Fashion bows summer: photos, clothing trends, ideas of images

The most beautiful images of summer 2018 promise to be as feminine and harmonious as possible. All details are designed to be not just sophisticated and bright, they should bring the owner comfort and naturalness. So, the main thing is your personal feelings from each thing and your vision of the combination of colors. Choose, trusting your instinct and your taste. Fashionistas strive to look beautiful and stylish always, regardless of the season, however, this is especially true in the summer season of 2018. Properly selected outfits, shoes and accessories will help to have an irresistible look. According to the designers, in the summer of 2018 the tender feminine images will be especially relevant, however, many fashion designers create the most daring and daring sets. Below is an overview of the most fashionable bows of the summer 2018 season.

Fashionable bows with skirts summer 2018 photo for every day

Which girl can resist a wide selection of skirts in the summer season of 2018, presented by designers for next spring. And it is not surprising that some do not know how to combine certain types of skirts. In spring and summer, fluffy skirts will be widely presented, having many layers in their texture. Their length can vary from the bottom to the mini. One of the basic rules for the combination of such skirts is a narrow fitted top.

A turtleneck or blouse can be tucked into a skirt or it should be shorter than the waistline. You can throw a short jacket on top. Shoes here fit the most varied. You can wear shoes with heels, wedges, and you can even wear rough shoes with grooved soles.

As always, tight mini skirts will be in fashion. A special difference in the coming year will be a wide belt at the waist. To such a skirt, you can wear a fitted or wide top. Blouses, T-shirts, wide-knit sweaters will be great options for combining.

Heat, summer, relaxation and fashion! The most stylish bows for the summer 2020-2021 - the concept of a summer wardrobe

Let's go in order. What is important when we create fashionable bows in the summer, and how not to get confused in the variety of ideas and assumptions that fashion offers us?

Everything is simple. Given the clear rules for creating a basic wardrobe, you can create stylish bows in the summer of 2020-2021 for different life occasions, look good in simple, casual, evening clothes, things in different styles.

And so: what is worth adding to every fashionista in your summer wardrobe ...

General approach

As we already said, 30 years is not the age when you need to most radically revise your approach to making wardrobe for the upcoming season. Here it is important to clearly understand that there is a difference when you are “slightly over 30” and “far beyond 30”. However, we will try to summarize the “age” advice of designers in order to find our “golden mean” when choosing a fashionable image.

When creating a fashion bow, having familiarized yourself with the fashion trends of the summer season of 2018, we determine for ourselves:

  • Do you have an internal need for clothing restrictions related to various age-related changes,
  • if you decide to give up something in clothes for everyday wear, it is quite possible to leave your limitations when creating an image for relaxation,
  • the review of your preferences should not be carried out too radically; it is better to introduce restrictions for certain clothes related to age, gradually and in stages.

Summer looks with dresses

Trending summer dresses and sundresses this season are breaking records of diversity. Such a number of styles and models of clothes ideal for summer have not been imagined by designers for a long time. The length, trim, neckline, sleeves and the cut of the dresses for the summer vary.

The most fashionable summer looks 2019-2020, and these bows with white dresses, look so feminine and fresh that every girl can become an incredibly beautiful and sophisticated young lady. Short summer dresses and sundresses in most have a free style, from which the summer image only benefits.

Summer bows will also be comfortable with a stylish dress-shirt. Yellow dresses will be especially popular in summer. You can not do without a floral print, with which the summer images with a dress acquire bright and delicate accents.

Fashionable bows with dresses summer 2018 photo for every day

There is no woman who would not like to wear dresses. And in the summer it is simply outrageous to hide the beautiful silhouette in trousers, voluminous blouses, when you can create wonderful summer bows with dresses. Lace and crocheted from openwork threads dresses, wonderful styles of flying silhouettes with chiffon, sequins, fringe, delightful models of the best women's outfit in a restrained, romantic, unusual performance. New dresses have so many options that every fashionista will be able to find their own unique bows for the summer with dresses.

Laconic case and further in fashion. Evening dresses on the floor will be presented, both in traditional styles and in unusual ones - with asymmetry, an open back, a train, ruffles, in a retro style.

The trend, as before, is the bows of summer 2018 with dresses in floral patterns for every day - midi lengths or evening dresses on the floor, delightfully emphasizing the wonderful female mood in the hot season.

Luke summer 2020-2021: stylish costumes

Each woman models bows for the summer, taking into account the style and lifestyle. Nevertheless, it seems to us that true ladies are simply obliged to have at least one pantsuit in the closet for the spring-summer season, so that, if necessary, they look as stylish, original, or reserved as possible.

