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Esoteric dream book

Esoterics approach the interpretation of dreams in a special way. They believe that such dreams are not just a mystical sign, but also transmit important signals to a person through the clarity channel. And you need to pay attention to them.

Here are their predictions:

  1. If a random acquaintance with whom you practically do not communicate appears dead to you in a dream, this is just a change of weather. So you are a weather-sensitive person, and thus the unconscious transmits information.
  2. Close people dream of the dead as a warning signal. In reality, you need to be careful that trouble does not happen. Danger lurks where you least expect it. There is no threat to the most “deceased”.
  3. Did you see your father dead in a dream? This is an auspicious sign. In reality, dad will support you in solving some complex problem, help and show maximum participation. Feel free to ask for help.
  4. Seeing a dead mother means waking up to catch a wave of tremendous luck. All your undertakings will bring incredible success, so feel free to begin to achieve the goals that you have long sought, but lacked the spirit to begin to act.
  5. If the dead dreamed of other close relatives, it means that a turning point has come in your life. It is necessary to stop, slow down and revise your views, values, worldview. It is possible that now you are not following your true destiny.
  6. If a deceased in a dream offers you a gift or money, the main thing is that you do not accept it. Otherwise, be in trouble - you can seriously fall ill or take on the negative karma of this person.
  7. If the dead called to go with you and you agreed, in reality there will be a situation in which you will be in mortal danger, but saved. It is better to avoid extreme sports in the near future and monitor your safety.
  8. If the dead person came to life and tried to treat you with something, most likely you fell ill. The disease has not yet made itself felt, but it is better to undergo a medical examination to find and cure the disease in an early stage.
  9. If in a dream your friend died and then rose again, this is an auspicious sign. In the near future, fate will provide you with an excellent opportunity for success and self-realization. Use this chance and try not to miss it.

Changes in life

Most often, such nightmares predict changes in everyday life, parting with the usual way of life and habits, the course for updating and modernization. In the best case, a change of place of residence is expected, and even the country, as well as the professional sphere. There is a chance of joining another religion. Inspired by the night due to the existing despair and frustration, the desire to break free from the shackles of the present.

A significant metamorphosis awaits the hero of what he saw, the future will be directly related to the dreamer.

Researchers explain images of a dead, living person in different ways. Relations with him are likely to change. If you want to keep in touch, you will have to evaluate mutual feelings and emotions: he envies, hates, jealous, harboring resentment, is indignant.

Seeing a person’s death is a signal of danger. Someone has held a grudge and intends to substitute and insert sticks into the wheels. This will result in financial loss or nervous upheaval.

An unexpected demise is a sign of changing weather conditions. The body thus reacts to low atmospheric pressure, a sharp drop in temperature, an impending storm or storm.

The tragedy occurs due to an accident or accident - be very careful and careful in all matters. A hurricane of waking events will drag out and hinder understanding who is on whose side and for what it is fighting. It will end as quickly as it begins.

Walk around the graveyard and meet with a dead person - to receive favorable news. If the body passes by, then bad weather will not be affected in reality.

A relative or friend, girlfriend, one who is close

If a dreamer with such a plot is seen by the dreamer at that time when a person has to pass the test or there is a risk, then the dream book does not interpret such visions.

For example, the mother is worried about her son and she dreams that he is dead or the husband is far from home and the spouse is worried about how he is there. Pictures born of such thoughts do not predict anything bad, being just a figment of the imagination. They come in a dream in order to reconcile us with loss, if that happens.

Usually, after such a vision, significant relief comes and you get good news. For example, that the risk has passed or the husband has safely returned home from a business trip.

What is the dream of a living person close to you, dead, if you see him in a coffin or bury him? The dream book writes that most often such a vision means the end of a life stage or a drastic change. For example, a mother dreams that her son is dead, almost a teenager, and she buries the boy, cries and worries about the loss of a loved one.

This dream scenario shows feelings about the fact that the child will soon become a youth and will not be the same as before.

The fear of this change is expressed in the symbols of death, as well as regrets about the period of childhood, the time when the child was a boy, affectionate, direct, kind and obedient.

If you dreamed of a dead father or elder brother, uncle, then the dream book writes that the life of this person will change and not always for the better. It all depends on the real life prospects that are available to this person. One deceased father or brother means his promotion or unexpected divorce of his parents, the pope's departure to another family, the other - ruin, loss of work, drunkenness and other disasters.

If this person had a significant influence on you, suppression, tried to impose his own ideas about life, or simply controlled the situation too much, then his influence on your life will soon weaken significantly. Perhaps due to illness, employment or travel, he will no longer be able to openly command and spoil your life with his notations or the suppression of will.

If you saw your living elder brother dead, then what is this about? More often than not, a dream predicts a significant change in its lifestyle. Married dream book portends a divorce, single - a marriage or a civil marriage, which may be a complete surprise, drink and unemployed - a chance to get rich or just be in business. But in any case, a person will already become different or change for better or worse.

Why dream that the younger brother died? Such a dream is deciphered by a dream book, as compensation for irritation to it. Usually older children, when a new member of the family appears, begin to be jealous of the parents towards him or the baby begins to annoy them with screams, constant cries in the middle of the night and they dream of getting rid of him or that he dies or disappears somewhere.

