Simple diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for 7 days

The secret to successful weight loss is in an integrated approach. Therefore, to burn fat on the stomach, one exercise is not enough. A great addition to training is body wraps, massage and, of course, a special diet. We already talked about how to prepare a mixture for wrapping. The topic of today's conversation is the most effective diets for losing weight in the abdomen and sides. What to eat in order to get rid of extra centimeters as quickly as possible?

Option one: slowly but surely

If you do not need to go to the sea in a week, and there is time, strength and desire to lose weight for sure, we recommend that you use this method. It is based on the principles of proper nutrition. The rules are simple: eat allowed foods, forget about prohibited foods and drink every day one and a half to two liters of clean water. Now we will talk about each item more specifically.

Why does the weight melt, but the stomach remains?

The volumes of our sides and abdomen increase first, and decrease last. Unfortunately, this is due to evolution. These fat reserves helped our ancestors survive hungry days, or even weeks.

But not only nature is to blame for the tummy problem. We also put a “hand” to this with our wrong eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, and lack of movement.

And also the stomach grows due to:

  • stresses (the majority of people trivially stick to “nerves”),
  • after pregnancy (especially if the pregnancy is multiple),
  • from excessive consumption of beer and related snacks (more often in men),
  • in some diseases (for example, liver problems, dropsy).

How to get rid of the abdomen and sides at home?

You can get rid of the above problems with a diet for weight loss, exercises for the abdomen and sides, cardio workouts. Effective and efficient weight loss will be facilitated by strict adherence to the basic rules of the diet and moderate physical activity.

In more detail about a special set of exercises to get rid of excess volumes in the abdomen and sides at home, we will talk in the following paragraphs. In the meantime, let's get acquainted with the basic principles of nutrition of the most effective diet for weight loss.

What is forbidden

What products to exclude, to remove the stomach and sides was much easier? The list is pretty impressive:

  • bread, rolls, buns, cheesecakes, cookies, pasta and the like,
  • all sweets: sweets, cakes, ice cream, cakes,
  • all kinds of alcoholic drinks,
  • potatoes and white rice
  • all salty, pickled, smoked,
  • margarine and butter,
  • Coke, Pepsi and other sweet sodas
  • store juices.

If you cannot simultaneously give up everything at once, do it gradually. But remember: patience and labor will grind everything! Over time, you become so accustomed to proper nutrition that you do not want to return to your previous lifestyle.

When choosing "your" diet, take into account many personal factors: the type of figure, the "starting" weight (before losing weight), life habits, and of course, the reason for gaining excess weight.

Remember: such a diet can be effective, but not fast. Of course, if the deadlines are running out, there is a temptation to use a strict diet that removes liquid from the flap and sides, and from the intestine - all the contents. But in a couple of days, these volumes will return to their place.

Positive reviews gain light, but long-term diets, combined with properly selected physical exercises, removing fat from the sides and thighs slowly but surely.

Nutrition principles

Before devoting a certain period of your time to this diet, familiarize yourself with the main rules for observing it. So, the main diet principles for losing weight belly and sides these are:

  • First of all, review your diet.When dieting for weight loss, you should only eat foods low in calories,
  • Also, the main reason for the appearance of excess body fat is a sedentary lifestyle. Start with moderate exercise at home,
  • If you follow a diet for weight loss at home, you need to consume from one and a half to two liters of clean drinking water without gas per day,
  • This diet for weight loss involves three meals a day. The size of one serving should not exceed 250 grams,
  • The break between each meal is three hours. The last appointment is three hours before bedtime.

Let us consider in the following paragraph which products should be included in the diet of a diet for weight loss at home, and which ones should be abandoned.

What can

The list of allowed products is also quite large. And you can also find a lot of delicious in it. So, what should be the nutrition of a woman for weight loss of the abdomen and sides:

  • Dairy products, better fat-free: kefir, natural yogurt, fermented baked milk. They are needed in order to stabilize the digestive tract.
  • Instead of sweets, apples or dried apricots. Not only delicious, but also very useful: the products contain a lot of fiber, due to which food is digested faster. Eat two apples a day - at about 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. It is advisable to choose green varieties. Use dried apricots after dinner as a dessert - 5-6 pieces a day are enough.
  • Protein foodnecessary for burning subcutaneous fat. Eggs, chicken, boiled lean meat and fish - all these products must be present in your diet.

Every reason for being overweight is a “private” way to solve a problem

  1. Diet or some nutritional restrictions will help if the root of all evil is banal overeating. Say, in order to get rid of excessively voluminous abdomen and sides for women, the menu for the week should be made exclusively from dietary products, monitoring the weight of individual portions and excluding high-calorie ones.
  2. Sport will help people who move a little and sit a lot. When choosing exercises, give a load on the zone of the waist, sides, lower back.
  3. If you suspect a liver disease, make a diagnosis. Heal completely, and only then go on a diet that the therapist will allow.
  4. Is your foe beer? The diet will be useless if you do not give up this drink, or at least you do not begin to limit the servings of beer and snacks.
  5. The abdomen after pregnancy will go away thanks to fast diets, as well as sports. But to start losing weight you only need to finish feeding the baby.

Principles of weight loss

It is important to remember that the foundation of a slim figure is proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, we will give you the fundamental principles that must be observed with any diet:

    Water balance. Depending on your weight, you need to consume from 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water per day, Fast carbohydrates. Reduce the use of sweet and starchy foods, Fatty food. Eliminate or minimize the use of fried, salty foods, Alcohol and bad habits. Minimize or eliminate its use. Refusing bad habits will not help you lose weight faster, however, it will strengthen your health, Fractional nutrition. Eat small meals so you have a slight sense of hunger. Overeating leads to health problems and being overweight, Eat breakfast yourself, give dinner to the enemy. Breakfast is one of the most important meals, ignoring it can lead to health problems. Also a bad late dinner, Stress and bad sleep. They are the main enemies of not only excess weight, but also poor metabolism, BJU and calories. Proteins, carbohydrates and even fats are necessary for your body, but only in certain quantities. There are no universal diets for everyone. You can only find balance based on your individual physical parameters, Physical activity. You don’t have to go to fitness to lose weight. But any exercise accelerates fat burning - it is a fact!

The rules of a simple diet for losing belly and sides

You do not need to count calories, have time to eat until 18.00 and limit yourself by following strictly regulated diets. The simplest diet allows you to eat what and when you want and at the same time lose weight significantly. It is only necessary to observe 5 of its simple rules:

  • Once a day for 1 hour it is permissible to eat anything. It’s important that this happens at the same time every day,
  • The remaining meals should include unlimited carbohydrate foods (0-3). Allowed meat, eggs, sour cream, low-fat cheese,
  • During the day, you need to eat 2 cups of raw or boiled vegetables: all kinds of lettuce, cabbage, herbs and herbs, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, turnips, eggplant, bell peppers, olives. Exceptions are potatoes, corn, green peas,
  • You need to eat in small portions, slowly, carefully chewing food,
  • During the day, you need to drink 8 glasses of clean water, excluding all carbonated drinks.

Following the rules of simple weight loss, in a week you can lose 2-4 kg of excess weight.

Foundation basis

There are many diets to clean the stomach and sides. Some generally can do only with proper nutrition and exercise, this is enough to maintain a figure in shape. But most require serious work on themselves: a diet for weight loss should be combined with sports activities, and it is also necessary to tidy up metabolic processes in the body, maintain water balance, plus cosmetic healing procedures: body wraps, massages, etc.

The basic rule of losing weight: you need to consume less calories per day than you spend. But a sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, lack of physical exertion, the progress that many helper machines gave us do not allow us to spend energy in full, therefore, if the goal is to lose weight and remove your stomach, sides, tighten your figure, then the correct diet to lose belly - This is to reduce the amount of calories consumed.

The average person needs 2000 calories

Approximate diet

So, what should a diet include to remove fat from the abdomen and sides for sure? You can independently adjust your diet, guided by the tips above. Or you can use the ready-made menu:

Right after waking up - A glass of clean water on an empty stomach. Water must be drunk all day. The main thing is that there should be a time interval between water and food intake. That is, figuratively speaking, it is impossible to drink a meal in any case.

Thirty minutes later - breakfast: fried eggs from one or two eggs, a little low-fat chicken or turkey, two slices of low-fat cheese and a little natural yogurt (without any additives). The second breakfast option is steamed beans or buckwheat, but not more than two hundred grams. In the morning you can drink coffee or tea, but without milk and sugar.

Snack: solid green apple and some yogurt or kefir.