Fashionable bows summer 2020-2021 with suits can include a jacket, vest, top, pants, skirt, dress and wrap, shorts.

Fashion designers were able to originally transform the strict element of the wardrobe, providing the fair sex not only office options for suits, but also very feminine, elegant, informal variations of this style.

So in the heat you can create original summer bows with a suit from shorts and a top, a vest and cropped trousers, a jacket and beautiful wide trousers.

The trend is bright and colorful costumes with prints, contrasting costume options, indisputably classic monophonic models, original styles from light summer striped fabrics, a flower, a small ornament, with an interesting finish.

Summer Romper Looks

A worthy alternative to the dress this summer will be a fashionable women's jumpsuit with shorts or as it is called romper. A summer image with a romper can be not only everyday. Add beautiful earrings and heeled sandals to the romper in the summer bow and you can go on an evening date.

Models of such overalls are also enough - lace, with fitted or loose shorts, with bare shoulders, with frills, printed, etc. Therefore, a lot of ideas will be gathered for fashionable summer looks 2019-2020.

Fashionable bows with t-shirts summer 2018 photo for every day

The shows held in London, New York, Milan and Paris made it clear that in the upcoming summer season 2018, fashionable classic-style t-shirts will be relevant. Free, not constraining movements and providing maximum comfort in any weather. Traditionally eminent designers recommend giving preference to high-quality fabrics: a soft knit that gives a pleasant tactile feel, ideal for everyday wear, natural cotton fabric - the best solution on a hot summer day, excellent moisture-absorbing elastane combined with a small amount of polyester - the best choice for sports . The color gamut in the summer of 2018 is wide enough. The season's palette includes a number of universal colors, the relevance of which does not depend on the season and fashion trends (from white to beige, ash gray and classic black). For those who are looking for bright accents, several spectacular cheerful colors are also presented: lime, ultraviolet, spring crocus, arcadia.

Lavender Summer Looks

Lavender color in clothes is the main trend of the new season both in clothes and in jewelry. Any summer bow in 2018 with similar shades is filled with special femininity and lightness. Particularly sophisticated look lavender total bows. Shoes, skirts, dresses, blouses, trouser suits in all shades of lavender look simply incredible and are of interest to stylists around the world. The combination of lavender color with pastel shades looks nice.

We could see similar collections at the show of one of the leading Italian clothing brands Max Mara. Many are afraid to go too far with lavender color in their clothes and believe that this rather unusual shade in everyday bows looks absurd. This is absolutely not so! How to add it to your image?

You can start your acquaintance with this trend by diluting any onion with accessories of a lavender shade that will help to refresh and complete the image. One of the easiest ways to make a bow for the summer of 2018 is to combine ordinary jeans with a light lavender shirt. Cardigans, vests and tops are also a great option for using this shade in clothes.

Luke summer 2020-2021: fashion for dresses

There is no woman who would not like to wear dresses. And in the summer it is simply outrageous to hide the beautiful silhouette in trousers, voluminous blouses, when you can create wonderful summer bows with dresses.

Lace and crocheted from openwork threads dresses, wonderful styles of flying silhouettes with chiffon, sequins, fringe, delightful models of the best women's outfit in a restrained, romantic, unusual performance ...

New dresses have so many options that every fashionista will be able to find their own unique bows for the summer with dresses.

Laconic case and further in fashion. Evening dresses on the floor will be presented, both in traditional styles and in unusual ones - with asymmetry, an open back, a train, ruffles, in a retro style.

The trend, as before, is bows summer 2020-2021 with dresses in floral patterns for every day - midi lengths or evening dresses on the floor, delightfully emphasizing the wonderful female mood in the hot season.

Summer bows with shorts and skirts

In a modern summer wardrobe, you should definitely have skirts and shorts that allow you to create all kinds of fashionable images for the summer. Going on vacation to hot countries, do not forget to bring along trendy denim shorts that will always be in trend everywhere.

Ultra-short denim shorts are more suitable for youth summer bows. They can be worn in the summer with a T-shirt, T-shirt, blouse or shirt and a cropped top. But shoes for jeans shorts are better to choose at low speed.

Casual fashionable looks for the summer of 2019-2020 with shorts are very attractive and you know why. You can emphasize beautiful tanned legs with summer sets with short skirts. Denim skirts became a hit this summer; buttons with buttons are especially popular.

Summer looks with skirts and a cropped top look very cool. Today it is easy to find a ready-made summer crop top set, especially since such suits for the summer are represented by various styles.

Want to look stylishly fashionable this summer? Then a photo of the best summer sets for you ...

Summer bows with shorts.

