Menu and recipes

The 6-petal diet is a unique short-term program that makes it easy to lose weight and consists of six diet days that go one after another: fish, vegetable, chicken, grain, milk and fruit. This mode allows, on the one hand, to quickly lose weight, and on the other - not to suffer from hunger. Simplicity, accessibility, effectiveness and a small number of contraindications are the main advantages of this diet program.


This program was developed by nutritionist Anna Johansson. A short diet makes it possible to lose 4-6 kg. The basic principle is to follow each other 6 mono-diets, each of which is allocated only one day. At the same time, for six days there is an alternation of food containing complex carbohydrates, with protein dishes and foods rich in fiber.

Anna Johansson offers to visualize the process of losing weight with a daisy flower with six petals, made of paper or cardboard and hung in a prominent place, for example, on a refrigerator. Each of them in a circle attached to the image of the key daily product.

The success of the diet is based on the scientific principles of separate nutrition. Before you start it, you need to make a diet for the coming week. It is very important not to rearrange the sequence of days as you wish. Otherwise, the effect of the program may be zero. The only acceptable change is five petals instead of six. In this case, the last fruit day falls out of the program.

Important note: during the diet, sugar is completely excluded from the diet, and salt intake is minimized. If willpower allows, then it is better to refuse salt for the whole time devoted to diet. To improve the taste of dishes, you can use natural seasonings.

The intervals between meals should be no more than 4 hours. Servings should not be large. At the same time, the amount of food should allow satiety. The general scheme of meals is as follows:

It’s best to start the program on Monday. But this indication is not fundamental. A detailed schedule and sample menu are presented below.

The first petal comes off - the fish day begins, the diet of which should consist exclusively of dietary fish dishes. Sample menu with time:

  1. 1. 8:00 - boiled low-fat fish. Fillet of perch, cod, zander or hake is suitable.
  2. 2. 11:00 - fish baked in the oven, then seasoned with parsley and dill.
  3. 3. 14: 00 - fish soup (without the addition of vegetables). It is allowed to enrich the taste of the dish by adding rape meat and shrimp.
  4. 4. 17: 00 - steamed fish.
  5. 5. 20: 00 - in the last meal you can treat yourself to boiled pike perch with herbal seasonings. Spices are chosen to taste.

Between these meals, snacks are excluded. You can drink tea - herbal, black or green - but you can’t sweeten it.

The first day of the 6-petal diet will help saturate the body with healthy fats: omega-3 polyunsaturated acids. These substances help lower bad cholesterol and dissolve excess body fat on the hips and waist. Fish protein is perfectly absorbed and gives a long feeling of fullness.

A torn second petal indicates the beginning of a vegetable day. A sample menu is as follows:

  1. 1. 8:00 - raw grated vegetables (carrots, turnips, Jerusalem artichoke). It is permissible to eat a green salad without oil and seasonings or a salad of white cabbage.
  2. 2. 11:00 - stew of boiled vegetables. For its preparation, boiled carrots, beets, cauliflower are suitable, you can add potatoes (a little). No oil is added to the finished dish.
  3. 3. 14:00 - lunch of stewed cabbage and a small amount of boiled potatoes.
  4. 4. 17:00 - steamed carrots, cauliflower or beets.
  5. 5. 20:00 - raw mashed vegetables.

If there is a feeling of hunger between meals, it is permissible to use a vegetable smoothie, but it is better to limit yourself to warm green tea.

The 6-petal diet suggests making the third day chicken. The menu is simple, but very satisfying:

  1. 1. 8:00 - boiled chicken. Chicken fillet is best suited.
  2. 2. 11:00 - chicken breast (without skin) with spices, baked in foil.
  3. 3. 14:00 - broth with chicken, boiled with roots and seasoned with herbs.
  4. 4. 17:00 - chicken cooked on the grill.
  5. 5. 20:00 - boiled chicken.

Tea without sugar and pure water can be drunk without restrictions throughout the day.

The fourth day is completely devoted to the mono-diet of cereal crops. You can use the following menu:

  1. 1. 8:00 - porridge from any cereals. Oatmeal, rice, millet, buckwheat can be used (it is better to prefer green). Invariable cooking rule: the dish is cooked only on water.
  2. 2. 11:00 - buckwheat porridge. When cooking, spices are added to taste.
  3. 3. 14:00 - rice porridge.
  4. 4. 17:00 - oatmeal porridge. You can add a handful of sunflower seeds to it.
  5. 5. 20:00 - buckwheat, cooked on the water. Greens are attached to the finished dish.

During the day, instead of snacks - aromatic herbal tea.

If the gastrointestinal tract is in order, it is recommended to use cereals untreated from the shell for making cereals. They have much more trace elements and vitamins.

On the fifth day of the 6-petal diet, you can treat yourself to milk-curd dishes. Here is his sample menu:

  1. 1. 8:00 - a jar of natural yogurt (without fruit and flavoring additives) and low-fat cottage cheese.
  2. 2. 11:00 - cottage cheese of one percent fat content and milk.
  3. 3. 14:00 - cottage cheese (fat content 5%).
  4. 4. 17:00 - cottage cheese and kefir (all non-greasy).
  5. 5. 20:00 - cottage cheese with low fat content.

On this day between meals, you can drink milk (no more than 1 cup). Tea is allowed to be consumed without restrictions.

5 petals torn off. At this stage, many stop the diet. But the most stubborn and disciplined go all the way.

Sixth day - fruit, supplemented with a little coffee. The recommendations are as follows:

  1. 1. 8:00 - a pair of red apples and a cup of black coffee.
  2. 2. 11:00 - a small banana.
  3. 3. 14:00 - a bunch of grapes (“kishmish” variety not to choose, it is too sweet) and grapefruit or orange.
  4. 4.17 p.m. - three kiwis.
  5. 5. 20:00 - a couple of green apples.

During the day, you can drink fruit juices (not store ones, but squeezed yourself), tea with lemon and herbal decoctions.

The following recipes will help you go through the diet to the end:

  1. 1. Baked balls of pollock fillet for the first day. The fish fillet is chopped in a meat grinder, greens and spices are added, everything is mixed, small balls are formed and baked in the oven.
  2. 2. Cold vegetable soup for the second day. The original dish is prepared from 2 tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, cloves of garlic, herbs and onions. All ingredients are simply whipped in a blender.
  3. 3. Juicy chicken for the third day. Chicken fillet with seasonings and chopped tomatoes are stacked in layers of ducklings. The dish is stewed for about an hour over low heat. After cooking, the sauce is poured and only chicken meat, which has become juicy due to the cooking method, is consumed.
  4. 4. Buckwheat porridge for the fourth day. Buckwheat porridge is boiled on the water, cools and whips in a blender along with onions and herbs. From the resulting mass, crickets are formed and steamed.
  5. 5. Cheese dish "Gadazelili" for the fifth milk day. A pound of suluguni cheese is cut into slices and placed in hot milk. When it melts and acquires a plastic consistency, a cake is formed from the resulting cheese mass, poured with natural yogurt and sprinkled on top with a small amount of mint.
  6. 6. Tropical fruit salad for the sixth day. Mix sliced ​​pieces of orange, pineapple, banana and kiwi. The dish is seasoned with orange juice.

It is convenient that you do not need to plan how much to take in grams of a product. Everything is taken to taste.

