What is the difference between gel polish and shellac - advantages and differences

The definition of gel polish fully reflects its essence and advantages. This coating, which in work and on hands combines all the advantages of conventional manicure varnishes and gels. Due to its hybrid properties, the composition of gel polish was quickly evaluated in the nail industry. Masters praise everyone:

  • simple application on nails - like a regular varnish,
  • rich palette of shades and a large selection of possible designs,
  • durability of the coating - from two weeks to a month,
  • accuracy - the entire period of “socks” gel polish on the nails “as good as new”,
  • simple removal - without sawing and mechanical removal,
  • lack of harm to nails.

Gel polish technologies are constantly being improved, simplifying the procedure for working with this material convenient for manicure.

What is the difference between means

You can understand this by formulating a definition. So, a gel base is a product developed by combining with a varnish component. And shellac is a hybrid of varnish and the first option. It turns out that in fact it is one and the same thing, just the second variety is produced by CND, which gave it the name shellac. However, products from other brands still have some differences. The main competitors are companies such as Kodi, Perfect Match and others.

What is gel coating

It is important to note that both types are varnish layers, in different volumes containing a gel-like component. It is this ingredient that provides ample opportunities for the design of nails:

  • bright and saturated colors
  • shine
  • strength and durability.

Varieties have a plastic instant composition. They are applied in the same way as the classic, but a special ultraviolet lamp is used to dry them. The advantage of the products is their durability. Having done a manicure, a woman can admire it up to 3 weeks.

Gel layering: a miracle remedy

A recently developed hybrid of gel and varnish is easily soluble with a special liquid. It is applied as simple as a classic coating, but dries only under the influence of UV rays, which affects its durability - from 14 days. At the same time, the shade on the entire gap of the socks retains its freshness and luster.

This is a real salvation for brittle nails. The layers have a strengthening effect and protect them from damage. Therefore, girls can easily grow long nails and maintain their health and integrity.

Removal is also not accompanied by difficulties. No need to use a nail file that will damage the plate. It is enough to take a solution that softens the products. After that, you can remove the old manicure with an orange stick.

Shellac: what is the difference from gel polish

In fact, these two tools do not have a difference between themselves. Many nail masters adhere to just such an opinion. And to a certain extent, they are right.

The product was developed about 3 years ago by CND. This became an innovation in the cosmetic field, which quickly gained popularity. The company patented its creation, but competitors did not want to stand aside and also began to produce their own lines. But since Shellac has already managed to win universal love, most experts today call it any lacquer tube, regardless of manufacturer.

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac, you can understand the composition, structure and texture. So, the last option does not require primer application. It is also much easier to remove from the marigold, which is a big plus for those who care excessively about the health and safety of fingers, and also do not deprive attention to the issue of comfort. But he also has disadvantages.When using it, a strong drying of the nails was noticed, which leads to their delamination. This was not observed for products of other brands.

Similarity of funds

Both varieties perfectly cover the nail plate, giving it rich color, gloss and strength. A variety of palettes allows you to create any design and enjoy it for up to 3 weeks.

Products are united by the presence of a gel base and varnish in the composition, but the ratio of components is known only to manufacturers. The application process also has no differences: first the base is applied, and then the shade. A special UV lamp is required for fixing.

What is the difference between shellac from CND and gel from other brands

The list is related to patent law and production secrets. The result is that goods have different characteristics. Among them:

  • Tube volume. It can be from 7 to 15 milliliters.
  • The basic kit. The names included in the set along with the varnish also vary.
  • Durability. Basically, the manicure lasts for 2 weeks for the "pioneer", and for some competitors - up to 3.
  • Methods of coating and removal. Each company offers its own subtleties and nuances.
  • Color spectrum. Its volume is also different. Shellac has about 60 shades, while Gelish has 90. The lesser-known manufacturers offer a palette consisting of 20-30 colors.

We also note that in the contents of all positions there are no harmful ingredients.


Each brand has an individual "highlight". But the main point is the ratio of the gel component and the varnish in the bottle. And to be more precise, then their concentration. So, there is less gel in shellac than in other products. But its components include acetone, which greatly dries the surface of the nail with prolonged use of the coating.

On the other hand, alternative varnish names include other harmful substances: formaldehyde, toluene, etc. But we note that the positions of leading brands are absolutely harmless.

Application Method

To get started, we bring the nails in order: file, we treat if necessary. The process goes differently. Using shellac does not require primer application, and to remove old layers it is enough to use a special liquid.

For gel degreasing layering is necessary, otherwise the color will not be fixed on the surface. To remove it, it is better to contact an experienced nail master. A self-conducted procedure can damage the record.

Polymerization period

Drying time depends on several factors:

  • the number of layers
  • type of lamp: LED dries 2 times faster
  • the presence of decorative ornaments,
  • percentage of gel component: shellac is better fixed.

As a result, it takes about half an hour to work with shellac, and much more to other types.

Wearing time

The gel retains brilliance and freshness of color for 2 weeks. CND products have amazing durability - up to 3 or more. For example, some coatings last up to 28 days, demonstrating resistance to external influences, scratches and chips.

The criterion depends on several factors: literacy of the application of funds, contact with household chemicals and water. Also, overgrown nails look unpresentable, so the most optimal option is about three weeks.

Withdrawal procedure

Shellac features a gentle layer removal procedure. It does not require sawing or peeling of the design. The process is carried out using a special solvent, covered with foil for 10 minutes to soften the coating. CND's kit includes lint-free napkins and orange sticks that do not damage the surface.

Despite this, the gel still has a lot of fans. Neil masters assure that with the right approach and the use of quality tools, it is impossible to damage the nails.

What is shellac?

Shellac is one of the very first coatings in which the merits of varnishes and gels were combined.The innovative composition of the first hybrid material was developed by CND, giving it a name when filing a Shellac patent. Under this name, CND gel polish became world famous and became the basis of an ongoing debate: gel polish and shellac - what is the difference?

And, it would seem, there is no difference, since both coatings are essentially the same. However, in salons and in the implementation of the ideas of nail-designs, these concepts do not mix. Why?

Color palette

Gel products have an extensive range that allows you to design for every taste. But shellac is dominated by brightness and saturation, as well as innovative thermo-positions that change hue at different air temperatures.

Each individual brand sets its own price and, depending on this, it can be several times higher or lower. For example, the parent company has the most expensive line. An analog from Gelish sets the same price tag, but at the same time the bottle is twice as much. And Kodi produces positions in 3, or even 4 times cheaper.


The advantage of gel polish is that the manicure can be adjusted. In this case, the design remains for several more weeks. Shellac is not recoverable. Therefore, after the end of its service life, the old layer is removed and a new one is applied.

Gel polish and shellac - what is the difference?

Disputes and fortune-telling on this topic have been going on for three years - since the release of Shellac's line of coatings. The differences are already overgrown with myths. For example, there is a claim that Shellac is a gel polish that contains an organic polymer of the same name. But this is not so.

The differences between shellac and gel polish are simpler, although there is also a difference in composition:

  • Composition. Each gel polish - Shellac or a representative of another company - has a unique combination of components. Which, as a consequence, leads to a difference in the properties of the coatings. These nuances of quality can be expressed in durability, saturation of colors, ease of application, but nothing more. The main meaning of all gel polishes / shellacs is the same - this is a hybrid of a traditional manicure composition and gel.
  • Price. Shellac is always more expensive. There are many reasons for this, but the main two. The first is the best gel polish composition to date, and its characteristics can be confidently called ideal. The second - Shellac always comes with a full line of tools and compositions necessary for manicure - they are optimally matched to each other, which further increases the status of shellac.
  • Wearing coating on the nails. So far, from the entire line of gel varnishes, only shellac demonstrates unique resistance to up to a month. The rest is only enough for a couple of weeks.
  • Color palette. It differs in depth and variety of shades and it is difficult to say which brand has the best one.