Shorts of completely different styles are relevant this season - elongated, short, with a high waist, with lace and slits. These shorts should be worn with light tops, T-shirts, T-shirts on the straps. A thin fringed cardigan can complement the look. Shorts can be worn with sneakers and classic boats.

Bermuda shorts look very stylish in combination with silk blouses, shirts and slim sweaters. This bow is suitable for walking on cool summer nights. To make your look stylish, it is worth adding a few accessories. They will help to complete a stylish summer bow.

Fashionable bows with pants summer 2018 photo for every day

The fashion for cropped trousers periodically returns to our lives; in the new summer season of 2018, they also found a place among fashion trends. Cropped trousers are suitable primarily for tall, thin girls. Opening the graceful ankles, they emphasize the fragility and elegance of the lady. Such trousers suggest open shoes with high heels. The shortened length of the trousers, fashionable in 2018, did not prevent the designers from offering options, both on wide knitted cuffs and completely flared to the bottom. An equally democratic approach was shown not only to colors, but also to the material structure of fashionable trousers.

I would like to pay special attention to leather trousers. In 2018, they can be considered trendy clothes, in which, as they say, "both in the feast and in the world." In the photographs we can see trousers in which the leather material fits the leg tightly, and freely flowing, and even in the form of a “banana” or breeches. And even women's flared leather pants, which became mega-popular and fashionable in 2018.

Culottes also became fashionable women's pants in 2018. It is believed that these unusual style pants are one of the most stylish. It's hard to argue with that, looking at what is shown in the photo.

The convenient form of women's trousers that does not restrict movement allows us to consider these trousers as a classic version of a business suit. But what the designers offer is quite consistent with the street style and can serve as an option for casual wear.

Stylish summer bows 2018 with pencil skirt

Pencil skirts will always be relevant. Office style remains in trend. Fashion houses such as Calvin Klein and Gucci presented new collections using this style. In the summer season, in order not to look too strict, you can combine bright colors, textures and stylistic combinations. The main thing is to make a clear combination of proportions.

Stylists advise combining a narrow pencil skirt with a voluminous top - jackets, puffy shirts, cardigans. This combination of textures will add femininity to your look.

Fashionable images with jumpsuits

Another important trend in the summer of 2018 are jumpsuits with milestones in colors, patterns and textures. For everyday life, we choose the combination of a classic model with sneakers, sneakers, sandals. To create a more festive bow, we combine jumpsuits with sandals and pumps. A wide strap tied at the waist will help to complete such an extravagant image.

Beautiful summer bows with dresses and sundresses

Dresses and sundresses have always been the most popular in the spring-summer season. A variety of styles and styles allows you to create a summer look 2020 with a dress in any manner.

They can be worn at least every day. To work, to the office, to the beach, for a walk, to a date, to a festive event, you can safely put on a summer dress or sundress.

The most delicate summer bows are created with white dresses and sundresses in a floral print. A stylish strip and cell will be found quite often. Therefore, such dresses for the summer are worthy for fashionable summer bows 2020.

Free styles will prevail, classic and fitted models are more suitable for office summer bows.

Attractive summer bows with pants

Bows with trousers are the trend of this summer. Using trousers, you can create several bows that are completely different in style. All styles - narrowed, straight, classic, flared remain in trend. For warm days, it is better to choose bright shades of trousers - orange, yellow, red, deep blue.

Such bright shades can be combined with silk light tops on thin straps. Black skinny trousers combined with a slim blouse are perfect for evening walks.

The heat is just around the corner! Bows spring-summer 2020-2021 - the best solutions for hot days

Tune in to positive, turn on your favorite music, and, first of all, look at what you already have in your closet in order to create unique bows spring-summer 2020-2021.

Do not neglect the classic styles of clothing, which in one way or another is already in the wardrobe of every fashionista.

They will help to create elegant and romantic bows spring-summer 2020-2021 for work, office, leisure, etc.

Firstly, it is important to remember that no matter what spring-summer bows you would like to create, it is worth taking into account the fashionable color trends in clothes, which will allow even the simplest elements to combine a super image.

If you have clothes in purple, lilac, lilac, lavender and dahlia-pink, yellow, lime, cold green, tomato red, orange, brown and sky blue, you are lucky, because trend bows spring-summer 2020-2021 in your pocket.

Also in the coming seasons, light gray, white, beige, deep blue shades, which serve as the base for the images of any season, will be held in high esteem.

Do not be afraid to show that you are feminine and charming. Choose fashionable bows spring-summer 2020-2021 with flowing dresses and flared skirts, models of dresses and skirts A-silhouette, bell, sun, a-line, pencil.