The diet is well tolerated by healthy people, but there are some contraindications to the program. It is not recommended to resort to this method of losing weight with the following diseases and conditions:

Some people, encouraged by the results, want to continue the program further. For 2 cycles of a diet following each other (with a one-day break), nothing bad will happen. On the contrary, this will help to lose an additional 2-3 kilograms. But continuing the diet is further contraindicated. It will be possible to return to it only after 3-4 months.

And a little about secrets.

The story of one of our readers Alina R .:

My weight was especially depressing. I gained a lot, after pregnancy I weighed like 3 sumo wrestlers together, namely 92kg with a height of 165. I thought the belly would come down after childbirth, but no, on the contrary, I started to gain weight. How to cope with hormonal changes and obesity? But nothing is so disfiguring or youthful to a person as his figure. At the age of 20, I first learned that full women are called "WOMAN" and that "they don’t sew such sizes." Then at age 29, divorce from her husband and depression.

But what to do to lose weight? Laser liposuction surgery? I found out - at least 5 thousand dollars. Hardware procedures - LPG massage, cavitation, RF lifting, myostimulation? A little more affordable - the course costs from 80 thousand rubles with a consultant nutritionist. You can of course try to run on a treadmill, to the point of insanity.

And when to find all this time? Yes and still very expensive. Especially now. Therefore, for myself, I chose a different method.

The first day of the protein diet (fish)

The menu of the first day of the diet excludes all products except fish, due to the high digestibility and low calorie content of this product, which as quickly as possible prepares the body for all the following mono-diets. All this is possible thanks to a large number of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega3, which are not converted to fat, which helps to deceive the body. On this day, you can eat only fish (up to 500 grams) of all varieties, stewed, baked or boiled and broth.

Mackerel "The Secret of the Fisherman"

4 gutted mackerels, 100 ml of celery broth, lemon juice, white onion, 1 carrot. Cut carrots and onions coarsely, then quickly separate the fish from the finished dish. Pour the vegetable broth, lemon juice to the bottom of the satin, put the vegetables and sliced ​​mackerel in portions. Simmer for at least 30 minutes, add water if necessary.

Daily ration example

  • 8:00 - boiled fish
  • 11:00 - baked fish with herbs
  • 14:00 - rich ear without everything
  • 17:00 - steam fish
  • 20:00 - boiled fish
Between the main meals, you can drink fish broth and tea without sugar.

The second day of the diet carbohydrate (vegetable)

On the second day, it is allowed to eat up to 1.5 kg of various vegetables (even a little potato), in a different form, except for fried. The mono-diet from vegetables is very low in calories and rich in vegetable carbohydrates; to digest these carbohydrates, the body needs more energy than it receives from food. Because of this, the body begins to actively use its own fat reserves. Salad Salad made from sheets of fresh cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and herbs. Without oil!

The basic principles of diet

  1. On Monday, it is allowed to eat fish.
  2. Vegetables on Tuesday.
  3. Wednesday is chicken.
  4. On Thursday - cereals (cereals).
  5. Cottage cheese on Friday.
  6. Saturday is fruit.

It should be borne in mind that you can not eat an unlimited amount of allowed product. So, you can eat fish 500 grams per day, vegetables - 1.5 kg., Meat - 500 gr., Cereals - 200 gr., Cottage cheese - 500 gr., Fruits - 1.5 kg. On a similar diet, you can throw 600-800 grams per day, which is a quick result.

The main benefits of the seven (6) petal diet:

  • No need to starve. The body receives enough calories, so there is no feeling of hunger.
  • No need to count calories. The diet is balanced, so there is no need to count calories.
  • There is no strict diet. No need to worry about the fact that you did not have time to eat something at the indicated time, your task is only to correctly distribute the right amount of product throughout the day.
  • Losing weight is fast.
  • This is not harmful to the body, unlike more stringent diets.
  • The diet is very diverse.

Of course, like with any other diet, for example, take Energy Diet cocktails, in addition to the pluses, there are contraindications, but we will turn to them later. Also in this article you will find sample recipes for a 6-petal diet that can be adapted to your preferences.

Products for diet and selection criteria

You can not vary the products and rearrange them in accordance with taste preferences or intolerance to certain products. The main thing is to choose fresh and clean products that are free from harmful additives. When choosing fruits and vegetables, you need to give preference to seasonal ones, so there is less chance to buy low-quality, stuffed with chemicals goods. Then you can be sure that they will bring only benefits to the body.

Fish mono-diet

The first day of the 7-petal menu involves the absorption of 500 grams of fish. In this case, it is not necessary to choose exclusively non-fat varieties of fish. Cod, salmon or pink salmon also fit well into the diet. An excellent solution would be the use of seafood.

On this day, the human body receives protein and polyunsaturated omega-3 acids, which are so necessary for a dieter. These fats are easily absorbed, unlike animals, and do not form a fatty layer, but bring exceptional benefits. This period prepares the body for the transition to a stricter vegetable day.

Vegetable mono-diet

This day starts the process of losing weight. Indeed, in the vegetable season, the body, along with a small amount of incoming calories, receives a lot of vitamins and healthy fiber. This will improve the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). In order for the body to receive only benefits, and not the opportunity to “store” fat cells in connection with a calorie deficit, it is better to give preference to raw or steamed vegetables.

The main thing is to consume a small amount of spices and salt, as well as to observe the drinking regime, and you will see that losing about a kilogram per day is not so difficult. It is at this point that unnecessary slags and toxins will come out, lightness and the desire to lose weight will come.

Chicken mono diet

On the third day, you can buy chicken breast, which, probably, can be called a lifesaver for losing weight people. After all, it is in this white meat (the main thing is to exclude the skin from entering the diet, where unnecessary fat is accumulated) that contains a huge amount of protein, which is perfectly absorbed in the human body and saturates it. Chicken fillet contains vitamins: iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, so necessary for weight loss.

Protein diet is the most painless of the 6 days of the diet, because at this moment a person is full of energy and does not feel hunger. And in the morning on the scales will be seen such a long-awaited minus. As a liquid at this moment, you can use green tea, of course, without sugar, clean water and chicken broth.

Cereal mono-diet

On cereal day, the use of healthy cereal cereals cooked exclusively on water is allowed. Accordingly, the addition of sugar or salt is not provided. It is on this day that you can make yourself an insignificant relief - eat a piece of bran or whole grain bread. Cereals - a product that requires large amounts of energy from the body for the digestion process. At this stage, you can increase the process of losing weight due to the minimum heat treatment of cereals. No, of course, you don’t have to eat porridge in its pure form, but it is quite possible to replace cooking with steaming at night.The main thing is to remember that you can consume no more than 200 grams of dry cereal per day.

Curd mono-diet

On the fifth day of the weekly petal diet, you need to eat cottage cheese. This product, along with chicken breast, is a real storehouse of protein useful for losing weight. On a curd day, you can perfectly fill the body with vitamins and minerals that it loses during the diet. This day’s items in your grocery cart may include:

  • Cottage Cheese
  • low fat cheese (mozzarella, Adyghe, feta),
  • bean curd (tofu),
  • natural yogurt
  • nonfat milk.

You need to choose only quality products so that the efforts do not go to dust. Only from good cheese and cottage cheese will the body receive the right amount of useful trace elements and calcium. This will restore strength and stock up on energy. In addition, you need to absorb the products in a pure form, eliminating sweet fillers.

Fruit mono diet

On the 6th day of the diet, it is necessary to eat only fruits and berries. This day is most easily tolerated due to a delicious diet. At this point, you can reinforce a tired body with the necessary polysaccharides, vitamins, saturate it with complex carbohydrates, and also help normalize the intestines.

