Women's coat for spring, autumn and winter 2018 - 2019: fashion trends, 125 photos!

Today on the agenda it was not by chance that fashionable women's coats of 2019-2020 appeared on the agenda. Since the half of the golden autumn has almost passed, the relevance of modern outerwear as a coat reaches its heights, and in the world of fashion, discussions and debates about the most trendy models are all sharpened.

After reviewing the trends and latest news of women's coats for the fall-winter 2019-2020, we decided to make our own photo review and show the most fashionable and luxurious models of coats, which not only we, but also fashionable bloggers with stylists have already paid attention to.

Probably the most important thing when choosing a trendy coat is the silhouette. In the coming autumn-winter season 2019-2020, models that are quite recognizable and in demand in past collections have become relevant styles for coats.

Classics in the form of a straight single-breasted coat below the knees, a stylish oversize in cocoon models, an interesting cut in the form of a cape and super-fashionable coats resembling a trench coat have become clear leaders in the cold season of this fall-winter. The most feminine styles of the coat are the smell models with a belt and a turn-down collar.

It should be noted that this season the trendy coats 2019-2020 are particularly elegant and concise. There are no too elaborate forms and catchy decor, asymmetry is practically not found in a cut coat, and the length of the products remains at the level of classics.

There is, of course, extravagant little coat, because you need to somehow stand out, and original coats with feathers, beautiful models with embroidery, or stylish coats decorated with fringe will help in this.

In the colors of fashionable coats autumn-winter 2019-2020 there are quite a few bright options. Floral print, which is more suitable for spring than for autumn, oddly enough it turned out to be very popular. The main thing here is to choose the right top autumn-winter floral coat, which should be more restrained and not variegated.

And here's what, you definitely did not expect from fashionable autumn-winter coats 2019-2020, so this is a predatory print in pastel colors. How about a pink tiger or a purple leopard? These coats really look very impressive, bold and fresh.

Fashionable check coats also got no less bright color options. In autumn, you can stop at the cage in orange and yellow, in winter it will be more appropriate to coat in a cage in neutral colors.

And now, let's move directly to the most photo review of the most fashionable coats autumn-winter 2019-2020, which fashion brands and stylists offer us. We hope that today's selection of beautiful coat models will help you navigate fashion trends and choose the current option for your own taste, expectations, style and mood.

TOP 10 trends in choosing a fashionable coat autumn-winter or fresh top ten coats of the cold season 2019-2020

One of the autumn-winter trends deservedly became a fashionable leather coat. Unlike cashmere and wool coats, leather models are more practical to wear and look no less feminine and sophisticated. Fashionable styles of leather coats repeat the cut of all relevant options. Among such products, it is worth highlighting models of a leather coat that can be worn as a dress. By the way, this trend has become very popular among trench coats, raincoats and blazers.

Trench coat

An interesting and recognizable style of the fall-winter 2019-2020 coat was models in the form of a trench coat. The characteristic design of the trench coat transferred to the coat turned out to be a very harmonious and attractive option. But if bright prints are available for the trench this season, then for a coat of a similar cut only monochrome will be relevant.


Another season in a row, fashionable checkered colors continue to adorn women's clothing, especially the upper. Therefore, the coat in the cage fell into the trends is quite obvious. This time, the designers presented the cage mainly in color versions, a smaller design and brown tones became the favorite.


And again, the favorite beige coat in a camel shade (the color of camel hair) is returning to trends. This shade in any style of coat looks chic and is one of the most versatile. This season’s hit was a long brown oversized coat.


You can definitely feel like a real Snow Queen in an amazing snow-white coat, which can be safely attributed to the must-haves of the autumn-winter season 2019-2020. A pair of colorful print midi dresses will seamlessly integrate with a white coat.


And again the leopard. This animal print has become indispensable for fashionable coats. Leopard coat models really look very cool, stylish and original. A truly unique image can be created with atypical bright colors for the animal color, which we already mentioned above. Therefore, a green, blue or red leopard coat will be an excellent choice in favor of the originality and uniqueness of an outfit.