Dinner: a mug of meat broth with a small piece of the meat itself. After hot - salad made from fresh vegetables, for example, cucumber, tomato and bell pepper. You can season with olive oil, but in no case mayonnaise. For dessert - unsweetened tea and dried apricots. And what else can you eat for lunch with weight loss? Find out here.

Second snack: same green apple. If desired, can be replaced with bell pepper.

Dinner: low-fat fish or meat, boiled without salt and other spices. If desired, you can replace a light salad with seafood. As a side dish - sauerkraut. After the meal - unsweetened tea, preferably green.

For the night - a glass of low-fat kefir or a slice of boiled meat.

Important information

For those who do not realize the truth that a simple refusal of food in one form or another (diet) without fulfilling other conditions, figure correction is simply not possible.

The basis of any diet, even very effective, is:

  • regular (at least 30 minutes a day) walking. Other dosed physical activities are also very important for health, but walking involves the necessary muscle groups that do not allow fat to be deposited on the sides and abdomen,
  • lack of stressful situations
  • full sleep
  • frequent meals in small portions (5-6 times a day),
  • water at least 2 liters per day,
  • rejection of bad eating habits - nothing fried, greasy, rich, sweet.

The main principles of diet against the abdomen

Drink. Drink 1.5 - 2 liters per day, ideally - clean water. The first glass - after waking up, the last - 30 minutes before bedtime.

Yes food. Choose foods that are not stored in internal (visceral) fat. These are: lean meat, greens, non-starchy vegetables, not sweet berries and fruits, cereals, legumes, nuts, seafood, fish, eggs, vegetable oil, milk with low fat content.

No food. Flour, fatty, fast food, convenience foods (yes, dumplings are also the enemy). Potatoes, bananas are taboo. Salt is also considered harmful - refusing it is dangerous, but buying salty food (herring, sprat) is also not necessary.

Serving Size. You can not overeat, even if the product is low-calorie. At a time, you should not eat more than 250 g. Hold on, even if at first you will not be full. The task is to reduce the volume of the stomach. When you reach this goal, you will be able to eat up in small portions.

Strict regime. Eat 5-6 times a day. A maximum of 3 hours should elapse between meals.

Sport. The more you do, the more fat you burn. But you do not need to lift the barbell, but engage in cardio training. Instead of a gym, visit the sauna or bathhouse. Beauty salons will also help - body wraps and massages also stimulate the burning of fat in the waist area.

By the way! It is believed that women better tolerate diets from the beginning of menstruation to the beginning of ovulation. In the second half of the cycle (7 days before the "critical days") hunger and the desire to eat sweets are tormenting.

Menu for a month

Sample menu for a month of diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides at home is as follows:

The first week of diet for weight loss


  • Breakfast: boiled egg and 150 grams of cottage cheese,
  • Lunch: low-fat fish soup, a cup of herbal tea,
  • Dinner: a salad of beans and greens - 200 g and a glass of low-fat kefir.


  • steam omelet, cucumber and tomato salad, fresh orange,
  • mashed cabbage and broccoli soup,
  • steamed hake, stewed peppers with onions and tomatoes.


  • a toast with honey and a glass of unsweetened black tea,
  • 200 g of boiled rice with pieces of chicken,
  • 300 g of baked rabbit meat with herbs.


  • 200 ml of natural fat-free yogurt with fruits, oatmeal,
  • chicken stock with zucchini and carrots,
  • 250 g of boiled veal and 150 ml of kefir with a low percentage of fat content.


  • steam omelet with sweet pepper and feta cheese, green tea,
  • stew of vegetables and rabbit meat,
  • broccoli puree soup with natural yogurt.


  • toast with cheese and a cup of coffee with milk,
  • lentil soup, 2 steamed fish cakes, greens,
  • cottage cheese with natural yogurt.


  • fresh cucumbers and tomatoes, a glass of milk, 2 boiled eggs,
  • millet porridge with prunes and fresh orange,
  • 200 g baked chicken with tomatoes and spinach.

Second week diet for weight loss


  • Breakfast: millet porridge and carrot juice,
  • Lunch: zucchini soup puree with beets and carrots,
  • Dinner: a salad of boiled eggs and citrus fruits.


  • oatmeal, grapefruit, tea and boiled egg,
  • pearl soup with slices of low-fat rabbit meat,
  • fruit salad seasoned with natural fat-free yogurt.


  • 200 g of cottage cheese with raisins and a cup of cocoa,
  • cabbage soup
  • applesauce and carrot juice.


  • omelet with feta cheese - 200 g,
  • buckwheat soup with low-fat meatballs,
  • apple, ginger tea.


  • 150 g of boiled rice and green tea,
  • low-fat chicken broth with carrots and celery,
  • grapefruit and two boiled chicken eggs.


  • cottage cheese and sour cream mixture - 200 g and a glass of yogurt,
  • buckwheat porridge and kefir,
  • broccoli and celery soup puree.


  • whole grain bread sandwich with cheese and boiled egg,
  • stewed chicken with pepper and eggplant - 300 g,
  • baked trout with greens, abundantly sprinkled with juice of half a lemon - 300 g.

Third week diet for weight loss


  • Breakfast: toast with melted cheese and a glass of warm milk,
  • Lunch: pearl soup with herbs,
  • Dinner: stewed eggplant and zucchini, apple compote.


  • drink apple and citrus salad with carrot juice,
  • rice soup with chicken and herbs,
  • boiled chicken breast and spinach.


  • coleslaw and radish salad, 2 boiled eggs, a cup of green tea,
  • broccoli and zucchini soup puree with fat-free sour cream and herbs,
  • orange and cottage cheese.


  • 250 g fat-free cottage cheese with raisins,
  • chicken cutlets with vegetables,
  • fruit smoothie.


  • vegetable smoothie
  • boiled egg and grapefruit salad,
  • cottage cheese and a glass of kefir.


  • apple and toast with cheese,
  • casserole with dried fruits - 300 g and unsweetened hot drink,
  • citrus salad with low fat yogurt.


  • sandwich with herring and herbs, multifruit juice,
  • steamed fish and rosehip broth,
  • vegetable salad, berry juice.

Fourth week diet for weight loss


  • Breakfast: steamed omelet and apple compote,
  • Lunch: buckwheat soup,
  • Dinner: applesauce and carrot juice.


  • toast with honey and coffee with milk,
  • citrus-curd casserole - 200 grams and a glass of berry jelly,
  • broccoli puree soup.


  • light vitamin and vegetable salad and pineapple fresh,
  • chicken soup with carrots,
  • Braised rabbit with vegetables.


  • 250 g of cottage cheese with sour cream and a hot drink,
  • steam beef patties, mashed potatoes and berry juice,
  • 250 ml non-fat natural yogurt with strawberries.


  • millet porridge with prunes,
  • lentil soup with parsley and dill,
  • broccoli with low-fat fish cakes.


  • jam toast and a cup of cocoa,
  • 200 g of boiled rice with stewed zucchini,
  • 350 g of baked trout.


  • 150 g of cottage cheese with raisins and a large green apple,
  • soup of mashed cabbage, zucchini and broccoli, a glass of low-fat kefir,
  • boiled egg and grapefruit.

What specifically can be eaten and what not?

The list of allowed products for a simple diet is simple: of course, it is dairy with a low percentage of fat, boiled meat, cereals, fresh vegetables. More precisely, you can eat:

fermented milk products - kefir and cottage cheese in your diet are needed daily. Take not 0% fat, but, say, 1%. Well, what's the point of zero? In addition, the sour milk contains bacteria that are useful for immunity. And this is very important during the diet, as suffering during a dietary restriction he is primarily

  • meat, poultry, fish. Of course, boiled or baked. For pork - a taboo. Eat beef, veal, chicken (preferably fillet), turkey, rabbit. Fish is allowed white or red. Diversify your so meager) menu: bake a fish steak with lemon juice, marinate the chicken in low-fat sour cream before baking, boil the meat in water with bay leaf and spices. Tastier and more fun)

  • cereals. Buckwheat, rice (preferably brown), oatmeal, millet - your allies and friends. It’s better not to cook them, but to steam them - pour boiling water overnight. This will preserve all the nutrients
  • nuts. The most useful in this case are walnuts, sesame and poppy seeds. Eat a few walnut kernels after dinner, a tablespoon of raw sesame seeds in the morning and evening after eating, and the same amount of poppy seeds. You will see that your code and hair will be just awesome)
  • fresh vegetables - cabbage, carrots, cucumbers will help you drown out the feeling of hunger and will not add calories,
  • fruit. Choose not very sweet ones - Simirenko apples, tangerines, oranges, grapefruits, and other goodies.
  • green tea, mineral water without gas, juices.In general, it is advisable for the drinking regime to take an important place in this topic. You need to drink a lot so that the body is cleansed of toxins.