Shellac and gel polish are two names of one essence, therefore it is difficult to say which is better and which is more correct to choose. Someone likes exclusive and long-lasting quality, while another lady does not need a constant manicure for a whole month. Requirements determine the choice, and it is definitely in the nail industry today!

What it is

Gel Polish and Shellac are specially designed plastic composition for nails. It belongs to the category instant. This coating is applied to the nails as a standard varnish, however, drying is done using UV lamp. The main advantages of both types can be considered long service life - On average, for two weeks.

It is also worth noting that manicure with the help of these tools has a surprisingly deep color and brilliance.

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac - advantages and differences - useful information

Beginner nail masters and ordinary salon visitors often have the question of what is the difference between shellac and classic gel polish. After all, both options are known for their amazing durability, and with the right application technique they are not susceptible to environmental influences.In this article we will try to identify the differences and choose the most correct way for fashionistas.

Differences gel varnish from shellac

Decorative hand cosmetics, the characteristics of which are comparable in this part of the article, are ideal for independently bringing the nails to the appropriate state. Thanks to cosmetics, the nails remain beautiful for a crescent. What are the differences between gel polish and shellac?

  • Shellac is more suitable for brittle and brittle nail plates, as it provides a firming effect.
  • Before applying the gel, the nails must be treated with a primer and the upper film is removed. In the case of shellac, a degreasing treatment is sufficient.
  • A special liquid is provided for shellac removal, which greatly simplifies the procedure. The gel is removed exclusively by mechanical means, when sawing is combined with the use of an acetone-containing liquid.
  • Gel, unlike shellac, does not dry out the nail plates. This is due to the fact that before applying the coating, a primer is used, which improves adhesion and moisturizes the natural nail tissue. Shellac promotes not only drying out, but also delamination.
  • The cost of shellac is higher, but it helps in creating a more durable manicure.
  • Shellac is ahead of the opponent in brilliance and color saturation.

Each of these coatings has advantages and disadvantages. By comparing the strengths and weaknesses, you will choose the best option, taking into account the condition of the nails.

Differences gel varnish from biogel

Gel polish and biogel are synthetic materials that are used for nail care and strengthening. Cosmetics are characterized by elasticity, are removed by means of a special liquid.

  1. Biogel is suitable for nail extension. Using the material, extra length is easily created.
  2. Gel polish is quicker and easier to apply. For this purpose, use a regular brush. The application of biogel more closely resembles the modeling process.
  3. The gel is used exclusively to give the nail plates a neat appearance. The opponent is able to heal. Therefore, it is often used after removal of extended nails.
  4. Biogel is not suitable for nails that twist.

I note that in terms of harmfulness to the nail plates, these synthetic materials are identical. The presence of the syllable “bio” in the name does not mean that the product is made of natural materials. Just biogel provides nails with a more natural look.

How to apply

Gel polish, shellac and biogel are popular synthetic materials used for application to nails. In this part of the article, we consider the technology of applying decorative coatings.

The listed decorative materials are considered the best achievement of the nail industry. This is evidenced by their high popularity among consumers, which is due to the convenience and ease of application, fast polymerization, stable color, intense gloss, safety of use.

If the application procedure is carried out in accordance with the technology, the decorative coating lasts on the nails for about 3 weeks, while maintaining structure, gloss and attractiveness without additional correction. But sometimes even advanced technologies fail. The fault is the wrong actions.

Gel polish

Gel polish is considered a relatively new invention. Contrary to the novelty, it is popular among women who immediately appreciated the variety of fashionable colors, ease of application and durability of the coating. Consider a step-by-step application algorithm.

  • Before applying the first layer, the surface of the nail plate is degreased with acetone, especially if before that there was a manicure from an oily agent.
  • Using an abrasive, the top layer is removed from the nail to increase adhesion. Weak nails are treated with a primer. In the case of healthy nails, the base layer is applied immediately, after which it is dried.
  • After drying, the first colored layer is applied, carrying out longitudinal movements from the edge of the plate.It is important that the layer is thin, otherwise the decorative coating will dry for a long time and is subject to deformation. Next, the legs are dried.
  • Lastly, a protective coating is applied, which fixes the varnish and gives the nails a shine. After thorough drying, the nails are wiped with alcohol using a cotton pad to remove the remnants of the product and remove the sticky layer.

As you can see, gel polish is applied without much difficulty. Constant training will help to make excellent manicure at home without outside help.


With an ultraviolet lamp and biogel, nails can be adjusted or extended at home. There is nothing complicated in this procedure.

  • Before the procedure, hands are wiped with an antiseptic. Using a wooden stick, the shape of the cuticle is adjusted. Then the nail plate is polished.
  • Next, use a primer to degrease the surface of the nail and increase adhesion. Keep nails under ultraviolet according to the instructions.
  • After this, biogel is applied, moving from the edge to the cuticle. A few millimeters do not reach it, they seal the free edge. If necessary, an additional layer is applied after drying.
  • If the surface is uneven, the sticky layer is removed with a degreasing agent, and then polished.
  • Lastly, a topcoat is applied and the sticky layer is removed. The cuticle is treated with oil.

This simple technique will help apply biogel at home without outside help. This is also a good way to make money. Only before receiving clients is it worth practicing and getting a hand in it.

Care Features

Improper nutrition, reinforced by a lack of proper care and contact with household chemicals, leads to the destruction of nails. Nail plates exfoliate, become weak and brittle.

Fortunately, cosmetology offers a number of tools to help improve the condition of nails. Applying a decorative coating improves the appearance of the nails, makes them beautiful and radiant. And so that the result of the cosmetic procedure lasts longer, it is recommended to provide the nails with proper care.

Which lasts longer

Every woman who uses gel polish, shellac or bio gel to create a beautiful manicure is interested in what lasts longer. And no wonder, because putting the nails in order requires a lot of money, especially if the procedure is carried out by the master.

According to experts, shellac lasts 2-4 weeks. Over a decade and a half, the nail grows, resulting in a small gap. The elimination of this aesthetic problem comes down to correction. But some girls do not pay attention to it and re-process after a month.

According to the instructions, the service life of gel polish, subject to application technology and proper care, is 2 weeks. Longer holding is not recommended. Even if the nails still look good, masters advise changing the coating. Otherwise, the adhesion of the gel and the nail plate will increase, and it will not be possible to remove it without the help of aggressive substances. And this is fraught with damage to the surface of the marigolds.

Biogel adorns nails for up to three weeks. But as the nails grow, the actual duration of the manicure is limited to two weeks.

What is more harmful for nails - gel polish or shellac

Manufacturers of decorative coatings for nails claim that their products are harmless and free of toxic substances. But do not forget about mechanical harm. Even if the technology is followed during the application procedure, it is impossible to minimize harm.

Dermatologists do not recommend daily nails, regardless of the type of material used. According to them, the maximum period for wearing varnish or gel is one week, followed by a week-long break.

The decorative coating blocks the access of oxygen to the nails. Additionally, cosmetics prevents the development of a natural protective layer, which nails generate while in a natural state. Under gel or varnish, this process is suspended.

All this leads to discoloration, deformation, delamination, thinning or dullness of nails. After a single application, negative effects do not appear, but if you regularly use such funds, negative consequences are guaranteed in the future.

Decide for yourself whether it is worth covering the nails with such compounds. This will help the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages. Remember, a single use will not weaken the nails if they are initially healthy, which can not be said about constant use.