And, of course, you need to pay great attention to the quality of consumed fruits, all of them must be fresh and ripe. You need to eat 1.5 kg per day. fruits, while berries can be consumed no more than 200 gr. You can also eat some dried fruits: prunes or dried apricots. As a restoration of the water balance, you can drink freshly squeezed juices, half diluted with water.

Prohibited Products

If you are going to adhere to a diet of 6 petals, then for 6 days you will have to abandon products such as:

  • sugar,
  • bread and pastries (the only exception is whole grain bread and exclusively on cereal day),
  • fast food,
  • pasta,
  • fatty and smoked
  • sausage and canned food,
  • soda
  • oil,
  • fatty dairy products,
  • ketchup, mayonnaise and marinade,
  • alcohol.

But do not despair, the six-petal diet is quite effective, so the results will not be long in coming.

Sample menu 6 petals

Anna Johansson developed a sample menu for a 6-petal diet. In turn, Russian and foreign nutritionists, having processed the principles and diet, adjusted them to the lifestyle of a country. So, on the Internet there are many detailed diet recipes that can be adapted to your preferences. The main thing is not to depart from the principles of diet, no matter how many temptations appear.

The first day

As you know, the first day you need to eat fish. So, the menu on the first day may look like this:

  1. Breakfast - boil fish fillet of pollock, salmon or trout, it is allowed to add a little salt.
  2. At the next meal, the pink salmon baked in foil will do. It is allowed to add greens and salt.
  3. For lunch - tuna fish soup, herbs and salt (it is strictly forbidden to add any vegetables).
  4. Pink salmon, slightly salted and steamed.

Of course, to save the budget you can buy one type of fish and cook it in different ways.

To restore water balance, you need to drink fish broth, green tea or decoctions without adding sugar.

Second day

During this period, you can eat vegetables in any form: raw, steamed, boiled, baked. The main thing is to exclude oil, it is absolutely impossible to add it.

Menu on the second day:

  1. For breakfast, boil potatoes, mash or eat a vegetable whole, and add a salad of cabbage and carrots to it.
  2. Steamed broccoli or cauliflower is allowed to add salt.
  3. Vegetable stew with a little added greens.
  4. Fresh vegetables and baked pumpkin.
  5. For dinner, it is better to eat a vegetable salad of tomato, cucumber or cabbage and carrots.

During breaks, you can drink green tea and vegetable juices, in equal proportions diluted with water.

Day three

To exclude the appearance of apathy, you need to switch from carbohydrates to protein. A detailed menu for Wednesday is as follows:

  1. Breakfast - a portion of boiled chicken fillet.
  2. The next meal is skinless chicken thigh baked in spices.
  3. For lunch - light chicken soup with dill and parsley.
  4. For an afternoon snack - boiled drumstick without skin.
  5. Dinner - salt-free chicken fillet.

Fifth day

On a curd day 6 petals you can eat:

  1. Breakfast - cottage cheese without fillers.
  2. Second breakfast - natural yogurt.
  3. Lunch - cottage cheese and 100 ml. low fat milk.
  4. Snack - cottage cheese.
  5. Dinner - cottage cheese and 100 ml. low fat milk.

Sixth day

On the sixth day, you can afford sweet foods - fruits. The main thing is to choose fresh, seasonal fruits and berries without the addition of chemicals.

  1. Breakfast - 1 banana.
  2. Lunch - 2 oranges and kiwi.
  3. Lunch - an apple and 2 apricots.
  4. Afternoon snack - a handful of berries (blackberry, blueberry, blackberry).
  5. Dinner - an orange or grapefruit.

On the 7th day, there is a way out of the diet of 6 petals. At this time, you can arrange a fasting day on the water or eat according to the principles of proper nutrition. It is not necessary to fully adhere to the presented menu for a week. The main thing is not to eat too much and adhere to the principles of diet.


Despite the fact that this diet has many advantages, for many it is banned. Therefore, before starting to lose weight by this method, it is better to consult a doctor.

  1. Lactation.
  2. Pregnancy.
  3. Heart disease
  4. Stomach and intestinal problems.
  5. The postoperative period.
  6. Kidney disease.

A diet of 6 petals is loved for the simplicity and accessibility of the right ingredients, as well as easy portability and diversity. But adhere to this diet or not - everyone must decide for themselves. Maybe, nevertheless, it’s not up to you to plague your body with strict diets, but to choose the right food, you decide.

Stuffed cabbage from vegetables

It will take cabbage, small zucchini, carrots, bell pepper, 2 teaspoons of soy sauce, salt, half a kilogram of tomatoes, onions. Cook cabbage until the leaves are soft (without stalk). For the filling: cut all the vegetables into strips, simmer for 10 minutes. Add soy sauce. Wrap the stuffing in cabbage, lay on a baking sheet. For the sauce: chop and pass the onions in water, add mashed tomatoes and any seasoning. Pour stuffed cabbage and bake in the oven.

The essence of diet

The basic principles, essence and results of the Six Petals diet, proposed by Swedish nutritionist Anna Johansson, are described in detail in the corresponding article We recall that they will be six days of this diet:

  • Day 1. We eat fish.
  • Day 2. Vegetable.
  • Day 3. Based on chicken.
  • Day 4. Carbohydrate - based on cereals.
  • Day 5. Cottage cheese.
  • Day 6. Eat fruit.

The 6-petal diet menu is considered fairly balanced. It saturates the body with both proteins and carbohydrates, contributing to effective weight loss. Let us consider in more detail how to eat every day from six "petals".

6 petal diet rules

The essence of the 6 petal diet is extremely simple. It consists in a complex of six one-day mono diets. Every day, only the products shown should be consumed. The complex results in the alternation of protein days with carbohydrate, which leads to an acceleration of metabolism, burning of stored fat reserves and weight loss. While following a 6-petal diet, drinking water without gas, at least 1.5 liters, tea (herbal, green, black), decoctions and tinctures from berries, but without the addition of sugar is indicated. Water should be drunk in small sips 30 minutes before and one hour after eating. Drinking water with food is not recommended.

The main rule of the method for losing weight 6 petals - Do not rearrange the petal days at your own discretion, but follow them exactly as indicated in the nutritional plan.

6 petal diet rules:

  • 1 day - fish. Only fish is allowed on the menu (raw, boiled, baked, steamed). Fish is recognized as the most digestible protein. Enriches the body with useful Omega-3 acid.
  • 2 day - vegetable. Allowed the use of vegetables in raw, stewed, baked, boiled form.
  • 3 day - chicken. Only chicken should be eaten, but without skin. Chicken stock is allowed.
  • 4 day - cereal. Uses cereals cooked on the water (oatmeal, rice, buckwheat).
  • 5 day - cottage cheese. Dairy and sour-milk products of low fat content (cottage cheese, natural yogurt, kefir, fermented baked milk) are allowed on the menu.
  • 6 day - fruit. You should eat exclusively fruits and berries. You can mix them in the form of a fruit salad. Instead of a snack, you can drink a glass of freshly squeezed fruit juice or fruit drink.

Nutritionists recommend 7 day to make unloading. To consolidate the result of losing weight, you should use only purified water throughout the day.

To consolidate the result of losing weight at the exit should be excluded from the menu:

  • Fresh baked goods, flour and bakery products from wheat,
  • Desserts and sweets
  • Canned food and smoked meats,
  • Sausages
  • Butter, Cocoa,
  • Carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Contraindications diet 6 petals:

  • Pregnancy and lactation
  • Diseases of the liver, kidneys, pancreas,
  • Gastrointestinal tract diseases
  • Anemia,
  • Fever,
  • Diabetes,
  • Any disease during an exacerbation.

Broccoli recipe

Boil in salted and lemon-flavored water (about half). For the sauce, mix 2 tbsp. tablespoons of lemon juice and broccoli broth. Add garlic, herbs and pour broccoli sauce.

Daily meal example

  • 8:00 - two small mashed carrots
  • 11:00 - mashed potato without oil with potato broth
  • 14:00 - stewed vegetables with seasoning
  • 17:00 - steamed vegetables
  • 20:00 - any raw vegetables
Between meals: squeezed juice from vegetables, tea without sugar

Day 1 - Fish

The first day of the 6-petal diet menu for the week is based on any kind of fish. It is recommended to simmer, bake or steam. During the day you need to eat no more than 500 grams of fish. It contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for the body, including because they contribute to healthy weight loss. And the protein contained in the fish is well absorbed by the body and helps maintain muscle during weight loss.

This day's menu may include fish of the following varieties:

  • Diet fish (0.2-4% fat): pollock, tuna, cod, pikeperch, trout, hake, ide and so on.
  • Fish with a high content of protein and fat (4-8%): sea bass, carp, horse mackerel, pink salmon.
  • Fatty fish (more than 8% fat). This includes herring, salmon, mackerel, halibut, sturgeon, eel.

The best option is to combine fatty and dietary fish varieties in one day. For a change, you can also add seafood to the menu, such as mussels, shrimps, squids. It is allowed to drink tea without sugar, it is also important that a sufficient amount of clean water. On this day, the body usually does not experience stress, as it receives a sufficient amount of protein. On this day, the six-petal diet menu can be based on such recipes:

  • Baked trout. Clean the fish, rinse it, grate it a little with salt (although ideally it is advisable to do without it). Bake trout in the oven until cooked. Then peel off. To improve the taste characteristics of the fish on top, you can pour the juice of lemon.
  • Pollock meatballs with greens. Pass the carcasses of pollock through a meat grinder. Finely chop the greens, add it to the minced fish, lightly salt and pepper. Roll up small balls, place them on a baking sheet and bake until cooked.
  • Baked Pollock. Cut the carcasses of pollock into pieces, lightly salt and pepper. Bake in the oven. Garnish with fresh herbs at the end.

Day 2 - Vegetable

On the second day of the diet, the 6 petal menu will consist of vegetables. Of these, you can cook different dishes with minimal use of salt and spices. Other products, including vegetable oil, are prohibited. You can also drink vegetable juices. Vegetables can be baked, boiled, steamed or consumed raw. You can’t fry them.

When planning your menu and 6-petal diet recipes for this day, take on the following:

  • The basis of the diet can be a traditional tomato cucumber salad.
  • Stuffed pepper. Fill the vegetables with semi-finished stewed cabbage, add the tomato sauce and bake in the oven.
  • Grate or chop boiled beets. Add the garlic for piquancy.
  • It is allowed to cook soups. Cut the eggplant, onions, carrots and tomatoes, place them in a pan and cook for about seven minutes.
  • Cold soup. Beat in a blender sweet pepper, tomato, onion and herbs. If you want to make the dish more liquid, you can add another tomato.
  • Baked pumpkin is tasty and healthy. Cut it into slices, put on a baking sheet and leave for an hour in the oven.

Day 3 - Chicken

The third day of the diet is based on the use of chicken. You can use fillets and breasts. Chicken is a pure protein in which there is little fat and almost no carbohydrates, so it is a popular dietary product. You can’t eat more than 500 grams per day. You can consume up to 200 ml of chicken stock. An exemplary 6-petal diet menu for this day might be:

  • Breakfast: boiled chicken breast.
  • Lunch: chicken fillet baked in foil.
  • Lunch: chicken broth, where you can add a little salt, spices and herbs.
  • Snack: grilled skinless breast.
  • Dinner: a piece of boiled fillet.

Chicken can be cooked, steamed cutlets from it, baked. One of the recipes may be this: on a layer of onions in the ducklings, put pieces of the bird, grated seasoning. You can add chopped tomato on top to give the dish juice. Simmer over low heat for approximately two hours.

Day 4 - Cereal

A diet of 6 petals, whose menu for each day is quite simple, on the fourth day will saturate your body with useful complex carbohydrates. You can eat any porridge, bran, cereal bread, sprouted grain, a small number of seeds in breaks. A small amount of kvass is also allowed. On this day, the body will be effectively cleansed. An approximate detailed 6-pet diet menu for this day might be:

  • Breakfast: millet porridge cooked on water.
  • Snack: buckwheat,
  • Lunch: boiled brown rice,
  • Snack: oatmeal,
  • Dinner: buckwheat.

In between meals, you can eat a small amount of seeds that will help to cope with hunger.

Buckwheat can be prepared as follows: in the evening on the eve of a cereal day, rinse it, put it in a thermos and pour boiling water in a ratio of 1: 2. In the morning your will be ready. You can also bring the cereals to a boil in a pan and immediately turn it off. After a few hours, the grains will be steamed.

To diversify the menu, we can cook buckwheat meatballs. Cool the buckwheat and chop it in a blender. Add onion and herbs, whisk again. Now the mass needs to be shaped and baked. Cereals can be used differently depending on what you like best.

Day 5 - Curd

In the diet menu of 6 petals for each day, the penultimate day is important, which, in essence, is an unloading on the cottage cheese. For many, it becomes difficult, since not everyone likes to use cottage cheese. To improve the taste, you can add 1-2 tablespoons of low fat sour cream to the curd. You can also drink a glass of milk. Cottage cheese itself should be non-greasy. This day will saturate the body with valuable milk protein. The menu can be as follows:

  • Breakfast. Cottage cheese with a little yogurt.
  • Snack: a glass of milk.
  • Lunch: cottage cheese.
  • Snack: a glass of natural yogurt.
  • Dinner: cottage cheese.

For a day you need to eat no more than 500 g of cottage cheese with a fat content of up to 5%. If you feel hunger in the evening, you can drink a glass of kefir. To improve the taste, you can add cinnamon to the curd. Sugar is prohibited. You can pay attention to such an interesting recipe as cheese and cheese dumplings. The cheese needs to melt, roll the mass into balls, inside which there will be cottage cheese.For stickiness, you can add egg white. For a couple of minutes, the balls are boiled in milk.

Day 6 - Fruit

A six-petal diet, the daily menu of which ends with fruit, lasts six days, respectively, the fruit day will be the last. On this day we will eat fruit. You can eat them fresh or make smoothies. For example, put a banana, apple and kiwi in a blender bowl, whisk. In fact, this way you can cook any fruit. You can combine different fruits, making a fruit salad and seasoning it with lemon juice. Freshly squeezed juices are also allowed. A delicious option for this day is baked apples with cinnamon, quince. You can also eat berries, fresh or thawed.

A detailed menu of 6 petal diets on this day may be as follows:

  • Breakfast: orange, apple.
  • Snack: banana.
  • Lunch: fruit salad.
  • Snack: a glass of fresh fruit juice.
  • Dinner: smoothie made from apple, kiwi and banana.

