can choose exactly the option that is fully suitable for all requests. An electronic meat thermometer with a probe needle is considered a very good device, since it can very easily penetrate the prepared dish and at the same time does not damage it at all.

There are 2 main types of thermometers, namely, digital and analog, each of which has its own specific advantages and disadvantages. An analog meat thermometer with a probe-needle does not measure the temperature of the cooked dish accurately, the error can be several degrees.

The advantages of this product include the affordable cost and ease of cleaning. You can simply rinse it with water, without being afraid that it will get inside and cause a malfunction.

A digital meat thermometer with a feeler needle is slightly more expensive than analog types, but it has more accuracy and still has a lot of advantages. There are many varieties of them, however, the most popular types include:

  • standard,
  • with remote probe
  • infrared.

The standard meat thermometer needle has almost the same design as the analog versions, as the probe is attached to the display, where the temperature value is displayed. This is the simplest and most affordable form. Its disadvantage is that it has many plastic parts, so the thermometer should not be placed in the oven when baking, as it will simply melt. When the temperature rises, the display stops displaying information.

A thermometer with a remote probe is characterized in that the probe is not attached to the body, but mounted on a special cable. In addition, such a product has many additional functions, in particular:

  • determination of readiness,
  • sound signal,
  • timer.

Infrared products allow you to measure the temperature of the prepared dish at a distance. They have some positive and negative points. Among the advantages, it can be noted that the thermometer allows you to measure temperature at a distance of up to several meters. It does not come in contact with food, therefore, it does not need to be washed. The disadvantages include the high cost of the product, as well as the fact that there may be certain errors in the measurement.

In order to choose this product correctly, you need to understand exactly what it will be used for, and also to study the instructions in advance.

What it is?

Many mistakenly confuse the oven thermometer with a special accessory that is designed to measure the temperature of only the meat itself. Such a device is by no means a luxury item, on the contrary, it is necessary for those housewives whose table is regularly bursting with dishes prepared from baked meat or poultry of various kinds.

The fact is that Each type of this product has its own unique cooking temperature. Exactly it depends on its observance whether the finished dish will turn out fragrant, safe and tasty, will be raw and dangerous, or overcooked and dry.

Meat thermometer allows you to measure the temperature inside this product directly during cooking, as well as to assess the degree of its readiness for serving on the table after the dish is removed from the oven.

Contrary to popular belief, this kitchen accessory ideal not only for roasting poultry and meat, but also when cooking many other dishesfor example, fish or even cooking homemade caramel. And here it is almost impossible to do without this special device.

Of course, there are other ways to determine the approximate degree of readiness of a dish, but none of them gives an accurate result. The thermometer for meat, allows you to accurately determine the temperature inside the piece, and therefore, to determine the 100% degree of its safe further use. The fact is that each product has a certain indicator of heating, at which all pathogenic bacteria die, and only this kitchen accessory helps to find out that the meat in this case is completely disinfected.

That is, a meat thermometer allows not only to cook it in perfect form, but also allows you to be sure that all the pathogens that could be in it, simply died. It is a healthy and easy-to-use kitchen accessory.

Thermometers with heat resistant dial

The principle of operation of the thermometer with a heat-resistant dial is that the needle is inserted in the middle of a piece of meat so that it is located in the field of visibility. It is compact and comfortable. The spoke is quite thin, so just stick it into a piece of meat. It is suitable even for large pieces, since the spoke simply goes to the side.

Why do I need a culinary thermometer for cooking meat

Experienced chefs when baking in the oven or grilling meat can not do without a special thermometer that measures the temperature inside the food. Using the method of determining the roast “by eye”, it is not always possible to catch the moment of complete readiness of a dish. As a result, one has to be content with either unfinished meat, or, conversely, overdried. To avoid disappointment and always be able to enjoy a juicy, perfectly baked meat dish, special thermometers were created.

These devices are necessary to determine as accurately as possible the internal temperature of the prepared product. For each type of meat, it is necessary to observe its own temperature regime, in which all pathogenic bacteria die, and the taste is preserved:

  • for beef - 65-75 ° C,
  • for pork - about 85-90 ° C,
  • for mutton - 85 ° С,
  • for poultry - about 95 ° C.

Who needs a meat thermometer?

Do not think that a meat thermometer is not a device for home use and is suitable only for haute cuisine. Not! Meat is a universal product, and despite the new fashion for raw food and veganism, it still remains the basis of the diet of most people on the planet. So why deny yourself the pleasure of cooking it correctly and simply?