The "brainchild" of CND contains a large amount of the lacquer component, which means it is as liquid as the classic product. On the nail, it is applied quite thinly and is almost not felt. And the gel variety is more dense.

Is it possible to visually distinguish coatings

“By eye” they look the same. Only an experienced specialist can consider the differences. After all, both methods look equally beautiful on female handles and make them more well-groomed.

However, the masters claim that the branded product surprises girls with brilliance and radiance. But its competitor is popular in a wide range of colors, so you can use all your imagination to create a design.

What's better

Each type of nail coating has a number of advantages and specific features. For instance, for a good manicure it will not be enough to buy one gel polish. Here you will need degreaser, base, primer. Shellac does not require this, however, and in the arsenal for its application there are many improvised tools that can be found in the kit for a rich shade.

Also worth noting is the application technique. To a beginner to cope with it - despite the outward simplicity, in reality it is not so easy. Homogeneity of the layer, its uniform thickness over the entire surface of the plate, proper drying in the lamp - These are just some of the features that you will encounter. Skill will be a key factor in deciding which gel coat lasts longer and which one is stronger. At the same time, the average term of one or another is from two to three weeks, experts do not provide for differentiation by variety.

To the question which is safer, manicurists give a definite answer regarding shellac. However, users have controversial opinions. For example, Shellac prevents the nail plate from breathing, which may cause excessive dryness and delamination of the surface, brittleness.

About nail care

Well-groomed fingers say a lot in favor of their owner. Designer decorated plates - an application for good taste. Some girls prefer to visit a beauty salon to have a beautiful manicure. Others - learned how to make out the nails on their own.

Modern nail art products provide many opportunities for decorating the nail plate. The classic varnishes, which were held on hands for 2-3 days, were replaced by more stable formulations: acrylic, shellac, biogel, gel polish, which can remain on fingers for 2-3 weeks.

New drugs made it easier for owners of short nails. Now with the help of building they can lengthen the plate in a few minutes.


Creative nail designand abbreviated CNDThe main and main producer of shellac. It was no coincidence that the innovative company became a leader, because it was led by Stuart Nordstrom. By the way, he began his career with the work of a dentist with an interest in experiments. So, at the reception, one patient expressed an opinion about the similarity of tooth powder and liquid with odor in the manufacture of porcelain nails. A simple association sunk into Stuart's soul, resulting in the production of the Solar Nail monomer for strengthening and flexibility of nails. Then came acrylics without acids, lotions and creams for the care of nail plates and, of course, shellac.

CND's designs have been proven over many years of experience and have earned numerous awards, such as ABBIES, Readers ’Choice Awards. Shellac companies can be seen not only on the dressing tables of American women, but also beauties around the world, as well as celebrities.

However, it's time to talk about products. Its color palette is multifaceted from natural tones, such as "Bare Chemise"to saturated "Bicycle Yellow". The bottles are 7.5 ml containers with the usual brush for classic varnish. The price segment starts at 900 rubles, however, there is a pleasant surprise here. CND Today it is produced both in America and in China. The products of the last manufacturing country do not differ from the American in quality, but the price is more affordable and affordable.

Departing about the pioneer and undoubted leader in gel varnishes, I would like to note more budget brands. Gel Formula by Bridget Botier - a line of gel coatings, the raw materials for which are produced in France, and the manufacture itself is carried out in Russia. A feature of the brand is its focus on the care of nail plates. In cosmetics include nutritious oils, amino acids and various complexes, enriching nails.

Bridget Botier's Gel Formula stands out by its coating method. Thanks to the unique technology, the product can be applied without a base, top, as well as drying under a UV lamp. The duration of such coverage is determined by the manufacturer for a period of 6 days. For a more lasting result, the above procedures are required. The cost of Gel Formula varies in the region up to 200 rubles.

It should be noted and brands that have earned an impeccable reputation for quality products. Among them:

  • Shellac Bluesky,
  • PNB Gel Polish.

Mark Bluesky with production in China offers a wide color palette of tones, as well as tops and base. The brand's products are proudly named Shellac.

Company Polish Also known around the world, its products are actively used in beauty salons. In the composition you can find only gel, which provides special resistance and durability to manicure.

Whatever brand is chosen in the search for the perfect coverage, it is important to remember about buying funds only in specialized large stores. This will help to avoid fakes and add up the correct impression of the brand as a whole.

General principles of overlay and deletion

Despite the fact that both varieties have some differences, this does not affect the technique of manicure. First, remove the old layer with a solvent liquid. To do this, put a disc moistened with solution on each nail and wrap it in foil. After 10-15 minutes, the layering is removed with an orange stick.

Be sure to bring your fingers in order: cut the cuticle and create a shape with a nail file. Degrease the surface and apply the base. Dry in the lamp for 2 minutes.

We place the color with a brush, drying it every time. The total duration depends on the number of coatings and brand. So, gel polishes require a little more time. At the end we impose the top. And after drying, remove the stickiness with a degreaser.

What is the difference between cnd shellac and gel of other brands

The list is related to patent law and production secrets. The result is that goods have different characteristics. Among them:

  • Tube volume. It can be from 7 to 15 milliliters.
  • The basic kit. The names included in the set along with the varnish also vary.
  • Durability. Basically, the manicure lasts for 2 weeks for the "pioneer", and for some competitors - up to 3.
  • Methods of coating and removal. Each company offers its own subtleties and nuances.
  • Color spectrum. Its volume is also different. Shellac has about 60 shades, while Gelish has 90. The lesser-known manufacturers offer a palette consisting of 20-30 colors.

We also note that in the contents of all positions there are no harmful ingredients.


This includes technical indicators.

Each brand has an individual "highlight".But the main point is the ratio of the gel component and the varnish in the bottle. And to be more precise, then their concentration. So, there is less gel in shellac than in other products. But its components include acetone, which greatly dries the surface of the nail with prolonged use of the coating.

On the other hand, alternative varnish names include other harmful substances: formaldehyde, toluene, etc. But we note that the positions of leading brands are absolutely harmless.


In addition to a perfectly smooth manicure, with the help of gel coatings you can get bright and original designs. To get the effect of a salon manicure, it is enough to purchase several tones of gel polish that are compatible with each other, sparkles, rhinestones, stickers, a thin brush for drawings, a transfer foil for manicure.

The design is worth starting with the correct and fashionable form of nails today. Oval and almond shapes are the trend of 2017. Their length remains close to natural, namely from 2 to 5 mm from the free edge.

The color palette today also approached naturalness. In high esteem this season deep and pastel colors with a special nobility. Any drawings are possible, for example, trendy animal print.

A monophonic coating is considered a traditional design. It is not necessary to use the same tone on all nails. Coloring the middle and ring fingers in a contrasting shade to the main one is a tradition that has become almost a classic of modern manicure. Several rhinestones located on one or two nails can supplement the manicure.

An excess of such details is a bad manners for modern manicure.

Popular today and moon design, namely, a manicure with the definition of a hole and staining it in a contrasting color. The hole in this case can be located anywhere on the nail surface. Design remains invariably in demand french. If desired, it is additionally decorated with rhinestones and interesting drawings, giving the manicure a festivity.

Amazing design Ombre with a smooth transition of colors from a gentle to a rich tone. Design announced Gold casting, allowing you to create unique patterns using transfer foil.

Specialists in this season do not limit in color and designs, however, they strongly recommend abandoning pretentiousness and an excess of bright details.

Color palette

Tones of gel and shellac have more than 600 items from firms that have long existed in the market and have earned a good reputation. For example, the Chinese manufacturer Bluesky distinguishes tones not only in shades, but also in density. But first things first. Sometimes a beautiful deep color is not enough for the choosy soul of a fashionista. That's when a variety of effects come to the rescue. One of the most popular can be considered Cat's Eye. Such magnetic shellac allows you to create a glare sliding on the surface of the nail.