The luxurious fur trim of the fall-winter 2019-2020 trend coats turns them into amazing and irresistible options for outerwear that you just want to put on your shoulders. Fur inserts are possible almost everywhere. Combined models of a coat with a fur hem or fur on the sleeves look very nice. A classic is the fur on the collar, which can be in the tone of a coat or a contrasting detail.


Fashionable military style in women's clothing has made the original trend a kind of camouflage print. Original women's coats in army or military colors really became a novelty of this season. And although the print does not seem so feminine, feminine peace with a highlighted waist will give elegance to a fashionable coat.

Teddy's fashionable coats remain one of the most sought-after models, especially in the bows of street style. Long, short, colored and neutral shades of plush coats give special comfort and coziness, which is so lacking in the autumn-winter period.

Among the coat models revived in trends 2019-2020, it is worth highlighting stylish capes. If in the past we used to see a cape coat in a short style, now it is the long cape models that are gaining more popularity. The original cut with slots for the hands will help you stand out from the crowd and will become one of the most spectacular variations of outerwear.

Fashion trends for spring 2018 - 2019

This year, fashionistas will be where to roam! Designers were generous with the new products and prepared stylish coat options for lovers of strict, classic silhouettes, as well as for those who like to experiment.

Stylish glasses complement the look with the coat. For you, we have prepared a selection of eyeglass frames.

In trend today - convenience and beauty. You have the opportunity to choose between an exclusive spring model without buttonspractical oversized feminine capes, wraps, a poncho or an unusual down jacket. Straight fit, asymmetry, military, different lengths - all this fashion trends coat for the spring of 2018 - 2019. Photos of the most successful models:

Convenience and beauty is also a trend for teenage fashion. Stylists recommend paying attention to fashionable sneakers for teenagers.

Fall-Winter 2018 - 2019

This season announces a decisive “no” to boring models and dull colors. Today, bright, bold, but feminine and sophisticated models are in fashion. The main thing is to choose quality material. Similar trends are relevant in the case of fashionable cardigans. In this matter, experts are adamant: cashmere, wool, drape, boucle, tweed. Do not leave aside material with a long pile and fur trim.

In our selection today, you have the opportunity to evaluate the fashion trends of the coat for the fall-winter of 2018 - 2019. Photos and recommendations will help you stay in trend and rainy autumn, and snowy, cold winter.

Popular in 2018 colors, styles and styles for coats

Classic shades of black, gray, brown do not leave the catwalks and organically fit into the collections of famous designers. But, as in fashion trends in general, the current colors of the current season are Bordeaux, Marsala, Fuchsia, Emerald, Red, Pink, Beige, Milky Shades. An exclusive option is a white coat. Femininity and freshness will be added to the model with Floral print, embroidery or applique.

The unconditional trend of 2018-2019 - models without sleeves. For our latitudes, the choice is impractical, but very elegant and popular. Looks perfect in combination with high gloves from cashmere or leather. Suitable length - to the knee or a little lower. A trendy trend is to wear a leather jacket underneath to add style and warmth.

At the peak of popularity are classic models with large pockets, cuffs, asymmetric collars, huge sleeves, or even without them. This trend applies to long-playing ones, and classic models will also be relevant in 2019.

Not spared style military. Fashionable spring or autumn coat will not do without a wide turndown collar or stand, a large number of metal buttons. Will have to place epaulets, epaulettes, aiguilettes, voluminous pockets and other similar decor.

But the color for such an extravagant model is better to choose a calm, classic: black, green, blue. Additional chic to the whole image will be given by emphasized feminine shoes or boots.

Stylish news from the latest fashion shows

Most designers this season prefer the classic double breasted coat. The model, emphasizing the status and style of its mistress, runs in different lengths. Red valentino chose a checkered print, and designers Samuji - small "matting". In favorites at Gucci color of spring foliage.

An interesting option was presented by designers Fendi. The decoration of their collection is a laconic black coat, decorated with perforated leather pockets and bows.

"Predatory" print again at the forefront of fashion. He was chosen for his creations by the masters of the houses of Roberto Cavalli, Valentino, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton. We paid special attention leopard colors.