Under the ban - carbonated sweet drinks, sugar, salt, flour, sweets, smoked / salty / fried. All this contributes to the deposition of excess fat, water retention in the body, the appearance of cellulite and other undesirable. Prohibited alcohol, coffee, smoking is undesirable.

List of allowed products

We proceed directly to the diet. Let's make a list of products on the basis of which your diet will be built. These include:

    Cereals: buckwheat, rice (including red and brown rice), Porridge: oat, wheat, pearl barley, Legumes: lentils, peas, beans, etc., Vegetables, berries, fruits, dried fruits. Poultry meat: chicken, turkey: Fish: allowed the use of oily fish 1-2 times a week, Crackers: instead of bread for soups, Honey: not more than 1 teaspoon per day, Dairy with a minimum fat content: cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt, cheese.

Option Two: If You Need to Act Fast

This method is less useful, but more effective. We warn you right away: you cannot eat like that all the time, “fast” diets will not harm you only if you resort to them occasionally.

So, we offer you several options for a diet for quick weight loss of the abdomen and sides, and you choose the right one. Many recommend trying out the “1200 calories” diet for emergency weight loss.

Metabolism Accelerating Products

According to professionals, any diet for weight loss with a menu designed for women for a week will not help remove fat from the abdomen and sides without normalizing metabolism. Even if the result is achieved at the cost of stress and asceticism, the weight will still return.

Products that must certainly be included in the diet to speed up metabolism and, as a result, lose weight:

  • water, often in small amounts up to 2 liters per day,
  • lean meat,
  • fish,
  • dairy,
  • whole grain cereals
  • beans, lentils,
  • citrus,
  • cabbage,
  • apples
  • spices: hot red pepper, ginger, chicory, cinnamon,
  • spinach,
  • freshly brewed coffee
  • green tea.

In addition to the cleansing properties, all of these foods also enrich the body with important trace elements and vitamins, without contributing to the deposition of visceral (internal) fat.

What would you eat to lose weight ...

Scientists are sure: these products accelerate metabolism, triggering the rapid burning of fats in the place of highest concentration.

  • Cabbage (any kind).
  • Ginger, horseradish.
  • Cucumbers (fresh).
  • Lactic acid products (kefir, cottage cheese).
  • Grapefruits.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Green tea.
  • Dry red wine in moderation.

Slimming exercises for the abdomen and sides

For the greatest effect of losing weight from a diet, in between meals 2-3 times a week at home, it is recommended to perform the following exercises to reduce the volume of the abdomen and sides:

  • Torso Get up straight. Hands on the belt. Feet shoulder width apart. Lean in this way 15-20 times left and right,
  • Body twists. Stand up straight. Bend your arms at the elbows at chest level. Turn in different directions for 5-10 minutes,
  • Scissors. To perform the next exercise, combined with a diet for weight loss, it is necessary to lie on the floor, hands resting along the body. Tear your lower limbs off the floor and make scissor movements,
  • Bike. Lie on your back. Lift your legs a little and bend them at the knees. It is necessary to quickly move the lower extremities, simulating cycling,
  • Fading. Take the starting position lying. Arms along the body, legs stretch down. Being in this position, tighten your stomach as much as possible and hold for a few seconds. Then relax.

How to make a menu "for yourself"?

An ideal diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides should meet all the principles of a healthy balanced diet and at the same time take into account the individual tastes of a person, his state of health and lifestyle.Dietitians are involved in the preparation of personal diets. But a layman can do this quite well.

Composing a simple individual diet for weight loss, you must:

  • Revise your eating habits. It’s a firm decision to eat right once and for all,
  • Learn your nutrition system. By recording and comparing the foods eaten during the day with those stored in the refrigerator, you can find out what is lacking in the diet and what, on the contrary, is used in excess,
  • Count calories. Active people require a daily intake of 1200-1500 kcal, passive enough 1000 kcal. In winter, 200-300 kcal is added to these values,
  • To study the work schedule. To choose a food method - solid 3 single meals with two snacks or fractional meals in small portions up to 7 times a day,
  • Determine the amount of food. For breakfast - 25% of the total, lunch and afternoon tea - 10% each, lunch - 35% and dinner - 20%. Do not overeat,
  • Exclude fatty, fried, sweet and diversify the diet with cereals and vegetables, be sure to eat fresh fruits and water in an amount of 1.5 liters per day,
  • Consider eating habits. Do not force yourself to eat, for example, spinach, if it causes disgust. Thus, only the chance of a breakdown in the diet will increase. But to include in the menu a large amount of sweet, just because of love for him, is also harmful,
  • The menu should be as diverse and useful as possible, and the dishes should be well-prepared.

Using these principles, you can organize a personal dietary nutrition system, which will be easy to adhere to throughout life.

Prohibited Products List

Now let's focus on foods that need to be completely excluded from your diet:

    Smoked and lightly salted products. Salt retains water in the body and leads to swelling, Sweet, flour: juices, sodas, pastries, Fast food: any variation in high-calorie foods, Alcohol is very high-calorie, so if you set out to lose weight, you have to give it up, Fat meat: pork, lamb, fat beef, Fresh bread, Coffee: allowed in small quantities, High fructose fruit: bananas, grapes.

Weekly diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides

Another effective way to lose weight in a week is to stick to a mono diet. There are several popular types of diets:

  • Cucumbers + kefir. On the day you can drink a liter of low fat kefir and eat up to a kilogram of cucumbers.
  • Apples + cottage cheese. Fruits - a maximum of four pieces, low-fat cottage cheese - no more than a kilogram.
  • Chicken breast + vegetables. For a day - no more than a kilogram of meat, to which you can add fresh vegetables and leafy salads.

Body Cleansing Products

In order for the diet to be effective and to help remove fat from the abdomen and sides, the body must be cleaned of accumulated toxins.

Do it gently, without stress, certain foods will help:

  • water up to 2 liters per day,
  • any kind of cabbage,
  • beet,
  • carrot,
  • dairy products,
  • whole grains and bran,
  • dried fruits,
  • flax seeds,
  • garlic,
  • bow.

In addition, with the regular use of these products and the rejection of bad eating habits, the diet may not be needed.

Correct exit and results.

In order to preserve the results of losing weight of the abdomen and sides with a diet, it is necessary to exit it correctly. The right way out of the diet at home, it means adhering to the same proper nutrition for several 3-4 weeks. Perhaps the gradual introduction into the diet of familiar foods. Of course, they should be low-calorie, otherwise it will not work to maintain the result of losing weight.

Let's take a closer look at the results the above diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides at home using photo "before" and "after" successfully lost women:

Goodies - how to lose weight without a diet and clean your stomach

Good nutrition and exercise are the key to a beautiful, slim figure, thin waist and flat stomach. It is scientifically proven that some products regulate metabolic processes in the body, burn fat from the hips, abdomen, legs, arms, buttocks, and help to lose weight:

  • Milk, with the exception of milk.
  • Ginger - provides good blood circulation and secretion of the stomach.
  • Cabbage: broccoli and cauliflower - a chest with trace elements and vitamins, white cabbage - a brush for the body, removes toxins.
  • Cucumbers in combination with a low-calorie diet help to quickly lose weight and clean your stomach.

Young fruits recommended, better to use with peel

  • Green tea is a powerful fat burner, the natural caffeine contained in the drink dissolves subcutaneous fat deposits and internal visceral fat, which is why it is almost always recommended to add 3 cups of green tea a day to diets for losing belly and sides.
  • Grapefruit for weight loss should be eaten with membranes, peeling. Due to the high concentration of vitamin C, insulin is reduced, and flavonoin niringin is a cholagogue.

Any effective diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides needs additional "helpers"

To speed up the metabolism, add to the diet:

  • Add cinnamon for weight loss in food and drinks, melts fat cocktail: 1 cup boiling water, ½ teaspoon cinnamon, 1 tsp. honey.
  • Horseradish - its enzymes burn fat, leaves the stomach.
  • Legumes - a protein product, in order to digest it, the body needs to spend a large amount of energy, hence the effect of losing weight.
  • Red wine contains resetrol, which breaks down fat cells and prevents them from developing; for weight loss, 100 ml per day is needed.
  • Oatmeal is a storehouse of soluble fiber, nourishes and provides energy for physical exertion to clean the stomach.

A diet coupled with physical activity is the way to lose weight and find a flat stomach

Is it possible for the lazy to “just" lose weight?