On the wave of popularity today and the palette thermo-varnishescombining several shades. The fact is that the coating responds to temperature. White and pink, indigo and fuchsia are combined in one bottle and allow you to change the manicure several times a day. Agree, for a fashionista this is a significant advantage. In addition, the palette differs in density of consistency. Some tones, applied in two layers, have an extraordinary depth and completeness of shading. Other shades, on the contrary, are translucent and are perfect for daily manicure and a gentle jacket.

Tones can be like matte like that pearly. At the same time, mother of pearl is saturated and looks stylish and bright. In addition to micro-sparkles, they are also used holographic sparklesindispensable for the festive coating of marigolds. Perhaps in the gel polish palette a combination of several shades, skillfully passing into each other. Blue with silver tint, beige with emerald glare - All this is an innovative reality in gel coatings.

Do the benefits bring benefits

The answer depends on personal feelings, so you can find it by trying both methods.

Strengthening the marigolds and protecting them from environmental influences also are useful qualities. But you should not use products to treat the surface, as this is a decorative product that does not have such effects.

Cons of goods

The main disadvantage is that the layers prevent the penetration of oxygen to the plate, since it is tightly closed. Therefore, to reduce harm, it is necessary to take breaks between successive procedures, and give the nails a rest. It is important to use caring elements, such as cuticle oil. The negative effect of shellac is excessive drying. Its cause was the presence of acetone.

The gel base also has a number of disadvantages. Firstly, before applying it, it is necessary to remove the top layer of the plate, because of which it becomes thinner. Secondly, it is more often exposed to temperature changes, which provokes the appearance of microcracks and chips.

So, we examined what it is: gel polish or shellac and what is the difference between them. Despite the difference in some criteria, coatings provide an unrivaled aesthetics of the hands: it is impossible to overestimate the beauty and grooming of fingers with manicure.


Reviews about gel products abound with joyful and negative emotions. Positive opinions, it is worth noting, are still much more.

So, the satisfied owners of luxurious manicure for the most part choose only trusted brands. CND, Bluesky fail only in extremely rare, and sometimes frankly subjective cases. Users note their brightness and variety. In this field, the Chinese brand Bluesky is considered a favorite, because it takes a lot of time to list its entire palette.

Marigolds after using these funds feel great and even after removal they have a pretty decent appearance. However, removing the gel coating is a separate issue, because for many it becomes the reason for rejecting such a manicure. However, as experienced beauties assure, special means for removing or going for this procedure to the salon reduce this problem to zero. In addition, the CND brand has in its arsenal a miracle remedy with cucumber extract, capable of not only removing the old layer, but also moisturizing the nail plate.

As experienced girls assure, good shellac and gel polish can not cost less than 500-600 rubles. In this case, it’s not worth saving, because there are a lot of significant reviews with negative for fakes. Untreated methacrylate is the main harmful ingredient in cheap Chinese fakes, which can cause severe allergies and make the use of any gel impossible forever. Dejected ladies longingly show itchy and scaly fingers in the cracks and are actively struggling with such consequences of covering their nails.

However, cheap brands do not always cause such deplorable results. For example, some of them simply begin to crack after a week of use at the most inopportune moment. Girls who fall into this situation strongly recommend that you do not tear off the coating, but use foil and a remover for removing ordinary or gel polish.

Departing from the sad, it is worth noting a large number of advantages of such a manicure. So, the craftsmen performing the procedure at home note that it is very convenient to apply gel polish, because it does not spread and lays down in an absolutely even and smooth layer. Satisfied with women and color saturation, impossible for a classic varnish.

Probably the most satisfied owners of this tool can be considered housewives. Detergents and water in no way affect the condition of the manicure. And also funds bring additional income when mastering this art.

Ladies admit that a starter kit of quality tools is not cheap. Three harmonious tones, degreaser, base, top and UV lamp cost an average of 7,000 rubles.But this does not in any way stop the fair sex, because each product pays for itself and gives pleasant emotions from use, which, you will agree, are priceless.

Among the colors, women have the effects of “cat's eye”, “metallic” and “mirror”. Each of them looks equally worthy on both short and long nails. The ideal shade for each is different.

Gel polish and shellac have found their audience, ladies are everywhere in love with this unique composition for the beauty of marigolds. Compliance with the stages of painting, the selection of high-quality products and a share of patience - this is the key to a pleasant and efficient procedure. This bottle deserves a place on the dressing table of ladies who care for themselves and value their time.

Coating characteristics

Gel polish is an innovative decorative tool that is used to obtain a persistent manicure. This coating is fixed to the nail with an ultraviolet lamp, which provides hardening of the composition.

In order for gel polish to firmly adhere to the nail plate, two basic procedures are necessary, such as:

  • cutting off the top layer of the nail,
  • preliminary coating with a special tool - a primer.

The composition of gel polish includes the following components:

  • a film former that has polymer bonds that harden under the influence of UV rays,
  • photoinitiator - catcher of the same rays,
  • thinners - participate in the formation of the desired consistency,
  • pigment that gives the desired color to the varnish,
  • additional additives - vary from the specific manufacturer and the desired effect (gloss, texture).

Important! A gel polish manicure lasts from two to three weeks. It looks perfect: the original shine and radiance remain. The only problem is the overgrown parts of the nail plate.

Shellac is different from gel. He incorporated the properties of both ordinary varnish and gel. By its composition, it is still closer to traditional varnish, but the coating is much better in terms of strength. It does not require primer application, you can do with one degreaser. The coating is also dried under ultraviolet rays with a special lamp. In general, shellac is a CND product. It was she who patented her work, and subsequently there have already been attempts to copy this tool. So it turned out gel polishes.

Shellac exists in three forms: single-phase, two-phase and three-phase. Accordingly, these options differ in application: one coating combines the base, the main varnish and top, two-phase - contains the base together with a color coating, but requires a top. And the three-phase version needs a separate base and top. Shellac in its composition contains the same substances as gel polish, but with one difference. All the ingredients in its composition have undergone rigorous testing and a lot of research, thanks to which scientists have developed a special hypoallergenic formula.

Shellac can be safely used for the most sensitive girls. Many believe that the composition of shellac contains the eponymous resin, but this is an absolute lie. Apparently, manufacturers simply took the name in order to emphasize the reliability and harmlessness of their decorative nail products.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like every product in the beauty industry, gel polish and shellac have their pros and cons, which affect the choice in favor of a particular coating. To find the best solution, you need to thoroughly study all the advantages and disadvantages of these decorative coatings for nails. The only thing that can be outlined literally right away: both gel polish and shellac cannot be done at home without special tools. But the durability of the coating still justifies it.

The advantages of gel polish are manifested in the following:

  • such a manicure can be done quite quickly, literally 2-3 hours and a stable coating for two or three weeks will be obtained,
  • thin and brittle nails are naturally protected from external damage under such a coating,
  • rich palette of shades and spectacular features,
  • quick drying under a special lamp,
  • low cost of the procedure,
  • bottles are most often sold in large volumes,
  • You can easily perform the correction as the nail grows, that is, it is not necessary to remove and make a new coating every time.

The benefits of shellac are as follows:

  • easy to apply due to not so dense consistency,
  • there is no need to violate the integrity of the nail plate before application, the nail does not deteriorate, which means there is no damage to the body,
  • hypoallergenic composition - shellac is not harmful to health, almost all components are natural,
  • no smell
  • a very wide selection of colors,
  • do not need a primer fastening nail polish and nail surface,
  • manicure can be easily removed using a special liquid,
  • durability of manicure.