For each type of meat, a different cooking temperature is required, at which not only pathogenic microorganisms die, but also the taste qualities of the dish are not lost, namely:

  • Beef - 65-75 ° C,
  • Pork - 85-90 ° С,
  • Lamb - 85 ° C,
  • Bird - 95 ° C.

How it works?

In order to measure the temperature of the meat, it is necessary to stick the rod of the device (probe) in the middle of the piece shortly before the end of the cooking process. It is important to try not to get into the bone, tendon or body fat in order to avoid distortion of temperature indicators.

You should not pierce the meat too often with a dipstick, because that can lead to excessive leakage of juice and your dish can turn out to be dry, and we want to avoid this.

Grill electronic thermometer

This product is characterized in that a tablet battery is required for its operation. It is worth noting that degrees on an electronic scoreboard are displayed in real time.His knitting needle is quite long and thin, but the body is plastic and is afraid of heating.

It is ideal for grilling barbecue, as it is possible to very conveniently monitor the temperature inside the meat. In addition, it can be used in the preparation of yoghurts, as well as tempering chocolate.

Analog thermometers

The biggest disadvantage of analog thermometers is their accuracy. Although no, they are basically fine with accuracy, the problem is in the scale and its measuring range: it is either narrow, suitable strictly for certain purposes, or wide, suitable for any needs, but with a difficult to read scale - by which you can determine the temperature only approximately, with an error of a few degrees.

The advantages include the relative cheapness and ease of cleaning. You can easily rinse them under water without fear that the drops will fall inside, to the electronic part, which will make the latter unusable.

Meat baking thermometer

This is a very convenient and functional product, since the spoke is connected by a heat-resistant cord to the dial, which is carried outside the heating region. The signal is then sent to the main device.

A needle pierces a piece of meat to the middle, the dial is carried outside the oven. A certain heating temperature appears on the device. The device is located about 20 cm from the needle, it is small, it can even be carried with you.

Most Popular Views

There are many different thermometers that allow you to measure the temperature of the meat throughout the entire period of its preparation. A quite interesting product is the Boyscout device, which is distinguished by its ease of use. Due to the presence of a special long fork, you can measure the temperature during cooking and at the same time the thermometer is not exposed to strong heating.

An interesting option is the BEKA thermometer, which has a built-in timer, a heat-resistant housing. Data on the display is displayed almost instantly.

The Polder THM-515 is great for those who are keen on confectionery and don't need a too-functional appliance. It is able to withstand temperatures in the range of 40-200 degrees.

How to use a food thermometer for meat dishes

The meat thermometer must be stuck in the dish during the final stage of cooking. At the same time, it is necessary to insert the core deep into the product in order to measure the temperature in the middle of the piece that you are preparing. Contact of the device shaft with bone, cartilage, and fat should be avoided, as their temperature may differ from the flesh. Do not resort to using the probe too often: by making punctures, you provoke the leakage of juice, as a result of which the meat may turn out to be too dry.

Types of Thermometers

There are 3 types of kitchen thermometers on the market - digital, mechanical and conventional liquid.

Electronic or digital are the most convenient, since they show the most accurate result with less error, are compact and easy to use. Thermometers in such devices can be both built-in and remote.

Mechanical - The simplest type of thermometer. Instead of the display, the temperature is displayed on the usual scale with an arrow. Such probes are usually short and do not take up much space, so they can be used both in the oven and cooking in a frying pan.

Liquid or alcohol thermometers work on the principle of a conventional thermometer. Such models lack a sharp probe for piercing and are used to measure the temperature of liquids.

Types of probes

For each type of cooking and measurement convenience, thermometers are equipped with different types of probes:

  • Short probe in the form of a thick needle. Such rods are conveniently used to measure the temperature of small pieces of meat, meatballs or grills.
  • Long stylus in the form of an awl. It is used for cooking large pieces of meat, such as boiled pork or whole poultry. A short rod in this case is not suitable, since it is impossible to reach the center of the piece with it. When choosing such a probe, you should give preference to the most durable model, since an unreliable point can bend or get stuck in the bones, spoiling both the dish and the device itself.
  • The probe in the form of a plug. This device is convenient not only to measure the temperature, but also to turn the product over during cooking. But be careful, a double dipstick can leave extra holes, and then too much juice will flow out.
Important! When choosing the length of the probe, do not forget that the temperature of the meat is measured exactly in the middle of the product, so be aware that your piece in size should correspond to half the length of the rod.

How to choose a thermometer with probe

There are two types of food thermometers - mechanical and electronic (digital). The latter are considered more practical and convenient, since they are small in size and show the most accurate temperature. Such devices can measure the degree of readiness of not only meat, but even liquid and other dishes. What other criteria are important when choosing a probe:

  • the temperature range should be at least 60-120 degrees,
  • the device must be moisture resistant, otherwise it will not last you long,
  • it’s convenient if the meat thermometer has a small display at the top of the rod,
  • for busy housewives, the ideal choice is a device with an audible signal, which will itself monitor the readiness of the product and signal that it is time to remove the dish from the fire.

Digital thermometers

These thermometers are more expensive than their analog counterparts, but at the same time they have greater accuracy and a host of other advantages.

There are a huge number of varieties of digital thermometers, but I will focus on 3, in my opinion, the main ones.

Standard thermometer

By standard, I mean a similar analog design, when the thermometer probe is attached to the main unit, showing the temperature.

This is the simplest, most popular and cheapest form.

Despite the fact that this is the simplest variety - it will cover 95% of all your needs for thermometers. The only minus, in my opinion, is that such a thermometer cannot be stuck in meat, put in the oven and watch the cooking process.

Firstly, there are a lot of plastic parts in it, which simply can melt. Secondly, even with short-term exposure to high temperature - the displays of most thermometers cease to display information.

I myself use just such a thermometer from Weber (as in the photo on the left).

UPD after a few months. Not anymore. I discovered the ThermoWorks brand and fell in love with it. At the moment I use this one, it is more expensive, but worth it. Weber after a few months of use began to show frank nonsense. Why it happened - I don’t know, maybe it was hit somewhere, maybe something else. But even comparing the two new Thermoworks devices would win anyway.

At first it measures faster (and the manufacturer clearly indicates how long it will show the current temperature (5-6 seconds).

Secondly, according to my subjective measurements, it shows a more accurate temperature, although the allowable error for both models is approximately the same.

In the future I want to purchase them Thermapen MK4 this is one of their top models, costing $ 99 and determining the temperature in 2-3 seconds.

A few more thoughts on why you should not save and immediately buy a good one - read below.

Remote probe thermometers

This is essentially the same standard thermometer, its only difference is the probe, which is attached to the case not tightly, but on a special cable.

The remote probe just solves the problem of controlling the readiness of the product in the oven. Whether you need it or not - decide for yourself.

Also there are models of such thermometers with a mass of additional functions: determining the degree of readiness, timer, sound signal when a certain temperature is reached.

Not all everyone needs these chips, and you can easily do without them. On the other hand, they significantly simplify life, allowing you to control the degree of preparation more accurately. As an example, I will give ThermoPro TP-06, which I looked for for purchase in the near future.
Here is a partial list of what it can do:

  • the display has three colors of illumination; it lights up blue when you start cooking, green when the dish is almost ready and red when the set temperature inside the meat is reached.
  • the thermometer’s functionality allows you to choose the type of meat (there is also a “fish” mode) that you are going to cook and set the desired degree of roasting. Then all that is needed is just to wait for the timer signal, which will notify you a minute before the meat reaches the desired degree of frying. If cooking over an open fire, be sure to also turn over on time.
  • Suitable for oven, barbecue, grill and smokehouse. The cable is about 1 m long. It is made of stainless steel and can easily withstand prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

UPD: all of the above is relevant, I’m still looking at a similar model, but of the brands I will definitely look towards ThermoWorks, which I wrote about above.
Infrared thermometers

Their essence is that they measure the temperature at a distance.

This type of thermometer is slightly more expensive than standard thermometers and has its own characteristics and disadvantages.

The positive aspects include:

  • temperature measurement from a distance up to several meters,
  • immediate reaction of the sensor - you do not need to wait 7-10 seconds until the probe heats up to a real temperature, you immediately see the result on the display,
  • since the thermometer does not come in contact with food - it does not need to be washed,

  • cost: Chinese start at $ 20, branded models from $ 50, the difference is in the error of readings,
  • the farther the distance to the measured object - the higher the error,
  • a thermometer is capable of measuring only surface temperature and is not suitable for determining the readiness of meat from the inside,

It is worth buying a thermometer of this type only if you have a clear idea of ​​how it can be useful to you.

I bought a similar model about 2 years ago and have since used it only a few times. Its main differences from the standard one are the ability to measure the temperature of a frying pan, baking sheet or other surface, as well as the ability to measure the temperature without violating the integrity of the dish shell, but in most cases this does not make sense.

Thermal probe for meat from the best manufacturers

Each kitchen food thermometer has certain differences. Base your choice on the purpose for which the device is purchased. The following are the most popular, high-quality models of thermal probes:

  1. Polder THM-515. The maintained temperature regime is 40-200 ° С. It has a modest functionality, allows you to track the temperature of the preparedness of meat dishes, side dishes, pastries, caramel.
  2. Weber 6492. This meat baking thermometer is one of the most optimal in price and quality. The display angle can be changed for the convenience of the cook. The device is not designed for a long time in the oven or under the closed grill lid.
  3. ThermoPro TP-06. It has a remote probe, due to which it can measure the temperature of a dish located in a closed grill / oven. The appliance is suitable for cooking any kind of food.

How to choose and which thermometer to buy

There is only one rule here - don't buy chinese junk with aliexpress or from dealers locally.

A $ 2-3 thermometer will definitely not be good. Focus on the price of $ 10 and, preferably, look in the direction of well-known brands. Which ones? I wrote above about Weber and ThermoWorks. Weber - make good, almost non-killable grills, smokehouses and other devices. And ThermoWorks specialize exclusively in thermometers. Do you understand what I mean?

Of course, it may seem to you that they pay me for PR, but this is not at all the case. I recommend a good product that I was pleased with myself, just as I recommended the Weber thermometer first, which after a while disappointed me.

Below is a small list of differences based on personal experience using cheap Chinese and better thermometers.

  • measurement speed: a cheap thermometer needs 3-6 times more time to estimate the temperature,
  • build quality: cheap thermometers are flimsy, it is very easy to break off the probe and despite the fact that it will continue to work - this fact does not turn it into a thermometer with a remote probe, since it then shows complete rubbish,
  • measurement quality: although the Chinese declare an error of +/- 1 degree, in reality it turns out to be +/- 3 or even +/- 5, it’s good when there is a possibility of calibration, it’s bad that such an opportunity exists on more expensive models and it’s easier immediately buy a quality thermometer.

Below I have selected several models for you, which I have sorted by price and shared my opinion about each of them - choose what you like best and boldly buy - all these are high-quality, good things. The links lead to the American Amazon, they do not send directly to our region, but this is not a problem, there are a huge number of intermediaries that will help you make a purchase.

You can learn more about them and their services from the article intermediaries for purchases abroad and what services they provide, but this is if you are a complete beginner and have never bought anything in foreign online stores and / or on e-books.

If you have experience, I’ll just recommend you my intermediary whose services I use quite often - I can attribute to their advantages: very high-quality packaging of goods, quick response of support services, pleasant rates.

Polder THM-515 (7,77$) - an analog thermometer for caramel, a temperature range of 40-200 degrees Celsius. Such a model should be chosen only if you are fond of cooking confectionery products and at the same time you do not need a wider digital functionality.

Weber 6492 (9,99$) - my choice, I use this thermometer (no longer). Good quality, tiltable display, quick temperature measurement. Suitable for any culinary needs. Suitable for measuring the temperature of meat, liquids and other products in which it is possible to stick a probe. Do not leave in the oven / under the closed grill lid.

ThermoPro TP-06 (24,99$) - a thermometer with a remote probe, I wrote about its advantages a little higher. Suitable for all the same as the previous one, but thanks to the remote probe, you can measure the temperature inside the dish located in a closed oven.

Ivation IVAWT738 (69,99$) Is a real find for gadget lovers. The thermometer consists of two radio units: in the first there are two remote probes, each about a meter long, the second is designed to control temperature. The bottom line is that you can stick one or both probes into the product you are cooking and go a distance of up to 1 kilometer by taking the second block with you. It will display information about the degree of cooking for each of the probes, that is, you can cook two completely different dishes and control their readiness at a distance.

The thermometer also has 15 pre-installed programs for different types of meat / fish, each of which can be installed on a specific probe: for example, you can stick the first in beef, which you want to fry to a medium degree, and the other in chicken, which you need to bring to full readiness and observe the temperature in parallel. In addition, based on the selected program, each of the sensors will notify you that a particular product has reached the required temperature.

