Prayers to the Martyr John the Warrior

Prayers to John the Warrior have been widely used by the Orthodox people since ancient times. Although information about his life path is rather contradictory. John served with Julian the Apostate and, together with other soldiers, was engaged in the persecution of adherents of the Christian faith. But as the annals testify, this person sought to help people who were persecuted by the authorities. Thanks to his efforts, many prisoners were released. John organized the shoots and warned Christians in advance about the upcoming raids. John was also engaged in charity work, he constantly visited hospitals, where he provided all possible assistance and support to sick people.

After the pious deeds of John the Warrior became known to the supreme ruler, he was imprisoned. But after Julian the Apostate was killed in the Persian War, John was released and began to preach Christianity. A martyr passed away from life in old age, having accomplished many pious deeds.

Strong prayer to John the Warrior from the offender or enemies

Strong prayer to John the Warrior is directed against offenders and enemies. To strengthen its effectiveness, one should initially read the well-known prayer “Our Father”. This allows us to pray forgiveness from the Lord for known and unknown sins. It is believed that the prayer to John the Warrior will be stronger if it is read in the temple in front of the icon of the Saint.

Prayer 2nd

Oh martyr of Christ John the Warrior! Courageous in brotherhood, and fast ambassador of Orthodox Christians in troubles and their misfortunes, by the given grace of God! Be to us the champion of the stumps for all our visible and invisible enemies. Grant unto the hostile army the enemy, that they may humble themselves that are warring against us, and redeem ourselves, and the True God will also know His Holy Orthodox Church. But we, sinners, may we be able to glorify the Lord, the Savior in our kingdom, be with you forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer 3rd

Oh, the great Christ martyr John, the Orthodox fighter, enemies of the persecutor and the liable torturers! Hearing us, in troubles and afflictions, praying to you, it is given to you to give grace from God to the sad consolation, the weak help, the unrepentant death to deliver, and for all who suffer. Be fortunate and the champion of strength is our protector for all our visible and invisible enemies, as if your help and rebellion against us are shameful to all that is evil to us. I beseech the Lord our God, that he may bless us, His sinful and unworthy slaves (the names), to receive from Him an indescribable blessing, even the coercion of those who love Him, in the Trinity of the Holy Slavimago of God, always, now and ever and ever. Amen.

Short life

Memorial Day July 30 / August 12

St. John, being a secret Christian, served in the imperial army. Sent to persecute Christians, he instead helped the persecuted. Confessing Christ openly, he accepted a martyr's death. Also known for miraculously convicting thieves in theft. He is the patron of the Christ-loving army, they pray to him for intercession from thieves and robbers, to find the lost or stolen.

Saint's story

There is a double opinion about the saint John the Warrior, because There are 2 versions of his being. According to one of them - he was an ardent opponent of Christianity and everything that was associated with this religion. John served in the imperial troops under Julian the Apostate, and, along with other soldiers, persecuted people of the Christian faith. With a more detailed study of the chronicles, one can see that the saint was seeking to help those who came under the yoke of power and suffered persecution. John warned people about the upcoming raids, and independently organized the escape of Christians, so that they could escape the conclusion.

During his ministry with Julian the Apostate, the Warrior was able to free hundreds of prisoners. In addition, he secretly visited hospitals and provided all kinds of assistance to people in need. Unfortunately, the supreme ruler soon found out about the deeds of John, and gave the order to imprison him. The benefactor could not be released from captivity only after Julian died during the battles in the Persian war. He devoted the rest of his life to helping Christians, and died in old age.

What to ask for?

During his lifetime, the Warrior John was the defender of the Orthodox people, and remained so after death. Today, standing in front of the icon of the saint, people mostly ask about the following:

  • protect them from offenders and enemies,
  • reconciliation and settlement of conflicts,
  • justice restoration,
  • punishing criminals
  • Finding a lost or stolen item
  • returning debts.

There is also a belief that wearing the face of a saint with you attracts luck. Believers are advised to take a small icon with them, going on an important meeting, on a trip, for an interview, etc.

Among the most powerful and most common prayers to the martyr John are:

From enemies and offenders

Almost every person has enemies and ill-wishers who are plotting and bothering in every way. If it is impossible to find a council for such enemies, then it is just right to turn to John the Warrior. He will not only provide reliable protection, but also punish enemies.

To increase effectiveness, before reading the sacred text, you should first read the prayer “Our Father”. Thus, the asker repents of his sins, and after that apply directly to John the Warrior. It is advisable to read the words in front of the icon in the temple, but if this is not possible, then you can conduct the ritual at home, using the face of the saint.