In such a situation, guessing why a little person dreams of a dead person in a dream is not worth it - the dream book does not interpret such a plot. However if brother it is really dear to you, and in a dream he appears dead, although in reality the baby is alive, means trouble, trouble and illness for him, experiences.

Why dream that your mother, sister or grandmother died, although in reality she is alive and well? Most often, such a plot predicts a change in your relationship with her. If this woman has an imperious character, puts pressure on you or demands something that you can’t do in any way, then seeing her dead in a dream is a surprise.

As a result of some circumstance, the influence of this person will be significantly weakened. For example, the eldest son or daughter will find her soul mate and leave home. It is clear that it will be more difficult to command and restore order in a strange family than in your own.

Sometimes death is alive, soft and kind woman means a change in her personal life. For example, she may unexpectedly divorce everyone from her father or bring her stepfather to the house, find a new job or completely change her lifestyle. Often after 40 years, a woman begins to realize the mistakes of her life and change in a different direction. A modest woman can be drawn to clubs, bars and restaurants, and a woman who constantly changes men can suddenly become a believer or decide in her personal life.

To dream that your sister died while you saw her alive just yesterday is for change. It all depends on the age of this girl or girl. An older sister or relative can get married, leave the city or find another person than the one you know.

Sometimes a dream book predicts her a job, a new place of residence or a change in her relationship with you. For example, if she used to be a dreamer friend, who can tell everything, then to see her dead in a dream - to coldness, closeness and alienation. Conversely, the dream book writes that a closed and inaccessible person with whom it was difficult to communicate suddenly becomes soft, sociable and kind.

Why dream in a dream that the guy or girl you like is dead? Dream Interpretation writes that it will be impossible to build a relationship with him. But in some situations, if a girl just dreamed of a young man who is pleasant, this means a change in relationship with him or a happy omen.

Most often, seeing a loved one dead foreshadows disappointment, news about him or from him, which will greatly upset you or kill the hope of rapprochement. For example, a girl can find out that he is seriously dating another or that a guy is only interested in sex, and he does not care about love, and much more. But in any case, this person who dreamed of the dead, and in life will become empty, bringing only disappointment and tears.

Why dream of seeing how is it solemnly buried? If the guy dreamed in a coffin with flowers, then he will soon get married.

Especially at a very solemn ceremony, many wreaths and relatives.

Why dream that the funeral was not a solemn one, and you just see a black coffin? The dream book writes that the hope of drawing close to this person will soon be a thing of the past and you will part and stop thinking about love.

If you had a dream in which a husband or wife died - expect a change in relations with them. It is possible that the spouse ceases to be affectionate, as before, becomes secretive or tries to leave the family.

By the way, such a dream can often portend treason or a long relationship on the side. The same means the plot that a husband dreamed of about a spouse.

In another situation, the dream interpretation of the dream of death to the changes in the house, family. It is possible that the husband will find a good job and you will begin to live beautifully, securely, or, conversely, lose your place. If you had a dream about a dead child, do not ruin yourself as “adults” with overwhelming thoughts and concerns.

Try for some time to do what is pleasant and wanted, since you are wasting in vain with
howling forces. Sometimes a spouse predicts such a dream that, because of their employment, they may lose a son or daughter, who may end up in bad company.

If you dreamed a stranger was dead, a friend or an enemy, a neighbor, but not the closest, the relationship with him will be empty for you and will not bring anything good.

Dream Interpretation - Sex with a Long Dead Man

A dream about sexual relations with a dead person means longing for him, a desire to communicate on an incorporeal level, penetration into the world of the dead and staying in it.

If you see yourself with a person who was your blood relative, a dream symbolizes nostalgia for how you used to be, longing for years gone by, for former spontaneity, lively judgments and freshness of outlook on life.

If in a dream your partner is just a former acquaintance, a dream means your subconscious desire to find out what death is, what is the purpose of life, what happens to a person after his soul leaves for another world.

Through sexual intercourse, the dead give us some knowledge of the most significant issues of life and death. Using the physical apparatus as the most accessible to understanding a living person, they are trying to convey to us something important, that which is necessary to know, that which we are striving for.

Another version of the interpretation of sleep: the sterility of the body and soul, the inability to generate thoughts, create ideas, the inability to have children (in the literal and figurative sense).

Dreams about sex with long dead people since ancient times were considered a very bad sign for the dreamer. An example of this is the fate of the famous Roman commander Marc Anthony. Immediately before his death, he saw in a dream that he was in love with the ancestor of the Romans Romulus. At this time, the commander was hiding from the troops of Octavian Augustus in Egypt. He took the dream as a warning of violent death and committed suicide by throwing himself on a sword.

Egyptian dream book

Here are other interpretations:

  1. To be at a funeral in a dream - to an early victory over enemies and ill-wishers. They will make a mistake that will not harm you. And your authority and reputation will only strengthen.
  2. Living in reality, but the dead in a dream dream of the return of money or lost things. For example, you may be paid back a debt that you borrowed several years ago. Or you will find a long-forgotten jewel that you despaired of finding.
  3. The deceased parents dream of a big trouble. This may promise a major conflict with someone close, which will lead to a complete severance of relations. Or to a dangerous situation from which it will be difficult for you to get out.
  4. If in a dream a dead person rises their graves, this is a good sign. In the near future your energy potential will increase, there will be enough forces to implement the global task. Therefore, begin to set bold goals, even if you do not fully believe that they will come true.
  5. If a dead person is cremated in a dream - to the disease. She will be very long and exhausting. Most likely, you will be unable to work and live actively. But this is a necessary stage of life, which must be sustained and passed.
  6. If you were cremated in a dream, you should expect problems at work. Perhaps even a dismissal will happen. But then you will very quickly find a new, more profitable place for yourself and begin to work not for the sake of money, but for love.