No matter how many diets developed by doctors, there will certainly be people who know a thousand reasons to abandon this method of losing weight. A tight work schedule, unappetizing food, difficulties in calculating calories, etc. But all the arguments are broken by a simple diet for weight loss for the lazy, invented especially for those who are hard to force themselves. For 14 days, it allows you to lose a record 12 kg of weight.

The essence of the diet comes down to two principles:

  • 15 minutes before eating, you need to drink 2 cups of plain water,
  • You should not drink anything with food and 2 hours after.

This also applies to snacks. Even before you eat a cookie, you need to drink the same 2 glasses of water.

Filling the stomach, water dulls hunger and reduces the amount of food consumed. There is simply no room for excess food. You can’t come up with a better diet - eat, drink and lose weight!

Calorie calculator

If you expected to read about a Tibetan plant or a new miracle pill that instantly burns fat from your stomach and sides, then you have come to the wrong place! As an adult intelligent person, you should understand that miracles do not happen, and losing weight is no exception.

If we simplify any diet to simple school-level physics, we get the following picture:

A certain amount of calories (food) enters our body, while at the same time, our body consumes a certain amount of calories (physical activity, brain function). So the difference between these two numbers is a direct indicator of weight gain or weight loss.

We have developed a special calorie calculator for you, which will help you determine the number of calories you need to consume daily for fast weight loss. Just enter your parameters: gender, height, age, weight, level of physical activity and calculation formula (we recommend using the Harris-Benedict formula).

Of course, this figure is directly affected by metabolism, age and other characteristics of the body, therefore, as we have said, you cannot create one diet that is suitable for everyone.We can only give a universal example, which you need to adjust taking into account its features and limitations.

Two more simple diets for losing weight belly and sides

And finally, we will tell you about two more mono-diets - more satisfying, healthy and rich in vitamins - oat and egg.

So, oatmeal diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides for women - menu for the week:

  • In the morning, afternoon and evening - 200-250 grams of oatmeal cooked in water.
  • As a snack between meals - any fruit, except bananas and grapes.
  • Additionally, daily you need to drink up to two liters of pure water, green or herbal tea. Any drinks - strictly half an hour before or an hour after a meal.

It is necessary to leave such a diet gradually. During the second week, gradually introduce sour-milk products, low-fat chicken, cereals and vegetables into your diet. Such a slow and accurate exit from the diet will help to consolidate the result for a long time.

Another effective diet to clean your stomach and sides in a week is egg. Its essence is extremely simple: for 7 days, eat only eggs, fruits, vegetables and water (2 liters per day). Oil and salt are excluded, as are potatoes, grapes, bananas, figs and dates. All other fruits and vegetables are unlimited. It is recommended to lean on oranges and grapefruits - natural fat burners. If you believe the reviews, in seven days of such a diet you can lose as much as 5 kilograms.

Before you - all the recipes we know for losing weight on the abdomen and sides at home. Put it into practice and share the results! (and don't forget the exercises 🙂)

Menu for the week by E. Malysheva

A diet for weight loss for the abdomen and sides, designed for women, involves sticking to the menu for the week, drawn up according to the recommendations of E. Malysheva.

The basic principles of the diet:

  • varied, fractional and frequent meals,
  • It is forbidden to skip the next meal or snack, and also to starve,
  • a single volume of food should not exceed 250-300 g,
  • drinking water up to 2 liters per day,
  • the interval between meals should not exceed 3-3.5 hours.

  • 7.00 - apple, oatmeal porridge,
  • 10.00 - fruit salad, unsweetened cottage cheese casserole, a handful of nuts and dried fruits,
  • 13.00 - fresh cabbage salad with a small amount of vegetable oil, rice with boiled chicken,
  • 16.00 - banana, kefir,
  • 19.00 - steamed vegetables with steamed fish.

  • 7.00 - oat granola with dried berries or fruits,
  • 10.00 - salad from boiled beets with beans and prunes,
  • 13.00 - vegetable slicing, buckwheat with veal cutlets,
  • 16.00 - apple, cheesecakes with banana mousse,
  • 19.00 - salad of tomatoes and cucumbers with onions and herbs, mashed lentils.

  • 7.00 - banana, corn tortilla with cheese,
  • 10.00 - freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juice, whole-grain bread with honey,
  • 13.00 - slicing tomatoes and cucumbers, steam fish fillet with boiled chickpeas or green peas,
  • 16.00 - yogurt, curd cheese is not sweet,
  • 19.00 - a salad of cabbage and grated carrots with walnuts and olive oil, cottage cheese with broccoli.

  • 7.00 - grapefruit, linseed porridge,
  • 10.00 - fermented milk product, nuts with dried fruits,
  • 13.00 - apple, fruit juice, vegetable soup - mashed potatoes with olive oil and mushrooms,
  • 16.00 - salad with cabbage and carrots, boiled chicken with cheese and nuts,
  • 19.00 - dried figs, kefir with whole-grain bread.

  • 7.00 - fruit smoothie with oatmeal and flaxseed,
  • 10.00 - banana, fried eggs from one whole egg and two egg whites,
  • 13.00 - vegetable salad with herbs and vegetable oil, steam beef,
  • 16.00 - dried fruits with oatmeal without cooking,
  • 19.00 - salad of apple, orange and kiwi, cottage cheese.

  • 7.00 - steam pumpkin or turnip with honey, kefir,
  • 10.00 - fruit, cottage cheese with flaxseeds,
  • 13.00 - stewed vegetables with mushrooms,
  • 16.00 - apple, rice with steamed fish,
  • 19.00 - coleslaw with cranberries, buckwheat porridge with milk.

  • 7.00 - banana smoothie with yogurt and honey,
  • 10.00 - apple, millet porridge with cheese and butter,
  • 13.00 - salad of finely grated carrots, nuts and garlic, chicken fillet with baked potatoes,
  • 16.00 - dried fruits, kefir, cheese is not sweet,
  • 19.00 - kiwi with orange, cottage cheese.

We emphasize that this is an approximate version of the menu; it can also be supplemented and diversified with useful products, with the exception of forbidden and harmful ones (listed above).


This type of food does not require the purchase of expensive products or the preparation of complex dishes. Mono-diets help get rid of the “accumulated” in the right area of ​​the body as quickly as possible, but are accompanied by feelings of hunger and appetite. In addition, they deprive the body of many useful substances. Therefore, combine them with the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes.

Menu for the week: remove fat from the abdomen and sides

We have compiled for you a weekly menu that will help you lose weight and lose extra pounds from problem areas. However, it is worth remembering that without following the basic principles of losing weight, your specified, neither the calorie index, nor this menu will help you lose weight!

BreakfastLunchDinnerHigh teaDinner
MondayOatmeal with berries 100-150 g.AppleVegetable soupDried fruitsCottage cheese
TuesdayOmelet from 2 proteins and 1 yolkLow Fat YogurtBuckwheat groats and boiled chickenOrangeKefir
WednesdayWheat porridge with 1 tsp honeyMineral waterLow-fat boiled beef, riceCucumber and Tomato SaladLow Fat Yogurt
ThursdayBarley porridgeSmall handful of nutsLentil soupCurd CheesecakesA small serving of turkey and salad
Friday2 boiled eggsGrapefruitSteamed fish (baked allowed) and stewed vegetablesDried fruitsLow fat cottage cheese
SaturdayOatmeal with fruitKiwiChicken fillet, bulgurAppleKefir
SundaySteam or Baked OmeletLow fat cottage cheeseSteamed fish (fatty look allowed once a week)OrangeLow Fat Yogurt

This menu is not only possible, but also needs to be adjusted taking into account your financial capabilities, contraindications for health reasons, preferences and individual characteristics of the body.

How to lose weight in 7 days?

Mono diets allow you to significantly lose weight in one week. Most of them are tough, difficult to fulfill, poor in vitamins. Excessive enthusiasm for them will not bring benefits, but harm the body. But this will not happen if you follow a simple oat diet for weight loss in a week.

A simple, affordable and uncomplicated, oat diet has won many fans.

  • for breakfast, lunch and dinner, one plate (200-250 gr.) of oatmeal cooked on water without additives
  • during breaks, it is allowed to eat 1 any fruit, except for high-calorie bananas and sweet grapes
  • In addition, you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of plain water, green or herbal tea. In this case, you can drink strictly half an hour before or an hour after eating.

Having finished losing weight like this, it is important to gradually introduce dairy products, low-fat meat and chicken, and connect cereals from other types of cereals within 7 days. In this case, a result of minus 4-5 kg ​​will please for a long time.