Recent fashion shows have proven: geometric and ethnic motives to be! Such decoration of traditional clothes will not leave you unnoticed in the crowd.

Cape coat (a kind of cape without sleeves) will not leave indifferent any fashionista. Convenient, laconic style, not restricting movement, allowing you to create both everyday and luxurious solemn image. No wonder these stylish female models were enjoyed by many stars.

We have selected for you several photos of fashion trends in a coat for 2018 - 2019 and we hope that some of them will appeal to you:

On syntepon

A fashionable women's coat on a synthetic winterizer is a great choice for cold season. The model is sewn both from woolen fabric and as a down jacket. Soft, lightweight synthetic fiber fills clothing with warmth, but not burdensome. Add to image bright gloves, snood coarse knithigh boots or highlighted rough shoes - And a simple coat on a synthetic winterizer will become the main stylish bow. Products with a flared hem and a voluminous collar look good.

For full with large sizes

For girls with a magnificent figure, we recommend a closer look at oversize models coat classic cut and cocoons. It is important to choose the right length of the product: too short options for a classic coat emphasize the flaws of the figure. But the poncho for full beauties - perfect option, allowing you to hide your hands, stomach, lush hips. Keep in mind that the poncho is large does not fit a short lady, but will only give additional volume to the upper body.

Looks good on plus size coats in style boho. This style allows you to hide everything unnecessary, diverting attention to the asymmetrical hem, knitted decor, various ornaments and fringe.

Underline the waist will help women coat with a belt. This detail - the belt - fashion experts give a special place this season. You have the opportunity to stay on thin belt wide cloth - or even on a belt with massive buckle.

It is impossible to imagine a fashionable coat for overweight ladies without specimens with straight cut. He does not add volume to the figure, making it neat, more slim. Another plus of the model is her universality this coat looks equally good with skirts, trousers, in a business and casual style.

Capes They’re good not only on thin girls; they fit donuts just as perfectly! The main thing is to choose your model. Experts advise owners of volumetric hips to stay on plain, elongated options, lucky with big breasts fit straight cut and medium length.


A practical choice for late autumn, winter, early spring is a Bologna coat. Material does not pass cold air and retains body heatbut the skin in such a product not breathing. This is perhaps one of the few drawbacks of Bologna tissue. But among the pluses - quite low cost, a wealth of colors, styles, water resistance, practicality.

A quilted coat will allow you to remove the excess volume of insulation and sit well on any figure. But large girls are better to avoid long models on the floor.

Want something new? Take a look at the Bologna coat with wide sleeves, large hooded and free cut. Lovers of style casual it’s enough to choose jeans, boots with medium heels, simple plain accessories for such a coat. Add a little glamor to the look of a tight-fitting look trousers, leggings combined with long tunic and high with boots.

In order to better think through the image, we suggest that you read the article about the latest jeans.

We have selected for you the most fashionable women's Bologna coats this season:


Fashionable women's down jackets for the fall-winter 2018-2019 season are made of quilted fabric, decorated with original buttons, furry inserts pastes. New items for this season - down jackets from tweed, drape, with leather elements. Asymmetric models with large hoods, a stand-up collar, unusual pockets or a sun skirt look interesting.


Outerwear made from drap - the choice of women who value severity and elegance. This is a practical, warm, democratic material that allows you to create coats of various shapes and styles.

Past fashion shows have shown that a coat with short sleeve and voluminous hood. Knitted or leather gloves above the elbow are ideal for him. Models with inserts from other materials look nontrivial. Returned to the top popularity draped coat with a pattern "Herringbone".

True fashionistas this year will not do without a drape coat reminiscent of military uniform: The model is decorated with shoulder straps, belts, large pockets. Business-wise will have to bite diplomatic coat long and double breasted with welt pockets. Distinctive trend line this year - both the classic version and the shortened one are equally welcome.

We present you a photo of the top models:


A stylish choice of a modern girl and partly a mega-popular trend - a coat-coat made from clear plastic. Another fashionable solution from a home designer Calvin klein resembles a coat wrapped in a film by dry cleaners. This find is not only interesting, but also practical: a similar model is very relevant in rainy weather.