The advantages of both types of funds are really serious. They make choice difficult, as it seems that both of these remedies are very good. To still find out which varnish is better, it is necessary to consider their significant drawbacks.

Gel Polish has the following disadvantages:

  • before applying, the nail plate is seriously damaged by grinding,
  • it’s difficult to perform such a manicure at home or you will have to buy the entire expensive arsenal for such a procedure: a lamp, the lacquer itself, primer, degreaser, top-end agent,
  • allergy to components contained in the composition is possible,
  • there is an unpleasant odor during the procedure,
  • UV lamp is a device with unproven harm, many believe that an excess of ultraviolet radiation can provoke terrible diseases,
  • you can’t wear such a manicure all the time, otherwise the nails will suffer too seriously,
  • can not be removed by conventional means, it takes a long time to soak the gel polish under the foil, and then clean off with special sticks.

Shellac has such disadvantages as:

  • high cost relative to the gel,
  • there is a risk of nail drying during numerous shellac application procedures,
  • lasts less (about 2 weeks)
  • there is a high probability of running into a fake (there is always a protective hologram on the original bottles),
  • it is advisable to contact the salon for the procedure or purchase from scratch all the equipment,
  • shellac bottles usually have a rather low capacity,
  • it’s quite difficult to find shellacs for sale, especially the original company,
  • shellac is more susceptible to cracking than other coatings due to aggressive environmental conditions and temperature extremes,
  • it is impossible to perform correction, when the nail plate grows, you need to do manicure again, removing the old layer.

Design Difference

Despite the fact that both remedies are very popular, shellac is still much more expensive. Therefore, its manufacturers produce mainly a universal color palette that is suitable for any occasion. But the colors of this product are more saturated, since they have a large concentration of pigment in their composition. Gel Polish has a wide variety of colors and, accordingly, a possible design. Manicure with the help of it can be made the most daring and fantasy.

For lovers of a natural neutral manicure, shellac is still better, since the coating made with its help can be made with a minimum thickness. A good master will be able to perform a beautiful manicure with gel polish and shellac, so there is no particularly strong one that affects the choice of difference in design methods and colors. In addition, glitter, rhinestones and other decorations can be glued to both coatings using a special base.

Description and differences of gel polish from shellac

If you do not go into details, then shellac can be called gel polish. Shellac is a world-famous brand that has become a household name. But you should not call it one hundred percent traditional gel polish - some differences are present.

The modern line of gel polishes is a mixture of ordinary varnish and gel. Their main feature is the ratio of these components in one composition. Each manufacturer uses its own version and tries to keep the recipe a secret.

The company CND, which created shellac, took the UV gel formula as a basis and made a slightly larger concentration of ordinary varnish. Therefore, shellac gel contains in a slightly smaller amount, due to which the properties of the compositions for manicure have changed. To explain how gel varnish differs from shellac, it is proposed to familiarize yourself with an overview of each drug.

Features of using tools for manicure

PositionGel polishShellac
The base is close togellacquered
The presence of acetoneis absentcontains
Harmful substancestoluene, formaldehyde, etc.are absent
How much can hold2 weeks3 weeks
Color spectrum20-30 shades (some manufacturers have about 90)60 shades
Primeris necessarynot needed
Coating thicknessshellac lays in a thinner layer, unlike gel polish
Dryingusing an ultraviolet lamp (or LED)
Polymerization2-3 minutes on each layer in UV, 30-60 sec. in LEDfaster than gel polish
Correctionallowedcannot be restored
Withdrawalbetter contact the mastera special tool at home

Manicure is given special attention. Due to the fact that the gel polish lays on the nails with a thicker layer, removal will require sawing. If the procedure is performed incorrectly, it is easy to damage the plate. Shellac is easier to remove - just wrap a fingernail with a cotton pad soaked in a revume and hold for 10 minutes.

If you compare the funds for the duration of the procedure, then for applying gel polish a total of 30-40 minutes is required. To achieve a more saturated shade, it is recommended to apply 2-3 layers on each plate. In this regard, it is easier with shellac - because of good adhesion and density, the first layer will be enough, which speeds up the process.

What to choose

Both tools are to some extent good, so the choice depends entirely on the girl. In this case, individual characteristics (sensitivity of the body, condition of nails, etc.) should be taken into account. To understand that gel or shellac is better, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of each remedy.

Overview of advantages and disadvantages

Gel polish• does not contain acetone,
• strengthens and protects brittle nails,
• has a rich color gamut,
• it is possible to play with textures,
• coating correction allowed
• composed of a large number of chemicals,
• not suitable for thin nails,
• if the varnish is cheap, bald spots are possible during application,
• filing of the plate is required before use and the top layer - when removing,
• before applying the varnish on the nail, you will need a primer, which with frequent use can harm
Shellac• natural, safe composition,
• hypoallergenic,
• high coating strength,
• resistance to external factors,
• good adhesion,
• purity of color shades,
• glossiness of a thin coating,
• ease of application and removal
• due to the presence of acetone, the plate withers,
• not subject to correction,
• requires expensive remover

Another important feature that distinguishes the means is the effect of temperatures. With differences in performance, the coating of gel polish is dotted with microcracks, from which it can peel and chip. There are no such flaws behind shellac.

If you take into account the information from the table above, then the innovative composition has more advantages, and there are almost no disadvantages. But many girls choose gel polish because of its budget. Although there is a slight nuance: the cheaper the product, the worse the quality.

Note! If you want to save the family budget, it is recommended to choose a well-known brand. This, at the very least, ensures that products meet the required requirements.

Since how old can you do the procedure

Recently, more and more often you can see with a manicure teenagers who, if they want to express themselves, do not think about physiology at all. No matter how good the gel varnishes are, they have a negative effect on the plate that has not yet formed.

Until the age of 14, the nails remain soft and are in the stage of active growth. Therefore, gel varnishes containing harmful components can damage the delicate structure (especially when trying to remove).

Triphenylphosphate is dangerous, which prevents varnishes from drying out in bottles. It easily penetrates the structure of the soft nail and skin. This can lead to disorders in the hormonal and endocrine systems that are not yet fully formed.

Shellac is not so harmful and can be removed more easily, but with the rapid growth of the plate, correction will be required immediately, which is impossible to do with this tool.

The optimal age when you can allow a teenager to use gel polishes is considered 16 years old. Younger girls are better off staying on classic formulations (regular varnishes).

Additional Information. If mom wants to make up the baby’s nails for the holiday, you should buy a harmless product designed specifically for little girls.

How often can I do the procedure?

The popularity of gel-based varnishes lies in the fact that you can walk with a manicure for 2-3 weeks, and the colors will shine just like when you first applied. Then a bald spot in the moon appears on the grown nails, and there is a need for correction.

Having tinted the lumen with an additional layer of varnish, the girl may not have to worry about manicure for several more days. If shellac was used before, it will have to be completely removed and a fresh layer should be applied to the nails. Similar procedures can be repeated several times. But do not forget about such an aspect as the negative effect of the compositions on the nail plates.

Gel polishes are a good protection for nails. They protect against contact with chemicals, protect from the influence of natural ultraviolet radiation and mechanical stresses. But at the same time they become an obstacle to the access of oxygen.

The nails themselves do not have the ability to “breathe,” but they absorb water and fat very well into the structure. With their particles and penetrate into the cells of the oxygen molecule. Varnished nails lose this opportunity.

Important! When using shellac in the plate, the imbalance is violated (acetone dries too much). Harmful and prolonged effect on the tissues of chemicals included in gel varnishes.

The nutrients contained in hand creams do not penetrate the decorative layers. If you do not give the nails a break, they will gradually weaken, begin to exfoliate and break even more.

Experts recommend pausing between procedures. After removing the cover, it is better to walk around for several days without a manicure, allowing the nails to breathe. This period is the most suitable time for wellness sessions.

Recovery Recommendations

In order to continue to be able to use your favorite varnishes, in the intervals between their application it is proposed to take a nutritious and moisturizing course at home. After removing the nail polish, the plate is shortened and follows these recommendations:

  • in the mornings and evenings rub nutritious oil (apricot, jojoba, olive, etc.) into nails and cuticles - this will eliminate dryness,
  • on such days, instead of varnishes, a special strengthening agent containing collagen, proteins, vitamins is applied to the nails in 1-2 layers; this will protect the plate from delamination and fragility,
  • gelatin baths are well healed and strengthened, it’s enough to do the procedure a couple of times a week to rid the tissues of free radicals,
  • if there are no breaks between the procedures for a long time, you should use iodine baths, adding 3-4 drops of the drug to a glass of salt water, the antiseptic is made from seaweed, which has nutritious and regenerative properties,
  • iodine can also be added to olive oil and rubbed into the nails, wearing cotton gloves on your hands, leave the mask until morning.

When removing gel polish, the plate is sometimes injured. To treat it easily with paraffin baths. In this case, you need a course of 10 days. Only then can you think about a new manicure.

What is the difference between gel polish and shellac and which of them is better?

The nails need to be monitored, and once they have been painted, there are obligations to constantly maintain their aesthetic appearance. Then resistant coatings come to the rescue - shellac or gel polish, which makes everyday life more comfortable for women. But what is the difference between gel polish and shellac and which of these products to choose for your perfect manicure?

Gel polishes

By themselves, gel polishes are not a medicine for strengthening nails, but under them you can apply funds with a therapeutic effect (which is not allowed with ordinary varnishes).

Note! To strengthen brittle nails, you should choose the base coat correctly. As a basis, it is better to use rubber preparations.

To ensure reliable adhesion of gel polish with a layered nail, a primer is preliminarily applied to the plate. It serves as a double-sided tape. But this complicates the process of removing the coating from the plate. Therefore, if the nails are problematic, it is better to entrust the experienced master to remove the old varnish.

What is the difference?

Delving into the history of the creation of persistent varnishes, CND was the innovator in the industry. It was she who awarded women the chance to wear high-quality manicure for a long time. The coating was called Shellac.

The development of other brands that developed similar tools did not cause the appearance of absolute analogues. Similar by action varnishes were created that did not wash off for about two weeks. They were called gel varnishes.

How to make up nails

Means for covering almost everything differ; it is not advisable to call them analogues or varieties of each other.


Application Rules

Simply coating the nail and drying it under the lamp is not enough. There are certain conditions due to which this or that coverage will hold on to the due date.

The process of applying a layer on the nail

Before applying gel polish, you must:

  1. Prepare nails (trim manicure or hardware), remove pterygium buff (top layer of the nail).
  2. Apply a primer (base, base) so that the gel polish adheres well to the nail.
  3. Depending on the desired effect, apply color gel polish. This can be one layer or several (companies can put in their product a different amount of pigment, which may not be enough for saturated color coated in one layer).
  4. Top is applied as a fixative gel polish. Often the base (primer) and top are combined in one bottle.

Shellac is more practical - you don’t need to file a nail, than its integrity is preserved, no primer is required, and the top is applied as desired.

Base, top

There are bases for shellacs. Their main purpose is to protect nails from pigments in the composition of the product.

Truth in the composition

Coatings have different chemical composition, although they look equally good on nails. In shellac, you can find n-butanols, methacrylates, butyl acetates, titanium dioxide, etc. But their effect on the body can not be called harmful, in contrast to the components of gel varnishes.

They contain dibutyl phthalates (can be found in low-quality products sold at a very low cost), formaldehyde, taluene. Allergic reactions and gradual poisoning of the body with toxins are provided.

Considering the harmfulness of chemicals, gel polish contains an order of magnitude higher toxic components than shellac. This is the advantage of shellac. What is more harmful is to decide for a woman who wants to cover her nails, and there are plenty of varieties of funds for this.

Although the composition is similar, shellak (spelled as shilak, shilak, slag, slag, sherlak) can also damage the nail plate - after wearing it for several weeks, you can earn brittle nails. This is because shellac is able to dry the nail plate.

Nails after frequent coatings

A contract to cover their nails is not worth it, you can alternate it with a bio gel coating, at the same time and forming a nail. It’s safer to build them, biogel heals nails and improves their growth.


The hardening (polymerization) process is different for the coatings in question. To cure shellac, you need a UV lamp. Under other type of lamps, it does not polymerize.

UV lamp

The progress in the development of gel polish composition has reached such a level when drying occurs under LED devices. Since it is LED lamps that become more popular (they are practical to maintain, quickly dry), from the practicality side, gel polish is much more convenient.

LED lamp

Nail removal

Sooner or later, you need to remove the coating from the nail. Removing gel polish or shellac at home or in the cabin is possible thanks to special fluids and auxiliary accessories.

The first and main condition is not to strip off the remnants of the varnish! Otherwise, it will take a lot of time for the nails to “come to their senses”, and you can forget about the beautiful manicure for a long time.

Nails after tearing off the coating

You can remove the varnish at home. Step by step for gel polish it looks like this:

  • Cut off more gel polish residues with a nail file or a milling cutter with a corn nozzle, preferably made of ceramic (so there will be no options to damage the nail plate).
  • Moisten cotton pads in nail polish remover. Wrap their nails and wrap in foil (you can use fingertip caps). This is necessary because the product does not evaporate before it dissolves the gel polish.
  • Wait a quarter of an hour, sometimes longer (depending on which varnish).
  • Remove the "compresses", the remnants of gel polish should be on the cotton pad.

Coating removal

Special fluids used by many masters are able to not dry their nails after each varnish removal. Incorrect removal guarantees brittle nails. It depends not only on the means, but also on the competence of the master.

Properly removed coating

Shellac is removed in this way, only less waiting time will be needed. But there is still a difference in the process. It is usually not sawed before removal, but after the “compresses” have been made, traces of coating on the nails may remain. They are "scraped off" with an orange stick. When using professional solvents, this can be avoided.

Wearing time

Manufacturers consider it normal if gel polish with a primer and top is kept on nails for up to 3 weeks. Shellac - for the same period.

Gel Polish after 2 weeks of wearing

But in practice the following is proved - gel polish is more resistant, especially if it was covered with thin layers that were dried separately (wearing - 2-3 weeks). Shellac - up to 2 weeks. This period of time the coating looks spectacular, but it may peel off earlier, especially if the nail is poorly degreased before coating.

Shellac after 2 weeks of socks

If the gel polish is applied in an independent layer without a base and top, then it will last no more than a week.

Difference in application

Despite the fact that both products are similar in application technology, there are some subtleties and differences. It is worthwhile to figure out how to apply gel polish according to the correct technology, which is as follows:

  • it is necessary to take care of the nails: give them the desired shape, remove the overgrown part of the cuticle, trim the burrs and go through the nail file for better adhesion of the layers,
  • then you need to degrease the prepared surface and cover it with a base (primer),
  • fix the base with an ultraviolet lamp,
  • apply the main color in several layers, then the finish layer, all in turn are fixed in a UV lamp,
  • remove the upper sticky layer with a special tool and a napkin.

This is the technology when applying gel polish must be followed in order to achieve high-quality coating.