If they try to bury a dead man in a dream, it means that your ill-wishers are activated in reality. They will try to take advantage of your weaknesses and damage your reputation. Be vigilant and do not give in to anyone's provocations.

Who dreams of the dead?

The native man dreamed of passing away - be calm for his fate. The universe promises him longevity and luck, a strong spirit and a fat wallet. Do not worry about paintings with the participation of a spouse or beloved.

At the same time, it is worth thinking about the behavior and meaning of life, because this may be a hint of incorrect decisions. Keep track of words and deeds.

Mother rested in Bose - to the emergence of new duties and powers. Women face loss of support, independent decisions and increased responsibility.

Losing his father - heralds trouble.It may also imply a partner’s desire to circle a girl around her finger.

The death of a friend predicts a simultaneous collapse of illusions and harm. Entrepreneurs should abandon risky investments and disputes with colleagues in order to avoid failures.

To survive because of what happened and wake up with a feeling of sadness - a person will live a long carefree life, all troubles and bad weather will bypass him.

Alive lies in a coffin - expect difficulties and temptations on the personal front. The fault will be their own actions, confusing relationships and love affairs. However, it will seem that the whole matter is in the environment, and not in oneself. Stop, think, evaluate your vision of the situation, what is happening inside, the behavior of relatives and friends.

Soon there may be a significant replenishment of the wallet, fate will bring surprises or radically restructure.

Grandmother or grandfather turned out to be the newly-deceased - help, and recommendations will come at the right time. Remember the speech you heard and remember it, because it has the answers to all the questions. You can expect that you will live a long time, and once you get into the grandmother’s house - also for constant support from outside.

Miller believes that such images - the result of changes in the body, good or bad - will help only a doctor to understand.

According to Miller's dream book

If the deceased is a close relative, then the dream promises recovery after a long illness. If the deceased in a dream is just a friend or distant relative, then the dream portends unexpected news that will pleasantly surprise. We need to remember where the deceased was.

If in the morgue, a dream foreshadows a severe illness, but with a good ending, the recovery will be quick and complete. In the dream around there were still dead people, then one should expect profits. The deceased was in his house, the disease will be long, and recovery is not quick. If relatives and friends have gathered around the deceased person, unexpected guests and distant relatives are expected to await him.

Dream details

Depending on how the plot of the dream unfolds, it can be interpreted in different ways.

  1. Talking corpse - to dirty gossip and rumors. They will try to slander you to spoil your reputation. So that the forecast does not come true, in the morning after waking up you need to immediately drink a glass of clean water.
  2. The mummy of a dead man dreams of negative changes in life. And troubles will affect, first of all, your personal life. In the second half, someone will tell nasty things about you. And even if they turn out to be untrue, no one will believe you, alas.
  3. A lot of dead people who are alive and healthy in reality can dream of a headache. And she will be very strong, up to a serious migraine. You need to go to the doctor to find out the cause of the disease.
  4. If you are attending a funeral that is unusual, the way it doesn't happen in reality, it's fun. On request, you will be invited to some kind of gala event with a large number of guests.

Dream Interpretation - Dead, deceased

Seeing your dead father or grandfather, mother or grandmother alive in a dream, to get rid of difficulties and problems.

Seeing dead loved ones dead means their life will last.

The dream in which the deceased beats the dreamer means that he committed some kind of sin.

Whoever sees that he has found a dead person will soon become rich.

If the deceased, whom you see in a dream, is doing something bad, then he warns you against doing this.

To see a single dead man — to marry, and a married dead man — to be separated from relatives or divorce.

If the deceased, whom you saw in a dream, was doing some good deed, then this is a sign for you to do something similar.

To see in a dream a dead person alive and testifying that he is alive and everything is fine with him indicates a very good position of this person in the next world.

The Qur'an says: "No, they are alive! They gain their inheritance from their Lord." (Sura Imran, 169). If the dreamer hugs and talks with the deceased, then the days of his life will last.

If a dreamer in a dream kisses a stranger who has died, he will receive good and wealth from there, from where he did not count.

And if he does this with a friend of a deceased person, he will acquire from him the necessary knowledge or money left by him after himself.

Who will see that he has sexual intercourse with the deceased (deceased, will achieve what he has long lost hope.

Whoever sees in a dream that a dead woman has come to life and has had sexual intercourse with him will be successful in all of her endeavors.

To see a dead person silent in a dream means that he from the other world favors the person who saw this dream.

Anyone who sees that the deceased gives him some good and clean thing, will receive in life something that is good and pleasing from the side that he does not expect from.

And if the thing is dirty, then he may commit a bad deed in the future.

To see a dead man in a dream is rich, which means that he is doing well in the next world.

Salute in a dream the deceased — to receive favor from Allah.