Ways to Speed ​​Up Slimming Metabolism

Even the best diets for weight loss of the abdomen and sides must be observed correctly, and it is also important to stimulate the body:

  • Diet for weight loss - at least 5 meals, in small quantities.
  • Full sleep.
  • Water - 1.5-2 liters per day.
  • Exercise, more movement.
  • Massages and body wraps.
  • Bath and sauna contribute to weight loss and reduce stomach.

Water is mandatory for all diets except dry


Duration: 3-5 days. Drink only clean water (sometimes green tea is allowed) and cook exclusively steamed buckwheat.

If you are hungry, drink low-fat kefir (but not more than 1.5 liters per day). In this case, the diet can be continued for up to 1, or even 2 weeks.

Also, fresh greens are allowed during this period - in “pure form”, like smoothies or with buckwheat.

Krupa is prepared like this: buckwheat is poured with boiling water in the evening. A glass of cereal takes 2 cups of water.The cereal is placed in a thermos and additionally wrapped up, and eaten the next day.

Important! "Sitting" on the same buckwheat, you can not engage in sports. If you allowed yourself kefir, you can do light gymnastics.

Result: 0.5 cm or 1 kg per day.

But! Diet is prohibited for any gastrointestinal disease.

Buckwheat Diet

An effective diet is buckwheat for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, designed for women with recommendations for including it in the menu for a week.

It should be noted right away that all mono-diets, as well as fasting, have long been recognized in medical circles as very harmful and even dangerous to health.

Buckwheat diet involves a week or two to eat only buckwheat, cooked in a certain way:

  • a glass of buckwheat is poured with two glasses of boiling water, the container is wrapped and left overnight,
  • pour a glass of buckwheat into a thermos and pour two glasses of boiling water, insist 5-6 hours.

Adherents of the buckwheat diet refer to the fact that cereals are very rich in useful trace elements and B vitamins. However, a strict version of such a diet is accompanied by serious unjustified stress for the body.

A weekly diet on buckwheat in a lightweight version is more acceptable, it involves the inclusion of other products in the diet.

Menu 1 to 4 day diet:

  • 7.00 - 50 g of buckwheat, a glass of kefir,
  • 10.00 - an apple, a glass of kefir,
  • 13.00 - 50 g of buckwheat, ½ tbsp. yogurt
  • 16.00 - apple, kefir,
  • 19.00 - 50 g of buckwheat, green tea.

The menu from 5 to 7 days is proposed to divide 200 g of cooked buckwheat into 3-4 meals throughout the day. In addition, 1 liter of kefir per day, green apple, green tea is allowed.

What to do if you can’t lose weight?

Houston, we have a problem! Do you know thin people who eat endlessly? Perhaps everyone has such familiar individuals. These people are breaking down the basis of a caloric deficit, you say. But everything is not so simple ... If you follow all the recommendations, however, the weight does not go away, most likely you have metabolic problems or low physical activity.

Metabolism very weakly influenced, especially if you are over 40, but do not despair. Also, do not run to the nearest pharmacy to buy funds to disperse metabolism, as well as spend money on all kinds of placebo from charlatans.

If you follow the principles of weight loss listed in the first section, then the effectiveness of any drugs will be so minimal that you will not even notice it. Also, you can not reduce your diet, otherwise you will not receive the necessary vitamins and minerals for the normal functioning of the body.

There is good news - there is a way out of this situation. The bad news is it is complex and thorny. It remains only to increase your physical activity as much as you allow strength and time.

The role of physical activity

Exercise is a real accelerator of the process of losing weight. Without their use, it is extremely difficult to lose weight for people with a slow metabolism, as well as people with fat deposits in problem areas: on the abdomen, sides and hips.

The best stimulants for burning fat will be cardio exercises: running, cycling, intensive work with small weights in the gym, jump rope, ellipse and others. For maximum effectiveness, you need to engage 2 hours after eating to a state of acute hunger. It is in this state that the body experiences stress and begins to spend subcutaneous energy reserves in the form of fat.

The more intense and longer the training in a state of heightened hunger, the more effective the result. However, do not relate to training with fanaticism and bring yourself to a loss of consciousness. Your health is much more important than your current weight!

Lose weight by 5 kg in 7 days

Lose five kg in a week - a reality, not a fantasy. It is possible to achieve such success by adhering to a simple diet based on a healthy and beloved by many product - eggs.

Most recently, doctors claimed that eating eggs in large quantities is unhealthy, that they increase cholesterol. Today, the opposite is proved: eggs are an essential product for the body, a vitamin-rich product that allows you to lose weight. They leave a long feeling of satiety and reduce appetite, with proper combination with other products, it contributes to the rapid burning of fats. We suggest you try the simplest diet for weight loss of 5 kg per week.

A diet of 1 week consists only of eggs, vegetables and fruits, unlimited water. The proportion of eggs must exceed 2 others. It is recommended that potatoes, grapes, bananas, dates and figs be excluded from the menu. The combination of eggs and oranges works best: eggs help strengthen muscle mass, and oranges at that time act as active fat burners.

Kefir Diet

For weight loss of the abdomen and sides, you can use a diet designed for women on kefir with a detailed menu for a week. There are many kinds of diets on kefir, in addition, you yourself can make your own.

The main thing is to use as much kefir as possible with a fat content of 2.5%. Medical science has long proven the dangers of low-fat dairy products. The basic principles of the kefir diet:

  • kefir is a staple food,
  • the inclusion of additional permitted products in small quantities,
  • 5-6 meals a day,
  • water in sufficient quantity.

You can choose any diet on kefir:

  • 3 day. For every day - kefir, water, apples, green tea,
  • 7- and 9-day. Each of 5-6 meals begins with a glass of kefir, you can include additional products in the diet, except for fruits and vegetables - low-calorie protein products,
  • protein for 9 days. Kefir during the day up to 2 liters, water, vegetable and fruit snacks are replaced by 100 g of protein product. The total volume of additional products is reduced by 100 g.

For cleansing

To speed up weight loss and reduce belly, you should cleanse the intestines:

  • cabbage, salads, beets, carrots, preferably green apples, pineapple, peas, beans, lentils,
  • whole grain crops: barley, millet, oatmeal, buckwheat, wholemeal bread,
  • dried fruits, flaxseed, bran, dosed seeds and nuts,
  • natural prebiotics: sour milk, sauerkraut, tea mushroom, chicory, onions, garlic.

Vegetables that help enrich the diet with fiber

What diet will help to cope with the sides and stomach?

The main principle of diets for weight loss in the stomach and sides is the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract. To do this, you need to review your power system:

  • There are often, in small portions, with an interval of 3-4 hours,
  • Refuse fried, sweet and fatty,
  • Eat fiber-rich foods daily - vegetables, cereals, legumes,
  • Eat more sour fruits - oranges, grapefruits, green apples,
  • Meat, fish and seafood, steamed chicken or boiled,
  • To drink more liquid - pure non-carbonated water, green tea, a decoction of rose hips and other useful herbs,
  • Refuse alcohol and cigarettes, which slow down metabolic processes and, consequently, the process of losing weight.

Examples of diets for weight loss in the abdomen and sides:


It is very effective due to the fact that kefir establishes the activity of the digestive system, prevents the development of harmful bacteria in the digestive tract, helps to relieve constipation, and helps the body to clean quickly and efficiently.

You can "sit" on kefir 1-3 days. For every day you need to drink up to 2 liters of kefir with low (about 1%) fat content, as well as from 1.5 liters of green tea and water. At the same time, kefir is drunk by the clock: the specified 2 liters are divided into 7 servings, each is drunk with the same time interval.

But! Diet contraindications: gastritis, peptic ulcer.


It cleanses the body of toxins deposited in the joints of hazardous mineral salts, and also removes excess water trapped in the tissues as much as possible.

The diet consists in eating only brown rice cooked without salt. Before cooking, grits should be thoroughly soaked.

During such weight loss, you need to drink more: 2 - 2.5 liters.

The advantage of the diet: rice saturates for a long time, so hunger should not be tormented.

Losing weight with rice can be done in several ways.

  • Fasting days

They are carried out once a week. In the evening, pour a glass of rice with water. In the morning, boil without salt, divide into 4-5 servings and eat per day. When the waist is reduced to the desired volume, spend fasting days once a month.

  • Three day diet

It works quickly, so it is remembered before a holiday or date.

But this is no longer a mono-diet. Rice is boiled in the same way as for unloading (the glass is filled with water in the evening).

1 day ration:

  1. 100 g of rice for breakfast (to make the portion more appetizing, sprinkle it with cinnamon or lemon zest),
  2. 100 g of rice + 150 g of light salad (you can lightly pour olive oil) + 200 g of vegetable broth + greens,
  3. 100 g of rice + 1 boiled carrot + 200 g of vegetable broth.

