Signs about a wedding in a leap year

The coming 2020 will be a leap year. This is an unusual year. And so you should take a closer look at him. After all, all important events can acquire a different color. This is especially true of such an important event as marriage. Consider what promises us a leap year and whether it is possible to get married (get married) at this time.

The main signs of a leap year - what can not be done

A leap year is once every 4 years. This means that in a year instead of 365 days there will be 366. February will bring an extra day. The ancestors were afraid of any change in the usual course of things, and assumed that a leap year brings crop failure, war and disease. The people call it the year of Kasyan, the vindictive avaricious who on the way to paradise refused to help pull the cart out of the mud .

According to popular beliefs, nothing serious should start in a leap year. Everything started will go at random. What exactly is not worth doing:

  • getting married or getting married
  • divorce,
  • change of residence
  • start building a house,
  • change job
  • take long trips or trips,
  • open your own business
  • plan a pregnancy.

Why you can not marry and marry in a leap year

Marriage in this period is not worth it, because signs say that it will be fragile and will soon disintegrate. Even if the couple maintains relations, the union will be difficult - with scandals and quarrels. Probably a misunderstanding and even treason. The material welfare of the couple who played the wedding will be unstable. These are just some of the few reasons why you shouldn't get married or get married in a leap year.

According to Chinese signs, a long year is considered unfavorable for serious life changes. He is the fourth in a row, and this number is associated among the Chinese with illness, failure and death.

Esoterics give several reasons why you can not get married in a leap year:

  • one of the spouses can get very sick,
  • in marriage, the young will constantly quarrel and claim leadership,
  • husband or wife widows early
  • there is a risk that the young will cheat on each other.

A leap year is considered unsuccessful not only for weddings, this year it is undesirable to have children. If an event has occurred, then the baby should be baptized more quickly in order to protect it from ills and diseases.

Marital happiness does not only depend on acceptance. He is strongly influenced by the behavior of the husband and wife. That negative omens did not come true, it is necessary to respect each other. If the relationship is built on abuse and submission, the young will not be happy (regardless of the date of the wedding and compliance will).

Happy dates for a wedding in a leap year according to signs and astrological data

It is worth remembering that the unwillingness of one of the spouses to marry in a leap year can also lead to quarrels and a problem in relations. If a couple has sincere feelings, then do not postpone the wedding for a long time. In any year (even in a leap year) there are lucky dates that level negative signs.

Days in a leap year when it is better to play weddings according to folk signs:

  • January - 10, 26, 29,
  • February - 2, 3, 6,7, 25, 28, 29,
  • March 1,
  • April - 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 17,
  • May - 1, 4, 5, 24,
  • June - 1, 5,
  • July - 25, 26, 27, 30,
  • August - 2, 3, 21, 23, 26, 30.31,
  • September - 1, 2, 7, 18, 23, 28, 29, 30,
  • October - 2, 4, 9, 18, 23, 25, 26,
  • November - 17, 20, 21, 22, 27,
  • December - 18, 20, 21, 25, 27, 28.

If you get married or get married in a leap year, then get protective amulets and amulets. They will help maintain family happiness for many years.

The Orthodox Church condemns superstition, considering them pagan remnants that are aimed at destroying the true faith. And he believes that you can get married on any day of the year. The main thing is that the date of the celebration does not fall on church holidays or during Lent, as well as on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.

Astrologers consider the most favorable months when you can get married in a leap year - March, May, September and October.

Regarding the “beautiful” dates:

  • 02/02/2020 - the perfect combination of twos and zeros. According to the lunar calendar, this is a good time for marriage.
  • 02/20/2020, according to astrologers, an extremely inopportune time for the wedding.
  • 02.22.2020 day is not suitable for marriage.
  • 05/22/2020, 08/02/2020, 09/20/2020, 10/02/2020, 11/20/2020, 11/22/2020 - days on which the Moon is not in opposition.

Test from numerologists to determine happy wedding dates in a leap year

Numerologists advise determining a happy day for a wedding in 2020 using a simple test. To do this, add up all the digits of the planned date in turn.

For example, a celebration should take place on 08/07/2020. So you need to add 0 + 7, 0 + 8 and 2 + 0 + 2 + 0 in turn. The resulting numbers 7, 8 and 4 are added up again. The number 19 again leads to the unique form 1 + 9 = 10, and then 1 + 0 = 1.

The final figure is used to determine whether the chosen day will be favorable for the wedding or not:

  • 1 - a symbol of strong family relationships. However, the couple will have to go through a lot to stay together until the end. They can save the union only if they yield to each other.
  • 2 - symbolizes a harmonious union of spouses. Husband and wife will be in equal positions, support and understand each other. However, if one of them cheats on another, then the marriage will immediately break up,
  • 3 - an unsuccessful number for a wedding in a leap year 2020. The three symbolizes the instability of marriage, quarrels, conflicts
  • 4 is also an unfortunate number for the wedding in 2020. In such relationships, the main components will be greed and cold calculation. Those who were able to save the family will live alienated.
  • 5 - a successful marriage, but not for everyone. The union will be formed only if the young are passionate about one thing. In other cases, the imminent collapse of the family is inevitable.
  • 6 - a successful date in all respects for a wedding in a leap year. Young people will have everything they dream about: healthy children, prosperity and mutual understanding. All this, the couple will achieve together, but only if initially experienced sincere feelings for each other.
  • 7 is a lucky number for those looking for a quiet family life. If the couple leads a busy lifestyle, then the period after the wedding in a leap year will be unsuccessful.
  • 8 - unlucky number for a wedding for young people who marry for love. However, for those who choose a partner in the calculation of the eight promises the achievement of goals.
  • 9 - favors the union of couples, where one spouse is in the role of a leader, and in his subordination. The latter will have to forget about personal ambitions, career growth in order to devote himself to the family and, thereby, save the marriage.

5 will successfully marry in a leap year

Our ancestors knew how to neutralize almost any negative sign, including for a wedding in a leap year. Let us familiarize ourselves with these methods:

  1. The bride should not collect a big and noisy bachelorette party in the house - fun and holiday clutter can scare away the future well-being of a young family. This signs should be adhered to in all leap years.
  2. In order for life to be secure, the next 3 years the young need to cover the table with a tablecloth, which was at the celebration. For the same purpose, you need to put coins in the shoes of the young before the wedding. According to signs, how long the tablecloth is stored, so much the marriage will last.
  3. A young wedding outfit should choose with a maximum train. Then the joint life of the young will be long. According to the same rule, it is worth picking up vintage antique jewelry - symbolizing the eternity of feelings and long love. Wedding attire can not be sold under any pretext, otherwise the bride will lose her family happiness.
  4. After the wedding took place, young people should save the cutlery that they used during the celebration. Forks and spoons are tied in pairs and stored in a secret place. It is believed that young people will be able to attract a comfortable life with this ritual.
  5. In 2020, the newlyweds are recommended to get married. Higher powers will help neutralize the negative of a leap year. In the church, at the wedding, the bride and groom should pronounce the slander: "I am crowning with a crown, not a leap-end." Then the marriage will be successful strong.

In a leap year, brides are not recommended to wear a wedding ring on a glove at a wedding. A ring put on a glove indicates the frivolity of the union and that it will soon disintegrate.

In some countries, including Russia in antiquity, a leap year was considered the “year of the bride." On February 29, the girl herself could make an offer to the guy by sending matchmakers to him. And, as a rule, such marriages were quite successful.

And, most importantly - the newlyweds should remember that their happiness is only in their own hands. If you feel that you have found your soul mate, do not let other people's opinions ruin your fate. For loving hearts there are no barriers! In the end, a wedding in a leap year 2020 can only mean that you will love each other one day more!

Where did the belief come from?

Alas, since ancient times it was believed that a wedding concluded in a leap year will not bring happiness to anyone. Marriages that occurred in such years are doomed to divorce and other failures. However, if you experimentally verify the number of divorces in different years, then no direct relationship can be identified.

In Russia, a leap year, that is, one in which there is one extra day, was considered the so-called "year of the bride." Only this year was it allowed to meet the fair sex to the one she liked.

It is from here that the superstition that you cannot marry in a leap year has its roots. It is believed that unions, when a woman herself initiates a relationship, a life together or a wedding, are ultimately doomed to failure. Evidence of this is found even in everyday life.

Attention! In other situations, the decision should be made only by the man, and the woman should answer with consent or refuse the man.

Do weddings play in a leap year

The opinions of the church, astrology, esotericism and rational science were divided. It is worthwhile to warn readers that none of these opinions is the ultimate truth.

This is just a reason for reflection, the decision is made by each couple separately, depending on what is closer to them - logic or feelings.

From the point of view of the church

The church is united in its opinion - true love cannot be prevented by any extra day on the calendar. Therefore, getting married, getting married is quite possible on any day. The only exceptions are church holidays, such as Easter or Christmas, as well as Lent Day.

In order to conduct a wedding ceremony, you must first turn to your priest. He will give the necessary instructions, determine the optimal wedding date for the newlyweds. Usually no restrictions are imposed, but there may be times when a particular day is not suitable.

The opinion of astrologers and esotericists

The opinions of astrologers and esotericists on this issue were divided. Some of them insist that unionization is not allowed in a leap year.

The fact is that this year, the first of the next three is a kind of zeroing the cycle, it begins a new cycle. Therefore, spontaneous decisions are likely at this time, the opportunity to act not rationally, but to give free rein to unbridled emotions.

It would be wise to wait a little with the wedding in the year 20, if the young are still at the stage of the candy-bouquet period and look at everything through pink glasses.

Note! It would be better to have a wedding in 2021, when feelings grow stronger and partners can consider each other's true personalities.

From a rational point of view

If we consider the issue from a rational point of view, it becomes clear that for the most part, all the speculation about the impossibility of getting married in a leap year is nothing more than prejudice and superstition.

If we look at the statistics, it will become clear - the couples who entered into an alliance in a leap year quarrel no more than those who put on the rings in any other year.

In addition, there is no evidence that would confirm a greater number of divorces of marriages that were concluded during an allegedly dangerous period. Therefore, the newlyweds should not worry.

Statistics of marriage and divorce from Rosstat

YearMarriagesOf divorces

The origins of superstition

In Russia, the leap year was also called the year of Kasyan. They said that two simple peasants - Nikolai and Kasyan once walked across the field with Christ himself. And they saw another man plowing the earth. Suddenly, the peasant’s cart got bogged down in the wet arable land and could not budge. Nikolay ran to help, but Kasyan did not budge. To this, Christ gave Nicholas 2 days a year, when people will remember him and glorify him, but Kasyan will simply be forgotten. And so it happened. Kasyan later began to guard the gates of hell, and was forced to work seven days a week all year round. The only day he broke free was February 29th. It is clear that the embittered watchman did everything that he wanted on this day. And nothing good was expected from him.

People who are at least a little superstitious will never celebrate their wedding in a leap year. And all because from ancient times it was believed that an extra day in the year could not bring anything good. That's why he is superfluous. And the year itself with such a "weighting" is considered unlucky.

So it was thought that this year was from the evil one. So, everyone who gets married this year will face setbacks and troubles alone. Who, after this, dares to file an application with the registry office?

However, there is another reason to consider a leap year unsuccessful for marriage.

Many years ago, among our ancestors, the year with the “profitable” day was considered the year of the Brides. Yes! Only this year the bride could offer a wedding, not the bridegroom. And the most interesting thing is that the chosen one did not have the right to refuse his bride during this period . And there were weddings that arranged only the female half of the family. It is clear that such a family could not initially be happy. Quarrels between such spouses constantly broke out, between the newlyweds there was not only love, but also understanding, respect. At the same time, divorces were not encouraged. So the couple had to endure what is not nice.

On the other hand, one can object - after all, when a man made an offer to a woman, she also did not always want this. But marriages lasted a lifetime and were not considered unsuccessful.

Now, it is unlikely that someone will force someone to marry or marry through force. Therefore, it is up to the couple themselves to listen to signs or let them pass by.

Signs about a wedding in a leap year

Since in a leap year any guy could be chosen by her husband and not at all the one who would like to, he had to come up with reasons that would make him completely abandon the idea of ​​getting married this year. And our ancestors of such omens knew a whole list:

  • a family that is created in a leap year will be miserable throughout life,
  • if you get married, one of the spouses will die within three years after the wedding,
  • the marriage of all those who marry will be short-lived, the spouses will have a mandatory divorce for three years,
  • those who got married in the year of the Devil can give birth to a child with hooves or horns, or just a freak,
  • a demon will walk in the family, that is, one of the spouses will constantly change,
  • the house of such a family will be “without a master” or “without a mistress,” that is, there will be no comfort, warmth in the house, cattle and wealth in the yard.

Is it possible to avoid the consequences predicted in the signs

Even when the newlyweds themselves do not believe in signs, there will always be people from the inner circle who are anxious about predictions.

To reassure them, as well as not to leave yourself even a raid of negativity on this day, you need to know how to avoid all the dark that omens predict.

For this, they did it before:

  • for brides they advised a wedding dress such that symbolizes a happy and long family life. These are dresses with a long bottom (not in vain because the most classic wedding dress is necessarily with a long hem), you can wear a dress with a train, it will be even better. A short dress predicts a short marriage, and long celibacy,
  • so that the family always has prosperity, the bride can put coins in shoes. It is believed that coins will attract money and wealth to the family,
  • Do not wear a ring on a wedding glove. Even if the glove itself is of amazing beauty, thin, wedding, this will not save the marriage from soon decay. The glove must be removed, put on the ring and only then put on the glove again,
  • You cannot give or sell your wedding dress or veil. You can’t even give your girlfriend or relative a dress. By this, the bride, as it were, gives up her family happiness and well-being to the one who put it on. Of course, if the dress is rented, it’s not the bride’s dress, and she don’t give anything to anyone with this dress,
  • another very curious sign is that the tablecloth that is laid on wedding tables should also not be given away or thrown away. She needs to be kept and set the table with it every anniversary. It’s hard to agree with the sign - after all, most weddings today are played in restaurants
  • On the night before the wedding itself, you need to light a candle and make a happy family life on it. While it burns, you can come up with all sorts of desires for family living. If desires have already ended, and the candle has not gone out, it must be left (under supervision) so that it burns out,

Signs predicting a happy marriage in a leap year

Despite the many unkind superstitions, there are good signs too:

  • the more days in a year, the more children
  • the more a year, the more wealth in the family,
  • Wedding in the year of brides - all life is a "full bowl",
  • Wife in an extra year - an extra cake in her mouth,
  • A warm stove in the house, since he married in a big year.

Many signs have not reached our times, but weddings in a leap year were not uncommon.

Disadvantages of Leap Year Weddings

Are there any downsides to having a leap year wedding? Yes, and very big - these are prejudices themselves.

Everyone understands the closer the wedding day, the more worried both the bride and groom. Wedding chores, organizing a feast, following all the customs, a dress, a costume, a wedding cake, an invitation toastmaster - you need to follow everything, not to miss anything, and, as a rule, the newlyweds do not have experience. Is it a joke ?! And not far from a nervous breakdown. And nearby there are still those whispering who believe that in such a year a wedding should not be held at all, because the husband can die, and the child will be born with hooves, and ... If the bride and groom do not run to shoot, then they have reinforced concrete nerves .

In fact, I want to give a simple example - perhaps people used to observe some signs related to the “Kasyan year”, and ask for feedback from any of your acquaintances - did they sign in a leap year or not? 9 out of 10 couples will not answer you, because they simply do not know. Or do not remember. And at the same time, they have been living fine for many years.

The benefits of getting married in a leap year 2020

I want to note right away - 2020, this is not only a leap year, but also a happy year for everyone. Well, which of us did not check the lucky ticket! 20-20 is fortunately!

Therefore, in the list of advantages we write this factor first:

  • marriage in 2020 will be happy, since the year itself is considered happy,
  • in such a year, as a rule, newlyweds will be offered discounts, bonuses, promotions for holding wedding events,
  • and yet, in such a year, someone else gives up their happiness in the form of a wedding, so the rest will have more choice for the wedding, they can choose any restaurant or cafe,
  • a huge plus - you do not have to wait a whole year to be called the husband or wife of your loved one.

Is it possible to play a wedding in a leap year - what will the church say?

If you can believe in signs or not believe, then many people listen to the prohibitions of the church quite carefully. And indeed, it will be a shame if the beloved grandmother refuses to come to the wedding of her granddaughter because of the strict ban on the church celebrations this year.

But the fact is that the church is actively opposing all superstitions. So, in this year he does not advise to refuse to marry.

There are no prohibitions for love - this is the position of the church. True, the same church strictly forbids marriage during fasting, but this is only a few days, and not a whole year.

Therefore, true Christians do not have the right to look back at February 29th when choosing a wedding day.

Rational reasons

You need to proceed from each pair individually.

If for some of the newlyweds a leap year is significant or not, then it is better to refuse. Because, no matter how people are convinced, deep down in their hearts there will still be doubt whether he did the right thing in playing this wedding. And since the wedding is a fateful event in the life of every person, it is impossible that even trifles interfere with the holding of such an event.

It is also worthwhile to postpone the wedding when the fact of a leap year plays a global role for relatives or close people. If it is not difficult for the newlyweds, then you can postpone the wedding because of respect for loved ones. Otherwise, any minor roughness in a young family can be brought to serious disagreements, “and I said that nothing will come of you! You got married in a leap year, then. You will always have setbacks! ”

When you wait only for troubles from what you did (signed), then these troubles will not keep you waiting. It is not in vain that they say, “Thoughts are material!”

Famous people who played a wedding in a leap year

Public people, like ordinary people, get married, get divorced, give birth to children, and build a career. Here are just a few couples who married in a leap year:

  • Tatyana Totmyanina and Alexey Yagudin. They signed in 2006. They have two beautiful kids growing up, and it’s hard to doubt the successful career of these skaters. And the financial condition is probably better than many of those who got married in an ordinary year,

Leap Year Wedding

Is it possible to get married and get married in a leap year? An interesting fact - in Russia in a long year the matchmakers were given rest, and the girl herself could go to get married to the guy she liked.

I came to the house of a young man, sat down on a bench and waited. You could neither talk nor ask for anything. It could take several days.

And if the owners of the house turned to her, started a conversation, then this meant that the girl was accepted into the family and given the green light for marriage, without asking her son for an opinion.

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Of course, such marriages, where love is present on one side only, often proved unsuccessful. Hence the belief that in a leap year you can’t play weddings.

Signs for a wedding in a leap year

Why can’t you play weddings in a leap year, say folk signs. There is a belief that in a long year, couples who have married will certainly part. Or other misfortunes will occur:

  • young people get very sick
  • there will always be quarrels and fights in the family,
  • one of the couple is widowed early
  • one of the couple will cheat,
  • the family will collapse.

In addition, in a leap year it was impossible not only to marry, but also to bear children. If this happened, then they tried to christen the newborn as quickly as possible.

But if you follow all the signs, it turns out that you can not marry in the next year after a leap year, it is considered the year of the widow, and after it comes the year of the widower. That is, for three whole years you can’t create families and have children. That is, in fact, all these superstitions are only an obstacle to family happiness, the reliability and seriousness of the intentions of young people who want to start a family are checked.

But if all these superstitions affect the young, and they are wary of marrying in a leap year, then there are some signs for them that must be fulfilled in order for a marriage concluded in a long year to become happy.

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  • For example, before the crown it is necessary to pronounce the words: "I am crowning with a crown, and not with a leap-end."
  • In order for the couple to live a long life together, the next three years after the registration date for the anniversary, you need to cover the table with the tablecloth with which he was laid on the wedding day.
  • Under no circumstances should a bride wear a wedding ring over her glove; otherwise, divorce cannot be avoided.

A bridal veil and a bride’s wedding dress cannot be sold, so as not to sell your family happiness with them. And in shoes young before registration should be put on a coin.

On the way to the place of registration, the bride and groom should not look back.

Do all these signs and superstitions play a role in family life? Probably only for those who believe in them. In this case, for your own peace of mind and a sense of protection from dark forces, it is worthwhile to conduct all these rites.

Leap Year Wedding

Do wedding ceremonies in leap years? Orthodoxy has never forbidden weddings this year. The idea that you cannot marry in a leap year is absolutely false. This is superstition, which in no way should affect the consciousness of a sane person. How can the number of days in a year affect the fate of family life? The answer is obvious.

Anyone who is about to get married knows that for the Sacrament of Wedding the couple receives the Blessing of God, and no dark forces should be feared with him.

The main thing is a sincere feeling between future spouses and their desire to conclude their relationship in an alliance before God. Love must be stronger than superstition, then the relationship will be strong and durable.

Auspicious wedding days are days that do not fall into the fast or on the days of the commemoration of the dead. And whether it is a leap year or not, it does not matter.


There are many people in the world who are convinced that a leap year does not in any way interfere with marriage. Here are some reviews:

Olga: “My husband and I got married in a leap year, and we learned about this a few years after the wedding. We live in peace and harmony, two children. You should not bother with bad signs. ”

Veronica: “When I was going to get married, superstitious mother and grandmother discouraged me from waiting for a leap year to pass. But I insisted on it and my husband and I registered our relationship. We live well, we don’t complain about anything. ”

Maya: “How many acquaintances divorced after several years of marriage, and no matter what year they got married. Relationships do not depend on acceptance, but on love for one another. ”

  1. Video on the topic of the article:

Is it possible to play a wedding in a leap year 2020: pros and cons, tips and tricks

You can't marry in a leap year! Often you heard this when you started a conversation about how to choose a year for the wedding? This superstition is one of the most common: it has firmly "settled" in the minds of people for a very long time. Is one extra day a year capable of influencing human destinies? The portal will help you figure out whether it is worth fearing a leap year and whether it is worth organizing a wedding in 2020.

Leap year: pros and cons

Let's remember which years were leap years: 2008, 2012, 2016, i.e. every 4 years. It will be 2020, 2024, 2028 and so on. So why is it still impossible to plan a wedding for a leap year? In Russia, it was believed that the leap year is the year of the bride.

Young people did not get married this year, this right passed to the girls. A strange feature was that the guy could not refuse the matchmakers and had to marry the one who came to him in the matchmakers.

Often forced marriages were made - hence the superstition of an unhappy family life.

Cons of Leap Year Weddings

There is only one major minus of a leap year wedding - human prejudice. The bride before the wedding is very vulnerable.

So much trouble is associated with the event, so many issues need to be addressed, no one canceled the pre-wedding excitement.

And most relatives and acquaintances vying give out superstitions regarding the wedding in a leap year. Perforce, you begin to think and fear.

Of course, if you think about your marriage from the very beginning in a negative way, then a bad event is much easier to happen. Therefore, if you decide to play a wedding in a leap year - think positively!

From the point of view of the organization, holding a celebration in a leap year has many advantages. Let's look at some of them:

  1. Freedom of choice. According to statistics, in a leap year, 15-20% fewer weddings are held. So it will be easier for you to book a banquet room, time for painting at the registry office, hire the best photographers and other specialists.
  2. Prices. Due to the low workload and a large number of free dates, companies offer newlyweds discounts and lower prices for all services associated with weddings.

Why you can not get married in a leap year

Many centuries ago, during the heyday of paganism, people were afraid of a changing month. They believed in a strong bond between nature and the gods. Therefore, all important events, such as the beginning of sowing work or a wedding, tried to coincide with positive signs.

Winter festivities are the culmination of a sacrifice to Chernobog. It was he who ruled over the cold, frost and snow. Since the winter solstice, this dark spirit took patronage of all living things on earth and did not recede when it did not receive a ransom.

The peasants were so afraid of him that on February 29 they tried not to leave the house unnecessarily; at night the fear intensified. Nature itself extended the reign of Chernobog for another day. These fears have spawned many superstitions that have come down to us. They warn of misfortunes that threaten the couple who decided to neglect the ancient traditions.

The main idea of ​​all the negative signs about marriage is the separation of the young. Beliefs argue that a marriage concluded at such a time will be fragile, will not stand in the first encounter with reality, and the couple will separate.

Others talk about future difficulties between husband and wife. And when the couple manages to save the marriage, misunderstanding, resentment and betrayal will always be between them. No union has insurance against such errors, regardless of the time of the marriage. Another problem would be poverty. Financial difficulties will begin after the triumph. This will cause the gap.

There are strange superstitions. For example, a short dress of the bride will destroy the nascent union. A noisy bachelorette party will come around in the future with a loud divorce with the division of property.

Good wedding signs in 2020

The church is also good at weddings in a leap year. Priests do not identify Christian doctrine with pagan superstitions. And they say that it is obligatory to conduct a wedding ceremony. The restrictions apply to Saturdays, as well as important church holidays: Easter, Assumption, Christmas, Trinity.

Marriage in a leap year is more successful than in the next two. According to signs, after an extended cycle, the year of the Widow goes, and then the Widower. And this is worse than the likelihood of a divorce.

How to neutralize superstition

When faith in folk wisdom is strong, but triumph must be held, esotericists recommend adhering to simple rules in order to remove the influence of superstition:

  • Choose a long dress for the bride. This is a concession for a long and happy family life,
  • in dresses of the bride and groom so that there is an even number of buttons.When clothing is not provided, sew accessories to the lining. It protects against treason,
  • remove gloves before exchanging rings. Putting on fabric is a sign of frivolous intentions,
  • a young wife put a pair of small coins in shoes. They attract wealth
  • Be sure to save your wedding veil. She will become a "protective cover" for a young family,
  • the tablecloth that covered the wedding table is used on the next three anniversaries of marriage. In this case, the union will be strong.

A simple belief that everything will be fine protects against negative wedding signs in a leap year. Superstition will not ruin a marriage. And when you set yourself up for a positive expectation, you will surely fulfill. In relations between people, it doesn’t happen that everything happens, but it’s not worth blaming the wrong wedding date for each quarrel.

Is it possible to play a wedding in a leap year: what does the church think?

The opinion of the church on this issue is unequivocal - no restrictions. The church does not support all superstitions and believes that a leap year is not a hindrance to true love. If you listen to the opinion of the church regarding the choice of the date of the celebration, then you should consider only the time of fasting. These days, marriage is not welcome and weddings are prohibited.

According to statistics, most couples still believe in the danger of a leap year, only a few decide to marry. But what to wish for those couples who do not want to wait a whole year? There are a number of signs for those who are planning a wedding in a leap year 2020, which will help attract family happiness:

  • No fun at the bride in the house. Forget about the party before the wedding. It is believed that this can frighten off happiness.
  • If you were thinking about a short wedding dress - it's time to change your mind. A long dress promises a long marriage.
  • You can’t look back! On the way to the registry office, a couple of newlyweds should not look back.
  • You can’t give even your closest people the opportunity to measure your wedding ring, wedding dress and veil.
  • The tablecloth that was on the festive table needs to be preserved. For three years, for every wedding anniversary, you need to set a table for her. It is believed that due to this the family will be rich and happy.
  • Before the celebration, both newlyweds must put a coin in their shoes.
  • It is better for the bride to shoe closed shoes regardless of the time of year. It is better to refuse sandals.
  • Pearl jewelry for the bride is also better to replace with other options, for example, jewelry made of gold or silver. Pearls symbolize tears.

Celebrities who married in a leap year

Do weddings take place in a leap year of celebrity? And how! Among famous people there are many who did not believe in signs and, in spite of all superstitions, fastened themselves together by marriage in a leap year. Let's see who this is and what their decision led to.

Star weddings in a leap year:

  • Alexey Yagudin and Tatyana Totmyanina. We got married in 2016. Happy married and have two children.
  • Polina Gagarina and Dmitry Iskhakov. These two talented people have had a strong marriage since 2014.
  • Ole Einar Bjoerndalen and Daria Domracheva. Multiple Olympic champion and her chosen one played a wedding in 2016. They bring up daughter Xenia and are very kind to each other.
  • Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. Needless to say, this is one of the most beautiful and strongest couples in Hollywood. They got married in 2012.
  • Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas. The couple got married in 1996 in a leap year. In 2014, they filed for divorce, but was it worth the risk to live happily with one of the most handsome men in the world for 18 years?

As you can see, many of the star couples decided that holding a celebration in a leap year is not only possible, but also necessary. And not a single union is safe from divorce or family quarrels.

If you decide that you can make a wedding in 2020, we suggest that you abandon the negative mood, choose your ideal month and day, forgetting about the myths of a leap year. And you will show that true love is much stronger than all will accept and superstitions. And the portal wishes you good luck and a wonderful celebration in any year!

Choosing a day for a wedding is an important stage, to which some couples pay great attention and believe that numbers can make marriage stronger and happier. We will tell you what auspicious days for a wedding are in 2020.

A wedding in November can be especially beautiful and unique, the main thing is to attach a little imagination and creativity. And you will be able to organize an amazing autumn event, filled with warmth and comfort!

Why you can’t marry in a leap year: signs that it is possible to play a wedding in 2020

There is a sign among the people that you cannot marry in a leap year. It is believed that marriage will be unhappy, short-lived and probably childless. There are no real grounds for such a belief, but you should understand why such a sign exists.

Where did superstition come from?

One of the versions of the origin of the belief, why you can not marry in a leap year, is Slavic, pagan. Proponents of this version believe that the "extra" day of the year belongs to Chernobog, and, accordingly, this leaves its mark on the whole year, making it unhappy.

Another version, similar, is Christian. Instead of a pagan dark god, the Devil is mentioned there. Supporters of the third, historical version, argue that this is a tradition, in a leap year there were not a single matchmaker in the houses of brides. But this was only because the brides were married to grooms this year, and not vice versa.

Can I get married in a leap year

Whether or not you can get married in such an atypical year depends on who you ask.

  1. Any priest will say that a wedding in such a year is not considered something forbidden. The church generally opposes any superstitions. According to clergy, one cannot believe in superstition, and not get married in certain years.
  2. Superstitious people will try to dissuade from such a "risky step", referring to numerous beliefs about leap years.
  3. An ordinary citizen, who understands that the calendar is compiled purely mathematically and does not have any mystical basis, will advise you to get married when you are about to get married, and not to postpone the event in order to avoid a quarrel.

Thus, the only obstacle in such a year is the belief in the superstition of one or both future spouses. In this case, you really can’t get married thoughtlessly.

Important! When one of the relatives dissuades, intimidating with future misfortunes, and future newlyweds are not superstitious, one should not listen to such warnings. It’s worth getting married when the bride and groom consider it necessary.

Is it possible to play a wedding in a leap year according to astrologers

About whether it is possible to marry in the next leap year, that is, in 2020, the opinion of astrologers is somewhat different. Some are advised not to plan a wedding at this time, others are not so categorical.

  1. Those who are loyal to weddings in a leap year name several dates in each month when you can get married. For example, 17.01, 15.02, 17.08 or 08.12.
  2. Others advise paying attention to the eastern calendar. The Year of the Rat is favorable for weddings, and you can not forbid yourself to marry if everything is already planned in advance. It is believed that the year of the metal Rat is generally good for love affairs.

Naturally, church people should not consider either astrology or the eastern calendar. It is recommended that you consult with your priest to clarify whether it is time to get married, or whether to wait another. And his answer will not depend on the number of days in a year. His advice will be based on whether, in his opinion, the bride and groom are ready for such a serious step.

Important! Pagan customs regarding weddings can vary greatly, depending on tradition.

They are usually associated with the specific beliefs of a particular trend. So, Slavic pagans will prefer to avoid marriage in a leap year, and adherents of Celtic traditions, on the contrary, can strongly advise them to marry during this period.

Even if a person believes in bad signs, there are always ways to avoid bad consequences:

  1. Brides are advised to choose long dresses, maybe even with a train. This symbolizes a long and happy marriage. You can not wear a short dress in front and a long back dress, this is a bad sign, marriage will be short, and loneliness after it will be long.
  2. In order for the future family to flourish, after the marriage ceremony, the young wife can put small coins in shoes. It is believed that this will attract financial well-being to the new family.
  3. Especially in a leap year you can not wear a wedding ring on a glove. Even if it is very thin, you should first remove it and only then wear a piece of jewelry. A ring worn over the glove and at the usual time a bad sign - it is believed that this speaks of frivolity and promises marriage a quick end.
  4. If the dress and veil are bought, but not rented, you can’t sell them in any case. It is believed that this is how they sell their family happiness. In a leap year, such an omen is all the more impossible to ignore.
  5. The tablecloth with which the table was laid should be preserved and used on every anniversary. As you can see, how long it will last, so long the marriage will last. Such a tablecloth must not be thrown out or given away.
  6. The day before the wedding, you can light a candle, charged for love or peace in the family, and sit quietly for some time, think about how happy the new life will be. Then the candle is left to burn out completely, while a person goes about his business.
  7. If an even number of small buttons are sewn on the wrong side of the dress skirts before the wedding, the family will be strong and unchanged.

Important! One of the most effective ways is to not prepare for the bad, but tune in to the good. If people love each other and treat each other with dignity, the marriage will be happy, regardless of whether it will be a leap year or not.

On the contrary, if you postpone and do not marry when planned, a conflict may arise due to prejudice.

The advantages of organizing a wedding in a leap year

From the point of view of the organization, holding a celebration in a leap year has many advantages. Let's look at some of them:

  1. freedom of choice. According to statistics, in a leap year, 15-20% fewer weddings are held. So it will be easier for you to book a banquet room, time for painting at the registry office, hire the best photographers and other specialists.
  2. Prices. Due to the low workload and a large number of free dates, companies offer newlyweds discounts and lower prices for all services associated with weddings.

Tips & Warnings

Nevertheless, there are certain warnings and recommendations for those who would like to marry in 2020.

Separately, I would like to note folk signs. Among them are:

  • those who marry in a leap year are doomed to poverty, they will always be haunted, and happiness will be short and insignificant,
  • you can’t marry in a leap year, as this can lead to the death of one of the spouses, or to the absurd death of one of the close relatives,
  • if you marry in a leap year, and even choose a solemn date on February 29, then divorce will certainly after three years,
  • if you choose the beginning of the astrological cycle for a holiday, then certainly one of the spouses will walk to the side, and this applies not only to the husband, but also to the wife.

It should be repeated, there is no evidence to confirm this. According to statistics, there is no difference between people who got married in a normal year, or in one in which there is only one day more.

Modern esotericists recommend that if they want to make a wedding in 2020, adhere to such rules:

  • choose a date not only beautiful and memorable, but also something meaningful for the newlyweds (date of the first date, acquaintance and the like),
  • not to make a magnificent wedding - it is better to invite relatives and friends, a small circle of the best friends,
  • do not try to impress everyone and everyone - it will be better to order a good restaurant, with delicious food and excellent service,
  • the bride can dress in extraordinary colors - now not only white wedding dresses are in fashion, but also with a touch of peach, pink, sand, beige, lilac and others.

To get married, sign in a leap year is also possible. But you need to get married strictly out of love, without the slightest calculation.

What are the signs associated with a wedding in a leap year?

According to statistics, most couples still believe in the danger of a leap year, only a few decide to marry. But what to wish for those couples who do not want to wait a whole year? There are a number of signs for those who are planning a wedding in a leap year 2020, which will help attract family happiness:

  • No fun at the bride in the house. Forget about the party before the wedding. It is believed that this can frighten off happiness.
  • If you were thinking about a short wedding dress - it's time to change your mind. A long dress promises a long marriage.

Best dates for celebrating your wedding in 2020

Astrologers have calculated the best dates that you can play a wedding in 2020. The best are considered beautiful numerically dates. Such numbers can actually be found in any month. For example, beautiful ones are:

It is also recommended to conclude an alliance on a date that means something to the newlyweds. This may be the birthday of one of the future spouses, or the day they met. May be the date of the first kiss or first date.

This wedding date will always be associated with a pleasant event, and it will give strength in the most difficult family times, make you remember with a happy smile how the wedding was celebrated.

Astrologers also calculated several dates on which to hold a wedding. Favorable unions will be:

Other astrologers say that the date practically does not play a role in order to successfully get married. The rat, which will lead the whole of 2020, is very positively inclined towards people who decided to conclude an alliance.

Important! It is believed that marriages entered into in the year of the Rat will be unusually stable, each of the spouses will carry all material wealth to the house.

Of course, when planning a wedding take into account a number of points. But first of all, one should be guided by whether the bride and groom are ready for such a serious life decision, why they decided to legalize the union.

Leap year and its history

According to the Julian calendar, a leap year is a year in which not 365, but 366 days. After Caesar introduced a new calendar, the solar year was divided into calendar months and days.

However, the year turned out 365 days and 6 hours, so every fourth year is a leap year, and it will “catch up” with the duration of the solar year.

Actually, there is nothing mystical from the point of view of history in a leap year.

In Russia, there is another belief, a leap year is called the year of Kasyan. Kasyan and Nikolai (early saints) were ordinary people. Once, walking with Christ past the field, they saw that a cart was stuck in the mud of a simple farmer.

Christ asked his companions to help the man: Nikolai responded to the request, Kasyan refused. And Christ said: “For the fact that you, Nikolai, did a good deed, people will remember you twice a year - in May and December. Kasyan, they will forget you. ”

It is believed that later Kasyan became the guard of the gates of hell, only on February 29 they give him a day off, and from evil he can do many troubles.