You can bake pears in the oven by adding a little cinnamon or vanillin. Steamed apples will also be a tasty and healthy option. Rinse them, pierce them a couple of times with a fork. Remove the core and place a small amount of raisins instead. Wrap apples in foil and place them in a double boiler for 15 minutes.

This day is not recommended to abuse physical activity. Better relax and devote time to yourself.

On this diet of petals of 6 petals, the menu for each day of which we examined, ends. The menu can be changed and adjusted to your taste, but it should be based only on authorized products. Do not swap the days of the diet, as the secret of its effectiveness is in a clear sequence, in particular in the alternation of proteins and carbohydrates. If there is an opportunity, and you want to consolidate the result, you can devote one more day to the diet, which will be unloading - drink only water. Naturally, the ideal option is to have this day off. Therefore, the diet is recommended to start on Monday - this will help not to get confused.

Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks for a 6 petal diet:

  • First of all, you should carefully prepare for adherence to a dietary diet. To do this, make up a comprehensive menu for 6 days, depending on the allowed products. It is better to use simple recipes and choose exclusively fresh products that do not contain preservatives.
  • Partial nutrition is recommended, approximately 5-6 times a day. Do not eat strictly according to the clock, it is better to eat at the slightest feeling of hunger.
  • The last meal should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime.
  • Servings should be small.
  • During the day you need to drink purified water, infusions of herbs, teas (green, black, herbal) without sugar.
  • In order to consolidate the result of losing weight, you need the right way out. Do not immediately use forbidden foods on the menu, but teach your body to eat right. The output should be extended for several days, and preferably for a week. In the diet should be dominated by all allowed foods with the 6-petal slimming method and periodically alternate the protein menu with the carbohydrate.

How long can I diet?

The 6 petal slimming method helps to get rid of 5-7 kilograms of excess weight. This is an ideal program for emergency weight loss. However, obese people should not get carried away. How long can I diet on 6 petals? The diet method itself is designed for 6 days. 7 days according to the rules should be unloading - use only water. To maintain normal weight, it is recommended that you follow the 6-petal method once every six months.

If the principle of nutrition of 6 petals completely suits you, however, the result of losing weight is still not satisfactory, then you can repeat the diet, but not earlier than 2 weeks after the end of the previous one. To consolidate the result, it is worth periodically alternating the days of consuming exclusively protein and only carbohydrate products. The maximum effect can be achieved with an increase in physical activity. You should not use the elevator, do exercises, exercise, take walks in the fresh air for long distances.

Daily menu

Diet 6 petals sample menu for every day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner):

Monday - fish day:

  • Two steamed fish cakes,
  • Grilled salmon steak,
  • Meatballs,
  • Baked Carp.

Tuesday - vegetable day:

  • Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, bell peppers,
  • Vegetable stew,
  • The vinaigrette,
  • Grilled vegetables.

Wednesday - chicken day:

  • Boiled chicken breast,
  • Steamed chicken cutlets,
  • Chicken fillet broth,
  • Chicken meatballs.

Thursday - cereal day:

  • Oatmeal on the water,
  • Rice porrige,
  • Buckwheat,
  • Porridge "5 cereals."

Friday - curd day:

  • Curd seasoned with natural yogurt,
  • Cheesecakes,
  • Kefir,
  • Cottage cheese casserole.

Saturday - fruit day:

  • Berry juice
  • Fruit salad,
  • Freshly squeezed juice (peach, pineapple, orange to taste),
  • Orange, kiwi, grapefruit.

The seventh day - unloading, it is shown to drink only purified water without gas, at least 2 liters. This is the correct way out of a 6-petal diet, which will help consolidate the result of losing weight.

Diet Recipes

Recipes for a 6 petal diet:

Fish cakes

Fish cakes

  • Silver carp fillet,
  • Vegetable oil,
  • Salt.

Peel the fillet, rinse, chop with a meat grinder. Stuff the minced meat in the refrigerator (20 minutes). Then add minced salt, mix thoroughly, form patties and fry them in heated vegetable oil until golden brown on both sides.

Indulge yourself with delicate fish cakes on a fish day diet of 6 petals.

The vinaigrette

The vinaigrette

  • Beet,
  • Potatoes,
  • Carrot,
  • Onion,
  • Sauerkraut,
  • Cucumbers (pickled or pickled to taste),
  • Salt,
  • Vegetable oil.

Boil beets, carrots and potatoes, peel, cut into cubes. Dice the cucumbers. We mix all the vegetables in the container, add the sauerkraut, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, salt to taste.

Vinaigrette diversifies the diet while following a 6-petal diet on a vegetable day.

Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs

  • Chicken fillet,
  • Egg,
  • Salt,
  • Dry cinnamon
  • Sweet pepper powder.

Prepare minced meat from chicken fillet (grind it in a meat grinder). Add the egg, salt, cinnamon, pepper to the minced meat, mix thoroughly. We form small balls from minced meat. So that the stuffing does not stick to your hands, we wet it and periodically with water. Cook in a double boiler for 30 minutes.

Meatballs are recommended to be included in your chicken day diet with a 6-petal diet.



Pour water into the pan, bring to a boil, pour oatmeal. Cook over medium heat until cooked (10-20 minutes), stirring occasionally. Leave to brew for 5 minutes.

Oatmeal is a very healthy dish that helps to improve digestion and cleanse the intestines. With a 6-petal diet, you should include oatmeal on the cereal day menu for breakfast.



Add the egg, a pinch of salt to the curd, stir until a homogeneous mass is obtained. We form cutlets. So that the dough does not stick to the hands, wet them with water. Fry in a heated pan with melted butter on both sides until golden.

Include delicious cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast on the 6-petal diet curd day menu.

Berry fruit drink

Berry fruit drink

Dilute sugar in warm water, cool. Throw the berries in a warm syrup, insist 3 hours. Before serving, add ice cubes to fruit drinks, decorate with mint leaves.

Berry fruit drink - a tonic drink that can be included in the menu of fruit day diet 6 petals.

How much can you lose weight?

“How much can you lose weight on a diet of 6 petals?” - this question interests everyone who wants to lose weight. According to reviews, a diet of 6 petals really lose weight by 0.6-0.9 kg per day. Thus, in a week you can lose 5-7 extra pounds.

Daily use in the menu of single-component foods resembles separate meals. Carbohydrates and proteins do not mix with each other, due to which the accumulated fats are split. Monotonous nutrition makes the body "waiting" for new products, thereby contributing to the use of existing fat stores. The alternation of days of consuming one-component products affects metabolism, which does not have time to get used to a constantly changing menu, and therefore excludes the energy-saving mode.

Typically, the diet is tolerated easily and eliminates poor health, a feeling of weakness, feelings of hunger. Repeatedly, it is recommended to adhere to a diet of 6 petals not earlier than 2 weeks after the end of the previous course for weight loss.

Which is better - a 6-petal diet or a favorite?

Both methods of losing weight have their advantages and features. They are similar in their principles: daily alternation of products allowed in the menu, as well as a duration of 6 days.

When dieting your Beloved 3 days, you should use exclusively liquid (water, broths, fruit drinks). Water days alternate with vegetable, fruit and protein. Not everyone can withstand such severe restrictions. Also, fasting drinking days can damage the gastrointestinal tract. In this case, you should consider the daily calorie content of your diet and do not eat food after 18:00. For 6 days you can lose weight by 8-10 kg.