Shellac is applied in a similar way, but in a slightly different way, namely:

  • need to do a manicure,
  • apply a degreaser and dehydrator to the nails so that the surface of the nail becomes perfectly clean,
  • apply a base coat and dry it under the lamp,
  • apply color layers, each of which also process under the lamp,
  • to finish the manicure should be a top coating, also dried in a UV lamp,
  • then you need to remove the protruding sticky layer using a special fabric that does not have a pile.

Important! As a result, the main difference in the technology of applying shellac and gel polish is the lack of sawing off the top of the nail plate in the first type of manicure.

How to extend wearing coverage?

Although coatings for nails can have adverse consequences (especially with constant use), but they are practical in terms of terms of wearing and it is very simple to use them. But this does not mean that they do not need to be looked after. Unlike acrylic, gel polish and shellac during careless actions can be damaged and thereby ruin the quality of the manicure.

Sloppy wearing coverage

How to provide a beautiful manicure for a long time? The answers are commonplace and have long been known to everyone. The main thing is to prevent aggressive substances from entering the coating (solvents of all kinds), to avoid thermal effects (this is dangerous not only for the coating, but also for the nails in general), and not to waste the nails for strength (tear off something or scratch them). Washing the dishes is wearing gloves. This is useful for the skin of the hands, in principle, regardless of whether there is a coating on the nails or not.

The risks of wearing gel polish and shellac

Such a universal coating, regardless of the name, has its drawbacks. Although the pronounced benefit is the beauty of the nails for a long time, doing such a manicure, there is a risk of spoiling the condition of the nails and after that restoring them for a long time.

Nail condition when a recovery course is needed

What signs of a change in the nail plate should alert:

  1. The nails became dull; roughness, tubercles, and strips appeared on them.
  2. The color of the nail plate turned yellowish or gray.
  3. Stratifications appeared on the protruding part of the nails, the periungual skin has a lot of burrs and roughness.

Treatment procedures are then necessary. Similar symptoms may provide nail fungal disease. This will happen for one reason - if the master ignores the disinfection of manicure accessories.

Disinfection Accessories

Depending on the composition of varnishes, toxic substances can cause harm to the body. What kind of harm? Allergies that occur due to the accumulation of toxins, as well as general poisoning of the body. But the industry of manicure coatings does not stand still, and, for sure, it will soon appear that will do absolutely no harm.

Shellac and gel polish: differences. What is the difference between shellac and gel? :

Great interest today appears in the question of the differences between shellac and gel polish. It arises both among novice nail art masters and ordinary visitors to beauty salons, concerned about the appearance of their nails and fashion trends in this area.

To find out the answer to this question and determine whether shellac and gel polish have differences, you can read this article.

In addition, you can also learn about the differences between other main products created for modeling and decorating nails, including: biogel, UV gel, gel paint, nail polish.

What is the difference between shellac and gel polish?

Understanding if there is a difference between coatings will help identify these products. What is gel polish? This is a product created on the basis of varnish and gel coatings for nails.

Shellac is a product created by CND as a hybrid of varnish and gel.

Having examined these two concepts, it can be understood that shellac is gel polish of a certain brand, which, having launched this product on the market first, defined such a name for it.

It is worth noting that products such as gel polish and shellac, produced by other companies, have differences among themselves. The main competitors of the product from the CND manufacturer were its analogues of the companies Gelish, Bluesky, Kodi, Gelerations, Perfect Match, etc. Shellac has all its similarities and differences with all these products. What are they like?

Differences between CND gel polish and products from other manufacturers

Any products aimed at performing the same functions, but released by different companies, have a number of significant differences. This is due to secrets of production and patent law.As a result, it turns out that at first glance the same products have a number of significant differences. The difference between gel polish and shellac is determined by the same rule. And it consists in the following differences:

  • Price. Each manufacturer sets its price. The cost of the product may decrease and increase several times depending on the company. So, for example, CND shellac has the highest price among this kind of product. Its counterpart from Gelish offers a bottle twice the same volume for the same price. And companies such as Bluesky, Kodi, offer their products 3 or 4 times cheaper than the discoverer CND.
  • The volume of the bottle. It varies from 7 ml to 15 ml of the product in one bottle, depending on the manufacturer's company.
  • Basic set. The composition of the products attached to the varnish at the first purchase is different for all firms.
  • The period of wearing gel polish. Mostly two weeks for CND and Kodi. For Bluesky and Gelish is 3 weeks. According to this characteristic, shellac and gel polish have differences, especially noticeable for ordinary lovers to do manicures. Since it is precisely the possibility of prolonged wearing of this coating that attracts women.
  • The method of application and removal. Each company offers its own characteristics of these two processes.
  • The color palette is different for the products of each manufacturer. So, shellac is presented in 61 shades, and its analogue from Gelish has a palette of 90 shades. Gelerations can provide only 60 shades. Other manufacturers have a palette of only 20 or 30 colors.

You can define a number of different characteristics for this product, but for beginners in this field and for ordinary users, they will not make any difference, since they relate to technical ones. It is worth noting only that the composition of high-quality coatings does not have harmful components for the nail plate.

The harm and benefits of gel polish

Along with the question of whether gel polish and shellac have differences, the harm and benefit of these products are of no less interest to users. This product is called neutral for the nail plate, but a few points regarding harm and benefit can be distinguished. So, the advantages of gel coatings include:

  • During growth, the nail does not break or stratify. There is an opportunity to grow long natural nails with proper care.
  • The coating takes over all the negative environmental impacts.

Harmful this coating of the nail plate can be considered in two cases:

  • If applied or removed incorrectly, the nail is damaged. It is worth noting that it is fair to attribute this defect to the skill level of the specialist offering this service.
  • With sudden changes in temperature, gel polish has the ability to expand and narrow, which can lead to cracks in the coating. The consequence of this may be bacteria, which lead to diseases of the nail plate. This happens extremely rarely.

Having answered the basic questions regarding only gel varnish, it is worthwhile to analyze its differences from other types of coatings. What are they like?

What is the difference between gel polish and nail polish?

The gel varnish and shellac presented by different manufacturers have differences from ordinary varnish coatings. Their main distinguishing feature is the duration of wearing on the nails.

This is the main advantage of shellac over conventional varnish.

The color palette, ease of removal and application, the need for a specialist, the price of a bottle is what makes ordinary varnish popular among consumers.

We can emphasize the fact that shellac is a hybrid of varnish and gel, and therefore has only half the characteristics of varnish.

What is the difference between gel polish and biogel?

Shellac and gel polish have differences with a similar product - biogel. The similarity of these two coatings is the same removal. And that and the other product can be removed from the nail plate without filing it.

Biogel is applied using a more complex technology. The price of the service in the salons is much more expensive.The main advantage of this coating is its natural composition, treatment and restoration of the nail plate.

In addition to biogel, UV gel is also used for nail extension. What are its differences from gel polish?

The main difference between gel polish and gel paint

The difference between gel polish and gel paints is quite difficult to find. Perhaps these two products are more similar than all other nail coatings. Their composition may differ, visually on the nail they are very similar.

Gel paint is offered in small jars without a brush, recommended by manufacturers for drawing miniature details.

But the manicurist himself is able to decide exactly what to decorate the nail in accordance with what is more profitable or more convenient for him to use. It is worth noting that the paint is rarely applied as a regular coating on an entire natural nail.

To do this, it is customary to use gel polish. Although no harm from replacing these two coatings does not occur, according to experts.

Concluding, it is worth noting that the gel, shellac varnish and gel polish have differences for each individual person. Each nail plate has its own characteristics, so the result after applying all these coatings may differ from what the manufacturers promise.

The difference between gel polish and shellac

At the moment, in the nail industry, such materials for manicure as gel polish and shellac are very popular. They really simplify the task for the master and, as a result, the result pleases the eye of the client. Gel varnishes of each manufacturer have a wide color palette, unlike varnish - they significantly increase the life time of manicure and, unlike gel, are more convenient to use.