2 day ration:

  1. orange + 200 ml of unsweetened thick yogurt + 100 g of rice,
  2. 200 g of rice soup with vegetables, but without potatoes + 200 g of salad (oil per serving - maximum a teaspoon)
  3. 150 g of rice + 100 g of steamed vegetables.

3 day ration:

  1. grapefruit + 100 g of rice,
  2. 100 g of rice + a glass of tomato juice (preferably not salted) + 100 g of mushrooms (stewed),
  3. 150 g of rice + 100 g of salad with vegetable oil.

Result: up to 4 cm or 3 kg for all this time.

Diet "by the clock"

If you want to choose a diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, you can pay attention to a diet that involves eating strictly by the hour. It is suitable for creating a menu for more than one week, both for women and for men.

Basic principles:

  • frequent meals at clearly set hours,
  • the volume of a single portion should not exceed 250 g,
  • food only permitted products,
  • varied and balanced diet.

It is proposed to create a menu for each meal according to individual preferences from the allowed products.

Varieties of diet:

  • every hour 100 g. The disadvantage is inconvenience for workers who are forced to eat up to 10 times a day,
  • every 2 hours for 200 g. A more acceptable diet option,
  • The golden hour. Food is taken once a day, in any quantity and composition, the rest of the time - water and green tea. Such a diet does not stand up to criticism, but it has its followers.

The second option is the most thoughtful and acceptable, such a "smart" diet has a number of advantages, the main of which are:

  • increased metabolic rate,
  • a signal to the body that there will be no "hunger strike" and stress, fat reserves can not be put off,
  • gradual addiction to a reasonable diet without bad habits and overeating outside the diet.

1. "Diet for 3 days"

1st day: breakfast - 100 ml of green tea, the same amount of apple or carrot juice (freshly squeezed). After 2 hours - 5 g. nuts. Lunch - 100 gr. boiled wild rice, fresh vegetable salad, 1 sour fruit. Dinner - 50 gr. fish, 200 gr. baked vegetables

2nd day: breakfast - apple or 1/2 grapefruit, after 2 hours - vegetable salad and a glass of carrot juice. Lunch - 100 gr. buckwheat, a salad of 2 tomatoes, grapes and a herbal broth. Dinner - 200 gr. chicken fillet, vegetable stew, a glass of tea,

3rd day: breakfast - 150 gr. oatmeal, after 2 hours - 2 baked apples. Lunch - 150 gr. fish, 70 gr. grated carrot salad with sour cream, 200 ml of non-carbonated mineral water. Dinner - a glass of kefir and 1 banana.

Having sustained a diet with such a meager set of products, you can lose up to 4-5 cm at the waist.

Kefirno - fruit

Due to the presence of carbohydrates, this diet is already easier to tolerate, so you can “stretch” it to 5 days.

Daily ration: 1 kg of fruit (not starchy, unsweetened - say, apples) + 2 liters of kefir.

You can eat fruits separately, make salads and pour kefir, cook smoothies.

Result: up to 3 cm in 3 days.

By the way! Similar can be called kefir - cucumber diet. On it "sit" 3 days. It is allowed to consume 1.5 liters of kefir and as many fresh cucumbers as “fit”.

Lunch to choose from:

  • baked or steamed pollock, cucumber and cabbage salad,
  • chicken breast or turkey and light salad

Before dinner, a simple diet to lose belly and sides allows you to eat an orange, apple or banana.

  • boiled squid seasoned with yogurt,
  • a salad of mariculture with a small amount of avocado, dressing - lemon and olive oil,
  • low-fat piece of chicken, fish, meat and slightly stewed or raw vegetables.

Important: When dieting, it is forbidden to fry in oil, foods should be cooked, baked, grilled, steamed, in a slow cooker.

When dieting for weight loss, do not forget to count calories

Inexpensive diets for losing weight in the abdomen and hips

Do not be mistaken in that it is unprofitable for both women and men to follow a diet to lose weight on the abdomen and sides. There are many quite simple and inexpensive diets with a detailed menu for the week.

It is also important for yourself to understand that the effectiveness of a diet does not depend on expensive foods, but on your internal discipline, awareness and thoughtful attitude to any diet.

Briefly list some popular inexpensive diets:

  • Kefir.
  • Buckwheat.
  • Acting four-day. 1 day - rice, tomato juice. 2 day - cottage cheese, kefir. 3 day - lean meat, green tea. 4 day - red natural wine, 200 g of cheese. In principle, such a meager and unbalanced diet can hardly withstand even 4 days. Losing weight can and will succeed, but not for long. There is no sense in subjecting the body to such stress.
  • Apple. A short three-day diet may well help to get rid of extra pounds, if you use it regularly as fasting days. For three days, it is recommended to eat apples for every meal and for every attack of hunger. In addition, apples can be combined with kefir or a small amount of cottage cheese. Drinking green tea and plenty of water is also recommended. You can’t tolerate hunger attacks, if you want to eat, you need to eat an apple or drink tea, you can water.
  • Banana The name of the diet speaks for itself, the key product is bananas. On the day they can be eaten up to 4-5 pcs., And also consume green tea and a small amount of dairy products. You can choose both milk and dairy products.

  • Potato. Just like a banana, a potato diet is short-lived, simple and effective, with regular use at least once a month. Then you should definitely return to a varied, balanced and healthy diet without harmful foods and habits. The basis of the diet is the use of boiled or baked potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As additional products, vegetables, fruits and kefir are suitable.
  • Vegetable If the diet lasts for a short time (maximum 3 days) with the correct entry and exit (however, this applies to all diets), this is a very good option for an effective inexpensive diet with regular practice. During the diet, only vegetables are eaten raw, stewed and baked, water and green tea.

2. “Two dishes” - rice diet

It is designed for 5 days, during which you can eat only 1 plate of rice and 1 - seafood / fish. You cannot mix two products in one go, but you can add greens or a sour apple to them.

This diet is similar to the traditional diet of Japanese women, famous for their grace and thin waist.

Kefirno - Rice

Weekly a diet with a rigid diet.

Only fat-free lactic acid product and unrefined (brown) rice are allowed.

7 days you should stick to this menu:

  • Breakfast: a glass (200 ml) of kefir + 100 g of boiled rice.
  • Snack: a glass of kefir.
  • Dinner: 100 g of rice. It is allowed to eat 100 g of protein food: steam or boiled sea fish or meat (low-fat varieties).
  • High tea: a glass of kefir.
  • Dinner: sliced ​​from raw, non-starchy vegetables (200 g) + 50 g of rice.

In this case, you must constantly drink water. But - not during meals, but 2 hours after breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Some recipes for diet foods

Create a diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, having read the information provided, for women will not be difficult. A weekly menu with diet recipes is best chosen to your taste.

With this approach, you do not injure the body with undue stress. Its reaction to stress is inherent in nature - to accumulate fat everywhere, and more often on the stomach and sides.

Diet Carrot Cutlets

A dietary dish can be very tasty if you do not “rush” to the extremes, but follow a balanced diet, giving up excesses.


  • carrots - 1 kg
  • milk - 2 tbsp.,
  • semolina - 2/3 tbsp.,
  • breadcrumbs - ½ tbsp.,
  • butter - 1 tbsp. l
  • eggs - 4 pcs.,
  • sugar - 1 tsp,
  • vegetable oil for frying,
  • salt - at will and to taste.

Rub the washed carrots on a coarse grater and put in a saucepan. Pour milk, add butter, sugar and salt. We bring everything to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes.

Pour semolina, constantly mixing the contents of the pan. Cook after boiling until a thicker mass is obtained, about 5 minutes.

Let cool, while dividing the eggs into yolks and squirrels. We send the yolks to the cooled carrot dough for cutlets, mix everything thoroughly.

Stir the egg whites and leave.

We form cutlets from carrot dough, roll in proteins, then in breadcrumbs.

We spread the carrot cutlets in a heated frying pan with oil. Fry on each side for 3 minutes, serve with sour cream or yogurt.