About finding a lost thing

Things tend to get lost, but if some are easily located, you just need to remember where you put them, while others cannot be found. They are like "falling through the ground." In such cases, a prayer is read to John the Warrior for the lost thing. But it is important that the person asking is positive and imagining how he finds the desired item.

About the return of the stolen thing

Losing something important or expensive, after all, is undoubtedly bad, but even worse if it is stolen. In such cases, people no longer hope to return what was dear to them, because the thief probably will not return the stolen goods. Nevertheless, there remains hope for John the Warrior. He is addressed with the following words.

About debt repayment

To help a loved one is a good thing, but what if he is in no hurry to repay a debt? The martyr John the Warrior always fought for justice and defended those who were offended, so you can even turn to him with such an ambiguous problem. While reading the sacred text and making a request, it is important to let go of your anger and mentally forgive the debtor. You should also tune in to positive.

Prayers that appeal to John the Warrior are best pronounced in the temple, because there reigns a special energy that increases the effectiveness of the words spoken. Also, a person should not conceal anger in himself against offenders or debtors, and ask for higher powers to punish them, because the holy man himself was selfless and not vindictive, therefore he helps those in whose heart light and forgiveness reigns more willingly.

The meaning of prayer to John the Warrior

So, who was this saint who is so revered today? John the Warrior was so called for a reason, he really was a soldier in the service of the Roman emperor Julian the Apostate, who was notorious for his policy against Christians. And now, along with other warriors, this saint also had to pursue the "apostates" of the Roman Empire.

However, he only looked like a terrible monster that persecuted believers. In fact, John did many good deeds to help the Christians whose convictions he shared. He helped already captured people escape from captivity, freed them, and warned Christians about the raids that the emperor was preparing for them. Thus, nominally remaining the servant of his sovereign, he devotedly served the work of Christ.

Of course, Julian found out that one of his great warriors, secretly from the Romans, was helping Christians. However, instead of the death penalty, John was only imprisoned. Fortunately, soon after this, the emperor died in the Persian war, so the great martyr was released and was able to openly devote himself to faith in Christ. He died in old age, having done many good deeds for his long life.

The power of prayers to this saint (as to any other) depends solely on the faith of the worshiper. If a person believes with all his heart that a martyr will help him, then it will be so. Before praying to John the Warrior, be sure to read Our Father to ask for forgiveness for your sins, and only then turn to the saint.

Video “Akathist to the Holy Martyr John the Warrior”

From this video you will learn about the Akathist to the Holy Martyr John the Warrior.

When is it customary to read a prayer? You can turn to the great martyr with a wide variety of requests from the following:

  1. Return stolen or lost. Things that you have not always lost do not always disappear forever. If you ask this great martyr, he can help you find the lost.
  2. Find the thieves.
  3. Protection against ill-wishers. Since during his life, John was the protector of Christians, and being a saint, he fulfills the same mission, protecting the true believers.
  4. Restoration of justice. This function is also associated with his activities in life for obvious reasons.
  5. Personal communication. If this great martyr seems congenial to you, prayer is a type of conversation where you can communicate with a person who is close to you.

About the lost thing

“Oh, martyr of Christ John the Warrior! Brave in braneh, and the fast defender of Orthodox Christians in troubles and misfortunes, according to this grace from God!

Be our champion strong on all our visible and invisible enemies. Grant victory to our army against our enemies, that those who oppose us will be humble and understand, and that they will know the true God and His holy Orthodox Church. We sinners, let us be honored to glorify the Lord our Savior in his kingdom, together with you forever. Amen."

Personal petition

“O glorious servant of Christ, John the Warrior!

You were a brave man in ratteh, an enemy of persecutor and an offended intercessor, nowadays all Orthodox Christians are an emergency assistant.

Remember us sinners and unworthy, and intercede us in troubles and sorrows and sorrows and in all evil adversities, and protect us from all evil and offending people: you are blessed to be quick from God to grace pray for us sinful (name) evil wicked.

Oh, the great champion, the enemies of the persecutor, the Christ-loving army of the patron and the offended intercessor, John the Warrior! Do not forget us sinners who pray to you and your help and the merciless mercies of those who ask, and we are likewise sinful and unworthy, indescribable good things received from God. “All glory, honor and worship befits Tom, to the Father and the Son, and to the Holy Spirit, now and forever and forever.”

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When to read prayers to John the Warrior

Living in times of cruel persecution of Christians, this saint performed many great blessings.saving and helping believers.

For the patronage of the great martyr, cry out for mental suffering. Military personnel and their relatives ask for his protection. It is not customary for a saint to ask for the punishment of the offender, but to pray that this person does not bring evil.

According to the annals, the saint helped ordinary people who found themselves in difficult life situations.. He always sacrificed himself for the sake of others.

In what situations do they pray to the saint of God for help:

  1. When you need help to return stolen things. The icon of the saint has the power to find a thief. There is a belief that the robbers were very afraid of the shrine and admitted to the crime.
  2. Before the face of the saint, they ask for the protection of the believer from dangerous enemies.
  3. A humble prayer to John the Warrior helps restore justice.
  4. The Great Martyr pray for peace in the family and between countries.
  5. Prayer to John the Warrior about the lost thing allows you to quickly find it.

There is a tradition that the constant wearing of a small image bring good luck in the near future.

How to read a prayer

There are several prayers to the great martyr. Before asking, you need to abandon all worldly things and focus on the text. Before addressing the saint, they read the main prayers. In the end, they thank the Lord and the great martyr.

A sincere request before the image of John the Warrior saved many peoplewho believed in the power of relics and the face of the saint.

Recommendations for reading the prayer to the great martyr:

  1. Before the prayer service to John is advised to wash your face and wash your hands with holy water. Turn to the Lord with deep repentance, cleansing your mind and reading prayers for the salvation of the soul.
  2. John the Warrior must be treated with godliness and compassion. There is no need to answer evil with a crime, otherwise you can fall into the sin of condemnation. There is a separate prayer for each petition, which is recommended to be learned.
  3. At the end of the service, they overshadow themselves with the sign of the Cross, give a deep bow and thank.

For prayer to be heard, you need to have crystal clear thoughts and unshakable faith that the saint will certainly help. Pronounce it carefully, delving into the meaning of the words. They recommend pre-ordering a prayer service to the great martyr in the church.

From offenders

It happens that a conflict cannot be resolved personally, and we feel insulted at the one we had a fight with. In this situation, it is better to lay on the Lord and not hold evil. Pray to John the Warrior for protection from offenders and forgiveness of them.

Prayer text:

“Holy Martyr John the Warrior, protect me, the sinful, hasty and inconsolable, from enemies, firing arrows and God's name shaming. May not the visible enemy touch me, appearing to be the other, tempting with love of money and selfishness. Rebuke the sorcerers of the malice to do, to charm against me. Saint John the Warrior, repel all enemy attacks, gossip and misunderstanding. I believe in the power of heaven and the Lord’s wonderful prayer. Being alone and among unkind people, let me avoid demonic passions. When the enemies attack me, let my friends never betray me. In the name of the father, and the son, and the holy spirit. Amen".

It is worth calling for the help of a saint only if the worshiper was not the initiator of the conflict. Otherwise, it is necessary to ask for forgiveness from the person whom you offended first, and to confess this sin.

About the return of the stolen

If you have been robbed, you need to turn to John Warrior with a prayer in which to ask the saint to return the stolen.

Prayer text:

“O glorious servant of Christ, John the Warrior, you are the brave one in town hall, the enemy is a persecutor and an offended intercessor, the whole Orthodox Christian is the great intercessor and servant of Christ, remember us, sinful and unworthy slaves, in troubles, grief and sorrow, and in all evil evil, and protect us from all evil and offending people: grace from God has been given to you to pray for us sinners who suffer evil.Deliver us from those who offend us, be a champion of us strong in all our visible and invisible enemies, and with your help and strong representation and conquest all those who are evil to us will be ashamed! O great champion, John the Warrior, do not forget us sinners, praying to you and asking for your help and merciless mercy, and grant us sinful and unworthy slaves to receive from God an indescribable good, even prepared for those who love Him, as it befits Him and all glory, honor and worship, the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit, now and ever and forever and ever. Amen".

You need to remember that in prayer you need to ask only for protection from offenders and enemies. It is unacceptable to call for their punishment. It is important for yourself to forgive them and pray for the Lord to reason with your persecutors.

Prayer to St. John the Warrior can be read dailyto protect yourself and your loved ones from trouble and find peace of mind. It is advisable to pray her in the temple before the image of the great martyr.

What is the power of prayer to John

Christianity since the time of persecution of the early followers of Jesus reveres the saints who, during their lifetime, showed their true faith and devotion to the Lord. Most of the saints are great martyrs who accepted fierce torment and suffering, but did not renounce their faith. She was so strong that the Lord himself helped them withstand unbearable suffering.