A 6-pet diet eliminates starvation. You can eat even late in the evening, however, it is desirable that the last meal was no later than 2 hours before bedtime. The menu of each day is distinguished by a set of acceptable products. The diet is diverse, including all the necessary products for the body, including fermented milk. Serving size is not limited; daily calorie counting is not necessary. For 6 days you can lose weight by 5-7 kg.

Thus, the Beloved diet is more stringent than 6 petals, however, and the results are more effective. Choosing a method for losing weight is an individual matter, taking into account the characteristics of your body and personal preferences in nutrition.

Stewed chicken

Washed pieces of chicken, salt, sprinkle with herbs and put in a bowl with thick walls. The best for this purpose is a cast-iron skillet or ducklings. Close the lid tightly and cook for 2-3 hours on low heat. Well-stewed chicken gives off a lot of juice, so you should not add water or oil.

Fried Chicken Fillet Recipe

To make the meat soft and juicy, soak it in a mixture of spices, herbs and grape vinegar 2 hours before cooking. After pickling, each piece must be dried and evenly fried without using oil in a Teflon pan. The perfect complement to this dish is a side dish of pickled red beans. It contains a lot of protein and goes well with chicken.

An example of nutrition on the third day

  • 7:30 - boiled chicken fillet
  • 10:30 - juicy chicken breast with herbs
  • 13:30 - chicken soup with herbs and seasonings
  • 16:30 - grilled chicken, pre-skinned
  • 19:30 - boiled chicken fillet
Between the main courses, you can drink tea and low-fat broth of their chicken.

What to eat

Within 6 days, you need to tune in to the use of products such as fish, cottage cheese, vegetables and fruits, chicken and cereals cooked from different cereals. On a fish day, you can eat any kind of fish (fatty or non-greasy), which is steamed or baked in the oven. Additionally, any day you can use greens: add to dishes or make cocktails from it.

Vegetables and fruits can be stewed or baked, eaten raw - as you wish. When cooking chicken meat, avoid the roasting process, but the original product can be boiled or baked. By the way, a nutritionist allows you to use salt in a small amount (if you want). When cooking meat or fish, you can use spices and herbs.

In accordance with each day, you can drink fish, meat or vegetable broths, milk, kefir, vegetable or fruit juices, but there are restrictions in 500 ml.

Diet allowed the use of coffee. The only thing you should observe some restrictions. It is allowed to drink coffee only 1-2 times a day.

In addition to restrictions on the use of products (which is already clear from the principle of diet), there are a number of other prohibitions. For example, throughout the diet you need to give up alcohol and carbonated drinks, as well as a large amount of coffee and cocoa (except for the allowed 1-2 cups per day).

All sweets and fast food fall under the ban. The maximum that can be allowed is 1 tsp. honey added to tea. Even on a cereal day, you cannot eat bread and other pastries. For the rest, just follow the recommendations of the author of the diet.

Oatmeal cookies

Mix 10 tbsp hot milk, 8 tbsp. oatmeal, a third of a teaspoon of quenched soda, a teaspoon of honey and vanilla. Let the mixture brew for 10-15 minutes and spoon on a baking sheet covered with foil. You should get small neat cookies that should be baked in a preheated oven until cooked.

Natural muesli

Natural muesli is an ideal meal for a snack on a cereal day. They are made from oatmeal, coconut and prunes. Pour oatmeal with boiling water 1 cm above the level of the cereal and insist 10-15 minutes, after covering it with a lid. Drain the remaining liquid, add chopped prunes and sprinkle with coconut.

Oatmeal Bars

Pour a glass of Hercules with a glass of cold water and wait for the flakes to become soft. Using a blender, we turn the resulting mass into a homogeneous "forcemeat", add cardamom, cinnamon, vanillin. Spoon the mixture onto a baking sheet covered with foil or baking paper. We bake in the oven at a temperature of 160 degrees until cooked for about 20-30 minutes. You can wrap each bar in Japanese rice paper and raise the temperature to 180 degrees.

Diet "6 petals": a sample menu for every day

On the first day you only need to eat fish, on the second - vegetables, on the third - chicken, on the fourth - cereal products, on the fifth - cottage cheese, on the sixth - fruit. A diet of 6 petals can be repeated after 2 weeks.

Your six petals will look like this:

  1. Fish day
  2. Vegetable day
  3. Chicken day
  4. Cereal day
  5. Curd day
  6. Fruit day.

The secret is that separate fractional nutrition helps fat breakdown well when proteins do not collide with carbohydrates. Due to the alternation of products, the body does not get used to food, so it does not accumulate excess energy in body fat. Weight in the process of a 6-petal diet decreases gradually day by day, and you will not be tormented by a terrible feeling of hunger.

Buckwheat cakes

A glass of boiled, chilled buckwheat pour half a glass of boiled water. Using a blender, grind into a homogeneous "mincemeat", add 1 tbsp. rye bran, caraway seeds and coriander. add cardamom, cinnamon, vanillin. Spoon the mixture onto a baking sheet covered with foil or baking paper. Very thin cakes should be baked at a temperature of 180 degrees until they become crispy.

Example menu for the fourth day

  • 7:30 - porridge cooked on water from sprouted wheat
  • 10:30 - salted buckwheat porridge cooked on water
  • 13:30 - boiled rice not steamed
  • 16:30 - oatmeal cooked on water with seeds or nuts (50 grams)
  • 19:30 - buckwheat porridge with herbs
In between the main meals, you can drink herbal tea and natural kvass.

The first day is fish

Any fish and fish fillet. Steam, boil, stew or bake. You can eat fish broth. A variety of taste is achieved by spices, seasonings and herbs, a small amount of salt. On this day, the body consumes easily digestible protein and valuable dietary fats, not prone to deposition in fat depots.

  • 8:00 - boiled fish cooked with salt and favorite spices,
  • 11:00 - fish baked in a slow cooker or oven with greens and salt,
  • 14:00 - fish ear cooked without adding vegetables and other ingredients,
  • 17:00 - steamed fish with appropriate natural spices,
  • 20:00 - slightly salted boiled fish.

Between meals - green, black, herbal tea without sugar.

Fish recipes.

  • Meatballs. Take pollock or hake (the smallest number of small bones in these fish). Clean and crank through the meat grinder. Add onion, oregano to the minced meat, salt, pepper, stir. Form small balls and put in the oven or in a double boiler for 15 minutes.
  • Baked fish. On a baking sheet, spread the chopped onion and parsley. Rub the small and dry fish with salt and put on the onion with herbs, add a little water, toss the fragrant pepper for flavor. Keep in the oven for about 30 minutes. You can’t eat vegetables, they are needed to enhance the taste and from burning.

Haddock steamed.


  • Haddock fillet - 400 g
  • Bay leaf - 2 pcs.,
  • Pepper - a pinch
  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Rinse the fillet, squeeze a little and dry,
  2. Sprinkle fish with lemon juice, sprinkle with pepper,
  3. Boil water in a pan, put bay leaves,
  4. Put the haddock in a colander, put it on the pan and close the lid,
  5. Steam for 15–20 minutes,
  6. Before cooking, you can spin the fillet into rolls using toothpicks. Bon Appetit!

Baked fish steaks with lemon.


  • Fish Steaks - 300 g.
  • Herb seasoning - 2 tsp.,
  • Pepper - a pinch
  • Lemon juice - 1 tbsp. l.,
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Grate fish steak with pepper and seasonings,
  2. Put fish on a baking sheet, pour some water on the bottom,
  3. Sprinkle steaks with lemon juice
  4. Cook for 10-15 minutes, then turn on the grill function until a light crust forms. Bon Appetit!