Spring-summer 2020-2021 bows with graceful long skirts and dresses, as well as short options for these wardrobe items are welcome.

Spring-summer 2020-2021 bows with dresses and skirts with mixes of prints, stripes, peas, animals and floral ornaments, plain patterns, with sequins, sparkles, fringe will become trendy solutions.

Spring-summer fashion novelties, of course, also cover magnificent lace, translucent, contrasting options for dresses, skirts, tops and blouses.

To create light and laid-back images for the coming season, you should choose short shorts with high waist, slits, jeans, as well as light wide palazzo trousers that seamlessly follow the silhouette lines, models in the style of boho-chic and pajama style.

Do not forget that it is this season that allows women and girls to relax to the maximum and engage in their figure, so fashionable spring-summer bows can be modeled, including, as components, loose and fitted T-shirts, t-shirts and tops with pop art pattern, brand labels and inscriptions, models with a metallic sheen, as well as models of clothes in a sports style.

Trendy novelties of the warm season will be fashionable spring-summer bows with bras and swimsuits with overlays.

Since transparent models of blouses and tunics are the best thing this season, wearing such a bra or swimsuit with intricate ties will be very original.

The designers looked at the models of swimwear in a new way, inviting women to choose monophonic closed swimsuits with prints, with the bottom in the form of shorts, a bikini and various variations of the top that meet the characteristics of the figure.

In addition to the boho, sports, romantic and classic styles mentioned above, spring-summer fashion bows look spectacular in the stylistic directions of swag, grunge, casual, street style, which focus not only on the clothes of the fair sex, but also on her personality.

Bright summer bows with overalls

By practicality and versatility, fashionable summer overalls are in no way inferior to dresses. Beautiful and stylish overalls with trousers and shorts will become a godsend for fashionistas who love original and unique summer bows 2020.

In summer, you can wear overalls with trousers with different shoes. Cropped styles look great with sneakers and any wedge shoes. For evening summer looks, it is better to choose a plain jumpsuit with classic trousers.

Lovely summer overalls with loose cut shorts are more suitable for slender girls who are not ashamed to show their legs. Among the models you will find summer overalls with shorts of a restrained and more seductive cut, which can be used for a summer bow for a party.

Stylish images of summer 2018 with dresses and sundresses

In the summer of 2018, you can not do without romantic dresses and sundresses. For hot walks, it is better to choose sundresses from light and flowing fabrics. On dresses in the summer season, geometric prints are welcome. Also, the use of a large number of sequins and translucent plastic in the collection of the Chanel fashion house confirmed the relevance of dresses from these materials. Such dresses are perfect for relaxing and evening walks.

Fashion bows spring-summer 2020-2021: style ideas for cold days of a warm season

Although in spring and summer there is absolutely no desire to think about warm things, it is still worthwhile to equip your spring-summer wardrobe with clothes from the category demi-season.

Climatic changes often frighten us with weather changes, surprising us with a significant plus in winter and piercing coolness in spring and summer.

That is why the designers made sure to offer women spring-summer bows, taking into account this factor.

Undoubtedly, for spring days with changeable weather, it is worth stocking up spring coats with a free cut in a classic monochrome and, for example, striped or floral version.

In the trend, spring-summer bows 2020-2021 with raincoats, trench coats, trench coats, which most demonstratively present the current palette of shades.

Fashionistas will be surprised by the variations of clothes with plastic, which will be present in spring-summer clothes, striking the originality of the solution.

Bows spring-summer 2020-2021 are indisputably jeans in different styles, dumplings, classic dark denim products, denim suits.

To create practical and stylish office and everyday looks, fashion designers recommend that ladies pay special attention to elongated and short cardigans, laconic jackets of predominantly classic cut, asymmetrical sewing capes, poncho and cape cardigan.

To add a highlight to the bows spring-summer 2020-2021 will help hats with brim - incredibly fashionable this season, bags of different sizes, stylish air scarves, glasses, jewelry, suitable for the style of the kit.

In fact, fashionable spring-summer bows can be created very simply. The main thing is to have a sense of style and understand what suits you and what is too much for you.

We are ready to illustrate the foregoing in our gallery, presenting spring-summer 2020-2021 bows for you in different variations.

How to wear skirts in the summer - casual and weekend summer bows with a skirt

Mini, midi, maxi ... This summer you can wear skirts of any length. The trend is asymmetry, an overestimated line of the belt, simple decor with buttons, pleating and a sea of ​​flowers.

The answer to the question of what to wear skirts in the summer of 2020 lies in the model and style of the skirt. Beautiful blouses, shirts, tops, t-shirts can be harmoniously combined in summer bows with a skirt.