Slimming on tomatoes

Tomato fast diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, express nutrition for 4 days:

  • 1: З - a thin slice of brown bread + cheese + medium vegetable + coffee without sugar, but with milk. О - 2 cloves of garlic finely and fry in a spoon of vegetable oil, pour 150 ml of water, squeeze lemon juice 1 tbsp. l, pepper and salt, add spaghetti to this sauce. For dinner - pasta with spinach, pour 400 g of greens with boiling water + 60 g of spaghetti, sprinkle with cheese and bake in the oven.
  • 2: in the morning - cottage cheese 80 g with raspberries or other fruits, in the afternoon - boiled chicken breast 100 g with fresh tomato and chopped parsley, in the evening - gazpacho.
  • 3: repeat breakfast from 2 days, lunch - fry small green pepper and pumpkin - 150 g on a spoon of vegetable oil + finely chopped tomato 100 g + 50-75 g of light yogurt + chopped garlic and onion, add 60 g of spaghetti aldento to the sauce, stew until tender, for dinner 2 medium tomatoes cut into slices, to them 100 g of fried mushrooms, stew, mix with pasta and bake with a little cheese.
  • 4: the beginning of the day - bread, a slice of cheese, tomato and coffee, in the middle - bread, cheese, on top of a slice of vegetable and a leaf of salad, in the evening: 2 medium carrots, cut and fry, dilute 100 ml of water, simmer for 5 minutes, season with parsley or basil, pepper, salt and serve sauce with 60 g ready-made spaghetti.

Diet for the abdomen and waist, photo before and after

Flax Flapjacks

Judging by the numerous reviews, delicious cakes can be prepared for nutrition during a diet to lose weight on the abdomen and sides. It’s not difficult for women to make such cakes, feel free to include them in the menu for a week and feast on the heart.

The taste of cakes is so self-sufficient that it does not need sugar or salt. In addition, oil will not be required for their baking, it is sufficient in the flax seed itself.

We grind the seeds in a coffee grinder, if the available technology allows, then grind all the quantities at once, otherwise, we fill the seeds in parts.

Pour water into the pan, pour salt and sugar if desired, bring the water to a boil. Pour flaxseed flour into the pan, stir quickly and turn off the heat, continuing to stir.

Gradually, the porridge will become thicker, collect it in a lump of dough.

The dough is divided into several parts. We roll each part between two sheets of parchment. We give the cakes a form using improvised means.

Thin cakes are put in a hot pan without oil, fry for one minute over high heat.

We use delicious healthy cakes both with diet and on normal days for a healthy diet.

Famous diet that helps to lose weight and get rid of the abdomen

Table number 8 is a therapeutic, sparing diet for losing belly and helping to get rid of fat. Designed by nutritionists for obese people and those prone to overeating.

Important: When dieting, you need to monitor calories, do not enter fast carbohydrates and excess fats on the menu. Even if these are the strictest diets for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, the menu should contain at least 1.5 liters of water.

You can eat for weight loss:

  • Low-fat fish, meat, poultry - 150 g per day.
  • 2 eggs of any kind.
  • Rye and wheat bread, wholemeal.
  • Fat-free sour milk, cheese, it is desirable to exclude.
  • Vegetables in unlimited quantities, most in raw.
  • Cereals are allowed but exclude bread.
  • Sugar-free compotes diluted 1 to 1 with water.

Sweets, pastries, smoked meats, semi-finished foods - on a diet under a strict ban. With such a variety, you can make a completely satisfying and balanced diet and in a short time get rid of the abdomen and deposits on the hips, sides, legs.

It is recommended to eat vegetables raw

Cucumber smoothie

During the diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides, suitable for both women and men, we include in the food menu for a week various fruit and vegetable smoothies prepared according to recipes with photos.

  • cucumbers - 3 pcs.,
  • lime - ½ pcs.,
  • honey - 1 tbsp. l
  • mint leaves - a few pcs.

Peel the cucumbers, cut them randomly and put them in the blender bowl.

Add lime juice, mint leaves and honey, twist everything first at medium speed, then at maximum speed.

Pour a delicious dietary and very healthy smoothie into glasses and lose weight reasonably, correctly and beautifully.

Before choosing a diet, you need to familiarize yourself with the basics of physiological processes leading to the accumulation of fats and toxins. Only on this theoretical basis can one make the right thoughtful choice, which will help not only lose weight, but also strengthen your health.

Buckwheat Slimming

Buckwheat menu - an effective diet for a flat stomach and thin waist, with strict adherence, helps to lose weight by more than 10 kg in 14 days.

We cook porridge for the day: pour a pound of cereal with boiling water - 1.5 liters, wrap the pan in a blanket, in the morning it is ready.

At the end of the diet, only 100 g of cereal is enough to remove the stomach

Divide for the whole day, into 5-6 receptions, you can add kefir, plus 2 glasses of water.

Important: A rigid buckwheat diet, although effective, is not suitable for everyone, therefore, before starting a diet for weight loss, you should consult a doctor.

For a greater weight loss effect, water during diet is replaced with green tea.

Making a diet for a "home" diet

Simple diets for losing weight at home are an opportunity to prepare ordinary, but tasty dishes that the whole family will gladly eat, providing the slimming person with more comfortable conditions. Such a diet includes various combinations of the known long-lasting, fast and mono-diets, the basis of the diet of which are products with a lot of vitamins and low in calories.

Balanced diet of Elena Malysheva

This woman not only runs a program dedicated to healthy living. She developed several diets. Unlike Dr. Dyukan, for whose weight loss program you have to pay a tidy sum, Malysheva's diet (including for forming a thin waist) is free and is freely available.

It is weekly, it allows you to get rid of 4-6 kg or 2-4 cm at the waist at a time. Compared to mono-diets, the Malysheva system is more gentle and light.

  • at the table do not eat up slightly, not allowing yourself a feeling of full satiety,
  • no high-calorie foods, you need to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, fish, meat and even milk only buy low-fat,
  • light protein breakfast
  • no late dinners (the last meal is a maximum of 4 hours before bedtime),
  • drink from 1.5 liters of water per day.

The diet menu is inexpensive, given already with recipes.

Delicious diet for weight loss, helps to clean the stomach

Orange diet for rapid weight loss of the abdomen, a week away from 3 kg. Breakfast is always the same: 1 citrus, 1 bread, tea or coffee, sugar excluded.

Next, the menu for 5 days will help to lose weight:

1hard boiled egg - 1 pc., a glass of kefir, orange -1 pc.egg - 2 pcs, cracker, medium tomato
2fruit - 1, yogurt - 200 ml, bread, boiled egg - 1boiled beef -150 g, orange -1, tomato - 1 medium, cracker, a glass of kefir
3orange - 1, 400 ml of yogurt, hard-boiled egg - 1, breadsteamed beef steak - 150 g, fruit - 1, kefir - a glass, cracker
4low-fat cottage cheese - 150 g, medium cucumber - 1, tomato - 1, breadturkey or beef - 150 g, apple - 1, toast with tomato
5Boiled fish - 200 g, 400 ml of kefir, 2 tomatoes, 2 lettuceEgg -1, salad - 5 leaves, tomatoes - 2 pcs.

Orange diet for weight loss and from the abdomen is not suitable for people who are allergic to citrus fruits and for chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract


  • Breakfast. Toast or a slice of fresh grain bread + soft-boiled egg.
  • Dinner. A small plate of vegetable soup in vegetable oil.
  • High tea. 150 fat-free cottage cheese.
  • Dinner. Vegetable salad + 0.5 boiled (steam) chicken breast.

Weekly Protein Slimming Diet

A protein diet to clean your stomach and lose weight is good for those who like meat and vegetables.

1150 g of beef + assorted sauerkraut with peas - 100 g, green tea - 200 mm150 g of beef + assorted fresh cabbage with bell pepper and chopped herbs - 100 g150 g boiled pollock (hake, cod) + 2 small boiled potatoes + grated beets seasoned with low-fat yogurt
2100 g of beef, raw grated carrots with yogurt - 100 g, green tea

200 g steamed fish, 1 apple, diluted 1 to 1 dried fruit compote

100 g steam fish with cabbage salad - 100 g, a slice of brown bread
3100 g boiled lean pork, apple

200 g. Beans + 200 g of vegetables (any, raw)

150 g pork and 100 g sauerkraut with peas
4100 g of cottage cheese, tea150 g fresh vegetable salad and 150 g lean meat stewtomato salad with onions - 150 g, seasoned with oil
52 bread to drink with a glass of kefirFish 150 g + chopped tomatoes with butter -100 g200 g lean meat, washed down with apple juice + 1 apple
6150 g of cottage cheese and 200 ml of green tea100 g boiled bean, grated carrots - 100 g150 g steamed fish and vinaigrette - 100 g
72 loaves of drink with 200 ml of milk200 g of meat with vegetables - 100 gSoup on meat broth with vegetables. 100 g low-fat mutton, 1 slice of brown bread

A weekly diet for weight loss of the abdomen and sides is designed for an active lifestyle, so intense exercise is important.