Curd Pudding

From 30 grams of semolina and 100 ml of milk, cook semolina without lumps. Cool it and mix with cottage cheese (150 g), raisins (1 tablespoon), dried apricots (1 tablespoon). Mix well and add protein whipped with a mixer. Gently put in a deep oiled form and bake until golden brown on low heat for approximately 20-30 minutes.

The second day - vegetable

Assorted vegetables - fresh, stewed, boiled, stewed, baked, all kinds of herbs, spicy herbs. Fresh vegetables. Use salt in minimal amounts. On this day, the body will not receive fat, and the digestion of vegetable carbohydrates will have to connect the reserves.

  • 8:00 - two grated carrots (not too big),
  • 11:00 - mashed potatoes (without adding any oil),
  • 14:00 - vegetables stewed with salt and seasonings,
  • 17:00 - steamed vegetables
  • 20:00 - raw vegetables.

In between meals: vegetable juices, green and black tea.

The recipe for stuffed peppers and tomatoes.

Cut off the top of vegetables, free from pits and pulp. Diced zucchini, herbs, chopped garlic will be suitable as a filling. Begin with fresh vegetables, season with pepper and salt, cook for no more than 15 minutes a couple.

Vegetable stew.


  • Eggplant - 4 pcs.,
  • Carrots - 1 pc.,
  • Onions - 1 pc.,
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.,
  • Tomatoes - 1 pc.,
  • Garlic - 1 clove,
  • Pepper - a pinch
  • Fresh greens - a bunch,
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Cut eggplant and carrots into thin slices,
  2. Put a part of eggplant in a dish for cooking, on top - a part of carrots and onion cut into rings,
  3. Cut bell pepper into strips, put on top,
  4. Following is finely chopped garlic,
  5. Then repeat the same layers again and finish with tomatoes,
  6. At the bottom of the dishes you can pour a little water. Cooking 35-40 minutes. Bon Appetit!

Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce.


  • Fresh cucumber - 3 amount.,
  • Tomatoes - 3 pcs.,
  • Lettuce - 5 pcs.,
  • Olive oil - 3 tbsp. l.,
  • Vinegar 9% - 1 tsp.,
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Cut cucumbers into slices, tomatoes into small pieces, lettuce leaves to tear into medium pieces,
  2. Add a little salt, add olive oil and optionally vinegar. To mix everything. Bon Appetit!

The third day is chicken

Breast or chicken fillet (without skin), low-fat chicken broth, herbs, salt, herbs. Not finding carbohydrates in this diet, the body synthesizes them from body fat.

  • 8:00 - boiled chicken breast,
  • 11:00 - roasted chicken fillet with spices to taste,
  • 14:00 - chicken soup with spices and herbs,
  • 17:00 - grilled skinless chicken,
  • 20:00 - boiled chicken fillet.

In between meals: chicken stock, tea.

Recipe: aspic of chicken.

Boil the chicken breast in slightly salted water. Divide into several pieces and put in a container. Take 15 g of gelatin, dissolve it in 100 g of broth, then combine with the remaining liquid and fill the meat. Leave in the refrigerator until the desired consistency.

Baked chicken with herbs.


  • Chicken fillet - 300 g.,
  • Dill - a bunch,
  • Basil - a bunch,
  • Pepper - a pinch
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Make several cuts on the chicken fillet, sprinkle with salt and pepper, grate with herbs,
  2. Wrap in foil, bake for 35 minutes,
  3. After that, you can expand the foil and turn on the grill function for 5 minutes to form a light crust. Bon Appetit!

Steamed cutlets.


  • Chicken fillet - 400 g.,
  • Onions - 2 pcs.,
  • Slices of white bread - 4 pcs.,
  • Milk - half a glass,
  • Egg - 1 pc.,
  • Fresh greens - a bunch,
  • Pepper - a pinch
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Soak bread in milk, when it gets wet - squeeze and transfer to another plate,
  2. Chicken fillet, onion and bread through a meat grinder. Add the egg, salt and pepper, knead thoroughly,
  3. We form cutlets and cook for a couple (you can in a double boiler or slow cooker). Bon Appetit!

Fourth day - cereal

The food menu contains all types of cereal, sprouted cereals, seeds, bran and cereal bread. Options with kvass and greens are possible.

  • 8:00 - porridge from sprouted wheat on the water,
  • 11:00 - buckwheat porridge with spices and salt on the water,
  • 14:00 - boiled rice (not steamed),
  • 17:00 - oatmeal on the water and 50 g of seeds or nuts,
  • 20:00 - buckwheat on the water with herbs.

In between meals: herbal tea.

Rice porridge with buckwheat recipe.

Unusual porridge is cooked like this. Boil mixed wild rice and buckwheat. Cook until rice is cooked, buckwheat will boil and will look like gravy. Add sesame seeds to the finished dish.

Buckwheat porridge.

Wash buckwheat several times, remove all excess. Pour cold water in a ratio of 1: 2. Wait for boiling, remove the heat to a medium level and cook until the water boils completely. You can add greens to the finished porridge.

Boiled rice on the water.

Rinse the rice, pour twice as much water into the pan as cereals. Cook for 15 minutes, try on preparedness. You can rinse the rice so that it is not sticky.

It is better if the rice is not white, polished, but wild (brown). Cooking instructions are usually indicated on the packaging.

Fifth day - curd

The main course is low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt and skim milk. The cells of the body are saturated with valuable amino acids and minerals, and the lack of carbohydrates is replenished again from the “depot”.

  • 8:00 - low-fat cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt without additives,
  • 11:00 - low-fat cottage cheese with 2 tablespoons of milk,
  • 14:00 - low-fat cottage cheese without everything,
  • 17:00 - low-fat cottage cheese with the addition of a small amount of milk,
  • 20:00 - low-fat cottage cheese without everything.

In between meals: you can drink 1 glass of milk, tea without restrictions.

Recipe: Curd Mousse.

Take 500 g of cottage cheese, add milk to it (200 g), add cinnamon and, if you wish, sweeten with a sweetener. Beat the composition in a blender and cool in molds.

Fat-free cottage cheese with yogurt.

Pour the cottage cheese with yogurt. Sugar and fruits do not add.

Low-calorie curd casserole.


  • Egg white - 1 pc.,
  • Milk - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Cottage cheese - 250 g.,
  • Cinnamon - a pinch
  • Salt to taste.

Cooking method:

  1. Mix all the ingredients, put in a baking dish,
  2. Cook for 25-30 minutes. Bon Appetit!

Sixth day - fruit

A variety of fresh or baked fruits. Fresh fruits without sugar. It is allowed to consume spices cinnamon, coriander, vanilla, etc. This is the day of maximum return on weight.

  • 8:00 - two red apples and a cup of coffee without sugar,
  • 11:00 - one banana
  • 14:00 - orange and grapes,
  • 17:00 - Kiwi and pineapple,
  • 20:00 - two apples of green color.

In between meals, fresh fruit juices, herbal decoctions, tea.

Vitamin Smoothie Recipe.

Beat banana, kiwi and 100 ml in a blender. orange juice.

Baked apples with honey and cinnamon.


  • Apple - 4 pcs.,
  • Honey - 2 tbsp. l.,
  • Cinnamon is a pinch.