If the dead in a dream is naked, then in life he did not perform good deeds.

If the deceased informs the dreamer of his imminent demise, then soon he will really die.

The blackened face of the deceased in a dream suggests that he died without faith in Allah.

The Qur'an says: “And to those whose faces turn black (will sound):“ ​​Have you renounced the belief that you were accepted? ”(Sura-Imran, 106).

Whoever sees that he, along with the deceased, enters the house, and does not leave from there, he will be close to death, but then saved.

Seeing yourself in a dream sleeping on the same bed with a dead person, for longevity.

Whoever sees in a dream that the deceased calls him to him will die just as the deceased died.

To see a dead person performing a Namaz in a dream in the place where he usually performed it during his lifetime means that he is not very well in the afterlife.

To see him performing the Namaz in the wrong place where he performed it during his life means that in the next world he was destined for a great reward for earthly deeds.

The dream in which the deceased is in the mosque reports that he is deprived of torment, for, a mosque in a dream means peace and security.

If in a dream the dead man directs the prayer of those who are alive, the life of these people will be shortened, because in their prayer they follow the actions of the dead.

If someone sees in a dream how in some place some previously deceased righteous people came to life, this will mean that the people of this place will benefit, joy, justice from the side of their ruler, and the affairs of their leader will go hand in hand.

According to Tsvetkov’s dream book

A dead person in a dream who is alive waking dreams about profit. And very often this is the return of debts. Perhaps the person who dreamed of the dead will repay the debt or rescue the dreamer from the difficult situation. If the deceased had a dream in a cemetery, this portends a trip or an urgent departure for work. Need to remember what was surrounding him at the moment - crosses or just monuments, or empty grave hills?

If the crosses, then the dream foreshadows the imminent departure, many monuments, then the dreamer expects a journey that will not bring positive emotions. If there were grave mounds around, then the person who dreamed of the dead will bring unpleasant news.

Meanings in the Dream Book

If unfamiliar people die in your dream, then this indicates that you need to change. Think about your associations.

You can start a change in this area because it will work out. If the dream was a nightmare, and you immediately woke up, then this symbolizes a flurry of change.
Also, seeing in a dream a living person dead can also mean that in real life he will lose his authority for you.

You can interpret the dream, as well as hostility to this person. In this case, you should exercise restraint in order to prevent conflict situations.
A dream, when a person dies before his eyes, it is worthwhile to prepare for trouble, quarrels, and even parting.

By wang

The seer connects the appearance of the revived deceased with the upcoming catastrophic events. The trouble will fall not only on the sleeping one, but on all the inhabitants of the country or locality. Expect epidemics, earthquakes, geoclimatic and technological accidents.

A deceased friend appeared in a vision as if alive and says something: you need to try to understand the meaning of each word. This is literally a clue to heaven.

Why does a living person dream in a coffin

A friend died and lies in a coffin? Do not panic and inform him of impending grief.

In fact, this is preparation for receiving sudden news, well-being in the family, a successful career and a friendly atmosphere in everyday life.

Danger will be threatened by a competitor who is jealous of success. Damage caused by him will have serious consequences, slow down development and destroy what was planned. This will force to build life again in bricks, proving to everyone their worth, professionalism, influence and care. It seems that the dream sets up the inevitable collapse, but this only prepares for stamina and perseverance, which will help to climb the mountain again.

Another nuance that should be taken into account is that forgotten problems will make themselves felt. The subconscious tells you - the moment is "dead", but will soon rise again. An attempt to postpone it, disown, and hope for an independent solution did not make sense. You need to remember the case and deal with it once and for all. Otherwise, it will strike and raid the soul.

If a long time ago the deceased comes at night in the image of the living, then you need to come to terms with the approaching bitterness and sorrow.

Dream Interpretation - The Dead

To see dead relatives, friends or loved ones - the fulfillment of secret desires, help in a difficult situation, your desire to get support, longing for the warmth of relations, for your loved ones, change of weather or severe frosts begin.

But if the deceased kisses, calls, leads or you yourself follow in his wake - serious illnesses and troubles, death.

Even worse is giving them money, food, clothing, etc. - serious illness / danger to life.

Give the dead person a photo - the one in the portrait will die.

The deceased should take something in a dream - happiness, wealth.

Congratulating him is a good thing to do.

Thirsty to see him - they remember him badly.

Talking with a dead friend in a dream is important news.

All that a dead person says in a dream is true, "ambassadors of the future."

Portrait of the deceased to see - spiritual help in material need.

To see both deceased parents together is happiness, wealth.

The deceased father and mother are authority, the nature of their appearance is always of particular importance, while:

Mother - with her appearance most often warns against rash acts.

Father - warns against what you will be ashamed of later.

Dead grandfather or grandmother - appear in a dream before significant ceremonies.

A dead brother is fortunately.

The deceased sister is toward an obscure, uncertain future.

Sleeping with a dead husband is a nuisance.

By loff

This author shares the predictions for the presence or absence of kinship with a dreamed dead man:

  1. To see a friend come to life - to clarify important relationships, prioritize.
  2. In a dream, take a relative (for example, an aunt, uncle, cousin, brother, mother-in-law, father-in-law, nephew) - yearn for a lover. Another explanation is the boredom of the departed.
  3. Now the deceased person lies alive in a coffin - an unpleasant conversation in the family circle.

The late teacher dreams of what he was in life, which means that you will have to work with a lot of information, extract, sort, analyze. Get out of work will not work.

According to Tsvetkov

The psychologist draws the attention of admirers to the mood of the dreaming personality. It is it that unravels the essence of the hint:

  1. The deceased seemed cheerful, contented, healthy, happy, joyful - the enemies are making very unkind plans. It is advisable to act with caution in their field of vision.
  2. You saw a person evil - you will become happy.
  3. The late father dreamed of a drunk - an illness will torment you or a loved one for a long time.
  4. Mom, who did not take a drop in her mouth during her life, seemed drunk - she was worried whether the sleeping person would be able to pass the upcoming test with dignity.
  5. A drunk husband who has recently died means personal problems for the widow.
  6. If the dead man appears to you every day, it means that a serious fateful change is ahead. This is the messenger of your share. Mother came and kissed three times - great happiness lies ahead.

The strange dream that a living acquaintance rested and resurrected means a quick wedding invitation. Negatively it is interpreted only for a young girl. She will be haunted by trouble.

A lot of people - why

Everyone has a huge gender. Part of it has already gone to other worlds. Sometimes perfumes appear in large numbers at night. This is an occasion to think about such things:

  1. Do you not create difficulties for others with your actions? The critical moment comes when you have to collect stones - to receive retribution for their deeds.
  2. Alarmed people are a sign of danger. Relatives from heaven are trying to protect you.
  3. Smiles on the faces of the deceased are a portent of happiness. They approve of your choice.

Just because the representatives of the genus do not appear. It is always an individual prophecy.

Dream Interpretation - Dead

Denote the negativity of various species, stereotypes of regressive behavior or a specific pathology associated with a dead person.

The only exception is the image of a deceased person if during his life he was positive, or if a careful analysis of the dream shows that this image is the voice of providence.

Who dreamed

The reasons for the appearance of the deceased in dreams are diverse. Psychologists say that this is a consequence of the grief experienced loss or longing. Esotericists consider this phenomenon to be a sign of special guardianship on the part of the power industry. And magicians sometimes see in such dreams signs of a negative impact - the evil eye or damage.

The correct interpretation begins with a description of the dreamed person. The acquaintance is one thing, and the unknown is another. We will analyze the most common images.

It is quite difficult to survive the loss of the most precious thing in the world of man. At the energy level, communication with the mother is never interrupted. Her soul looks after the matured child from above. Therefore, do not miss the moment to prompt, direct, warn. The plots are interpreted as follows:

  1. Often appears - advises to spend more time with loved ones. You are overly passionate about money and career. And the material is only part of life. And not the most important one.
  2. Crying - do not make important decisions. You are set on a mistake that can worsen the current situation.
  3. Cooking in the kitchen - calm strip.
  4. Smiling, hugging, kissing - improving relationships. Lonely such a picture predicts meetings with a soul mate.
  5. If very little time has passed since her death, then the vision shows a mental pain. You have not completely overcome it yet. It is advisable to seem to a psychologist, so as not to fall into a black depression.
  6. In a dream, she dies again - a symbol of fleeting experience. Do not be sad when you encounter a problem. It will disappear as suddenly as it formed.
  7. The decryption is adjusted according to the identity of the sleeping person:
  8. To a girl and an unmarried revived mother, she predicts the end of a painful period. You will have a groom.
  9. Family - replenishment. Soon, conception will occur.
  10. A man should be more serious about his duties. Mom pushes to responsibility. She wants to be proud of the dreamer.

If the deceased parents came together at night with their son or daughter, then something extremely important remains. Carefully monitor the slightest changes in the behavior of others. They will suggest the direction and nature of change. For a woman, a dream often predicts a desired pregnancy or a meeting of fate.

Dad in life is responsible for wealth, strength, power and stability.It is about the material side of your existence that its phenomenon tells:

  1. His sadness portends spending. Sometimes these are promising investments. But more often - it will be necessary to spend money to close some strange question that came from nowhere. Take a closer look at the surroundings. Someone plunges you into unplanned expenses.
  2. Affectionate, caring father - an increase in income. A man can open an enterprise, ask for allowances. The girl will acquire a generous, wealthy husband, and the lady - a lover.
  3. To see dad in the grave alive is a sign of a sharp turn of fate. If he lies calmly, breathes, then improve his own position, died - worsen.


This deceased relative cares for the heartfelt life and comfort of the sleeper. It is about personal that she comes in dreams to talk, suggest:

  1. Sad, sad, dear grandmother prophesies a quick break. The current relationship is drawing to a close. The reasons are varied. If you do not want to leave, then other thoughts are in the head of the spouse or guy.
  2. If the granddaughter dreams of a happy, smiling old woman, then the Lord bless her. All plans come true without much difficulty. And the heart will please a mutual sincere feeling. An old woman portends a grandson a successful business. The man will have time, which he will gladly devote to his loved ones.