If it is a skirt with a high waist, a fluffy or a pencil, it is better to refuel the top. Similar summer bows with a skirt look very elegant and elegant.

Fashionable summer bows with jackets

Jackets are back in fashion. Fashionable jackets of any style - elongated, shortened and classic will help complete any look. For the summer look, you can choose bright plain jackets with embroidery or prints. Jackets can be worn both with dresses and skirts, and with shorts, trousers and overalls. It is better to combine such jackets with silk blouses, shirts and thin tops.

How to wear trousers in summer - simple and elegant ideas for summer bows

Stylish summer bows with pants are trendy looks with your favorite jeans. Jeans are a very versatile item of women's wardrobe that goes well with different tops.

This season, the trendy summer bow 2020 with blue jeans and a white blouse captivates with its simplicity and attractiveness.

If you are looking for more original ways to wear trousers in the summer, you can choose fashionable culottes for your looks, suitable for both casual and office bows.

Cropped wide culottes in tandem with high-heeled shoes and a beautiful blouse with bare shoulders create an incredibly stylish and unforgettable summer look.

Floral print

Not a single summer season is complete without a floral print. Sundresses and overalls with large abstract flowers and floral motifs are especially relevant.

How to wear shorts in summer - trendy summer bows with shorts

And what summer will do without shorts. Denim, knitted, leather, lace, with a high rise, loose and fitted styles, summer shorts are more in demand and relevant among fashionistas leading an active lifestyle and not only.

It’s difficult to do without them on vacation, they feel comfortable in the office and you can wear shorts in the summer with any top. In the summer wardrobe, shorts definitely occupy a leading place.

With them you can create any summer bows of 2020: romantic summer bows with shorts-skirts, casual and beach looks with jeans shorts with trimmed edges, tender bows with lace shorts, bold and extravagant summer bows with leather shorts, elegant office bows for the summer with elongated shorts with cuffs.


Once again, the classic combination of a black and white pea print is in fashion. It must be remembered that peas are a self-sufficient pattern. This print should be combined with restrained elements of clothing. A light polka dot dress with a black jacket is a great choice in creating an image. For a youth style, a polka dot blouse can be combined with jeans.

A more rigorous style requires a combination of a polka dot blouse with classic plain black trousers. This bow is a real classic.

Pop Art

One of the most impressive trends of the season is clothing fully studded with pop art prints. The brighter the better! Crazy combinations of comic book clippings, fragments of paintings, candy wrappers and drinks look incredibly stylish. Bright skirts with drawings, dresses, jackets, tops - an unconditional hit this summer. How to adapt this trend to everyday life? Add pop art print elements to your bow.

An example is the combination of a bright top with plain laconic trousers. Do not be afraid to pick up massive accessories and shoes. Bright bracelets and earrings in the style of the 80s perfectly complement your look.

In order to always look fashionable and stylish, you need to show your individuality and brightness in the images. You will not surprise anyone with ordinary and boring images, it is important to stand out from the crowd!

To listen to trends and adapt them to your own perception of fashion - this is the best solution when creating fashionable bows for the summer of 2018!

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The basis of a fashionable image

Modern fashion puts forward several stringent requirements that must be met, wanting to look stylish and fashionable at any age. To fulfill these requirements, you must:

  • have a healthy look
  • to be well-groomed
  • Be able to make a fashionable bow for any outlet.

Professional stylists argue that no matter how trendy a thing you acquire, it is simply impossible to look fashionable in the summer of 2018 without meeting these conditions.

What to use with caution

We emphasize once again that there are no strict prohibitions on the use of any fashion trend for women over 30 years old, with the exception of particularly impudent images. And modern fashion offers a lot of such extravagant trends:

  • ultra short length
  • transparent dresses
  • "Torn effect" on jeans,
  • an abundance of rhinestones and sequins,
  • frivolous print
  • crop top.

However, if there is an urgent need to still use these trends when creating a fashionable look, especially for a narrow company of close friends or on vacation, then act boldly.

The main fashion trends of summer

Even if you think that the time has come for some restrictions on the way you dress, then giving up on the extremes, you will still have enormous opportunities for creating any stylish look. Let us briefly consider some of the prospects that a new warm season of 2018 opens for fashionistas:

  • open shoulders
  • an abundance of shuttlecocks, quilling and frills on dresses,
  • the cut of dresses covers the whole spectrum of possibilities from tight “turtleneck” models to free “oversize”,
  • capes, cardigans, poncho,
  • overalls from thin flowing fabrics with vertical drapery and pinches,
  • pleated - dresses, pleated - skirts,
  • 7/8 trousers combined with loose-fitting shirts and blouses,
  • hats: straw hats with different field widths, black caps and berets, bandanas.