Cooking method:

  1. Wash the apples, cut the middle, leaving the bottom,
  2. Pour some cinnamon inside,
  3. Pour honey
  4. Put on a baking dish, cook for 15 minutes. Bon Appetit!

The frequency of meals per day should not be less than three to four times. The entire course of the 6-petal mono-diet requires a lot of fluids, including: ordinary purified water, still mineral water, green, black, or herbal tea.

A complete rejection of sugar, sweets, chocolate and bread is offset by carbohydrate days. And the lack of fats will more than make up for the fats of the fish menu.

Way out of diet

You can leave the diet after completion, or in the process. The most undesirable option is a breakdown. In this case, all the weight lost will be returned within the first day. If there is no desire or ability to observe the system further, it is advisable to pull yourself together and smoothly return to your usual diet. It is necessary to break off correctly too!

Rules for competent exit from the diet:

  1. Gradual introduction of products. Ideally, the seventh day diet should consist of those foods and dishes that were present on the petals, 1-2 new ones can be added.
  2. The limitation of sweets. For an incomplete week, craving for high-calorie and harmful products has weakened, it is undesirable to kindle it. For dessert, it is preferable to eat fruits, berries.
  3. Serving control. The stomach during the system is reduced in size, you can eat up much less food.

If there is a strong feeling of hunger, you can’t control your appetite, then the most reliable way is to count calories and keep a food diary. In this case, you can allow yourself delicious dishes, but in small quantities and as part of the daily allowance.

Diet deficiencies

During the day, nutrition should be monotonous, because it is mono-diets that are effective in terms of weight loss. Within 2-3 days, take products of a certain type.

Such a restriction in the diet may not have the best effect on the work of internal organs, and the body, sensing a lack of energy, will stock up on calories. This self-defense mechanism is valid for 2 days of mono-diet.

Thus, most mono-diets that are designed for several days do not produce noticeable results. The combination of a variety of food products allows the body to receive beneficial substances within 6 days, without experiencing hunger, without subjecting the body to stress, lose 4-7 kg.

Real reviews of the 6-petal diet, before and after results

If in one approach you can withstand not one cycle, but 4, then the results will also be 4 times more. For 24 days on a diet, you can throw up to 20 kg. True, from the second week the weight loss rate may decrease.

  1. Svetlana I lost 4 kg., But this is with daily exercises in the gym. And, frankly, at the exit from the diet I gained these kilograms back. My opinion is that the diet is harsh, and you need to dilute it to a balanced diet - and so the result will be saved and it is easier to maintain weight. For example, dilute protein days with vegetables. And I was very nervous all 6 days, maybe because I am emotional by nature. I plan to sit on the "6 petals" again, so that these 4 kilograms are gone. Against the background of daily fitness, it will not be difficult. Moreover, I decided to dilute protein days with my favorite cabbage.
  2. Catherine. For me, a 6-pet diet turned out to be the easiest of all that I have tried recently. And these were: buckwheat, a diet by the clock, kefir. All of them had an exhausting effect on me, which I can not say about the six petals. It has everything that I love and cannot do without, which is meat, cottage cheese and fish. Most importantly, it does not require rejection of salt, you can even add seasoning. I lost 6 kg in a week. and was not hungry. Moved pretty easy, because you do not have to starve with such a menu, you can eat 5 times a day. Visually, the excess went off the hips and abdomen, I am delighted!
  3. Hope. The second birth, my figure was simply disfigured, I got much better. And she moved very little, and ate a lot. I tried a diet, I couldn’t stand it. They arrange a fasting day for themselves once every 7 days, but after it I begin to overeat.
  4. Diana. Those who think that 30 can do without diets are deeply mistaken! Yes, I have a generally good figure, but in a swimsuit on the beach I was always shy of my stomach ... I was pulling it in all the time ... Imagine a young girl ... and such a miracle at the waist ... A friend spoke about an interesting diet, according to which she lost 7 kg ., well, I decided to take a chance ... you know ... I was just thrilled, losing weight is easy and delicious! "Six petals" pleased.
  5. Kseniya. I bought a beautiful dress for the New Year, but it somehow sits wrong. The girls from the group talked about the 6-petal diet, when you can eat only one type of food per day. Drew a flower, admired. At 56 kg. I wanted to throw off the promised 4 kg., but it turned out 1.8 kg. I was upset. But when I tried on a dress, it turned out that the weight had gone where it was needed - on the sides and buttocks. Now I know a way to lose weight fast!

There are many methods for losing weight, but not all of them will work equally well on a particular person. And one of the most effective and well-established options is the Ducan diet for weight loss.

An effective diet of 6 petals managed to fall in love with many girls. They managed to cope with the extra pounds and become owners of the perfect figure. You can also appreciate the benefits of this diet if you are ready to radically change your diet. Be beautiful and healthy!


Cut 600 g of young Imereti cheese or suluguni cheese into thin slices and dip into a pan with hot milk (1 cup). As a result, you will get a viscous mass that you need to take out, sprinkle with finely chopped mint greens and form a cake out of it. Gadazeli should be served in a deep plate, pouring milk on top, which remains after heating.

Cheese and curd dumplings with milk soup

Mix 200 grams of cottage cheese and one whipped protein. In a water bath, melt 50 g of cheese until it becomes like thick porridge. From the cooled cheese we make small dumplings, put cottage cheese in the middle of each and form a ball with cottage cheese inside. Dip the balls into boiling milk (250g) and boil for 3-5 minutes.

Nuts with cottage cheese

We chop the chopped nuts to the bottom of the glass and cover them with a layer of fat-free cottage cheese mixed with yogurt. Next, fill everything with homemade blueberry syrup and repeat the layers in the same sequence. Blueberry syrup can be replaced with strawberry, apricot or raspberry. Use strawberries and blueberries for decoration.

Yogurt Chocolate Dessert

Beat a blender with 0.5 cups of milk or 150 ml of Greek yogurt, 100 g of cottage cheese mashed to a creamy state, 1 tsp. cocoa, 0.5 tsp coffee, a little sweetener - stevia powder. If you use milk, then the amount of cottage cheese should be increased to 180g. The finished dish can be frozen in cookie cutters.

Curd Souffle

Beat with a blender 200 g of cottage cheese crushed to a creamy state, 1 tsp cinnamon, 100 ml of yogurt, powdered stevia, a little cinnamon, one and a half tablespoons of agar. Yogurt can be replaced with skim milk, but in this case, the amount of cottage cheese should be increased to 250 g. You can use gelatin to prepare this dish, after soaking it in warm water, 1 tsp. per 100g.

Example menu for the fifth day

  • 7:30 - fat-free cottage cheese + 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt
  • 10:30 - low fat cottage cheese and milk
  • 13:30 - low fat cottage cheese
  • 16:30 - low fat cottage cheese and milk
  • 19:30 - low fat cottage cheese
Between the main meals, you can drink one glass of milk per day and tea without restrictions.

Mango smoothie

Put the sliced ​​mango, half a banana, pineapple puree in a blender bowl and turn it on for 1-2 minutes. A very effective mango smoothie looks in a glass decorated with a sprig of thyme, along with fruit slices and any other berries.

Example menu for the fifth day

  • 7:30 - a pair of red apples and a cup of coffee
  • 10:30 - banana
  • 13:30 - an orange and a bunch of grapes
  • 16:30 - Kiwi and pineapple
  • 19:30 - a couple of green apples
Between main meals, you can drink fresh fruit juices and herbal teas.

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