Gel polish is a kind of hybrid of gel and varnish. This is a relatively recently developed plastic gel that dissolves easily with a suitable product. The method of applying to nails is the same as that of ordinary varnish, which simplifies the creation of a diverse design of nails. Just gel polish is dried under a UV lamp and the life of such a manicure is from 2 weeks.

Another very significant property of gel polish is its brilliance. For at least 2 weeks, the nails retain their color and gloss, as if the coating was applied recently.

Thin and brittle nails coated with gel polish become more elastic and this material also prevents the nail from flaking and breaking, which is also its undoubted advantage.

And one more plus. The procedure for removing gel polish is greatly simplified. There is no need to file the gel polish (which again saves the nail plate from mechanical damage).

This material is removed very simply: a cotton ball with a special agent is applied to the nail plate, all this is covered with foil to maintain heat and improve the effect.

The softening time of gel polish depends on the manufacturer (from 10 to 20 minutes).

According to experts, there are practically no disadvantages of gel polish. This product has a softer formula than conventional varnish, which less damages the nail plate.

During the shellac removal procedure, the nail may dry out a bit, becoming more vulnerable to negative external factors (due to prolonged contact with acetone).

Although this factor can be mitigated, after all, there are special moisturizing oils and masks for nails.

Shellac and its difference

In fact, shellac and gel polish are one and the same. Many experts claim this. To some extent, we can agree with them. But small differences exist.

For the first time, gel polish appeared on the arena about 3 years ago. One of the leading companies in this industry, CND, or Creative, also known by its other name, has announced an innovative new product called Shellak Gel Polish.

The product was patented by the company and quickly gained its popularity, which is not surprising. The competitors did not stay much behind and soon developed their line of gel polishes.

Despite this, the name Shellak managed to gain popularity and now that’s what many masters of gel polishes call it regardless of the manufacturer.

The actual difference is that Shellak remains unique in its chemical composition, structure and texture.

Shellak - gel polish, the use of which does not require the use of a primer (a liquid that provides better adhesion between the nail and the coating).

Secondly, CND gel polishes are much easier to remove from the nail, which is a very important factor for people who are especially careful about the issue of comfort and safety of manicure.

However, shellak has its drawbacks. When using it, a greater drying of the nail was noticed than when using gel varnishes of other manufacturers and more often the delamination of the nail plate was observed.

There are also some differences when coating the nail with shellac and gel polish:

  1. Here the procedure is standard: preparation of the nail (cuticle treatment, shape correction, antibacterial treatment)
  2. In the case of shellac, this procedure is enough, in the case of gel polish, it is still necessary to polish the nail plate.
  3. This step is the same for all manufacturers. The nail plate is degreased with a special tool - a bonder.

  • At this stage, the base is applied, the base gel is a transparent color.
  • Directly the stage of applying gel polish or shellac.
  • Fastening. After applying and drying 1-2 layers of shellac or gel polish, a fixing gel is applied, which covers the entire plate and seals the edges.
  • It is very important: each applied layer is well dried in a UV lamp.

    Drying time depends on the manufacturer (from 30 seconds to 2 minutes). The final step is to remove the sticky layer from the surface of the nail (this is done with a special tool or with nail polish remover without acetone) and applying moisturizing oil to the cuticle.

    Also, all masters recommend refraining from prolonged contact of hands with water and various means on the first day after coating.

    How shellac differs from gel polish - tips in Market Magazine

    If a manicurist calls any gel polish shellac, it is worth considering whether he is really a professional. I am a perfectionist and trust my hands only to specialists, so I studied the difference between the concepts of “gel polish” and “shellac”. I'll tell you why it is worth knowing.

    Gel polish is a material made from a mixture of gel and colored pigment. It is applied to the nail plate in one layer or more. To make it solid, not to spread and not to be greased, use special UV-, LED-, CCFL-lamps or hybrid devices.

    From radiation, gel polish polymerizes - from a viscous layer it turns into a durable, resistant coating. So it can remain on the nails for several weeks, while maintaining the perfect look: gloss, bright color, integrity and hardness.

    Gel polish is necessarily used together with a base and top with a similar composition - these compositions allow the color coating to firmly fix on the nail plate and not give in to external mechanical influences, from which cracks and chips may appear.

    Gel polish is a mixture of colored pigment and gel, which is polymerized in a special lamp. Gel polish protects nails from damage, so such a manicure is a great opportunity to grow them. Runail INDI laque gel polish classic shades, 9 ml IQ BEAUTY gel polish Rubber with calcium, 10 ml ADRI COCO Gel Polish Gel Polish, 8 ml TNL Professional Classic Gel Polish, 10 ml Bluesky Classic Gel Polish (80501-80603), 10 ml Beautix UV Gel Polish Gel Polish, 8 ml Masura Basic Gel Polish, 11 ml Olystyle Gel Polish UV Gel Polish, 10 ml Runail MultiLac Classic Gel Polish, 15 ml Manicure Set Runail Nail File and Gel Polish INDI laque Gel Polish Masura Masu Masu, 8 ml Gel La CND Shellac, 7.3 ml Runail manicure kit magnet and Cat's eye gel polish Masura Basic gel polish, 3.5 ml Patrisa Nail Vanguard gel polish, 8 ml ADRI COCO gel polish Pretty dolly, 8 ml KODI Professional Basic Collection gel polish, 8 ml Gel polish TNL Professional Magnet effect 3D, 6 ml Bluesky Gel Polish Series A, 10 ml Aurelia Gellak Gel Polish, 10 ml KODI Professional Crystal Gel Polish, 8 ml TNL Professional Mosaic Effect Gel Polish, 10 ml TNL Professional Glass Effect Gel Polish, 10 ml Gel- TNL Professional 3 in 1, 6 ml; base and top coat for nails

    The mysterious shellac, which many confuse with gel polishes, has its own history. The fact is that the first persistent nail coatings were introduced to the market by the American company CND - Creative Nail Design. They were named CND Shellac.

    The emergence of a new formula was a real discovery in the world of manicure: colored Shellac was able to stay on its nails for about two weeks without changing its appearance.In the wake of popularity, manufacturers of products for the nail industry around the world quickly borrowed this formula for their own compositions and began to experiment with it.

    Although the formula for modern persistent nail coatings is very different from the original, SHELLAC is still CND's patented brand and property. This is a separate type of gel polish with a certain composition and ratio of ingredients, so the concepts of "gel polish" and "shellac" can not be called synonyms.

    It is believed that gel polish and shellac differ in formulas. The composition is the same, but each has its own proportions: there is more gel in gel polish, and varnish in shellac. As a result, different formulas affect the characteristics of the application and removal of materials, their durability.

    There is only a grain of truth: the formulas of resistant coatings are indeed different even in the assortment of one manufacturer. These may be separate collections, product lines or enhancements, but these coatings still apply only to gel polishes.

    Some manufacturers give Shellac a name for their gel polish line. They do this for various reasons - because of the similarity of the formulas of their coatings and CND Shellac or for marketing purposes: everyone knows that this word is directly related to the brand CND, which has a good reputation. It is important to understand that it is the decision of an individual manufacturer to give a name to his product, and not a generally accepted term.

    How to remove gel polish at home and not damage your nails

    1. Gel polish is a synthetic material, a color resistant coating for nails, which is polymerized using special lamps.
    2. Shellac is the name of a type of gel polish with a specific composition and ratio of ingredients that CND developed and patented.
    3. The Russian concept of shellac is a colloquial colloquial variant that is often used to denote any gel polish.

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