How to get rid of cockroaches quickly, simply, forever

Cockroaches are unpretentious and surprisingly tenacious insects. But having them in your apartment is rather unpleasant. In addition, cockroaches can become carriers of infection. How to withdraw them forever? Here are the most effective ways.

Cockroaches are surprisingly tenacious and stubborn creatures. They are not afraid of Spartan conditions of existence or meager rations. It can be extremely difficult to remove cockroaches because if you decide to carry out a large-scale campaign to eliminate the mustachioed tenants, they urgently pack their bags, take their cockroaches and wives under the arm and relocate to your neighbors. But these are jokes. But seriously? How to remove cockroaches from the apartment?

How to find out that cockroaches wound up in the house

1. Black dots. If you find dark balls on the kitchen utensil, walls and other surfaces, we can upset you. These are the products of the life of the mustachioed.

2. Specific odor. But not everyone can feel it.

3. Clutches with eggs in little accessible corners and crevices.

4. Personal rendezvous. Cockroach insects are inquisitive, therefore, over time, they themselves will move to a legal position.

How to understand that the apartment got cockroaches

  1. Black spots. If small dark balls appeared on dishes, kitchen shelves, wallpaper, alas, cockroaches left them. This is what their livelihoods look like.
  2. Specific smell.
  3. Egg masonry in corners and crevices. If you find them, you can, of course, be glad that your apartment officially received the status of “cockroach-friendly”, but this also means that you will have to remove the insects twice. First, the bulk of the pests will be destroyed, then the hatched offspring.
  4. A personal meeting. Cockroaches are curious and companionable creatures, therefore, if you do not pay attention to the disturbing calls described above, sooner or later they will come into contact themselves. Most often, black (up to 3 cm in length, kitchen) or red (up to 1.3 cm in length, Prussians) cockroaches start in houses.

My struggle: cockroach extermination week

Day 1 . After I returned home from work, I immediately squeezed out half of the syringe with the new gel in the kitchen, applying it in a dozen different places (not only on the baseboard, but also inside the kitchen drawers, on top of cabinets and the refrigerator). About five spots of gel on the furniture and the same amount on the floor.

After 3 hours, before I went to bed, I went to the kitchen to check if there were any results. Two cockroaches quickly retreated when I turned on the light. The gel seemed untouched, so I thought that this tool did not work either. I was a little disappointed because I really hoped for a miracle.

Day 2. Waking up early in the morning, I entered the kitchen and opened my mouth in surprise. Throughout the kitchen lay at least 15 pieces of dead cockroaches. Needless to say, their appearance was extremely disgusting to goosebumps. Despite this, I was delighted! It was a facility that worked. And it was inexpensive, considering how much I had previously spent on the purchase of various short-term liquid preparations, from aerosol cans like Dichlorvos to sprays and cheap concentrates in plastic bottles.

Most drops of the gel completely disappeared, and several of them decreased in size. I squeezed out the remaining half of the syringe in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom.

Note! After applying the gel, I immediately stopped pressing the cockroaches that came into my eyes, even though it had become my habit before. I didn’t even sweep away the dead, because I read that they eat their poisoned relatives, return to the living, where they die, and they also eat them. This can cause a chain reaction effect. If you want to get rid of cockroaches forever, then achieving this effect is extremely important. Cockroaches must die not only with you! Outside your apartment, they should also be smaller.

At about 7 pm, returning home, I saw two dead cockroaches in the living room. This time in the kitchen I counted more than 20 corpses (in addition to those that were discovered in the morning). Only one question sounded in my head: where did I get so many cockroaches from ?! Came running downstairs to taste the newfangled snacks, or did they so skillfully manage to hide in my territory?

In general, this sight is unpleasant and even frightening, so if you are afraid of cockroaches, ask your husband or relative to rid you of insects. No kidding, I'm glad the tool worked.

Days 3-7. In the following days, everything was repeated, but the dead cockroaches became less and less, and those that were - and it’s hard to name cockroaches, it’s rather cockroaches (young animals).

I concluded that they slowly but surely completely disappeared. After about 1-2 weeks, I bought this miraculous remedy and increased the dosage, applying solid stripes around the places where I had last seen a cockroach.

The next 2 days I did not see any new corpses, and the gel remained untouched. It took 3 months and all this time the cockroaches never appeared. Never! In addition, I set glue traps everywhere, and they were also clean. Although it is written that the gel lasts 3-4 months, I’m not rushing it off yet.

Why did they decide to stay with you

1. You have a lot of goodies. Cockroaches do not suffer from a lack of appetite. You ate pizza or cake - they gladly picked up the crumbs. And they also have enough available garbage bags or spilled cereals. By the way, cockroaches do not disdain any food: up to fruits.

2. You have available water. Puddles under the sink are enough. Cockroaches are thirsty too.

3. There is plenty of food and water from your neighbors. No matter how much you fight, destroying the "cockroaches", all efforts will go to dust through the fault of your unscrupulous neighbors. In this case, you will have to seal your apartment as much as possible: eliminate all available gaps and cracks.

Best Cockroach Insecticide - Fipronil

My experience has shown that the best form of means for killing cockroaches is luring gel, since its use does not require special skills, it does not leave stains (since it is easily washed off), and most importantly, it is highly effective and at the same time safe for humans.

Of course, before the gel with fipronil, I tried other gel baits with different compositions, but they did not completely relieve me of the cockroaches. Then I could not understand why. Therefore, she simply decided that the gels were basically ineffective and did not buy them anymore (how wrong I was!).

It was later, at the forum of pest control, I learned that not all gels kill cockroaches equally effectively. Need to watch the composition! Gels work better ondiflubenzurone,chlorpyrifos,diazinone, and worst of all - on permethrin and its derivatives. And of course, professionals consider fipronil to be an ideal option for advanced cases (by the way, in liquid form it is very expensive).

This incident once again convinced me of the fidelity of the saying "knowledge is power, time is money." It is better to thoroughly understand the issue once, than to blindly follow the advice of others. Try this method and write in the comments what you got. Wish you success!