UPD after a few months.
The above models, no doubt, have the right to life, including in your kitchens. I would cross out only Weber, although I still think that for the money that they ask for it, this is a good choice, as well as ThermoPro, reviews of which have recently left much to be desired.
I supplemented the article with a recommendation to look towards the market leader in digital thermometers represented by ThermoWorks, is a brand specializing exclusively in thermometers.They have a huge range in the price range from $ 20 to $ 200 +. For most models, they give a 2 year warranty.

If you want to buy a really good thermometer and plan to use it often, I would recommend not to save, but immediately look in the direction of this brand. I think they will not disappoint you.

In our area, buying their products is problematic, you need to order from the official website from the USA.

But what I would recommend to pay attention to from the lineup ThermoWorks:

Super-Fast® Pocket Thermometer (24$) My new assistant. Temperature measurement in 5-6 seconds, thin probe, good design. The temperature is shown both in celsius and in pharyngate, there are Min / Max functions. The manufacturer claims 5,000 hours of battery life.

Thermapen® Mk4 (99$) The top model of a standard thermometer that measures temperature in 2-3 seconds. It is considered the fastest thermometer released to the mass market. A favorite of many professional chefs around the world.

ThermaQ® 2 Channel Thermocouple Alarm (139$) - a thermometer with a remote probe, into two independent channels. Please note that this is only a meter; the probes are purchased separately.

Which probe is better and more reliable

The working part of the probe is of different types:

  • In the form of a thick short needle - suitable for small pieces of meat, cooking meatballs, grilling. Thickness and strength are important here, but for small pieces and minced meat, it makes no sense to be picky about this parameter.
  • In the form of a long awl. Such a probe is needed for baking carcasses and cooking in the oven. Too short a tip is inconvenient - you can not reach the center. If you plan to cook carcasses and large pieces, choose a durable solid steel appliance. Otherwise, the needle may bend, stumbling on bones or cartilage.
  • Shaped forks with two sharp needles. As a rule, these forks are not very long, they are convenient for grilling and serve not only to control cooking, but also to turn products. For tender meats, it is better not to use a double probe - the fewer punctures, the better.

Stainless steel - the best material for the probe. It is easy to wash and disinfect a stainless steel, it is not afraid of heat and water. Steel should be solid and the tip sharp. A thin working edge is important so that the fibers remain intact and the juice does not leak out during the frying process.

The length of the probe depends on the products. For carcasses of poultry, boiled pork, cutlets, steaks and schnitzel, a needle of up to 10 cm is quite enough. For larger ones, it is better to buy a professional tool of at least 15 cm. However, do not forget that the temperature should be measured in the middle of the piece, so focus on half the thickness of the product.

Compact folding meat probes with the ability to measure temperature are convenient for storage, since the sharp part is removed. Suitable for home use. Some manufacturers put protective covers in the kit. Comfortable and safe silicone covers.

The important point is case heat resistance. If you plan to leave the probe in the oven, then look for a metal case with a maximum heating of up to 300 degrees. Range of operation of universal models: from -50 to 300 ° C. Also note whether the display will be visible when turning the pan.

Pros and cons

Like any other kitchen appliance, this also has its drawbacks. As the main one, we can distinguish the fact that in the simplest classical models, the accuracy of determination does not always correspond to the real temperature. Especially when it comes to surface measurement, because inside the meat this figure will be several times higher.

The second significant drawback is the high cost of a modern kitchen accessory.

Indeed, a thermometer that is high-quality and accurate in measurement cannot be cheap, and this is definitely worth considering.

But he has advantages and many more.

  • A wide range, and a different price category. The assortment of this product is wide, because many manufacturers, both world-renowned and those that have appeared recently, offer customers thermometers of their production. They differ from each other in color, function and cost.
  • Easy to use. Using such a device is very simple: all that is needed is either to pierce a piece of meat or poultry, or simply attach the device to their surface.
  • Speed ​​and accuracy of measurement. Modern high-quality models allow you to determine the temperature of the dish within 1-3 seconds, while the deviations can be no more than 2-3 degrees.
  • Multifunctionality. Despite the fact that these devices are initially positioned by manufacturers as thermometers only for meat, they can, and sometimes even need, be used in the preparation of other dishes.

And of course, do not forget about the durability of the operation of such devices, as well as the ease of care for them. In general, from this brief overview of the pros and cons of this accessory, it becomes clear that such a device is really necessary in every kitchen.

Case heat resistance

Two types of thermometers should be distinguished by type of housing: collapsible with a removable probe and devices with a built-in thermometer.

The advantage of the former is that the instrument can be easily disassembled and washed with a probe without damaging the electronics, while the latter are distinguished by their compactness and are easier to maintain.

  • Built-in memory. With it, you can easily see the temperature of the last measurement, calculate the optimal cooking time for the next dish, and also configure your personal mode.
  • Units. Some models have a built-in temperature switch function from ° C to ° F and vice versa.
  • Smart features. Advanced models are equipped with special tips that will help you navigate the choice of mode and temperature, and also signal the degree of readiness of the dish.

Where to buy and how much

By sticking slices of pork, beef and chicken with a knife or fork, you are depriving meat of juice, which is its key component. To indulge yourself and loved ones with delicious, wholesome food, you need to complement your kitchen with such a useful device as a thermal probe. The product can be purchased at hardware stores and kitchen utensils. The cost of thermometers has a wide range and depends on the material from which they are made, the type of device and additional functions. The average price varies from 600 to 3500 p.


All existing models of this device are divided into two main types. The first group includes the so-called analog devices. These are the ancestors of more modern units. The accuracy of their measurement always has an error, and quite large. But at the same time, devices can be easily washed in running water and used for many years in a row.

The price of such meat thermometers is quite low, and you can purchase them in almost any hardware store.

However, such an analog mechanical accessory has almost sunk into oblivion, and it has been replaced by various models of digital meat thermometers. Such an electronic device with a sensor also has several varieties, and it is he who is considered the best and safest for use at home. There are three main types of this device.

  • Classic Wireless Thermometer - This is the simplest and most budget version of this device. It has a probe, which is simply applied to the sensor with a display, and the temperature of the prepared dish is displayed on it. This is a folding thermometer, simple and intuitive to use, the needle of which can be easily washed under running water. The disadvantage of this device is that it does not make it possible to measure the temperature directly inside a piece of meat or poultry. In addition, it can not be used immediately in the oven, first the dish must be removed from it. However, for beginners, such an accessory will be the best choice.

  • Remote probe models - wired devices can just be used directly in the oven. The error in their measurement is practically zero. Many thermometers of this type are equipped with a host of additional functions that greatly simplify the work of the cook. Whether a particular cook needs them, everyone decides for himself. The measurement speed here is only 3-5 seconds, but the main plus is that such a device with a needle makes it possible to measure the exact temperature inside the product.

  • Infrared thermometer. This is the so-called know-how. Such an accessory makes it possible to measure the temperature of products outside. A bonus is that you can accurately determine the heating temperature of the pan or pan, as well as the degree of frying of any kind inside. But it is worth considering that the farther the distance to the product, the higher the measurement error. Another disadvantage of such a device lies in its high price.

Such a wide variety of species, together with the fact that the products of various brands are presented on the market, often leads potential buyers into difficulty, and they do not know which brand and model should be preferred.

Which thermometer is better to choose

Kitchen electronic meat thermometers are battery powered. Their advantages are accuracy and speed of temperature determination. On a digital display, the values ​​are displayed with an accuracy of fractions of a degree, and on a mechanical and alcohol display, the accuracy depends on the vision and viewing angle. Decide which error is acceptable and which is more convenient.

If you like everything modern, then buy a digital device. But if you plan to use it very rarely, choose a mechanical one, otherwise the batteries will be wasted when waiting for cooking. And at the right time it turns out that the thermometer is not working.

Additional features of electronic thermometers for products:

  • Memory. This option will remind you what the temperature was during the last measurement. It’s convenient to keep track of changes and calculate the remaining time.
  • The ability to customize personal modes and save them in memory.
  • Measurement setting in ° C or ° F. If you are accustomed to focus only on Celsius, then make sure that the imported device supports the desired unit of measurement.
  • Control the degree of roasting by type of meat. Such hints are convenient so that you do not have to look at the table every time. Smart probes tell when medium-cooked beef is ready and how much more chicken needs to be warmed until fully cooked.

By type of hull, two groups can be distinguished.

Meat thermometers with removable probe. These devices can be classified as professional. The design consists of a thermometer and a needle, interconnected by a cord. The cord must be heat-resistant to withstand hot air in the oven and not melt from accidental contact with heated surfaces. Advantages - the working part can be removed and thoroughly washed without worrying about the electronics.

Compact models with built-in thermometers. The device in this design is more convenient, takes up less space, is easy to care for. Recommended for home use. The case can be heat-resistant or not - the choice depends on the purpose of the device and its use in the oven.

Manufacturers Overview

In order to facilitate the torment of choosing a meat thermometer for buyers, and so that they can acquire really high-quality goods, We offer you a mini-rating of the best manufacturers of this kitchen accessory.

  • Weber 6492 - This is a universal thermometer that is suitable for measuring temperature only on the outside of products. At the same time, it can be used not only for meat, but also for chocolate, caramel and other products.

High and fast measurement accuracy, as well as a bright digital display make using such a device simple and convenient.

  • ThermoPro TP-06 - this is an accessory with a remote probe, thanks to which such a thermometer can also be used to determine the temperature inside the products directly in the oven. Simple and reliable to use, with high accuracy rate. An important advantage is the affordable price of the device.

  • Ivation IVAWT738 - This is one of the most complex and modern devices. A distinctive feature is its unique design, it allows using two needles to measure the temperature inside two completely different products, and information on each of them will be displayed separately. A sophisticated, highly accurate and durable thermometer to use.

  • Thermapen® Mk4. This is one of the favorite accessories of world chefs. Despite the simple, one might say minimal design, this device is characterized by high measurement accuracy, ease of use and maintenance, and durability.

  • Polder THM-515 - This is one of the most inexpensive and easy-to-use models of meat thermometers, can also be used to determine the exact temperature of products such as caramel, chocolate and fish.

As you can see, meat thermometers are produced by a variety of brands, and at very different prices. This allows you to buy such a kitchen accessory for each person, depending on their capabilities and wishes.

Additional criteria for selecting a probe with a thermometer

When comparing different probes in stores with thermometers for meat, poultry and other products, pay attention to temperature Range. Think about what dishes you need the appliance for. It is one thing if it is only meat and fish, and another is warm milk or dough.

Some models work in the range from 0 to 100 ° C, others are accurate only in the range of 50-100 ° C.

It is convenient if the thermal probe is equipped with a sound indicator. As soon as the temperature is determined accurately, a signal will sound. This will help to more accurately determine the heat and cooking time.


Alexander, 32 years old I cook steaks / chops without a thermometer, because they are thin and it is not difficult to determine their readiness. For baking whole chicken or a large piece of lamb, pork, I definitely use a device - this is very convenient. My device is equipped with a display, able to quickly monitor the temperature and the readiness of the dish.

Natalia, 29 years old I tried to use the built-in probe to determine the heat inside the oven, but it apparently showed incorrect values, since the products were usually overdried. Recently, my sister presented a compact mobile temperature probe - with it, home-made meat dishes come out perfect, juicy.

Anna, 36 years old Cooking is my hobby, so the kitchen is filled with all sorts of devices and cooking appliances. My husband recently gave me a thermometer, I hadn’t used it before, I didn’t even know that this device was so convenient. Even with my cooking experience unpleasant moments happened: the meat was dry or undercooked. With a thermal probe, I have never spoiled the product.

How to choose?

In order to avoid any problems and unpleasant situations during operation, but only a feeling of satisfaction from the purchase, it is necessary to correctly approach the choice of the thermometer itself. Therefore, it is important to listen to the recommendations of specialists.

  • It is best to purchase a device that has special moisture protection for frequent use. Such a thermometer will last a long time, and its readings will be clear and truthful.
  • The temperature range for measurement should not be less than 100 degrees, otherwise when cooking dishes such an accessory will become simply useless, and its readings will have a large error.
  • For those who often cook and like to do many things at the same time, a meter with a timer, which can be immediately put with a raw dish in the oven, is best suited. When it is ready, or its temperature reaches the desired level, an audible signal will sound that will not forget about the current cooking process.
  • Especially convenient are those devices that have a small digital display. It is on it that all measurement results will be clearly displayed, and they will appear very quickly.

Do not forget about the brand.If you want to buy a really, reliable and durable assistant for the kitchen, then first of all you should pay attention to the products of the above manufacturers.

Overview of popular models and their features

For example, consider the different options for cooking meat in the oven, in the pan and on the grill, as well as models with advanced features.

Thermal probe Endever Smart-06 with LED-display and backlight works in the temperature range from 0 to 250 ° C. Four AAA batteries are required for power. The meter cord is heat resistant and may come in contact with food. There are automatic modes of six degrees of roasting for eight types of meat, a forward and reverse report timer, and wireless data transfer. The device can be set up and left in the prepared dish. He will inform about readiness by a sound signal.

Chinese electronic meat thermometer with stainless steel probe TP101 works in the range from - 50 to +300 ° С. Such wide coverage makes the compact device almost universal. With it, you can cook anything from cottage cheese and pastry to grilled meat and sausages, leaving in the oven. The length of the working needle is 15 cm. Only a 1.5V tablet battery is needed for power. Attractive cost - you can buy a probe for the price of 350 rubles in online stores. Suitable for barbecue in nature.

Mechanical thermometer with probe KU-007 measures the temperature of meat from 30 to 100 ºС. It can be used both for temperature checking and during cooking in the oven, as the heat-resistant steel casing withstands heating up to 300 degrees. The needle length is 11 cm. It is convenient for barbecue and grilling on the street.

Temperature probes help out not only during the preparation of meat, they are convenient to measure the temperature of dough, dough, milk, drinks of other dishes. If you have children or pets, such a device will make sure that baby or special food is comfortable for eating.

Be sure to have at least one probe with a thermometer in the kitchen so that the dishes are always tasty and properly cooked! But do not forget to adjust the heating to achieve the desired result.

Terms of use

For each specific meat thermometer, the manufacturer attaches detailed instructions for its operation, but there is a general series of mandatory requirements.

  • Only water-resistant accessories can be washed in water or completely immersed in it.
  • Do not use the device too often, piercing the product - it will lose its juiciness.
  • Use a culinary thermometer usually at the final stage of cooking. For barbecue - this is the last 10 minutes of cooking, for whole pieces of meat - the last 15-20 minutes.

To determine the degree of readiness of a dish will help a special table. It contains information about the type of product and the temperature at which it is completely ready for use.

Type of meat

Product Ready Temperature

Karl Weis Thermometer 15305

A wireless device measuring only 5.5 by 12 cm and costing about 800 rubles. Suitable not only for the oven, but also for the pan and grill. It withstands temperature conditions from +0 to + 120 ° С. Pictures with animals on a measuring scale will tell you the optimum cooking temperature for various types of meat.

Kromatech PT (JR) -1 / TP-101 Thermometer 38149b027

A stylish wireless thermometer with a long probe costs about 500 rubles and will allow you to measure the temperature of even the thickest piece of meat. The indicated temperature range from -50 to +300 ° C means that the device can be used both for meat and for liquids. There is a function of automatic shutdown and change of scale ° C and ° F.

Thermometer Endever Smart-07

For 600 rubles you will receive a collapsible model: the probe can be easily disconnected from the device for care and compact storage. The thermometer is equipped with auto-off functions, an audible signal to finish cooking, an LCD display and a temperature control function. It has high accuracy of ± 1 ° C (± 2 or ° F). Temperature 0 ° -250 ° C (32 ° -482 ° F).

Zigmund & Shtain Kuchen-Profi MP-66 W Thermometer

A professional thermal probe at a price of about 1000-1500 rubles determines the temperature of 8 different types of meat. It is programmed for 20 automatic modes, but there is also manual for independent setting of temperature and time. Allows you to achieve 5 degrees of roasting meat. Built-in timer. Measured Temperature Range -20

Comparison table of the best meat thermometers


Main characteristics


Karl Weis 15305

Size 5.5 to 12 cm, can withstand temperatures from +0 to + 120 ° C.

Kromatech PT (JR) -1 / TP-101

The temperature regime is from -50 to +300 ° C, there is a function of automatic shutdown and change of the scale ° C and ° F.

Endever Smart-03

Suitable for liquids and baby food, the error is only ± 1 ° C, there is an LED display, the function of switching the values ​​of ° C and ° F.

Endever Smart-07

There are functions of auto power off, an audio signal of the end of cooking, LCD-display, temperature control.

Zigmund & shtain

It is programmed for 20 automatic modes, there is a manual one for independent setting of temperature and time.


Is using a thermometer harmful for food?
Modern food thermometers are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards and the use of high-strength and safe materials. Also, each product must have a quality certificate, which you can request from a store or manufacturer and make sure the device is safe

Where to buy a meat thermometer?
You can buy a meat thermometer in any online or offline store: both a specialized culinary store and a universal electronics store.

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