With fur

Fur coats are gradually replacing fur coats. They look organically in maxi format but in order not to overload your image, we recommend that you prefer short or midi options. But in the choice of color you have complete freedom!

Fits like classic "Animal" shades of fur, and very unusual combinations: for example, in a collection Fendi noble camel accented by an orange and white collar. Another solution belongs to the fashion house. Versace: shade the blue-black gradient with the fur edge of the color burgundy.

This season has presented stylish things with something completely new - a fashionable coat teddy bear, whose material resembles a plush toy. This wardrobe item comes in traditional beige colors, but the absolute chic is bright red "plush". If you decide on such a new thing - don't overdo it with accessories, stop at a simple scarf and bag or clutch of strict geometric shape.

Would you like to go for experiments? pay attention to traditional coats with fur. In the trend of 2018 - 2019 - shortened sleeves with fur trim and blarge fur collars. Interesting, feminine, elegant!

Evaluate the presented novelties in the images that we have selected specifically for you:

Stylish check coat autumn-winter 2018-2019 photo fashion trend

Women in winter and autumn also want to look fashionable and stylish. And you can emphasize your bright personality and beautiful figure with a check coat. A plaid coat must be present in your wardrobe this fall. The most relevant model will be a red-checked coat. For modest girls, designers created plaid coats of gray and brown colors. The cage in various variations left far behind not only other design options, but also the classic colors of the coat and trench coats - black, chocolate and sand. . The cell on the coat can be any - large and small, one color shade or bright contrast. Silhouettes of checkered coats can also be very diverse - fitted, straight or shapeless. Almost all fashion designers have included things in a cage in their latest collections.

Fashionable styles of women's coats fall-winter 2018-2019 photo news

With the help of a coat you can create an incredibly elegant, feminine and fashionable look. This element of the wardrobe is not only practical and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing in accordance with fashion trends. Since all the ladies have different height and shape, the coat should be selected according to these parameters. Next, you can pay attention to the most fashionable styles and colors this season. A stylish coat is one of the main requirements for the choice of outerwear, no matter what model they are talking about - a classic coat, vest coat, cocoon. Today, a striking variety of styles of coat models. Many trends from fashion shows of past decades have come into fashion. Outerwear has ceased to be only a way of protection from the environment, but has become an integral part of the fashionable image of a woman. Although the style of the coat and the material from which the thing is sewn are also crucial in completing the wardrobe. For sewing the fashionable style of the coat, various materials are used - wool, drape, cashmere, fur, raincoat fabric (for light models). Basically, coat models differ in material. But in addition to this, the coat has many distinctive characteristics. Accordingly, there are different coats that can be called by different names.


It would seem that a coat with a hood is an old-fashioned, boring option. But designers do not refuse such models, adding interesting details to them and combining various materials among themselves.

You will not go unnoticed in a cashmere model with leather hood. For lovers of more classic bows Schalke hood resembling a voluminous collar, gracefully extending to the shoulders. Sporty girls will face ordinary triangular or round hoods, they are also good for creating a casual street style.

Let's not forget that outerwear with a hood is practical, comfortable, allows you to do without a headdress on not too cold days and additionally warm up in cold weather.

Luxury beige coat autumn-winter 2018-2019 timeless classic photo

A beige trench coat is a classic, and a beige coat is a win-win choice for the cold season. It is stylish, versatile and easy to combine with almost any color scheme. If you also decided to purchase a beige coat, then you made the right choice! By itself, a beige coat never goes out of style, but still its style, cut and other configurations change from season to season. What is fashionable in this fall-winter season? Loose silhouette and laconic minimalism. A wide coat was in fashion in the past seasons, if you have one, do not rush to get rid of it. If you are going to purchase, give preference to a model with a minimum number of buttons or without them at all. The coat coat with a belt does not lose its popularity. You need to wear it carelessly so that the belt barely emphasizes your shape. A coat with an unusual collar is in fashion. It can be bulky, multi-layer or one-piece. to have a fur trim - all options are good.