Creating a Fashionable Bow

It should be noted that a woman’s great age “over 30” is a golden time when she is still very young, but already has clear guidelines, both in life and in fashion, and can correctly correlate her desires with her abilities.

Experienced fashionistas probably have a solid basic wardrobe, and skillfully use it, putting it at the forefront:

  • elegance,
  • sense of style
  • the ability to look “expensive” even when using a sports style,
  • priority to the principle of "not a single random detail" in the bow.

Modern fashion has changed dramatically and now it’s not enough just to purchase a few trendy things, putting them on without building a certain image, and you are at the peak of fashion and style. Street fashion 2018 this summer dictates to women over 30 the need to certainly learn how to make fashionable stylish bows taking into account their individual characteristics.

Actual styles

When creating an image for any outlet, the first thing that you should initially pay attention to is the style within which creative individual work will take place. The main trending styles of the season are:

  1. Classical. With each season, more and more become popular, presenting some surprises, without which such popularity would be simply impossible. In the new summer season, the combination of classic models with innovative models, sometimes even daring, will be incredibly stylish. To create a spectacular look in the classical style, it is enough to use one extravagant model or detail in the created bow.
  2. Lingerie and pajama style. It is gaining momentum, when creating a bow in this style it is important to think through every little thing so as not to overdo it with a "home look". Hairstyle, makeup, jewelry, etc. - everything should work on the organicity of the created image.
  3. Sporty style. A commitment to a healthy lifestyle, which is becoming fashionable in itself, is reflected in clothing models. In the new season, designers have demonstrated in absolutely all collections an updated look at sports things. Sports models of the summer of 2018 amaze with their attractiveness and variety, sports things ceased to be the same. Particularly successful are those models in which the catwalk trends coincide with a feeling of wearing comfort.
  4. Denim style. You can create a fashionable bow in this style for women at absolutely any age, abandoning youth extremes, using this beloved and timeless style, you can stay stylish, young and attractive for a long time.
  5. Color blocking. A new trend in the world of fashion, but surprisingly creating a fashionable look within this style is a simple task. Dresses of a simple cut with contrasting large color blocks of several shades are especially spectacular.
  6. Boho. Bohemian style, perfectly coincides with the age of “over 30”, the emphasis of style is environmental friendliness and comfort of natural high-quality fabrics, combined with a sophisticated comfortable cut models.
  7. Romantic.
  8. Overseas.

The last two styles are well known to fashionistas and there are no significant changes in the coming season, although both of these styles remain at the peak of popularity.

Use of color and print

When creating a fashionable bow for a woman over 30, designers recommend avoiding only models of dresses made in acidic colors.As for the king of color - pink, which this summer will be rushly popular, then you should not refuse it, however, nevertheless, it is better to choose things in a more calm range of its shades.

Other trend colors of the summer season:

  • red,
  • white,
  • nude tones.

Bows summer 2020-2021: skirts and shorts

Modeling beautiful bows for the summer of 2020-2021, of course, it is worth stocking up with shorts and skirts.

With just one skirt and shorts, you can already create trendy looks by changing the top of the kit.

Choose lace tops for shorts and skirts, complement the look with a blouse with original sleeves, look at asymmetric models of blouses, shirts, loose shirts and printed t-shirts.

In the trend are summer bows 2020-2021 with pleated skirts, pencil, with a smell, a full skirt. Among the shorts, you should pay attention to denim shorts, charming shorts with a high rise, pockets, original trim.

Beautiful and feminine bows summer 2020-2021: blouses, tops, T-shirts, t-shirts, shirts

Probably, it is the upper part of the kit in the form of blouses, shirts, tops, T-shirts and t-shirts that most vividly presents the latest trends in design innovations.

Summer bows will be created with t-shirts and t-shirts in casual style, you can simulate romantic images with blouses from light, flowing fabrics, decorated with sequins, embroidery, lace.

You should not go past blouses, shirts, T-shirts with bare shoulders, bows, an originally decorated back, lovely wide and asymmetric sleeves.

Cute summer bows with blouses with and without sleeves, with ruffles and shuttlecocks, relevant seasonal prints are required to attract your look.

Bright summer bows turn out if you choose for yourself the top of the kit in rich turquoise, yellow, blue, orange, red.

Preferring pastel colors and classics in shades, you can form lovely and sophisticated images with notes of romance and conciseness.