To go on a visit to grandmother (in her old house or apartment) in a vision - to experience a momentous event. It will end with an increase in social status. And the essence of the event itself is judged by the mood and atmosphere:

  1. Hugging an old woman with sadness - fight against terrible enemies until a brilliant victory.
  2. To see that she washes the floor, sweeps - to survive the loss. Bitter disappointment will be replaced by joy. You will be able to build your own life from scratch.
  3. To have a fun conversation with her - career prospects.
  4. To catch her patient lying in bed - you will fall into a crisis. Get out of it will help family ties.
  5. To beg forgiveness from a revived granny is to do good.
  6. In a dream, she is going to die again - to the long, joyful life of the sleeper.

Dreams that a cousin came to life are also interpreted. Souls are one. They do not share offspring along related lines.


The departed man personified the basis of the clan, its unconditional support. His dreaming indicates the presence of a crisis point in the financial or business sphere:

  1. Frowns, swears - you have made a clear mistake. Probably betrayal by partners, colleagues. Supervisors and contractors will show dissatisfaction. And you have to settle everything yourself. A friend does not substitute a shoulder.
  2. The old man silently nods approvingly - you are on the right track. It is necessary to continue what was begun, not to collapse. Granddaughter dream indicates the groom. This is exactly the guy who liked the day before. Grandfather, on the other hand, explains his business position and its prospects.
  3. If the old man holds his hand and interprets something (which is not remembered), then a career prospect will open. To very young dreamers, the head of the clan tells the scope of the upcoming education.

Son daughter

Surviving the kids is a terrible fate. Often their images testify to the support of heaven. The parent is terribly homesick; souls are for reassurance. But sometimes there are specific meanings:

  1. To see a child small is a replenishment in the family. Even a lonely elderly person can acquire a soul mate through distant nephew grandchildren.
  2. Walking at the wedding of a revived son is a great joy. Some kind of agonizing situation will end.
  3. Seeing the deceased daughter in white will make you sick. You must visit the hospital before it is too late.
  4. Revived in black attire - have to go to the funeral.

A dream with a pregnant deceased predicts change. Something very good will happen: pregnancy, a major long-awaited acquisition, career takeoff.

Husband wife

Timelessly deceased spouses become heavenly guards of the halves left. Dreams enter when the dreamer needs advice. Be sure to heed this concern. After all, the husband wishes you only the good. And the dream should be interpreted directly:

  1. Saw a drunken spouse - do not touch the alcohol. Otherwise there will be trouble.
  2. He gave money - there will be profit. If the widow has lost the source of income, then he will certainly appear. Perhaps finding a new family.
  3. He brought some things - check your own property. The dead man warns of secret theft.
  4. To see his face in the window - the second marriage will be, but not soon.
  5. Washed in the bath - you will regain your good name. Anyone who has previously condemned will become a sincere defender.
  6. To receive a letter from a husband who has come to life or a phone call is good news.
  7. To see a deceased wife very beautiful - soon fall in love. And she came to bless for happiness.

Riding with the deceased in a car, traveling - to the stability of the current situation. And to get into an accident without casualties - to a quick change of situation.

Other close

  1. Different deceased come to life in our visions. It is noted that the figure determines the nature of the message. Namely:
  2. Brother, sister (relatives) - concern for younger relatives, children.
  3. Granddaughter - you need to go to her grave or put a candle in the temple. The spirit of the deceased indicates some negative thoughts or feelings of the sleeping person.
  4. Aunt, uncle - a scandal in the family.
  5. Great-grandmother is a fluke. For example, you will be late for the plane and will not be in a catastrophe.
  6. A cousin is leading from afar. Smiling - good, frowning - bad.
  7. Former spouses, loved ones - a breakdown of existing relationships. The lonely should not hope for marriage.
  8. Grandmother dreams about a scandal on the part of the husband to the woman or on the part of the wife to the man. Discord may lead to divorce and division of acquired wealth.
  9. The late relatives of the spouse, for example, the husband’s brother, remind the married woman of duty. Family care should be spent most of the time. A career, chatter with girlfriends push aside.
  10. The deceased newborn is a second conception. Soul of a baby asking to be sent to Earth. The vision tells people of advanced age that the youngest woman of the genus will become pregnant.
  11. The mother-in-law appeared in a living image - stop sinning. She and from heaven may well call for order.

A resurrected native in a dream always calls for two things:

  1. Mentally check yourself for the wrong views and attitudes that lead to errors.
  2. Remember the dead man.

Not relatives

Our souls, having completed the earthly path, unite. It doesn't matter who exactly is risen. This person is always interpreted. It is undesirable to brush it off. Families are interpreted as follows:

  1. The deceased loved one is a device of personal happiness.
  2. Former man / boyfriend - the opportunity to get affection, patronage of one’s liking.
  3. Girlfriend - to gossip. She calls to confront gossiping individuals, not to give up.
  4. A colleague is a setup at work.
  5. The boss is an important suggestion. Take a closer look at his post. Do you pull?
  6. Neighbors - moving to another place. If scandalous, then the change of housing will be forced (they kick out).
  7. Classmate - longing for the bright times of childhood.
  8. Godfather - you need to pray.
  9. Lover - to a casual affair. He warns against imprudent behavior.

Famous personalities appear in the dreams of potentially talented people. For example, you dreamed that a dead actor came to life, so you have the ability of a lyceum, a politician - you can make a career as a public figure.