Meat allowed only lean

Menu options

  • Breakfast: a sandwich with a slice of butter, cheese on rye bread, fresh green tea,
  • Lunch: stew from beans, potatoes, onions and carrots (160 gr.), Pineapple juice,
  • Snack: corn porridge (100 gr.), 4 tsp. 10% sour cream
  • Dinner: hard-boiled quail egg, 100 gr. steamed turkey breasts, a glass of grapefruit juice.

  • Breakfast: 2-egg omelette, green tea,
  • Lunch: 120 gr. beef stew, 130 gr. oatmeal porridge, green tea,
  • Snack: 170 ml of medium-fat ryazhenka,
  • Dinner: green apple, 100 gr. grated carrots, herbal tea.

  • Breakfast: milk rice porridge without additives, with a small piece of butter, green tea,
  • Lunch: turkey broth with vegetables (100 ml), tomato and cucumber salad with lemon juice, green tea,
  • Snack: 150 gr. low-fat cottage cheese
  • Dinner: 2 ripe bananas, 150 ml of freshly squeezed apple and carrot juice.

The home diet is absolutely not hungry, is well maintained and allows you to achieve a lasting result over a long period of time and maintain it in the future.


  • 3. One grapefruit or orange + 200 ml unsweetened yogurt.
  • ABOUT. Soft-boiled egg + salad of fresh vegetables (or sliced ​​cucumbers and tomatoes).
  • P. Grapefruit or orange.
  • At. Fresh cucumber + egg (boiled, poached, soft-boiled, omelette without fat) + boiled beans or other legumes (peas, beans, lentils).

Diet for the strong half of humanity - remove the beer belly

It is necessary to choose the optimal diet for yourself, do not eat after 18 hours, reduce (about horror!) The amount of beer, the diet 5-6 times a day.

Without a diet and exercise, getting rid of a beer belly will not succeed

Diet for a flat stomach allows:

  • proteins - lean meat, eggs and fish, non-fat dairy products,
  • complex carbohydrates - cereals and vegetables in small quantities,
  • fatty acids - vegetable oil.

Effectively relieves stomach free salt-free diet. And of course everyday exercises:

  • reduce the abdomen - swing the abdominal muscles - 30 times,
  • deep squats - 30 times,
  • lying, hands under the ass and begin to lift the buttocks up, as high as possible - 30 times.

5 minutes in this position every day and the stomach will disappear

To remove the sides and stomach, the wrapping helps: apple cider vinegar is diluted 1: 3, we moisten the cotton cloth, wring it, wrap it around the problem area, wrap it with plastic wrap, warm clothes on top, we go around like this for about an hour.

A simple diet for quick weight loss - how.

Preparing for an important celebration, intending to spend a vacation on the seashore, for more confidence at a business meeting it will not be amiss to lose a few pounds. It is for emergency tidying up the figure that “quick” diets were invented that can give a stunning result in a short time.

Simple enough diet for quick weight loss "4 x 4" .

Its meaning is that for each of the 4 days of the diet you need to drink 4 glasses of milk and eat 4 bananas. The method of eating the products does not matter, the main thing is that there is nothing else. In body water, you can not limit. At the end of the diet, the extra 4 kg will leave the body.

Fast diets should not be repeated often, as this threatens health problems and the possibility of gaining even more weight.


  • 3. Two slices of hard cheese (preferably not salted) + 1 bell pepper, fresh or baked.
  • ABOUT. Beef broth soup + vegetable salad.
  • P. Fresh raspberries.
  • At. Veal or beef stew with vegetables.

What simple diets can men offer?

The main difference between such a diet and a female one is the need to consume more calories - up to 1700 per day, a ban on prolonged fasting and mono-diets.

In fact, a simple diet for weight loss for men comes down to following the principles of a healthy diet:

  • Meals: 4 meals a day, without snacking or eating at night,
  • Servings: hearty, but small - you can’t overeat,
  • Allowed: boiled, stewed or baked beef and chicken, vegetables in the form of salads without oil and mayonnaise, cereals, water, unsweetened tea and coffee,
  • Excluded: fried, flour, sweet, alcohol, salt.

If you follow a diet for 10 days, weight loss can be 3-7 kg.


  • 3. 150 g fat-free cottage cheese + 1 apple (preferably unsweetened).
  • ABOUT. Low-fat fish, baked or boiled (you can cook both in water and steamed).
  • P. 150 ml of white natural yogurt + bell pepper.
  • At. 3 medium-sized potatoes boiled in a peel + greens (dill is best).


  • 3. Oatmeal without sugar, but with dried fruit or pieces of fresh fruit.
  • ABOUT. Vegetables (fresh or stewed) + 0.5 boiled chicken breast.
  • P. Apple (small, sour).
  • At. A portion of seafood (say, a boiled sea cocktail).

We are losing weight on buckwheat

Rich in vitamins and minerals, removing toxins and toxins - all this is buckwheat. A diet based on it is suitable for people who can hardly tolerate hunger, because cereal leaves a long-lasting feeling of satiety with a minimum of calories per serving.

The diet is designed for 2 weeks - during this period you can lose weight up to 10-12 kg and consolidate the effect.

There is a need for the "right" buckwheat, steamed with boiling water in the evening. You can’t add spices, salt or sugar. If desired, cereals are allowed to be supplemented with low-fat kefir (1 liter per day), dried fruits (4-5 pcs.), 1 tsp. honey. The amount of porridge eaten is not limited, but you can not eat 4 hours before bedtime.

Buckwheat diet needs to go out gradually. To do this, within 7 days you need to replace one of the usual meals with a serving of buckwheat (breakfast, lunch, or dinner). We have dedicated a separate detailed article to the buckwheat diet.


  • 3. 150 g low-fat cottage cheese + unsweetened apple.
  • ABOUT. Salad of fresh herbs and sorrel + 0.5 boiled chicken breast.
  • P. Green salad (sorrel, greens).
  • At. Salad of fresh cucumbers and tomatoes + a portion of stewed veal.

Get rid of kilograms on apples

Who does not like this popular fruit? It turns out that with its help you can return to its former harmony. Apple diet involves eating apples alone for a week and allows you to forget about the extra 5-7 kg.

The daily calorie content of the apple diet should be 650 kcal, which corresponds to 1-1.5 kg of fruit. Grade and color do not matter. Some of them are eaten fresh, some can be baked, without sugar and other additives. In case of urgent need, rye bread crackers are introduced on day 6. And, of course, we must not forget about drinking. Non-carbonated water, green tea, herbal decoctions are allowed to drink in any quantities.

A return to the usual diet should occur carefully. First, vegetable salads are added to apples, then broths are introduced, and only then - meat.


  • 3. One orange (grapefruit) + 250 ml unsweetened thick yogurt.
  • ABOUT. Soft-boiled egg + raw vegetable slices.
  • P. Grapefruit (orange).
  • At. Fresh herbs + 0.5 chicken breast.

The diet is tough, but you don’t have to starve. So if you get involved, you can continue this diet for up to 2 weeks.

Life hacks for weight loss: how to fool yourself? Advice

Tip 1. To limit salt in your diet, replace it with seasonings. For example, dilute dry mustard with water and get a great sauce for dressing salad or meat. Add the grated horseradish to the meat - it copes well with the role of salt. Buy seasonings not in bags in the supermarket, but in the market by weight. Experiment! Of course, salt cannot be completely replaced, but partially - it is possible and even necessary. Salt promotes fluid retention in the body, and when losing weight it is an undesirable moment.

Tip 2. If you really want sweets, eat honey. Just do not buy it at the supermarket - as a rule, there they sell an ordinary surrogate. Look for suppliers of a good product in your city - for example, on thematic forums. Such honey not only replaces sugar, but also improves immunity. Just put honey in warm tea - in hot tea it loses its properties.

Tip 3. Correct your diet correctly. For example, cereals with dairy products and vegetables are undesirable. Combine salads of their fresh vegetables with meat and fish dishes, cereals or cottage cheese - with honey and nuts.

When deciding on losing weight with the help of simple diets, it is important to remember that they all have contraindications. Before starting any diet, you need to consult a nutritionist or general practitioner. Only in this case, parting with extra pounds will pass without harm to health.

Proper exit from the diet

It can be called a continuation of the diet to some extent. After all, if you only ate only boiled chicken breast and raw vegetables yesterday, you can’t take it all tomorrow by buying pizza, frying a pot of frying pan and seizing bananas.

Coming out of a “weight loss” diet, you need to adhere to its principles for some time, every day introducing one, maximum two previously forbidden foods into the diet. In this case, you should choose only healthy options. That is, buy not smoked thighs, but raw ones to boil.

If diet rules require sports, do not drop them.

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