They became saints during their lifetime. After death, their souls flew to the Lord, and their bodies became incorrupt. Saints are God's chosen ones on earth, an example of faith and perseverance. Prayers brought wholeheartedly to the saints quickly reach the Lord, as we ask the saint to convey our request to God. Praying to the Most High and the holy man has more chances that the Lord will hear.

In Russia, John the Warrior was and remains a revered and beloved saint, as it was believed that he would help everyone who turned to him. During his lifetime, he was a faithful defender of Christians, so a prayer to the martyr John the Warrior helped people from various troubles and misfortunes.

Why does the prayer of St. John the Warrior help. Biography.

John lived in the 4th century and served as a warrior in the army of the Byzantine emperor Julian the Apostate, the nephew of Constantine the Great, through whose efforts the Roman Empire became a Christian state. Julian, who grew up among the followers of Jesus and raised in Christian traditions, came to power, renounced the faith and became a pagan. The persecution of Christians began. They were tortured, thrown into prison and killed.

Saint John the Warrior experienced during his life not only bodily torment, but also intolerable mental torment. Being a true Christian, by the will of fate, he participated in the persecution of the Orthodox. He remained faithful to the Lord and helped the believers. He warned of danger, saved and harbored the persecuted, supported those thrown into prison.

Upon learning this, the emperor Julian ordered the capture of the warrior and taken to Constantinople, where he was thrown into prison and was severely tortured. Execution awaited him. The torture was so heavy that thoughts of renouncing Christianity began to visit him. He prayed, asking God to strengthen faith. The Lord heard him. Julian was killed, and John remained to live and help people. He still supports them by answering prayers.

What prayers help John

The help of John the Warrior is addressed with mental pain and resentment. Warriors, whom he protects and their relatives, resort to his protection before God. St. John does not need to be asked to punish the one who inflicted the pain, but to pray for protection from him. With God's help, he will find how to protect the offended and protect him from injustice. For this, a prayer is read to John from the offender, which helps well.

In Russia, information about the saint came from Byzantium. John the Warrior fell in love with the Orthodox because he was a Slav and quick to help. He protected from robbers, thieves. If robbery was committed in the village, then a prayer service was obligatory in the local church.

When a person lost something valuable, a prayer was read to John the Warrior about the lost thing, which was subsequently found. They also pray to this saint for those who are in prison or captivity. St. John helps these people withstand all difficulties and find peace of mind.

What protect the prayers of St. John the Warrior

You need to turn to the saint not only when something happened, but when everything is calm. A prayer is uttered to St. John the Warrior regularly, in which case he will keep on the road, at work and on the street. Protect from ill-wishers, prevent controversial and dangerous situations.

Conversion is able to protect a person from illnesses, since the state of mind also affects human health, and prayers to John the Warrior help to gain peace of mind and peace. Turning to the saint with a request for help to relatives and friends, a person gains confidence that he will not leave them in trouble.

Saint John the Warrior himself has experienced so many mental and physical torments that he will certainly hear and come to the rescue. But do not forget that he expects the same actions from everyone who addresses him. Help the weak and offended, support those who are difficult, be tolerant of others, do not provoke troubles and be sure that your prayers to John the Warrior will be answered.

How to read prayers to John the Warrior

There are a number of prayers addressed to John the Warrior. They, as they say, for all occasions. Choose the one that suits you, the one that lies most on your heart. Before the beginning of the prayer, it is necessary to concentrate, to calm down with the soul. As always, before praying to the saint they say “Our Father”, “To the Lord Jesus Christ”, “The King of Heaven”. After that, going on to read the prayer to John the warrior, do not forget to thank the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the great martyr John.

I would like to bring a prayer that was inscribed on the icon of John the Warrior, located in the St. Sophia Cathedral in Kiev. Let it not be embarrassing that it is short. It helps if read with a soul. The shortest appeal to the Lord Jesus Christ is the prayer of the publican, there are only four words in it, but he heard and heeded her. The point is not the number of words, but the mood with which it will be pronounced. Do not forget the words of the Lord that by faith will be given.

Prayer text to John the Warrior

“Oh, the great intercessor and saint of Christ, John the Warrior! Have mercy on your servant, who is in distress, and sorrow, and in every evil affliction, and save from all evil, stand up for the offended. You have been given such grace from God. Amen".

Prayer must be pronounced calmly, delving into the meaning of each word, it is advisable to first go to church and order a prayer service to the holy martyr John the Warrior. This will increase the effect of the petition.

Prayers said before addressing the saint will help you tune in to a special wave that can convey requests to the holy word. As stated in the gospel, prayer is necessary in a secluded place, in silence. This is best done in a church with a special atmosphere.

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