Into the cage

This season, the cage is relevant not only for skirts, but also for fashionable coats. Feel free to pass by the standard red-black combination. It's better stop selection wine, blue shades, “crow's feet”, “Prince of Wales” cage, tartan, vichy. Combine large and small a cage, do not exclude from the wardrobe "Chess". In 2018 - 2019, the cell is combined with various ornaments: floral, abstract, animal.


The classic is not going away from the fashion arena - the most complex, but sought-after trend. Simple, time-tested silhouettes to face any woman, regardless of the type of figure, size, age, style of clothing. Unconditional leader - long single-breasted models of a simple cut: straight silhouette, neat lapels, turn-down collar found in the collections of almost all fashion houses for several years. Now the trend is a natural shoulder line and the absence of a belt.

And of course, which fashionista will pass by the classic female double breasted coat? It will hide the flaws of the figure, emphasize the feminine charms, will suit most ladies.

Classic models from cashmere. Avoid short options made from this material at the peak of coat fashion to the middle of the calf and below. Give preference to fitted styles - so you visually “stretch” the figure, adding harmony and growth to it.


Despite the fact that long models are dominated by long models, short ones will not soon disappear from the collections of famous designers. Cropped styles look great with pantsshoes fit equally well with them heels and flats. The length to the middle of the thigh is even more universal - suitable for any size, combined with a skirt, pantsuits.

Short coat without buttons, but with a zipper obliquely suits the adherents of a sports style in clothes, replaces a traditional jacket. Sports women are advised to pay attention to the article about sports suits for women.

A shortened cape is no less popular than its elongated counterparts and successfully combines with trousers, jeans, a pencil skirt.

Where to buy and how much

Modern fashionistas are incredibly lucky: buying a coat is now available to everyone.

On such well-known online sites as Aliexpress, Wildberries and LaModa, coat prices start at 900 rubles. In shopping centers, the cost of goods is much higher: from 3,500 rubles to tens and hundreds of thousands for designer stuff. The price depends on the popularity of the brand, the quality of the material, its naturalness, the use of decorative elements and many other factors.

One thing is clear: both the owners of a modest budget, and women who do not save on clothes, will be able to choose the perfect coat for this season among the variety presented in stores around the world.

A similar rule applies to new swimwear.

Peerless colors of the women's coat in the fall-winter season 2018-2019

Invariably in fashion is always a classic: shades of light gray, graphite, saturated blue, milk and camel. The greatest favorite of designers, of course, is black. It makes it possible to create advanced models. Nude tones are at the peak of popularity. The priority is white, milk and caramel color. The ocher color, pale pink, lavender, light blue and khaki did not go out of fashion either. For lovers of bright colors, designers offer a carrot shade, bright yellow or rich red. These colorful tones will decorate the monotonous, dull autumn street.

Fashionable women's coats with print - the trend of the season

In the top of the autumn wardrobe are coats that are decorated with voluminous floral patterns. But at the top of fashion is a tartan checkered pattern. One of its kind coat of this color creates the impression of coziness and comfort. In various collections of fashion designers, large and small cells are used very often. Classic and asymmetric chess patterns are also popular. A light print on the coat emphasizes the romance and sophistication of women. If you wanted something catchy and extravagant, then for you a coat with large embroidery. In the top are floral and geometric ornaments.


In the wardrobe of any fashionista, there should be both comfortable things, so original and elegant things, these include women's coats for spring, autumn and winter 2018-2019. Photos and fashion trends presented in this article will help to determine and make the right choice in a perfect outerwear that pleases and warms its mistress for several seasons.

In the article we will additionally talk about:

  • current trends for 2018-2019,
  • features of similar clothes for spring, autumn,
  • what to focus on when choosing a similar thing for the winter.

Latest news!

A woman and a girl in a coat always look more advantageous, feminine and elegant than the ladies in jackets and down jackets. This season, they are becoming insanely stylish outerwear. Classic models will always be in fashion, but modern trends are present in large quantities in the new collections of fashion designers. In trend - beauty and convenience.Preferences for the season 2018-2019 years give:

  • practical oversized things
  • models without buttons,
  • unusual down-padded coats.