They did not forget to forget Kasyan, and the day of February 29, which occurs every four years, was called "Kasyan's day", since then the year in which 366 days is considered unlucky.

“A bad offspring in a leap year”, “Kasyan on the grass - the grass withers”, “What Kasyan takes a look at - everything will fade” - these are not all the sayings about the leap year.

On February 29, our ancestors tried to leave home less, feared for the health of their loved ones, for their economy.

Year of the Bride

In the old days, a leap year was also called the “Year of the Bride”, it was not considered the happiest time for a marriage. This year, the groom could not send matchmakers, this honorable duty passed to the bride.

It is interesting, but the young man could not refuse envoys, he was forced to marry the one who chose him, regardless of whether he loved her or not.

Perhaps it is from here that “legs grow” at the superstition that a leap year is a direct path to an unhappy marriage.

If you distract from superstitions and turn to statistics, you will see that a leap year is no different from any other year. The same number of divorces, quarrels, illnesses and other sad indicators. So to attribute to the year excessive mysticism and symbolism is not necessary.

By the way, if you are a believer, you should be reassured that the church does not have a biased attitude towards the wedding.

A leap year is not considered objectionable to marriage, and on church holidays or during fasting, you cannot get married in other years.

Astrologers also believe that happy dates are affected by wedding dates and stars, but certainly not the number of days in a year. So, if you are positive and choose a favorable date, everything in life will work out in the best way.

When can and when can not get married in 2020?

January. It is not considered favorable for marriage, since the signs of a “bachelor” dominate. The union will be more like a friendship than a love one.

February. Astrologers say that the dates from February 14 to 18 are suitable for creating a family, life together will be strong and long. Also, marriages can be made 20 and 25.

March. This month cannot please lovers, it will only push people to aggravate conflicts and rivalry.

April. Lent will last all month, so April is not considered suitable for marriage.

May. Despite the belief that people who marry in May will be tossed their whole lives, from 15 to 27 the union will be strong and reliable.

June. The most supportive dates for marriage are the 17th and 25th.

July. Official marriage is recommended to be concluded on the 6th, 13th, 15th, 18th, 20th, 25th.

August. This month can not please lovers with an abundance of suitable wedding days. The most successful day is August 12th.

September. The only suitable date is the 18th.

October. We will have to upset the fans of the autumn wedding, in October there are no favorable days.

November. The only number that the stars converge correctly is November 3.

December. December 6 and 11 is perfect for marriage.

Is it possible to play a wedding in a leap year: signs and superstitions

In anticipation of a leap year, people begin to remember all the bad things, and be wary of preparing for a new meeting. This is due to the fact that every fourth year has an additional day falling on February 29th. Its appearance is not accidental.

Leap year

The concept of a leap year was introduced by the Roman emperor Julius Caesar in 45 BC. e. The astronomical year is approximately 6 hours longer than the calendar year. By order of Caesar, these accumulated time began to be combined in another day every fourth year.

After his death, the priests misunderstood the proposal of the emperor, they added a day, not every fourth, but every third year and introduced confusion into the chronology. Only 36 years later, Emperor Augustus adjusted the calendar and put it in order. Since then, every year, a multiple of four, is considered such.

Other peoples also had differences between the official and solar calendars, but other methods of calculation existed to determine the extra day.

Reference! The most accurate was Gregorian. In 1582, Pope Gregory XIII carried out a reform to bring the calendar in line. Since then, it has become civil in many states.

In the Christian chronology, February 29 is the day of remembrance of St. John Cassian of Rome. According to tradition, he betrayed Christ. Tempted by the Devil, Kasyan told the Lord that he was going to send all evil to the underworld. Later, he very much repented of his unseemly act and received mercy from Christ.

The Lord forgave, but gave him the punishment to stand guard at the door of hell, he was supposed to rest once in four years. For this, Kasyan is angry at everyone who lives and envies, looking at happy people. This year, it becomes more difficult for people to exist, wars erupt, fertility declines, and epidemics begin.

According to another version, Kasyan drank every three years on the day of the celebration of the name day, and only on the fourth remained sober. To appease Kasyan, the leopard, the first glass at the New Year's table is poured out the window.

Of course, Caesar’s reforms and the celebration of Kasyan’s name day just coincided, but for a long time a bad name was entrenched in a leap year.

How does a leap year affect a person?

From time immemorial, people have tried to protect themselves from adverse effects, and created for this a lot of rituals, charms, signs.

According to existing statistics, nothing will happen in leap years that cannot happen in ordinary years. People die, get sick and are born, favorable and bad events also happen. Signs of the ban to play a wedding in "Kasyanov Year", giving birth and baptizing children must be treated with a fair amount of skepticism.

Wedding in a leap year: signs

A leap year is formed due to the addition of 1 day, so the situation is mathematical. It makes no sense to make him a fetish and always believe that he carries only bad events.

Anyone who fears the evil Kasyan, but decides to marry, can adhere to the following recommendations:

  • do not have a bachelorette party before the wedding in the bride's house,
  • Do not look back yourself during the procession in the registry office,
  • for a wedding ceremony, the bride is better to choose a long dress,
  • put coins in shoes at the time of marriage registration,
  • don’t wear wedding rings over gloves
  • during the ceremony itself, say to yourself: "I am crowning with a crown, not a leap-end."
  • The tablecloth covering the wedding table must be used for every subsequent anniversary for 3 years.
  • You should remove the spoon that the groom used at the wedding to save and feed him from it on the third, seventh and ninth days.
  • Do not let anyone try on your veil and then sell your wedding outfit.
  • Matchmaking

According to a long tradition in Russia there is such a thing as matchmaking. Matchmakers were sent to the girl’s house. If the bride gave consent, then they played a wedding. But there were such weddings when parents gave their daughter without her consent. Then the girl had no choice but to endure, there were no divorces.

Reference! But there were cases that related to the leap period, when the matchmakers were sent to the groom's house. He did not have the right to refuse the girl who chose him. So they lived. He’s in love with love ...

The people believed that it was precisely such marriages that were forced that could not be happy. And the blame was blamed for the coming year.

The custom of matchmaking is now a thing of the past. Young people themselves choose with whom to live. Therefore, casting a shadow for the current year does not make sense. It is better to weigh your relationship, and make the right decision. But when there is no love, then one can justify oneself by an innocent year.

Opinion of the Orthodox Church

The Christian faith relates with great misunderstanding to all kinds of superstitions and signs. When in the emerging union there is confidence in the relationship, there is a mutual desire to work on creating a strong family, then nothing can prevent the union of loving hearts. In this case, you can safely go down the aisle.

Important! An exception is the days of Lent and major religious holidays.

Whatever year comes on the calendar, the most important thing is the desire of the young to live their life together. And for this you need to work hard on your relationship, be able to give in to each other and support at the right time.

It is very important to remember that no one knows better about your love between each other and the desire to be together not only in joy, but also in difficult times.

And an extra day of the year will help prove how dear you are to each other.

How is a leap year different from normal?

Surely, it’s not a secret for you that in a leap year it’s exactly one day longer than in a normal year. This extra day falls on February 29, which occurs on the calendar every 4 years.

But this phenomenon has a completely logical explanation - since the Earth actually wraps around the Sun in 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 16 seconds, an error is observed in the calendar over time.

That is why it was thought up every 4 years to use an extra day. Except for those years that are divided into 400 without a remainder.

As you can see, any mysticism is completely absent here. But where did superstition related to leap years come from then? Now let's figure it out.

Is it bad to get married in a leap year? What the church says

It is believed that all the signs of a wedding in a leap year have their roots far back centuries. Namely - in the days of Ancient Russia. Then a year with one odd day was known among the Slavs as the “year of the bride." Do you know why?

Because then the fair sex was allowed to take the initiative in choosing a future spouse. Yes, not just to show, but to get married to him! Moreover, in most cases, the rejection of the young man was not accepted.

It is easy to guess that such marriages were rarely successful and happy. From here the superstition arose that it was not worth marrying in a leap year. So we got to the roots of this sign. Now let's find out what the church thinks about it.

Orthodox clergymen are unanimous in answering the question: “Can I play a wedding in a leap year or not?” They say that if there are real, sincere feelings between two people, then there can be no restrictions on the wedding ceremony.

Having figured out the nature of this superstition, let's talk about the benefits of getting married in a leap year.

The benefits of leap year marriage

  1. The first and most important thing - neither the church, nor anyone else (other than popular rumor) does not imply successful or unsuccessful years for marriage. Church canons say that you can’t get married before Friday and Sunday, and even during the entire period of the fasting.

But not a word is mentioned about the prohibitions associated with leap years. There are no boundaries for true feelings.

Does it make sense to impoverish yourself and wait for a long year if you can combine marriage with your soulmate right now? Moreover, this superstition is simply superstition that cannot be explained even from an esoteric point of view!

If you are so worried that the wedding date was chosen incorrectly, it would be wiser to turn to a consultation with an elective astrologer who will tell you the true state of things. Based on evidence, not ghostly signs.

  1. Another important point is that the desire of one of the young people not to play a wedding in a leap year is likely to lead to a serious conflict. Relations can go wrong, but because of such stupidity! Do you really want that?
  2. If we seriously take into account all the popular signs to marry in a leap year, you need to know that after the leap year itself begins the "year of the widow", and then follows the "year of the widower." Does it really make sense to delay the long-awaited wedding for 3 years in order to cater to popular superstitions? And is there any guarantee that your family ties will be strengthened from this?
  3. And one more obvious plus, if you decide to play a wedding in a leap year, for example, in 2020, then you will have much more freedom of choice. After all, many superstitious couples still postpone the ceremony for a year. Statistics say that in leap years, 10-20 percent fewer marriages are made. And that means choosing a place of painting, a restaurant, a wedding venue, a photographer, and the wedding date itself will be much easier!

And for those who decided to marry in a leap year, but he still has some concern, a good omen is suggested. So during the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom in the temple should say the following words:

“I am crowning with a crown, not a leap-end!”

This slander is intended for a successful marriage, so that it is strong and does not fall apart. In general, this is also superstition, but for peace of mind it is quite possible to resort to it.

Cons of leap year marriage

Now we turn to the analysis of the shortcomings of such a wedding.

  1. The most basic thing is, of course, superstition itself. After all, it is likely that everyone around, starting from parents and ending with friends of a couple, will discourage you from committing a "fatal" act. And moral suggestion also often plays a big role. Well, or, at least, pretty much spoils the mood.

Do not give too much importance to the words of superstitious relatives. Try to stop such conversations as much as possible. And keep faith in a happy future, in spite of any popular beliefs.

After all, only those people who themselves believe in it succumb to the evil eye. And remember that the clergy have a negative attitude to such superstitions, they do not recommend paying their attention to them. This should be especially important for those who plan to get married.

Wedding in a leap year: signs and superstitions

Quite often, young people cannot overcome their superstitious fear of bad omens. Therefore, the number of marriages concluded this year is noticeably reduced. How to act in this case, if your fear is stronger than common sense?

Many popular signs and beliefs are known, adhering to which, you will protect yourself from the danger of ruining your relationship, and also ensure a long and happy married life. These are the signs:

  • Before the wedding in a leap year, it is forbidden to arrange noisy festivities in the bride’s home. It is believed that in this case, you can frighten away her personal happiness.
  • When the young will go to the wedding ceremony, they should not look back.
  • It is important to keep the tablecloth from the wedding and keep it carefully. And the next 3 years, each time to extract it on the wedding anniversary and cover it with a table. It is believed that such actions will ensure happiness in marriage and help to attract financial benefits to young people.
  • The girl should opt for the longest wedding dress. Allegedly, this indicator affects the length of the marriage.
  • And in order for the spouse to always be faithful to her missus, the buttons on the bride's outfit must be in an even amount.
  • Never allow anyone (even the closest girlfriends) to wear their wedding dress with a veil, and even more so - a wedding ring.
  • The people are a bad omen if the wedding ring is worn on top of the glove.
  • If the newly-made husband and wife dream not only of family happiness, but also of wealth - they should both put coins in their shoes.
  • Pay great attention to bridal shoes. So the bride should not be shod in sandals, no matter what time of year is outside the window. Choose shoes, because sandals are considered a symbol of a failed marriage.
  • Do not wear jewelry with pearls on your wedding, as they portend frequent tears.

Hope this article helped you decide whether to marry in a leap year or not.

In conclusion, I recommend a video on the topic:

Watch the video: Radio Station Holds Leap Year Wedding (February 2020).