Ayurvedic dream book

If a person who is alive in reality dreams of a dead person, then a dream means the beginning of a new romantic relationship. Which will bring misfortunes and many unpleasant events. Sleep warns that in the near future it is better not to enter into a relationship. Perhaps the person who offers a romantic relationship will be a friend or colleague of the person whom the dreamer sees in a dream.

Attention! You need to look at friends, maybe the people around you do not want well and want to make meanness.

Dream Interpretation of Adaskin

A dead person most often dreams of rainy weather, but it can promise danger or a bad conclusion to some business.
If the dead man is calm and even cheerful, then this is a wonderful sign, and if sad or violent, then it is bad.

Giving something to the dead is not good value, but taking it is excellent.
If a dead person suddenly comes to life, and says that he is alive, then you will return something long lost. In a dream, dressing or moving a dead person can bode sickness.
Relief portends a vision in which a corpse disintegrates or crumbles.

According to Wangi's dream book

The dream in which a living person dreamed of the dead means a long-term relationship that will lead to the birth of children. If the dreamed person is very important or is a close relative, then such a dream can become prophetic. In reality, this person will get a serious illness and there is a high probability that he will die.

If you dreamed of an important statesman who is still alive, then you need to prepare for a war or military conflict that will end very quickly, but there will be a lot of civilian casualties. If the dead dreamed of a scientist who is actually alive, then a great discovery will happen soon. It will turn the world around and become one of the most significant events.

Kratov values

This dream book says that the dead can come to a person in dreams, on which he was very dependent.

Often such people may even need help, especially if the loss has occurred recently. Such visions can be visited up to 40 days.
When nightmares with the dead torture, it can speak of guilt.
Sometimes the dead try to convey information that will help the dreamer in his life. For example, protect from something.

Assyrian dream book

In the interpretation of the Assyrian dream book, such a dream means impending misfortunes. Death is on the threshold. Perhaps someone close will be seriously ill and die.

Or a long and long illness threatens the dreamer. Serious injury and disability are possible. There is a threat of being bedridden for a long time. Just as a dream is interpreted as a threat to family relationships. He portends the collapse of family life or a long love relationship.

Interesting! According to the Assyrian dream book, so that the dream does not come true, the dream book advises to tell everyone around this dream, and before lunch.

Who dreamed

Some stories are interpreted based on the sex of the sleeper.

Scene descriptionTo
WomanThe man
Depressed, very sad man.The negative influence of the trustee does not fully reveal the personality of the sleepingLoss of finance, major loss
Pleased, joyful, cheerful dead manLove, new romanceWork will please
Leads a friendTerrible times, sorrows, lossesSupporting a friend will save you from complete ruin
A loved one cheats with a revived acquaintanceVain jealousyThe real infidelity of a wife, girl, lover

If the dead torment the child, often comes into his nightmares, then his personality goes through karmic lessons. Calm the baby, help cope with the experiences.

When there are prophetic dreams

Recognize stories not only in appearance, actions and other nuances. The probability of execution is looked at by days of the week:

  1. From Sunday to Monday - a happy omen for the coming week. Usually indicates the material sphere.
  2. On Tuesday - be on the lookout. The dead man came to warn of failures.
  3. On Wednesday - trouble in love. Small disagreements can provoke a grand scandal.
  4. Thursday is a great sign. If a long-dead person came to life, then get the desired place, do your favorite thing.
  5. From Thursday to Friday - literally come true. Soon you will experience the same emotions, feelings.
  6. From Friday to Saturday - it is necessary to pray for the repose of the souls of those who dreamed.
  7. On Sunday - only pleasant stories are performed.

Particular attention should be paid to dreams that appear before major holidays:

  1. I saw the deceased on the Annunciation - to solve the most difficult problem. This is literally good news.
  2. At Easter - you will be awarded for directness, honesty, fearlessness.

Different meanings of unusual dreams

Consider still popular interpretations from different dream books:

  1. According to the dream book, a dead man in a vision is a symbol of the fact that goals and desires are not moving anywhere, but are stuck inside you. These are subliminal inhibitions, fears, or even psychological barriers.
  2. A dead man lying motionless in a coffin is a warning about the difficult life path ahead of you. It’s just that you need to prepare, but fear is worth nothing. Even if there are difficulties, but you can overcome them.
  3. If suddenly in a dream a dead person comes to life, then this is just a sign of some news. Maybe you get the news from afar or strangers bring the news.
  4. A large number speak of fears, which for the most part have no reason. But they interfere with your self-realization.
  5. If you saw yourself dead, then do not panic. Such a dream promises new life, happiness and renewal.
  6. Walking zombies can dream to show all the emptiness of your fears and anxieties. This is a tip to change something in your life, as anxiety prevents you from achieving the desired result.
  7. If you dream of a friend who died long ago, it means the resurrection of abandoned deeds, as well as new strength. Such a vision symbolizes a surge of new opportunities and fruitful work.
  8. Talking with the dead is also a good sign, it can mean peace, harmonious relationships and well-being.
  9. Do not be afraid if the dead in a dream kisses and hugs you, as this may be a sign of a new novel. At the same time, your object of love is a very famous person, important and having authority in society. If swearing is also not so bad.
  10. If the dead cries in a dream, then you should be wary of conflicts with relatives. Perhaps you are inattentive to the people around you.
    Many are interested in why dead animals and birds dream. For example, dead pets symbolize temporary difficulties. If dead cattle, then to a cold. Dead birds say that you cannot be liberated. But the bodies of wild animals to get rid of problems.