Stylish, current trends include a variety of length, asymmetry, straight fit and military.

Popular styles 2018

Recent fashion shows show that the clear trend of the upcoming season is sleeveless women coat. For our harsh nature is not the most practical option, but in the warm spring - a very feminine and elegant solution. It can be used both for everyday wear and for a ceremonial outlet. The style fits perfectly with high gloves made of genuine suede or leather. The optimal length of such a thing is to the knee or slightly lower.

Winter exclusive coat should combine a classic fit, asymmetric collar, large cuffs and pockets, voluminous sleeves. Fashion trends promise to become relevant over the course of several seasons.

In the fall, leading stylists and designers recommend choosing outerwear in the style of military. A fashionable coat can not do without a lot of metal fittings, stand-up collars or turn-down models. Will bring a special charm voluminous pockets.

Fashion trends. Spring 2018

Spring will give fashionistas a large number of unexpected, original solutions to outerwear. Leading fashion houses around the world are already revealing the latest fashion trends for coats for the spring of 2018. Photos from various shows impress with originality, novelty, practicality and beauty.

Spring women's coat should meet the following trends:

  • fringe and embroidery decorations,
  • fitted models with belt and belt,
  • with frills
  • double breasted outerwear,
  • asymmetric cut
  • military style
  • oversize
  • denim coats
  • sleeveless models,
  • products with floral prints,
  • various patterns and frills.

Fall and winter 2018 - 2019

In the new year, along with practical down jackets and jackets, there will be coats at the peak of popularity, they do not constrain movements at all and are perfect for everyday wear in our cold and harsh weather. But don’t forget that a woman longs to look feminine and elegant. If you want your wishes to be fulfilled, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the fashion trends of the coat for the fall-winter of 2018 - 2019. Photos of the most original and amazing bows collected from around the world are additionally presented.

Stylish new season

For fashionistas, the season is definitely not boring. Leading fashion shows showed a huge variety of cuts, combinations of materials, original details, unexpected accessories. All new items will please both the young and the daring, who prefer to look shocking and as original as possible, as well as those who prefer a classic that has been tested for a year with impeccable style.

Photos of fashion trends in the coat for 2018 show the original transformations of styles that have long been familiar to everyone, bright colors, unexpected combinations and unusual details will not go unnoticed.

The upcoming season will please lovers unusual prints. It is important that they emphasize your strengths and clearly hide your weaknesses.

Embroidery gradually appears on outerwear. If you prefer a classic style, but want to be in trend, give preference to outerwear fitted fit with belt or strap and always with beautiful, bright embroidery. So you will definitely become the center of attention.

Almost every eminent designer presented in his fashion collections cape coat. The subject of outerwear will definitely settle for a long time in the wardrobe of fashionistas. The models themselves have a very original cut, they are decorated with a large number accessories, bows, fur and bright prints.

Oversized coat for full

Every year in the collections of leading designers appears more and more models of clothing for the full. Beauty standards are constantly expanding. Accordingly, now to purchase outerwear of large sizes will not be particularly difficult. A coat is a great option emphasizing the figure and helping to hide most of the flaws. But you need to understand that not every style and cut will suit the interests of the full.

One of the most optimal and fashionable options is becoming poncho. It looks great on women of magnificent build and size. Do not think that this is just a shapeless bag. In the upcoming season, designers offer a completely different approach to sewing a poncho. They look elegant, strict and feminine. A fashionable coat for the full is represented by two more original models.

Another equally attractive option is boho coat. Novelty of the season, I liked a huge number of fashionista. Various elements on it in the style of boho - fringe, embroidery, bright ornament, knitted decor distract most of the attention from the imperfection of the figure, which only suits the women of large sizes.

Coat Robe helps to put the right accents on the waist, visually transform almost any figure into an hourglass. The dense smell successfully hides wide hips. The voluminous collar hides the imperfections of the neck and décolleté area, protects from strong winds and bad weather.