Comfortable bows summer 2020-2021 with jeans and pants

In the summer we can afford to wear light models of trousers and jeans. Namely, such options are recommended by stylists to fashionistas who seek to create comfortable bows for the summer with jeans and trousers, not devoid of originality.

What is fashionable among trousers and jeans? These, of course, are colorful options, boiled and blue jeans, boyfriends and skinny jeans, beautiful jeans with trim, turns, torn, frayed parts.

Pants are not particularly surprised by innovations, because bows for the summer can be formed with any style of trousers that impresses you and fits well in shape.

Mostly, girls will choose trousers with wide trousers, classic models of a straight and fitted cut, cropped trousers for lovely outfits in casual style.

Pants and jeans can be combined not only with light blouses and tops, but also choose a pastel jacket, a stylish vest, a light summer cardigan, which will also be presented in summer in abundance.

Swimwear summer 2020-2021

We all forget that summer is, first of all, a great time to relax, when you can forget about the dress code and transform into beach sets.

Swimwear in the new season will be the most diverse. Separate swimwear with shorts, a bikini, a bandeau will appeal to girls with perfect shapes.

Chubby beauties, girls involved in sports, will appreciate one-piece swimsuits with bindings, which are comfortable and beautiful.

The colors of the swimsuits will represent the most relevant tones of the season. In addition, in the category of swimsuits there will be options with peas, animal print, flowers, stripes, fringe and sequins.

To feel at the beach at 100%, take care of light tunics. They can be long, midi, asymmetrical, with ties, with cuts, crocheted from thin threads, from translucent fabrics.

Beach bows will end the summer, as well as other images, correctly selected accessories. In the summer there are a lot of them and for every taste.

Bracelets, chains, nautical-style earrings, colorful options, the best new sunglasses, small and large handbags - these and other elements will help you create the most stylish bows for the summer 2020-2021 according to your individual perception of fashion and beauty.

Fashionable bows with t-shirts 2019 2020

In the summer of 2019, plain t-shirts, especially white, black and gray, will be popular. They should be worn with a bright skirt or colored summer trousers. Unlike past seasons, it will now be fashionable for T-shirts without catchy, vibrant inscriptions and pictures.

For a summer bow with a T-shirt you will need:

  • White T-shirt
  • embroidered denim skirt
  • slip-ons
  • backpack.

In this way, you can go for a walk with friends, you will be comfortable, but at the same time you will look very modern.

Fashionable bows with shirts 2019 2020

One of the most profitable purchases of any girl is a shirt, and it is desirable that she be in a man's style and very long. Sometimes it can be used instead of a tunic, which will be in trend in 2019 2020.

Last year, denim vests and jackets appeared in the wardrobe of almost any girl. Next season, jeans shirts that can be worn over shirts will come into fashion. Such a shirt will look perfect with both a skirt and classic jeans.

It should be noted that plaid shirts will also remain in trend.

The summer season of 2019 will be marked by the fact that all fashion lovers will wear shirts with rolled up sleeves.

For everyday wear you will need:

  • plain long shirt.
  • jeans or leggings.
  • sandals.

This look is best complemented by a wide leather belt. If you prefer leggings, it would be great to choose a strap by color, or the color of the belt should be in harmony with the color of sandals (for example black or brown).

Fashionable bows with cardigans 2019 2020

Cardigan is a very convenient part of the wardrobe. It can be worn on top of a top or T-shirt, and it can not only add elegance to the image, but also warm it on a cool day.

In 2019, long cardigans with interesting accessories and brooches will be popular. As a rule, a cardigan is suitable for both a daily look and a festive look, it can be worn with ordinary jeans and a strict classic skirt.

Convenience also lies in the fact that a well-chosen cardigan can dilute the color scheme of your outfit.

Fashionable bows with leggings 2019 2020

Everyone has long known that fashion tends to return. And already in 2019, the attention of fashionistas will again be riveted to leggings of different colors. Since the brightness of such clothes will undoubtedly attract attention, it is best to combine such leggings with a simple plain t-shirt or blouse, it is better if it is white.

For your fashionable bow you will need:

Such a bow would be appropriate for shopping or going to the movies.

Stylish bows with pants

Pants, like leggings, in 2019 will be all the colors of the rainbow. As a rule, these are shortened trousers that open the ankle. It is worth wearing them with high heels, which will give the image a unique charm.

One of the most common options is culottes + black jackets. It always looks stunning and youthful.

For lovers of spacious and comfortable clothes, the good news is that trousers this season will be popular both skinny and flared. Also gaining momentum are culottes. With this type of trousers, a light blouse with a high neck will harmoniously look.