In any case, analyze your dream and think it over. Remember that you should not trust too much the world of dreams. It matters that you yourself think about all this and your attitude.

Perhaps this is just a dream, the fruit of your imagination and subconscious mind and nothing more. In reality, only you yourself are responsible for what is happening around.

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Dream Interpretation Hasse

  • This interpretation is the opposite of Assyria. Here the dream is interpreted as bringing good luck.
  • Love relationships await free people. The wedding and many years of living together, to the one who was dead in a dream.
  • To the dreamer, the dream book predicts successful endeavors. And good financial investments with great returns.
  • If the coffin is closed, but the dreamer knows who is there, such a dream portends open secrets. First of all, this applies to family. But the revealed secrets no longer threaten anyone.

Muslim dream book

A dream in which the dreamer sees himself in a tomb means a quick move to another place of residence.

If the deceased person is a close relative or close friend, sleep means a quarrel with this person.

If a dream in which the deceased unfamiliar person, such a dream portends a fast wedding or a big holiday. In which the dreamer will take part, it is possible that in the main role.

Dream Interpretation of David Loff

First you need to remember who the dead dreamer has? If this is a close person, then in reality his behavior is disturbing. Maybe this person is too expensive, so I had such a dream.Dreams of the dead and death are quite common. If a dream had a dream in such a context, then a person who died in a dream, and alive in reality, needs care and guardianship. Or good advice that can save his life.

Freud's Dream Book

If a person who died in a dream comes the next day in reality, then you need to expect good news or secret love meetings. Moreover, the person who dreamed will know about these meetings, be careful, this may become public.

Such a dream means the presence of secret sexual desires that constantly haunt the dreamer. If you need to get rid of them, you need to think about why these desires appeared.

If a woman had a dream?

For women, a dream in which she sees a dead person who is actually alive means a warning about wrong steps. Mistakes a woman can make will cost her a reputation. If the dream is just a familiar or distant relative, then the rumors that ill-wishers spread will do much harm.

  • If in a dream around a deceased people gathered, then no one will believe the rumors, and the woman will maintain a reputation.
  • If the deceased lies alone in a tomb or on the groundthen this person will bring very bad news in reality.
  • If the person who died is a close relative, friend or lover, then such a dream portends good news from friends who have long disappeared.

If a man had a dream?

A living person, having a dream lying in a coffin, this means that good events will happen soon. And in almost all areas.

First of all, it concerns finance and career advancement. If flowers were planted around the deceased, then it is expected that there will be a patron who will contribute to promotion, and very quickly.

If the deceased lies face down, then the family budget can be replenished from unforeseen sources. The dream portends large financial flows and very successful investments.

Attention! If you have bad forebodings and you want the dream not to come true, then as soon as you wake up repeat three times: “Where is the night, there and the dream.”

A relative was dead in a dream

Such a dream portends a disease or worsening of a sick person. And not necessarily it will be a dreaming person or dreamer. This may be someone from close relatives.

It is worth paying attention to where and how the deceased is located.

If the deceased lies in a coffin, in a familiar room, then the disease will be cured quickly and without consequences. If the deceased person lies on the black earth, then the disease will be long and severe. Recovery will not come. The disease becomes chronic.

In a dream, a loved one was dead

If a lover or beloved dreamed dead, such a dream means that personal life will improve. An unmarried or unmarried dream promises an early wedding.

Beloved does not know about intentions, so it's time to tell and make a confession. Most likely, the dreamer will expect reciprocity and a serious romantic relationship.

In a dream, the beloved was sick, and then died - it means illness and in reality.

Important! Pay attention to your health and the health of loved ones.

If in a dream a close acquaintance died

Such a dream means that misfortunes and troubles will bypass the dreamer. If a long-distance trip is expected in reality, this is the most favorable time for its implementation.

Important! To make the trip come true, you don’t have to tell anyone about your dream. Try to keep everything a secret.

If a living person dreamed in a coffin

A dream in which a loved one lies in the coffin, and alive - means the disease of this person, there is a high probability that he will come true. If such a dream occurred from Wednesday to Thursday, then the likelihood of a prophetic dream is almost zero. And if on the night of Saturday to Sunday the meaning of sleep is likely to be fulfilled.

A dream in which an unfamiliar living person lies in a tomb and there is a funeral procession means a quick change in life. And most often they are cardinal. It may be moving to another city. Parting with a loved one or a change in activity, profession.

To be the most dead in the grave

Such a dream means a quick wedding with the dreamer or his immediate family. If someone is sick in the family, then he will recover, and in the near future.

  • If there is a funeral procession, and everyone is crying, then the dreamer expects reconciliation with relatives with whom the quarrel has occurred.
  • If the coffin is closed and they begin to bury, it means that financial debts will be forgiven or someone will help to cope with them. The financial situation will improve.
  • A coffin with a body stands in the forest, a dream portends a victory over enemies. If the forest is dense, then in reality the enemies will be exposed and others will learn about their plans.

Believe it or not in dreams is up to everyone. But very often dreams come true, and dream interpretations warn of dangers. If you correctly apply the value of sleep, then you can avoid trouble.

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