Synthetic winterizer

To those who love comfort and lightness, we recommend you to pay attention to the fashionable women's coat on synthetic winterizer. It has a lot of advantages. These are the warming properties. A good and high-quality synthetic winterizer, despite its lightness, allows you to keep warm at a temperature of minus twenty-five degrees.

Product price not very high means available to almost any consumer. Its weight on a synthetic winterizer is absolutely small, it is very important for the purpose of comfortable wear. In the photo from fashion shows prevail trapezoidal silhouettes. Nowadays, styles that are very flared down are not rare, strongly reminiscent of the style of a dress. Outerwear adds femininity and elegance, emphasizing the waist.

Fashionable classic blue coat autumn-winter 2018-2019 photo novelties

The very first thing you need to do when planning to buy a blue coat is to decide on the product model. When choosing a blue coat, it is important to choose a suitable style and material from which it will be sewn. This season, fashion designers present the widest selection of coats of blue flowers of various styles using mainly the following materials: wool, cashmere, drape, tweed, boucle, angora, leather, suede, denim. For the winter, a model of a blue coat made of thick woolen fabric with a chic fur shawl collar is suitable. If you want to emphasize the waist, the outfit can be supplemented with a belt. In addition to the collar, fur trim is also shown for cuffs, lapels, pockets and hoods. Today, not too long models of coats of blue are more relevant and preferable, especially with regard to light shades, since the increased pace of modern life does not allow you to wear a long coat every day - you need to be in time everywhere, changing more than one type of transport. Therefore, shortened models of coats of blue tones are more in demand - they are more versatile, comfortable to wear and unpretentious in care.

Here you will get acquainted with the New Year crafts for 2019 with your own hands photo.


For those who like warmth, comfort, long autumn walks in rainy weather, pay attention to fashionable women's baloon coats. Bologna material has a number positive qualities: water resistance, average price range, windproof, thermal insulation, wear resistance.

A few decades ago, such material, despite a number of advantages, did not have the popularity that it has acquired now, due to the small color palette. Now designers use a huge number of color shades for tailoring their coats, from incredibly bright to classic tricolor - black, white, gray.

Bologne fit absolutely everyone. There are no restrictions on age and physique. But the choice of such outerwear must be approached carefully, being guided by the features of the figure, complexion and a suitable color type.

Stylish models of a luxurious black coat autumn-winter 2018-2019 photo

A black coat is one of the iconic elements of the wardrobe, an invariable choice of people who want to look stylish in any circumstances. A black coat will be the gem of a fashionable look for both men and women. Due to its universal elegance and practicality, the model is able to create combinations in various styles. Who will do it? There are practically no exceptions. A black coat exists outside the framework and conventions, suitable for people with any type of appearance and taste preferences. However, you should be careful when choosing people suffering from excessive thinness, since the black color is different in that it invariably slim and visually reduces the figure. It is not recommended to choose a black coat for women over fifty because of the slight aging effect.

Juicy colors of fashionable coats fall-winter 2018-2019 photo news

The exuberant variety of colors and styles allows us, bold fashionistas, not to limit ourselves and choose exactly the women's coat that warms the body and pleases the eye. This is not to say that the classic styles of coats are out of fashion, they still remain popular and relevant. But they were slightly replaced by more daring and even extravagant styles, which are also worthy of your attention. Autumn and winter 2018-2019 will be remembered for bright color accents and prints that are not inferior in their color to cheerful summer models. If you like juicy life-affirming shades, it's time to look at the original coat, as in the collections of Kye, Trussardi, Moschino, Bella Potemkina, Carolina Herrera, Diana Kvariani and other designers.

Here you will meet with Luxurious manicure for the new year 2019 photo options.

Cropped coat autumn-winter 2018-2019 basis casual images photo

A short coat, longer than the knee, also reached the top in popularity, because not only stylists love them, but we, ordinary girls. A shortened coat is ideal for ladies of short stature, with it you can create the simplest looks for every day and feel comfortable in any weather. To look stylish, choose models with an interesting decor. The most interesting look is a shortened coat with a fur collar of bright, unnatural colors or a short coat with a rounded shoulder line. Depending on the style of your wardrobe, you can choose for yourself a pea coat that is double-breasted, so that the image is more feminine, or a coat without fasteners, which can be fixed with an interesting, bright belt. Fashion critics do not recommend wearing skirts with such a coat; they are only “friends” with classic-cut trousers or skinny jeans that each of us has.