For trendy outfit you will need:

  • culottes
  • white t-shirt
  • Biker Jacket
  • high heel shoes.

Stylish bows with a coat

In the spring and autumn of 2019, retro coats will be in trend. On many fashionable young ladies, you can see a coat on the floor or ankle-deep. In this image, it is very important not to overdo it, so as not to look like a huge impending cloud. Choose a fitted monophonic coat that will not be overloaded with various accessories. Skinny girls fit free-cocoon coats.

For autumn onions with a coat fit:

  • coat to calf level,
  • flared pants
  • hat,
  • high-heeled ankle boots.

You can believe that such a bow will stretch you visually, thanks to this alongside you will certainly appear taller and slimmer.

Stylish bows with pantsuits

Lovers of trouser suits will acquire pinstriped bows. In appearance, such a set will resemble a men's suit, so it will be very important if you select a bow tie or a bright tie to such a dress.

For the image you will need:

  • Pinstriped dark trouser suit.
  • high-heeled shoes.
  • spectacular tie.

In this way you will look very elegant. This bow is suitable for going to work, as well as for social events.

Stylish bows with dresses

Dress is an integral part of the wardrobe of a girl or woman of any age. In 2019 2020, midi dresses will continue to gain popularity. Stylists create bows in which dresses are combined with sports shoes. This is very convenient, because lovers of dresses will be able to wear an outfit not only for work, but also for a walk, and at the same time they will feel comfort and ease.

This season's dress can be worn with a denim jacket or even a biker jacket.

Do not forget about long evening dresses. We wear such an outfit on special holidays and the choice of a festive dress should be taken very carefully and seriously.

An elegant bustier returns to fashion markets. In 2019 2020, dresses that open the shoulders of the beautiful half of humanity will again be very fashionable. Do not doubt that in such a dress you will certainly look elegant and sexy. Options for dresses with open shoulders that have sleeves of any length look especially beautiful.

One of the most fashionable options will be dresses that are shaped like a mermaid’s tail, decorated with rhinestones. Such a dress should have an element of transparency, which is decorated with rhinestones or lace.

The dresses of the wonderful and gentle Empire style, which became a hit of the last season, continue to gain popularity. Such a dress must have a translucent element and lace. The outfit was able to win the hearts of ladies, as a rule, choosing a wedding dress. But fashion does not stand still, and dresses of this style, which can be worn for other holidays, for example, at graduation, are already coming to the large market. Perhaps in the near future, fashion designers will find application in this style in everyday wear.

Fashionable bows with skirts

In the spring and summer of 2019, pleated skirts of various lengths will be very popular. This skirt can be worn with a strict blouse, turtleneck or t-shirt. The skirt looks very profitable in combination with elegant ankle boots. There are also winter options for skirts, they are made of more dense fabric.

Here is a set of things from one of the bows:

In such an elegant autumn outfit, you can go on a romantic date or on a friendly meeting.

Fashionable bows with bags

No woman can do without a handbag, because this is not only a place to store all the necessary things, but also a great accessory to the image. Bags will please with their variety.

The trend of the season will be an envelope bag and baguette, which can be matched to any look. For evening outfits, fashionable couturiers created various options for clutches. Clutches decorated with lots of rhinestones are very relevant.

Fashionable bows with accessories

Of course, no image looks complete without accessories. But overloading the image is also not worth it. Stylists recommend that along with pick up only one or two accessories.

For example, in the winter of 2019, fur scarves will be very popular. The trend will soon be chain belts that are especially suited to the business style, and massive bracelets. I would like to note that soon all the fashionable women of the country will acquire not only voluminous pendants, but also ties.

It is very important to have a basic set of clothes in the wardrobe in order to skillfully combine and create new bows. A skillfully selected accessory can also update your outfit.

Overall, 2019 promises to be rich in trendy colors:

  • Purple,
  • Emerald,
  • Light pink,
  • Ultramarine,
  • Shades of yellow.

All these colors in a set with classic white and black will look simply incomparable and very successful. You can also choose different shades of these colors in a combination of the finished image.

Fashion designers promise that 2019 will conquer everyone with their bold and innovative solutions. Many say that next year's fashion will be closely intertwined with the 60-70 years of the last century.

The line between the trendy outfit and the utter bad taste becomes almost invisible, and our task is not to cross this line and not look ridiculous. Be sure to pay attention to whether this or that image suits you, your figure, whether the style chosen in a particular situation is appropriate.

In spring, your image should be light and laid-back, in summer you should shine from every ray of sunshine. Add femininity and charm, playfulness and personality to yourself. Remember that wherever you go, you should always look modern and irresistible.

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