Text: Olga Ovsyannikova

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Why did they come to you

  1. You have a lot of good food. Cockroaches also like to eat. Only if you eat sandwiches in front of the computer, they are content with little: the remaining crumbs. And they just have enough open garbage bags or buckwheat scattered in the kitchen drawer.
  2. You have a lot of water available. Have a good dinner. Therefore, puddles at the sink and a leaking shower cabin will come in handy.
  3. Your neighbors have plenty of food and water. No matter how you try to destroy the pests, all efforts can be broken about the obstinacy of your dirty-neighbor. If it is impossible to agree with them, it is enough to seal your own home: to eliminate cracks and cracks.

Folk experience

Boric acid is full of cockroaches. Once in the digestive tract, this substance (poisonous to our insect) has a detrimental effect on its nervous system. A cockroach paralyzes, and it dies from suffocation. It is more advisable to use boric acid in the form of a powder (it is available in the pharmacy).

• You should sprinkle boric acid powder along the cockroach paths: along the baseboards on the floor, at the likely places where cockroaches are drunk (toilet bowl, sink, shower). Acid will settle on the legs of the insect, and when the cockroach begins to clean them, it will go straight into its body.

• Prepare edible baits: mix, for example, mashed potatoes, yolk, flour with boric acid (you can take one yolk) and roll small balls from this mass. Arrange them generously in places where cockroaches are likely to be visited.

Liquid ammonia is characterized by an intense aroma that strikes on the spot, which is not tolerated by cockroaches. It is logical that they try to leave the room treated with ammonia as quickly as possible. To record success, add this substance to mopping water.

Freezing. Cockroaches are cold-blooded insects. They stop reproducing and lose their vitality at temperatures below +7 ° C. But this method can only be applied in the winter. You can leave the windows open for a day or even two. It is advisable that in all rooms the air temperature drops to –10–15 ° C.

Trap. It can be made at home. Lubricate a glass jar (for example, a liter), a deep enameled bowl from the inside with oil, any grease or petroleum jelly, and put a delicious bait on the bottom: cookies, bread, etc. Attracted by the smell of food, cockroaches will run to the place of the feast, but will not be able to get out - the paws will glide over the greasy surface. Leave this trap overnight in the kitchen or in the bathroom, and in the morning, be sure to destroy the cockroaches that were captured (pour boiling water or spray with an insecticide).

Chemical compounds

There are many specialized means of combating a variety of insects: from sprays and crayons to special traps. The main thing when working with chemicals is to follow the instructions.

How to remove cockroaches forever

If you live in a private house, it is enough to once thoroughly poison cockroaches, and then systematically do preventive measures.

But if you live in an apartment building, you can’t do without collective actions with your neighbors. Arrange with all tenants and conduct a special treatment of the premises at a time.

The reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment

Below I will list the main reasons for the appearance of cockroaches in the apartment and how to deal with them.

  1. Water. Cockroaches are very tenacious creatures and the main thing that gives them the opportunity to live long is water. Without life-giving moisture, their days will be numbered, but even a small amount of water will allow life to be breathed into an almost dying, poisonous insect. Therefore, it is necessary to limit the access of cockroaches to water. Dry all surfaces in the kitchen thoroughly, do not leave faucets open. If dripping from a tap, try to fix this malfunction. Clean and dry dishes will also not leave cockroaches a chance to profit from life-giving water. After taking a shower or bath, walk along it with a dry rag, and especially do not spray water throughout the bathroom. The only place in the apartment where you can’t do anything with the presence of water is the toilet.
  2. Unsanitary conditions are the main friend of cockroaches. Another way to help in the matter of how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment at home forever is to keep the apartment perfectly clean. Despite the fact that cockroaches can go without food for a long period, the order and excellent cleanliness in the kitchen will make it easier for you to make them eat poison. Insects will simply have no other source of food than a poisoned treat. You can also attract the attention of cockroaches with something colorful and delicious in smell. The acceleration of the extinction of insects will be dealt with by nature itself. The fact is that cockroaches do not have a long-term memory and calmly distribute poisonous pieces of food to their relatives.
  3. Cracks and crevices in the floor and walls. To prevent the emergence of new harmful guests carefully cover all the cracks in the floor and the baseboard, tightly cover the wallpaper and get rid of other ways of getting cockroaches into the apartment.

Using the above tricks and our subsequent tips, you can get rid of cockroaches in the apartment at home forever. Further in the article we will try to understand the old and modern ways of combating cockroaches, and readers will choose the most suitable for themselves.


1. Keep clean in all rooms without exception. For the destruction of cockroaches, one general cleaning is not enough, you need to systematically clean the house. Keep food in the refrigerator or carefully sealed containers, clean the places where your pets eat. It is advisable to wash the dishes immediately after the meal, rather than stacking them with leftover food in the sink.

2. Take out the trash on time. Do not keep garbage in the house for several days, especially if the bag is already full. In the kitchen, the container for waste and trash should be equipped with a sealed lid.

3. Timely repair the water supply and sewer. If cockroaches can last long without food, then they can’t survive without water. For this reason, it is necessary to systematically check possible places (toilet bowl, pipe joints) leaks. Do not forget to wipe dry the damp surfaces in the bathroom after taking a shower.

4. Eliminate cracks. Examine the walls, ceiling, and corners of the apartment: there may be cracks in the rooms. They need to be putty. And block the ventilation openings with a fine mesh.

Living in the same house with cockroaches is unpleasant and unhyienic. Therefore, take these practical tips for cockroach control and prevention. After this, the invasion of cockroaches does not threaten you. And even if they come to your apartment, you will meet them fully equipped. Perhaps you have your own, inherited from the ancestors, a way to deal with tenacious and unpretentious cockroaches.

Extreme experience. In one apartment (and in the whole entrance), the residents suffered from the invasion of cockroaches. The fact is that on the fifth floor in this entrance lived a drinking man who neglected all the laws of sanitation and hygiene. Therefore, cockroaches were expanse. But once this drinking man fell asleep with a lit cigarette and started a fire. His apartment burned to the ground (he himself escaped). No one else was hurt. Since then, cockroaches are gone. Gone from the whole five-story building. And still have not returned. Published by

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How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment at home forever

Before proceeding with emergency measures, such as the use of chemicals and calling home insect control specialists, we turn to the good old and no less effective "grandfather" methods. The time for the disappearance of pests when working with such agents is noticeable from three weeks to a month. Despite the long withdrawal period, such methods are highly efficient.

Causes and signs of insects

Insects do not always choose old littered rooms for life.Of course, the remnants of food on the floor, the lack of wet cleaning, clutter create favorable conditions for their existence, but there are other, not so obvious factors.

For example, few people know that water for the mustachioed invaders is more necessary than food: without a meal, a cockroach can live for about a month, while without water it can last no more than a week. Therefore, for living, insects choose places where there is constant unhindered access to moisture. In the kitchen, it can be leaking pipes or taps.

You can bring intruders into the house with your own hands, for example, along with products from the store or when moving from another apartment inside packed items. If the situation is favorable, the insects will settle in a new place and it will not be easy to remove them. Returning from travel, you also need to carefully unpack luggage and, if pests are detected, destroy them immediately.

Not always in the occurrence of cockroach nests is the fault of the owners of the apartment. The presence of unscrupulous neighbors, a clogged garbage chute, the proximity of the basement or warehouse of a grocery store are objective reasons for the propagation of pests.

Another common reason for a cockroach invasion is bullying in neighboring apartments. Unfortunately, not everyone understands that such pinpoint strikes on insects will cause them to migrate temporarily, but will not solve the problem fundamentally. Sanitary treatment must be carried out comprehensively, simultaneously in all rooms of an apartment building.

Insects try to avoid people, so their presence in the house can not always be noticed immediately. However, the following symptoms are distinguished:

  • waste products in the form of small black dots. They can be anywhere - on the floor, kitchen surfaces, and even on walls,
  • unpleasant odor, the source of which are dead individuals and insect chitinous cover discarded by insects,
  • nests with egg clutches located in secluded places - behind furniture, in crevices and corners.

The presence of nests and an unpleasant odor indicates that the invaders are firmly established in your home and their population is quite large. In any case, the fight against insects should be started immediately.

Boric acid use

One of the most effective and safe methods for controlling cockroaches for humans and pets is the use of boric acid. This drug is widely distributed, and to purchase it at any pharmacy will not be difficult and costly. We study the life of insects, we come to the conclusion that you need to process boric acid with their places of accumulation near water taps, in the bathtub and toilet, as well as all the corners and joints of the floor and walls, do not forget about the ventilation openings - they are also a favorite place for cockroaches.

Having run through the acid, the insect does not die immediately. An unbearable itch will torment him for a long time, during which the cockroach will have time to infect several more of its relatives.

Important! Despite a short memory, insects still have a sense of self-preservation and can find workarounds.

It is not worth it to be very upset about this, because there is another proven method. Prepare a tempting and deadly dinner for uninvited guests. Boric acid will also remain the main ingredient of the future dangerous treat, add a boiled egg or potatoes to it. To make it impossible to refuse the proposed food, add a little oil to the dish. Roll the resulting mixture into small balls and leave in a warm place or on the windowsill until it dries completely. Spread the prepared poison throughout the house, paying particular attention to the kitchen and restrooms. This is best done at night, firstly, in the dark insects boldly leave their shelters, and secondly, during the day, the balls will not interfere with the owners of the apartment moving around the house.

Tempting and delicious balls will not allow them to recognize the poison, and will work properly for the benefit of the owners, attracting more and more insects. To increase performance, you need to keep the balls in place as long as possible. Even if you are sure that all the cockroaches died, throwing the bait is not worth it. This will protect your home from new aliens.

Ways to fight

You can permanently remove cockroaches from the apartment in various ways: using folk methods, special industrial chemicals, or by contacting the help of professionals who will sanitize the premises. The use of improvised tools will be cheaper, therefore, we will talk about them in the first place.

Folk methods

The easiest way to save the room from uninvited guests - freezing. Of course, this can only be done in the cold season, and you will have to think about how to save indoor plants and where to move for a few days. But in general, the method gives good results, because pests do not like cold - at temperatures below +5 ℃ their life processes slow down, they lose their ability to reproduce, and at minus indicators they die at all.

In winter, turn off the heating in frost and leave the windows open for 1-2 days. Make sure that the temperature is below zero in all rooms of the apartment, otherwise the insects will wait for “freezing” in a secluded place, and then again scatter around the house.

A famous means to combat cockroaches - boric acid. When an insect enters the body, it destroys its nervous system. It is best to purchase the substance in the form of a powder, you can find it in any pharmacy.

You can use the tool in different ways:

  • the easiest way is to sprinkle it in places where uninvited guests were noticed - in the corners and along the baseboards, near sources of moisture. It’s enough for the cockroaches to go through the powder, so it will fall on their paws, and then into the digestive tract,
  • can be prepared on the basis of acid bait by mixing the product with egg yolk, flour, sugar or mashed potatoes. Pests will not be able to get past such a treat if they find it near their homes.

A good trick in the fight against uninvited guests - use ammonia when washing surfaces in the house. The pungent odor of liquid repels insects, and they can leave their habitat. You need to add a couple of drops of ammonia to the water that you wash the floor, and also moisten a cloth in the liquid, which wipe the walls, cabinets and other surfaces in the kitchen. In the same way, you can use denatured alcohol, turpentine and kerosene.

The production of protozoa also belongs to folk methods of struggle. traps. Making them yourself is not difficult at all: you need to prepare a container into which the insect will climb, but will not be able to get out. You can use cans and various bowls, the main thing is to grease the inside of the sides with oil so that cockroaches can not climb them. An ordinary plastic bottle is also suitable for such purposes, you need to cut off the neck and insert it inside the remaining wide part.

As bait on the bottom of the traps lay bread, sugar or just the remnants of food and leave the structure in places where insects were previously seen, at night. In the morning, black and red pests caught should be neutralized, for example, a bay with boiling water.

All folk remedies are not only available, but also safe for human health. When using them, it is not necessary to remove children and pets from the apartment. But, on the other hand, the above methods cannot be called radical. To achieve a positive effect, you will need to spend quite a lot of time, and it is rather difficult to guarantee the result. Special chemicals will help get rid of the problem much faster. Next, talk about them.

Where do cockroaches live in an apartment? What do cockroaches eat?

As you know, cockroaches love the dark and scatter in the light. To get rid of them effectively, you need to identify the "nest" - that is the place from where they creep. Most often, they live in cabinets under the sinks and in the toilet, they can climb through the ventilation holes (in this case, an ordinary ventilation net will be a great way of protection), they love trash bins, dirty dishes and bowls with food for animals.

Few people know this fact: cockroaches can go without food for a long time, but not without water! A half-dead cockroach, once in the water, may well go around and run on. Due to their small size, it is almost impossible to block their access to water, because they need a small drop, and there is always water in the toilet.

In addition, cockroaches are very curious and always feel new unfamiliar objects with their antennae. However, they are not able to share their experience with each other. In any case, they do not know how to warn each other about danger.

Cockroaches can eat everything, including soap, paper, skin. And sometimes they live up to five years. In addition, large black cockroaches are less hardy than red ones, and fighting them is somewhat easier.
Cockroach preparation

For the fight against cockroaches to become truly effective, it is necessary, first of all, to prepare. Cockroaches do not like cleanliness and order - therefore, it must be maintained. Do not leave crumbs, dirty dishes, food anywhere (including removing animal bowls). If possible, close up all the cracks through which the cockroaches can enter the apartment: ventilation holes, cracks in the threshold of the front door, baseboards and even window frames.

It is advisable to carry out the procedure with the whole house, or at least with the closest neighbors, whose cockroaches can sit out, so that after returning home.

Special chemistry and other means of control

On sale you can find many special products, the use of which is detrimental to insects. They are available in the form of aerosols, powder, tablets, chalk, gel and other forms. The instructions of many of them promise a quick victory over the invaders, but in reality it is rarely possible to get rid of all insects at a time. The tool can destroy adults, but there will be eggs from which new cockroaches will hatch, and the problem will have to be solved again.

There is a solution: when shopping, purchase a drug based on fipronil. This poison is transmitted from one insect to another, and also infects offspring, which leads to rapid death of the population.

In an apartment building, cockroaches must be poisoned simultaneously with their neighbors, not forgetting about the processing of the entrance, elevator shaft and garbage chute. In private - special attention during the procedure should be given to the attic and basement.

According to reviews, an effective tool, which includes fipronil, is Dohloxproduced in the form of a gel. It is convenient for them to handle hard-to-reach places, gradually squeezing the mixture out of a special syringe. The advantage is that the drug is safe for pets and people.

You can quickly get rid of cockroaches using special Combat Superbait Traps. The insect falls into the trap, becomes infected with a poisonous substance and then transfers it to its brood and other individuals. The population dies completely after 1-3 days.

Another safe and effective remedy is pasta globol. Insects can not adapt to the composition, so you can use it constantly, and one tube is usually enough to completely clean the apartment.

Familiar to many crayon "Mashenka"absolutely safe for humans as well as pets and fatal for cockroaches. Among its advantages - low price and ease of use.

Among aerosols the most popular Dichlorvos and "Raptor". The first is quite toxic, but quickly kills and repels pests. The second is no less effective, but at the same time it has a pleasant smell and is safer for people.

An ultrasonic device will help to remove pests from your apartment - repeller. It emits sound waves that are intolerable to insects. The device is designed for a certain area and is absolutely safe for everyone living in the house.

If you tried all means, but still could not defeat the cockroaches, contact a specialized company and order pest control service. Professionals will perform fast and high-quality processing of the premises.

Cockroach Chemicals

Chemical agents for controlling cockroaches can be divided into two types:
poisons dangerous to humans
means safe for people and animals.

It must be remembered that the apartment must be washed so that the toxic substance does not remain on the surfaces and does not accidentally get into food products. It is also necessary to ventilate the premises well.

Pesticides can also be dry, in which case they are very dangerous for small children and animals, therefore, living in an apartment, it is necessary to pour them in places accessible exclusively to cockroaches.

Chemicals that are safe for humans include crayons (pencils) and some gels. Although their safety is also conditional, since ingestion of such a substance can lead to unpleasant consequences.

When using crayons, you need to remember that the line should be continuous and cover all the contours of the apartment and each room, especially to limit the places where cockroaches nest.

As for gels, they are usually applied to pieces of paper, which are subsequently easy to throw away, and left in places that are loved by cockroaches, but inaccessible to children and animals.

The main disadvantage of any chemical agent is that cockroaches very easily adapt to everything. If it does not work, this does not mean that the remedy is bad, it’s just that someone in the house probably poisoned it, and the cockroaches developed stability.

Cockroach traps

As a rule, pesticides are used in traps, the smell of which is safe for humans, but they themselves can be harmful. But they are inside the trap, so if you do not let animals play with them and children disassemble them into components, then such traps can stand for long in difficult corners, under the sink and on cabinets, and also be attached to the walls of the cabinets.

The promised principle of action is that, crawling into a trap, the cockroach infects itself and infects its relatives. The disadvantage of this tool is the same as that of other pesticides: cockroaches adapt too quickly to it, and if it worked once, then after six months it may no longer work.

Bait traps can also be done independently, based on repellents that repel cockroaches. These include, for example, bay leaf (green) and cucumber peeling (fresh only). Cockroaches, especially black ones, cannot stand the flowers of red and black elderberries. A few small bouquets - and the cockroaches are expelled from the room. If it is possible to hang a bouquet of flowering rye on the wall, it will also be unbearable for cockroaches.

As traps, you can use ordinary glass jars. From the inside, grease the jar along the contour with fat so that the cockroaches could not get out. You can wrap it on the outside with paper. Inside, pour something edible mixed with boric acid.

As an option for the trap - apply a sticky mass to thick paper, cellophane or tracing paper and roll into a tube. If you don’t feel like making a trap yourself, you can purchase ready-made “cockroach houses” in the store. You can see their effectiveness visually. The principle of operation of such a house is as follows: the bottom of a small cardboard box is covered with a sticky solution mixed with nutrients. Cockroaches crawl into the house and stick firmly inside it, unable to get out.

An important factor in setting traps is the lack of nutritious alternatives for cockroaches in the form of crumbs and dirty plates, otherwise they simply will not pay attention to the traps.

Act cold

In addition to boric acid, there are several other ways that answer the question "how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment at home forever." A great enemy for cockroaches is low air temperature. It is clear that the application of this method is applicable only in the winter season and only in houses with their own heating. To use this method, enough for a long airing of the whole house.

Important! Freezing an apartment can lead to rupture of heating pipes, so it is best to omit this option of getting rid of cockroaches and move on to the next.

Do-it-yourself traps

It is not necessary to use purchased insect traps if you have scotch tape or a regular can for seaming at home. Making reliable traps is not at all difficult. We will tell you more about recipes:

  • For the first trap, you will need ordinary tape. Unwind it and put it with the sticky side up in places of accumulation of insects. To increase the likelihood of cockroaches visiting your trap, drip jam or fragrant honey on scotch tape.
  • If there is no tape at hand, you can use a strip of cardboard or thick paper. As an adhesive base, use viscous glue that does not harden completely yet.
  • Another great trap might be a regular glass jar, originally intended for winter seams. It remains only to lubricate it from the inside with oil, so that the cockroaches could not get out and put the bait inside. As a tempting delicacy, you can use ordinary fresh onions, its strong smell will lure cockroaches in large quantities.

Get rid of cockroaches using specialized services

As a rule, official institutions and those who are desperate to overcome come to disinfestation cockroaches on their own. All measures consist of destruction and prevention.

Each company offers its own nuances and uses certain chemicals. They can be divided into disinfectants and repellents. Repellents repel insects, while disinfectants kill them.

Properly conduct total pest control can only special services. They check the stages of development and resistance to insecticides and act according to the characteristics of the drugs. Means and concentration are calculated for each individual case. This measure is unpleasant, but it guarantees the complete destruction of harmful insects. In the case of a multi-storey building, disinsection must also be carried out in the hallways.

After disinfestation, a wet cleaning should be carried out, all work surfaces, hidden surfaces where the preparation is applied and insects crawl should not be cleaned. After processing, the room should be closed for at least 3 hours. More information can be obtained by phone from specialists or in section e Room preparation.

To order the services of a professional pest control service, please call:+7 (495) 508-24-86 and +7 (967) 243-97-06.

The cost of getting rid of cockroaches in the section PRICES.

Purchased Cockroach Controls

One of the most effective means of dealing with unwanted settlers remains purchased chemicals. They can be found in any store, and manufacturers of such funds have been working on improvements for years and know firsthand how to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment at home forever. Using preparations of industrial production, you will cope with the problem of insects in the house as soon as possible. However, chemically active gels and aerosols have their drawbacks.

First of all, this is a high toxicity not only for insects, but also for children and pets. It’s easy to get poisoned by feet, if you try them “by the tooth”, which kids and pets like to do, but aerosols do not need to be tried, just one breath is enough.

Important! Be careful when choosing chemicals and take the safety tips on the packaging seriously.

So, let's turn to the methods of using various store-based remedies for cockroaches:

  • Gels. Immediately make a reservation that if your house or apartment is large enough, then you will need not one, but two or even three tubes. The gel is applied throughout the house in the area of ​​the baseboards, drop by drop. The distance between the drops should be from ten to fifteen centimeters, depending on the requirements of the manufacturer. Complete expulsion of pests will take place within one week.
  • Sprays What sways sprayers, they must be used not only at the junction of the floor and wall, but also in other favorite places for collecting insects. As you remember, these include watering holes, various slots, outgoing joints of wallpaper and doorways.

You can not always use the spray of the same brand. The fact is that cockroaches easily adapt to aerosols.

  • You can also purchase various cockroach traps in stores. The principle of their work is that insects, attracted by the bright color of the device and a pleasant smell, are infected by chemicals themselves and transfer it to the nest.
  • Special houses are also effective in the fight against cockroaches, when insects get into them, they stick to the walls inside the device and die, failing to get out.

Technique in the fight against cockroaches

Human thought does not stop there and invents more and more new ways in the fight against the enemy. Not so long ago, ultrasonic and magnetic resonance repellents began to appear, which act with the help of electromagnetic waves of low frequency or, accordingly, ultrasound. Frequency has a bad effect on the nervous system of a cockroach, without affecting people. Insects cheerfully run away from these waves.

The exposure time is at least three weeks, so that not only adults leave, but also the baby hatched from the laid eggs.
Some more tips

In order for the result to be true, you need to take cockroach control seriously. Regardless of the method, Before starting the destruction event, you need to close the cracks, then rinse all the kitchen furniture and the bin with a cloth with liquid ammonia solution and block access to water. To do this, when using sinks and a bath, it is necessary to wipe them dry.

Cockroaches are very tenacious, and if you slam them, but not smear them, they may well come to their senses and crawl on. And having reached the water, they will at all begin to feel excellent. Sprinkle a very well-swatted cockroach with boric acid. Then he will recover himself and infect his relatives.

It is better to pour cereals and pasta into jars, since cockroaches tear the bags and feast well. In the cabinets with food, it is better not to keep any pesticides, even safe ones. Particular attention should be paid to the place of storage of bread: close the enemy access to this food warehouse! A bin is best to have with a lid and take out the trash as often as possible.

Despite the fact that boric acid is not dangerous for people, anyway, scattering balls around the apartment, you need to limit access to them for animals and small children. Firstly, cockroaches spread infections, and secondly, the product (yolk or porridge) can deteriorate and cause poisoning. Yes, and boric acid itself is hardly useful for delicate baby tummies.

Where do cockroaches come from in the apartment?

There are a number of reasons why cockroaches can appear in an apartment, consider the two most common.

First: insect harassment in neighboring apartments - in this case, cockroaches escape from death and flee from their neighbors to any place suitable for their residence and reproduction, for example, to you. It will not work to get rid of them with one apartment treatment, it is necessary to carry out disinsection in the nearby apartments, on the landing, and even better - in the whole house. Such a serious approach will not leave cockroaches a chance for salvation. To get rid of small cockroaches in the kitchen, running from neighbors in the ventilation system, it will be enough to process the space around the ventilation hole, for example, draw a continuous circle around it with chalk Mashenka.

If the neighbors began to persecute, but they couldn’t agree with them, close all the gaps, gratings and other places through which insects can enter your house. It is advisable to process your home on the same day, then the cockroaches will not run to you.

The second possible cause of parasites is their independent transfer from the store to your home. Cockroaches can be in products, clothes and other things, even when ordering in an online store, because it is not known in what conditions the goods are stored in a warehouse.

When shopping in hypermarkets, you need to be especially careful, as this is an ideal place for breeding and feeding insects. It is worth recognizing that in recent times, stores have become more responsible for cleanliness and storage of products.

Only by figuring out what the cockroaches are from, you can completely protect yourself. If the insects still managed to get into the apartment, you immediately need to deprive them of the ability to eat and breed, as well as disinfect the entire room.

Our team knows how to get rid of cockroaches in the Moscow region (also travels to neighboring regions on a contractual basis)

Surcharge for traveling to the Moscow region and adjacent regions depends on the conditions of a particular order. The cost is taken into account from factors: remoteness from the Moscow Ring Road, transportation costs and other parameters. You can get information about the cost of services from our specialists by contact phones or by using the feedback service.

The most frequent destinations aimed at 100% getting rid of cockroaches in the Moscow Region are: Pushkino, Dolgoprudny, Khimki, Schelkovo, Fryazino, Mytishchi, Korolev, Ivanteevka, Domodedovo, Lyubertsy, Kotelniki, Tomilino, Dzerzhinsky, Kraskovo, Malakhovka, Zhukovsky, Lytkarino, Ramen , Railway, Reutov, Balashikha, Lobnya, Krasnogorsk, Nakhabino, Odintsovo, Troitsk, Shcherbinka, Moscow, Klimovsk, Vidnoe, Podolsk, Fryazino, Zelenograd, Barvikha, Shcherbinka, Elektrostal, Elektrougli, Noginsk and others.

Effective cockroach chemicals

The effectiveness of chemicals in the fight against cockroaches has long been proven. To date, there are many drugs that effectively eliminate pests. When choosing them, you need to pay attention to the speed of action, price, as well as safety for both an adult, a child and pets.

Call specialists

If it is not possible to manage pests on their own, professionals from private companies or from the sanitary and epidemiological station will come to the rescue. The work of such services is highly profitable, but there are also disadvantages. On the one hand, this is a big financial cost, and on the other hand, the forced absence of household members in the apartment during the day.

After completing the pest control procedure, it is necessary to strictly follow the instructions of specialists regarding cleaning and ventilation of the apartment. The health and well-being of your children depends on the correctness of this stage.


Aerosols are the most popular way to fight cockroaches, especially when there are a lot of them. They have several advantages, including speed of action. Most aerosols are sold ready-made, and some must be diluted in water.

Some modern drugs do not have a pungent odor, like Dichlorvos, or do they have a light, pleasant aroma. When spraying, it is necessary to temporarily remove children and animals from the room, and after the waiting time has elapsed, carry out wet cleaning.

The most popular sprays: Dichlorvos, Get, Regent, Combat and Raptor.

The average cost of aerosol from cockroaches is 200 rubles.

Gels are used to combat cockroaches in the premises in which people live on an ongoing basis. This product is easy to apply and also easy to remove, leaving no residue. It can be used indoors with young children, since a component is added to their composition, which, when it enters the taste buds, begins to be very bitter.

The gel must be applied in all habitats of cockroaches. This should be done in small droplets, the distance between which should not exceed 10-15 centimeters.

The main disadvantage of the gel is the inability to process the entire room. The gel is not able to destroy eggs and cockroaches hiding in inaccessible places. Also, the effect of using the gel can be seen only after a week of use.

The most popular cockroach gels are Global, Raptor, Dohlox and Clean House.

The average cost of gel from cockroaches is 150 rubles.

Interesting recommendations

Fans of a houseplant like geranium least susceptible to invasion of cockroaches. The fact is that the specific aroma of this flower repels insects. So if you have geranium, we recommend moving it to the kitchen.

Clash with the ubiquitous insects often ends in an attempt to kill a cockroach. However, from the fact that a cockroach perished with one cotton shoe on it is not enough. It is necessary to verify the exact death of the pest, as even a headless cockroach is able to live for a long time.

Kitchen pests do not tolerate lemon flavor. Therefore, if you want, after the expulsion of insects, they did not return to you from unclean neighbors, we suggest that you leave chopped lemon in the kitchen. Again, I want to clarify that it is best to do this at night.

You already know that the survivability of cockroaches also manifests itself in their ability to adapt to the environment, including all kinds of poisons. In view of what It is not recommended to use the entire stockpiled arsenal of poisons at once.. Introduce a new way to deal with cockroaches sequentially, as needed. Otherwise, none of them will act.

After you have actively spoiled the life of cockroaches and, as you think, the insects have completely disappeared, there is a chance that they simply buried securely until better times. The absence of cracks in the apartment, and detachable wallpaper does not mean that they have nowhere to hide.

The favorite and secret place of their safe haven often becomes refrigerator. Of course, low temperatures are harmful to insects, but sealing gum is a great place to hide. Agree, few will guess to look for them there.

In order to finally remove pests, it is necessary to make this shelter as unsuitable for habitation:

  • first of all, remove the rubber from the groove of the refrigerator and wash and dry well,
  • in good faith, gum recess itself with boric acid,
  • put the gum in place and be sure that the cockroaches will have no chance of survival.


Crayons are a universal remedy for cockroaches, which has been used for quite some time. The main advantage of crayons is ease of application, accessibility and cost-effectiveness. This type of processing the room has a number of minuses, for example, with their help it is not possible to process the entire room, the procedure must be repeated regularly, moreover, the chalk strips on the walls, in cabinets or on the floor do not look aesthetically pleasing.

The most commonly used chalk is Mashenka and Tornado.

The average cost of crayons from cockroaches is 20 rubles.


Powder, like crayons, has been used for a long time. Among the advantages are accessibility, ease of use, low cost, as well as the fact that they are practically harmless to animals and can be used indoors with children. It is worth considering that this is not the most effective way to fight cockroaches.The powder needs to be updated every day, and also it is useless, there are a large number of insects living in the apartment.

Often used powders Clean House and Fenaxin, Tornado, Super Fas.

The average cost of packaging with powder from cockroaches is 100 rubles.

Ultrasonic Repellers

Ultrasonic cockroach repeller is a relatively new tool that repels insects with ultra-waves, but does not destroy them. Its main advantage is that it is absolutely safe for people and can be used in a house with children. However, it should not be used if pets live in the apartment. The main disadvantage of this tool is the price, and it is also not known for certain how effective it is in combating a large number of insects.

The average cost of an ultrasonic repeller is 900 rubles.

Call a Sanitation Specialist

If nothing helps in pest control and there is no more opportunity to cope on their own, then it is necessary to call the sanitary service. This is the most effective way, which helps especially if the number of cockroaches is growing rapidly, and all of the above funds did not have any effect.

The average cost of calling specialists in disinfestation of premises is 3000 rubles.

Heat treatment of the room

To get rid of cockroaches with hot air, it is necessary that the temperature in the room exceed 50 degrees. In a particularly hot time, all the things that the insects came into contact with can be taken outside. However, it is best to cope with this task with a hot fog, which is formed using a special, non-toxic substance sprayed by a steam generator. It is able to heat up to a temperature of 70 degrees. In its effectiveness, hot fog is in no way inferior to cold. He is also able to get into all the habitats of cockroaches and destroy them with a strong insecticidal substance. The main disadvantage is that the fog completely settles only after 10 hours, while the room must be completely closed for 2 hours.

Using a household steamer is not entirely advisable if there are a lot of parasites. If the nest of cockroaches is still small and you find it, the effect of a steamer with hot steam will help destroy them.

Homemade traps

To kill insects, you can make small traps, which in effectiveness will not be inferior to purchased ones. For example, in a small jar you can pour a little beer or honey, while the neck needs to be lubricated with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil. Also, instead of beer, you can use another bait or regular onions. The trap must be set in the place of greatest congestion and left overnight. You can also take Scotch tape, cut it into pieces of 10 centimeters and put it in your favorite places with cockroaches sticky side up.

For maximum effectiveness, you can leave a couple of drops of honey, jam or syrup on scotch tape. Instead of scotch tape, you can use plain paper, which must be greased with a thick, long-drying glue.

We scare off cockroaches with floral aromas of geranium and chamomile

The cockroach Prusak does not like the pungent smell that geranium has. To rid the apartment of the pest, you need to purchase several flowers of this plant and arrange in the kitchen. Instead of geranium, you can use chamomiles, and from their dry flower you get a good powder, which must be scattered in all places that attract Prusak.

The use of kerosene

Kerosene will perfectly help drive out uninvited guests. To do this, they need to process plinths, corners and other places of accumulation. At the same time, the procedure must be repeated for several days. When applying kerosene, it is necessary to carefully monitor that there are no open sources of fire nearby. Work only with gloves on.

Vinegar application

Vinegar is no less effective. They need to wipe the floors next to the baseboard, as well as the baseboard itself, ventilation grilles and corners. For this procedure, you can use either ordinary or diluted vinegar. In addition, for processing kitchen cabinets and other surfaces, mix vinegar, water and pepper. This method is unlikely to kill insects, but will help drive them out of the apartment.

Essential oils and ammonia

Essential oils can also scare away cockroaches, which can be added to water and wet cleaning, or simply dripped onto any surface. For the same purpose, ammonia can be used. It is worth remembering that this method can only scare off cockroaches. In order to completely get rid of them, you need to combine it with other methods.

Pyrethrum powder

As a means of relieving pests, Pyrethrum is perfect. Powder should be scattered in all the favorite places of cockroaches, including near the bin, in the bathroom and near pipes. It can be used along with other types of traps and poisons.

Cockroach repellent herbs

Herbs can scare off the Prusak, they can be used both in living and in dried form. For these purposes, wormwood, ledum, chamomile flowers are perfect, bay leaf will be no less effective. These plants can, as put on the windowsill, so dry and spread in the corners.

All these folk remedies will be most effective if used together. In addition, it is necessary to create all the conditions under which the cockroach will be forced to use the bait, namely, to deprive it of other ways of extracting food and water.

Recipes for cockroaches from boric acid

Boric acid is the most effective tool that will help to quickly get rid of insects, if not forever, then for a very long time. Its great advantage is that it acts without harm to animals and humans. Means of boric acid can be prepared independently at home. In addition, you can simply scatter the powder in all corners, inaccessible places, as well as in the bathroom and toilet, or dissolve it in water and wipe the floors. There are many recipes based on it, but the following are most effective.

  1. Recipe 1. You need to take 1 egg, boil, if desired, you can use it raw, remove the yolk and crush it thoroughly and mix with boric acid powder. You can add a small amount of oil with a smell. Form small balls, spread out in all habitats of cockroaches, including near the bin, in the bathroom, toilet, as well as in places of accumulation of water. Balls will need to be replaced with fresh ones after 1-3 weeks.
  2. Recipe 2. Boil one egg and potatoes, crush and mix with acid. Potatoes and an egg will kill the smell of boron and arouse the appetite of insects. The resulting mass must be rolled up into small balls and laid out around the apartment.
  3. Recipe 3. You need to take boric acid, raw yolk and sugar. Mix all the ingredients well, then add a little water and flour. The resulting slurry can be formed into balls or form small cakes, arrange them around the apartment.
  4. Recipe 4. Boric acid, powdered sugar, starch and vanilla need to be mixed and a little water added, so that the mass slightly thickens. These ingredients can attract cockroaches and increase appetite. Vanilla can kill the smell of boric acid.
  5. Recipe 5. Boil a small potato, chop, add 4 sachets of powder and raw or boiled yolk, mix and add a small amount of kefir, so that the mass can be given the necessary shape.

Any drill-based compounds can be used. It should be borne in mind that the funds will be effective only if the cockroaches do not have another opportunity to eat. That is why it is necessary to remove all food and water. In addition, although the product works without harm to humans, it is necessary to prepare it only with a mask and gloves to prevent the chemical from getting on the skin. Do not allow children or animals to touch this poison, let alone play with it and take it by mouth.

Preventive measures

Having completed the struggle with the invaders, the owners of the apartment want to consolidate the result and prevent the return of uninvited guests.

Usually it is enough to follow these tips:

  • always take food in one place; do not bring food to your computer or sofa to the TV. So you will not distribute crumbs throughout the apartment,
  • clean as often as possible, wipe the kitchen surfaces, sweep the floor,
  • make sure that taps and pipes do not leak, wipe the sink and bathroom after each use,
  • keep clean in places where pets eat,
  • do not leave bread or food leftovers in open containers on the table overnight,
  • do not accumulate garbage in the bin, take it out at least once a day.

And one more good advice: after you get rid of cockroaches, check the tightness of the floors and walls of your apartment so that after some time the pests do not return to you from your neighbors. It will not be superfluous to plaster all the cracks and close the ventilation grilles with a fine mesh.

Good luck in the fight against cockroaches!


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There are special traps for fighting moths. Pheromones of females attracting males are added to the sticky layer with which they are coated. Adhering to the trap, they drop out of the breeding process, which leads to a decrease in the moth population.

Before removing various stains from clothes, you need to find out how safe the chosen solvent is for the fabric itself. It is applied in a small amount to an inconspicuous part of the thing from the inside for 5-10 minutes. If the material retains its structure and color, you can go to the spots.

Fresh lemon is not only suitable for tea: clean the dirt from the surface of the acrylic bath by rubbing with half a cut citrus, or quickly wash the microwave, putting in it a container of water and lemon slices for 8-10 minutes at maximum power. Softened dirt will simply wipe with a sponge.

In the dishwasher, not only plates and cups are well washed. You can load plastic toys, glass shades of fixtures and even dirty vegetables, such as potatoes, but without the use of detergents.

It is easiest to remove scale and carbon from the sole of the iron with common salt. Pour a thick layer of salt onto the paper, heat the iron to the maximum, and several times, pressing lightly, slide the iron over the salt litter.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever

If you live in a private house, it will be enough to thoroughly poison insects once, and then regularly take preventive measures so that insects do not come to visit in the future.

But if you are a happy owner of housing in an apartment building, you can’t do without the actions agreed with your neighbors. Arrange with all tenants and carry out pest control at the same time. Otherwise, it may happen that landing cockroaches from another floor will penetrate your neutralized apartment again and again.

Preventative measures

  1. Keep your house tidy. For the destruction of pests, a single cleaning is not enough, it is necessary to regularly clean. Keep food in an airtight container, remove crumbs from the table and monitor the places where pets eat. It would be nice to audit the kitchen drawers for scattered cereals. It is advisable to wash the dishes immediately after eating, rather than storing them in the sink with the rest of the meal inside.
  2. Take out the trash. You should not keep garbage in a cabinet under the sink or store overfilled bags at the front door. Make a habit of walking regularly to garbage cans (or to the garbage chute), and put a container with an airtight lid in the kitchen.
  3. Repair leaks in a timely manner. If cockroaches can exist for weeks without food, they cannot live a day without water. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check potentially dangerous places (toilet bowl, sinks, pipe joints) for leaks. In addition, do not forget to dry wipe the surfaces in the bathroom after active bathing. Well, it’s better not to abuse the sailor's method of washing floors (this is when a bucket of water is poured onto the deck at once).
  4. Eliminate cracks. If your neighbors are not clean, take care of the inaccessibility of your apartment. Examine the walls, ceiling, corners of the room: there may be cracks. They should be putty. And cover the ventilation openings with a special fine mesh through which insects cannot crawl through.

Do baleen pests bother you? What methods do you protect your apartment from cockroaches? Share tips in the comments.

Freezing the room

This option will be relevant only for the winter period and in those rooms where you can turn off all heating and any heating appliances. To get rid of insects in this way, you need to not only open all the windows in the apartment, but also put on the balcony all items of clothing and things where pests have been noticed.

Attention! This method will only be effective if the temperature drops to at least -10 degrees Celsius. The room should be ventilated for at least half an hour.

Low temperature can destroy not only adult cockroaches, but also their larvae. It must be understood that the presence of at least some warm or heated place in the room reduces the effectiveness of the method. A warm corner will certainly become a point of accumulation of insects that will run there and will soon reappear.

The best option is a cold fog, which is most effective due to the presence of a strong insecticide and can penetrate into any inaccessible places.

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