Women's coat with a focus on the collar

This season, the collar promises to be the main decorative element of the coat. He wins due to his form, bright color or catchy decoration. A sharp contrast collar will draw attention not only to the color and cut of the product, but also to your face. The main tone of clothing, choose discreet colors, such as khaki, peach, blue, milky, brown.

Oversized Women's Coat

The coat is a couple of sizes larger than necessary - universal. It counts with clothes of any style. A practical and comfortable upper product is characterized by a voluminous silhouette and a free cut. With the simplicity of the cut, such a coat promises to be stylish for several seasons. Brightness and eccentricity adds to it the impression of baggy and incorrectly selected size. It is on this effect that couturiers count. The overseas of this season look more interesting due to interesting details, for example, wide lapels or slits for hands in the presence of sleeves.

Minimalism: new outerwear for women

One of the main trends of the season is minimalism. Models of this style are characterized by a fitted fit, a smooth shoulder line, loose sleeves, hidden pockets, clear collars. All this is done in a contemporary blue, elegant beige, rich brown and gray. The coat in the style of minimalism expresses a subtle restrained image. Only effective outerwear for women who value classics and want to emphasize their figure can look like this.

Coat in the form of a robe - hit of autumn 2018

Coat - bathrobe is suitable for any complexion. This is the most practical model of a free cut. You can wear such a coat in warm and cool weather. Short stature girls should choose a model above the knees. With high growth, any length of a warm coat coat is suitable for you. Stylish cut coat creates a relaxed and delicate look. When walking, the floors create dynamism with an arbitrary movement, if desired, they can be tightly fastened with a belt. The trendy colors of this season were purple, pink and red. As for the length, a coat of this kind may be different. There are also shortened models to the hip, and styles just below the knees, emphasizing the elegance of the image. There are elongated styles that stand out for warmth for colder weather. According to fashion designers, coat without buttons in the form of a dressing gown can be worn in combination with the basic elements of your wardrobe. It is ideal for dresses, skirts and jeans of different styles.

Demi-season coat made of warm fabrics and genuine leather

Very often, a light overcoat has a trapezoid shape. This model has returned to fashion from the 60s in an improved form and can be combined with both classics and casual style. It is best to combine a coat of this kind with skirts and high heel shoes. So the created image will look romantic and tender. Well, in combination with long gloves, you definitely will not be left without male attention. For full women, designers offer direct models to transform the proportions of the figure. More and more rarely, collections with 3/4 sleeves are observed in collections. Still current leather models. A demi-season coat made of matte or glossy leather is cut quite simply this season. In addition to black, a burgundy shade, carrot, brown, green is often found. On elongated models there is a gradient.

Winter coat with fur decor

In the autumn and winter seasons of 2018-2019, there is a fur decor. A coat with fur elements or all of it looks great. The fur always adds a status look to the style of clothing. Girls for whom natural material is unacceptable are offered an excellent alternative in the form of eco-fur, which does not require constant thorough care. Collars, cuffs and shelves complement fur. Elongated fur collar can reach the waist. The color of fur products can be either catchy or restrained, well, or close to the main tone. The trend is furry and trimmed fur.

Now you know about the news of the upcoming season and it will not be difficult for you to choose a fashionable coat model for yourself that emphasizes the dignity of your figure.

Where to buy + price

Budget models of coats are sold in stores:

The boutiques offer a wide range of demi-season and winter coats. Pricing varies from 1500 to 2500 rubles.

Famous manufacturers offer women's coats of premium class:

Product cost starts from 50 000 and ends 120 000 rubles.

Another option for purchasing a coat is online shopping. But before shopping, carefully consider the presented image, get acquainted with the characteristics, pay special attention to the size grid, composition, materials, manufacturer. Stylish, trendy women's coats are sold in the following stores: