Laying a bob at home

A haircut is quite versatile. It lends itself perfectly to styling.

  • If you straight hair , you can give them more volume by lifting the hair dryer at the roots during drying. To fix the volume, it is better to use a foam, applied in a small amount, or powder for hair.

Side parting

Girls with symmetrical features and a regular oval face suit a straight parting in the middle. This styling is able to adjust the triangular or diamond-shaped face. Equally falling curls on the sides will hide pronounced cheekbones and a wide forehead. The face will visually align and become more oval and symmetrical.


Owners of round and square faces should wear a square with a side part. The resulting asymmetry will visually smooth out the flaws. Due to the uneven distribution of hair, it corrects the square and rectangular shape of the face, making the features softer.

This parting is suitable for almost any type of face. The exception is women with too large, round faces.

With a side part, you can experiment by moving it closer to the center or, conversely, pushing it to the side. This option is called a side parting.


With the help of braids, you can get quite original hairstyles.

  • Volumetric spikelets. Dividing the hair in half, braid the “reverse” spikelets, slightly stretch the strands, giving the braids a volume. Tie the ends with small rubber bands.
  • Imitation of a shaved temple. Having made a deep side parting, it is necessary to braid an even horizontal spikelet of small strands. Fix the edge with invisibility under the bulk of the hair.

Stylish hair clips

Haircut caret provides even if not long, but not too short strands of hair on the sides. Therefore, a haircut is ideal for using various hair clips. In today's market, the range of hair accessories is quite large.

If you have a chic, thick bang, you can pick it up and stab it at the crown or use a hoop. With these, you can give your hair a small volume without styling.

Having done a side parting, with the help of stylish hairpins you can fix the hair over your ear, creating the same imitation of a shaved temple.


Almost 100 years ago, long curls were replaced by a fashion for shorter haircuts. The most popular at that time was a haircut with a straight bang, while the length of the locks was up to the bottom of the earlobe. In order to make this hairstyle interesting, its owners combed locks back, made them waves or used ribbons or bright hairpins for decoration. The first haircuts were called "Garson", that is, the hairstyle "under the boy". Since the beginning of the 60s, these hairstyles were considered the most fashionable.

A short stylish haircut and now does not lose its position, remaining in the leading position.

Although the bob and bob are usually divided into 2 haircuts, but there is no particular difference between them. We can say that bob is close to the original version of haircuts for a boy, and fashionable square helps to add femininity. At first, the bob was made without a bang, but for a square, a bang is simply necessary. Over time, the line between the options faded, which led to the appearance of a certain mix. Such a haircut has several advantages, which is why both young girls and older ladies give preference to it.

This is the most versatile option, it looks great on hair with a different structure. Bob-car is suitable for girls and women with different types of appearance. A haircut is suitable for round, oval, triangular and square type of face. She looks great on ladies with straight strands. Haircut and girls with curls will decorate.

Bob-car always looks easy and natural. This option will be appropriate for a solemn event, and for daily use. Self-laying a bob-car at home does not take much time, which is very important for active girls who want to be fashionable and stylish, but do not have much free time. This haircut option for a long time retains its original form, allowing you not to often resort to the services of hairdressers.

Many believe that this haircut is more suitable for owners of short hair. However, this option is often chosen by women who do not want to say goodbye to the length of their curls. Often, the length of the strands can reach shoulders. Hairstyle for medium hair can be considered the most popular, it is not in vain that famous personalities, Hollywood stars, prefer it.

An extension bob looks great on straight strands, on a haircut with steps.

The option of hairstyle with lengthening is more suitable for owners of a square and triangular face, this will allow you to balance the proportions of the face and hide obvious flaws.

The length of the strands on the back of the head often reaches the shoulders, may be slightly shorter or very short with a shaved head. Laying on a short or long bob-car can be different. Using the advice of specialists, you can instantly transform the hairstyle, create a stylish and bright image.

Best ideas

It is not difficult to lay a bob-car, on the basis of it the most diverse and unusual images are created. There are various ways to style your hair at home. With a classic bob-car, gel should be applied to the locks, then the hair should be parted and straightened with an iron. The tips of the lock during installation are twisted inward.

  • To create a natural image, a tool is applied to the strands to give the curls volume, then it is washed off. Then apply the foam and distribute it in strands, helping yourself with your hands. Using a hair dryer with a comb, the curls are stacked, while directing them back. After that, varnishes are applied to the locks to consolidate the result.
  • To recreate hairstyles in grunge style, a certain effect of negligence should be created on the head. To achieve the desired effect, you need to apply foam on the strands and distribute it on the surface with "compressive" movements. Then the head goes down, and the hair is dried with a hair dryer from the roots. This will give the greatest volume. Using a special comb for modeling hairstyles, you should give the strands a kind of mess. Stacking is fixed with varnish.
  • You can distribute the strands according to the type of hairstyle “Malvina” or put the hair back.
  • The option with a side part will look good, it can be suitable for everyday onions and for a ceremonial exit. The styling looks best on a haircut with a long or oblique bang. For styling, apply mousse to wet curls and blow dry with a hairdryer. At the same time, a hair straightener is used to twist the ends, which allows you to make curls smooth.

To do a beautiful and fashionable styling does not require much time. Using only the usual devices and hair styling products, you can create new images - from the hairstyle for every day to the more complex options. It can be a long and elaborate styling for a celebration, which is best done in the salon by an experienced hairdresser. After gaining experience, you can build complex styling yourself.

You will learn how to properly style a bob-haircut in the next video.

With volume

Many people prefer high bean-style hairstyles. To achieve the greatest volume, pre-apply foam on the curls, wind the curlers and dry. After the curlers are removed, the curls are collected in a high hairstyle, while leaving several curls in the face. Hairstyle with volume is better for owners of thin hair. With proper styling, thin hair will appear thick and lush.

  • For its installation, professional gels are taken, which are applied to the locks and rubbed.
  • The curls are slightly dried and applied to the strands from the hair roots to the ends. In this case, the strands should be slightly lifted.
  • The hairstyle is shaped and the strands are thrown back.
  • Owners of an elongated version of the hairstyle can be asymmetric, while laying hair on one side.

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If you want to cut your hair interestingly, brightly, stylishly, following the latest trends, fashionable bob haircuts, the trends of which we will consider today, will be the best solution.

The bob haircut 2019-2020, which came into fashion with the light hand of the French master Antoine de Paris, is an undeniable hit of hairdressing, because it can shape both the elegant appearance of a refined lady and demonstrate the passionate nature, obstinate character, unbridled nature of its owner.

The unique bob haircut 2019-2020, the trendy examples of which captivated not only ordinary beauties, but also the star representatives of this world, is a good example and whether you make a short bob, choose a bob for medium hair, or prefer long bob, your hair will look amazing in all cases.

Bob haircut has become a favorite hairstyle for style icons Victoria Beckham, singer Rihanna, actresses Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, Emma Stone, Lily Collins, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keira Knightley, model Carly Kloss, TV presenter Lera Kudryavtseva and many other celebrities.

It is with star examples that you can see how stylish a bob can look, how to style this type of haircut, and also what fashionable coloring to choose.

In addition, the stylish bob haircut 2019-2020 is a salvation for owners of curls who are looking for that very perfect hairstyle, which at least slightly simplifies everyday worries with naughty curls.

The unique bob haircut 2019-2020 is also good because with it you can try charmingly cute, romantic and feminine, or playful and daring styling in great abundance.

Varieties of haircuts

Such hairstyles are classified according to many characteristics. Determining is the length of the hair, as well as the structure and density. The great advantage of this option is the ability to give additional volume or smooth out excess pomp. It is also suitable for naturally wavy hair, but in this case it is better to make it medium length and without bangs. Classic caret implies an exceptionally smooth hair cloth, as well as rounded edges. It is such a haircut that will help to give the image of femininity and sophistication.

In the photo - a caret haircut:

The following options are distinguished:

  • Short square “on the leg”, when the occipital part is cut as short as possible and in several layers. Thus, additional volume is achieved, and the hairstyle always looks neat and stylish.
  • Classic square - the length of the front strands just below the chin. The level can be slightly raised at the back, and can be formed on the same length.
  • Graduated rack when the strands are cut in cascade.
  • Bean - rack with extension. Lateral strands in this case go at an arbitrary angle to the line of the chin, and the occipital part is shorter than the front.

Also, a haircut is cut with a ladder for short hair. You can see how this haircut looks in the photo in this article.

On the video caret technology:

Of course, even the same haircut will look different on the hair of a different type. Due to the bangs, you can also diversify the appearance, the classic square looks especially with an oblique or asymmetric bangs.

The technique of cutting a normal square - a description of how to cut

Each master gradually develops his own “emphasis” and makes haircuts a little differently, but the main points are the same for everyone. First of all, it is necessary to divide all the strands into zones. This is a direct parting from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the occipital part of the head. Then you should separate the hair from the upper edge of the left ear to the right. The resulting four squares are fixed with clips for easy haircuts.

The lower strand obtained on the occipital region will be considered the main guideline for the length of the square. After she is trimmed, one should gradually separate the strand after the strand, moving from the back of the head to the center. The draw angle is zero degrees, and each strand is approximately 2 to 3 millimeters longer than the previous one. You must repeat your actions until you reach the horizontal parting line.

Then you need a division into the side strands. Here we define an approximate reference point of reference. To do this, the lower strand above the ear should be cut to a control level of length on the sides. The algorithm of actions will remain the same, but now the direction of capture of the next strand will be vertical.

It is very important at this stage to maintain the symmetry of the lengths, so it is necessary to constantly check the level on both sides. The principle of lengthening also works here: each subsequent strand of hair should slightly overlap the previous one.

On the video technology haircuts graded caret scheme description:

Key secrets of a successful haircut:

  • Layered milling with special scissors. To do this, the tool should be at an angle of 45 degrees to the hair.
  • Lengthening the strands will subsequently form a beautiful fold of curls inward. It will also affect the further installation, making it less problematic.
  • Sometimes the following option is applied: to separate the upper strands and stab, and to profile the lower ones to a height of 3 - 4 centimeters. After final styling, the hairstyle will become as it should.

Compliance with these actions will allow you to get a classic square of any length. If it is also necessary to form a bang, the order of actions does not change, this element will be the final touch to the hairstyle.

How to cut graduated - technology and scheme

The main feature of graduated caret with elongation is the orientation during operation precisely on the length of the bangs. To do this, the easiest way to do the usual square, the technique of which is described earlier. After this, you can proceed to the further formation of haircuts.

How to cut:

  • After completing the usual caret, it is necessary to separate the strand in the frontal zone. The density of the strand is about one centimeter.
  • After performing control cutting, the orientation is on this particular strand. The next strand must be combed forward and cut alternately at the same level. The angle of the guy is 90 degrees.
  • Thus, it is necessary to treat the entire parietal part of the hair.
  • In order for the hairstyle to look like a cascade, it is necessary to lift the upper strand along the perimeter of the head up and cut along the control length, and only then pull all subsequent ones alternately, cutting off the level of the control.
  • After the haircut is completed, a check is necessarily performed. To do this, alternately pull the strands vertically up and cut off all the stepped protruding parts.
  • To give volume and splendor, the ends of the hair are milled with special scissors.

The great advantage of a graduated square is the unpretentiousness of styling. The strands can be aligned and curled, as well as create a light effect of careless mess, which is popular this season.

How well a square cut on the shoulders looks, as well as how complex it is in its performance, will help to understand the photos and videos in this article.

You can see how a bob haircut looks to shoulders without a bang, in the photo in this article.

And in this article you can read information about the step-by-step technique for cutting short hair:

You might also be interested to know about that. what does a haircut look like an elongated bob with a slanting bang.

On the video technique of haircuts graduated caret:

Bob haircut technology

There are different variations of the bob-car, but all of them are performed on the base hairstyle.

Stage 1 (lower occipital part):

  • First, make a triangular parting on the back of the head from the middle of the ears a little up. Mark the point of the apex of the triangle, retreating 5 cm from the edge line of the vertical parting, and draw two diagonal lines from it. The triangle is equilateral, but the corners can be more or less sharp. The sharper the shape, the longer the strands
  • a thin strand of hair is separated in the center of the triangle parallel to the parted part at a distance of 1-2 cm from the edge. She cuts at an angle of 45 degrees and is a control,
  • in the center of the occipital part on the left side, the next thin strand is separated, connected to the first and combed. The strands are trimmed together, the angle of cut and guy lines also remains 45 degrees,
  • Hair cutting is carried out further, lock by lock - this method is called so. The movement is carried out in an upward direction, from the center of the nape to the ears. Each previous strand will be the control for the next. At the level of the occipital bone, it is necessary to separate the strands from one point, so the slope gradually becomes horizontal from vertical,
  • first, the left side is trimmed, then the right side, or vice versa, also from the center of the nape up to the right, to the ears. Keep the guy angle
  • the area along the line to the middle of the auricle is framed. Make a border and get a graduated haircut. Whiskey remains intact.

Stage 2 (upper occipital and temporal-parietal part):

  • by means of a vertical parting on the external occipital part, the strand is separated and cut with a draw angle of 45 degrees, this is a new control line. Next, thin strands are separated and trimmed step by step, first from the center to the left, then to the right,
  • the hair in the back of the head is simultaneously separated with the transition to the temporoparietal region. A future hairstyle is formed along the line of the occipital part,
  • hair in the temporoparietal zone is combed by growth. The strands diagonal with respect to the parting are separated, and the haircut line from the nape is extended. The strands are trimmed again step by step, with a draw of 0 degrees. This is necessary so as not to violate the integrity of the haircut,
  • cut the opposite side,
  • hair of the anterior-parietal zone is distributed by horizontal parting perpendicular to the vertical parting in the direction of their growth and cut.

If issued bang:

  • in order to arrange the bangs, its zone with orientation to the temporal ledge stands out,
  • the control strand on the right side is separated using a diagonal separation and cut to the left with elongation. The haircut is carried out still lock by lock,
  • bangs are combed by hair growth and edging occurs in a straight line.

If necessary, the haircut contour is finalized. The hairstyle is ready.

Can I make a bob haircut myself?

An easy-to-care haircut is considered quite difficult to perform and requires professional skills in terms of implementation. If you do not have them, it is better to consult a specialist.

But if you are confident in your own abilities, You will need a set of tools to implement your plan:

  • two mirrors of medium size,
  • comb with more or less rare cloves depending on the type of hair and personal preferences,
  • a couple of clips or crab hair clips,
  • sharp enough scissors, better professional.

Much depends not only on the skill of the person, but also on the quality of the tools that he uses.

Before you start cutting, moisten your hair. For this, a spray bottle filled with ordinary water is well suited. It will be good if you will use it in the future when making haircuts.

Haircut is performed step by step, as described in the technology above. At the end of the work, blow dry your hair and evaluate the result.


One of the ways to beat the hairstyle in a new way, add romantic dreaminess or joyful enthusiasm to her is make a perm. The first thing that comes to mind with this word is a curling iron. A simple and versatile tool available to everyone.

First, divide the hair into the lower and upper parts, use hairpins to fix. Separate one strand, lubricate it with a small amount of foam or mousse, and then gently wind the hair on the curling rod, not reaching the roots of 1 cm. Remember, the wider the strand, the larger the curl. Move on so that each new curl is located under the previous one. Perms first on the bottom of the head, then on the top.

Another famous tool is ironing. The execution method is similar. Kill the main part of the hair, separate the strand and go over it with an iron. Do not pinch too much and do not forget to use foam. Take the next strand and so on.

They give different results, choose the most suitable for you. A little trick - instead of a fixative, you can use regular beer. Moisten their washed hair, wind the curlers and blow dry your hair. A good beer will have a healing effect, the curls will be elastic and shiny. It is better to choose light varieties so that there is no smell.

For lovers of originality, you can try styling in retro style - generously lubricate the strands with a strong gel, form waves on the hair using clips, and blow dry your hair with a hot air. Fix the result with varnish.

An interesting appearance can be obtained without thermal treatment.

Do you like perm, but don’t want to spoil your hair? Select thin strands on your head, smear each with mousse and wind it on a hairpin with movements resembling a figure eight, then fasten with an elastic band. When you finish all the strands, use varnish and wait about 2 hours. Then loose your hair and fix the result.

For African curls, the procedure is similar, but instead of the figure eight, twist the hair into a tight braid and wrap it in a bun, then fasten it with a hairpin. Leave the strands in this position for 4 hours. Do not forget to use mousse or foam at the very beginning. Hairstyle can hold volume up to 3 days.

There are also very simple styling options. Use a foam or gel, and then style your hair with a round comb while blow-drying. Or twist a thin strand into a tourniquet and sprinkle with varnish. It can be lightly pressed with your fingers to create a slight mess. The strands lying in a chaotic order will add a natural hairstyle.

Bob-car is performed on short and medium hair, but, despite the length, has amazing multifunctionality. The technology of execution allows you to adjust the features of appearance and balance the proportions of the face. Based on the classic bob-car, choose for yourself the most suitable variation or leave the original. Having done a haircut once, you can constantly look for new styling options and look different or even look amazing with a minimum of care.

Bob haircut 2019-2020: trends, exclusive ideas, features

For those who do not know what a bob haircut should be in front and behind, we explain: the features of the classic version are elongated locks near the face and shorter ones at the back.

The bob haircut technique allows you to create a beautiful shape that emphasizes facial features, and creating a natural volume.

Fashionable haircut bob 2019-2020 has many varieties, for example, asymmetric, graded, ragged, with extension, with bangs, etc.

Today we will not delve into the features of the technique, and tell how the bob haircut is performed correctly. Leave this to the master.

Especially for you, we have collected beautiful bob haircuts in all kinds of variations, chose a photo that shows a short bob in a classic manner, medium bob, long bob, as well as amazing bob haircuts 2019-2020 for curly curls (wob).

Curls and curls

The most feminine are hairstyles with large curls. They give the face a special softness and grace. Wavy curls look especially romantic. Styling on long hair and on strands to the shoulders will look especially impressive. To make styling in waves, you need to take curling tongs or use curlers. Perm is done alternately, while locks that are not used are fixed with clamps.

To achieve a better result, it is better to use curlers of different diameters, which will make the hairstyle natural and feminine. To preserve the result, varnish is applied to the curls.

On a bob-car, broken waves will look great. Create them using a special ironing. Before using the device, a fixing spray is applied to the strands, it will allow the curls to last longer. Using an iron, create small curls and lay them with your fingers. Using fixing varnish fix the result.

Who would like such a haircut

Stylists especially recommend this hairstyle to those who want to hide wide cheekbones or large cheeks. This shape emphasizes the curve of the neck, giving sophistication.

The versatility of the hairstyle will allow her to combine it with clothes of any style:

  • Suitable for girls with a triangular or square shape of a face, hiding imperfections and balancing the proportions of the face.
  • Haircut looks best on straight and thick hair.
  • For narrow-faced people, it’s not very suitable, as for owners of curly curls.
  • The oval shape of the face framed by elongated strands looks very organic.
  • Elongated strands balance the heavy chin well.
  • An option for those who want to demonstrate a beautiful neckline.
  • Asymmetry and graduation will look good even on thin hair.

Doing Bob Care by Extending - Step by Step

This variation of the classic square is very suitable for women with a round face shape and large features. This will soften and give femininity to the image, so this haircut is very popular. Visually, it looks like long locks around the face, with a gradual shortening to the back of the head. At the same time, the length of the hair can be different, from the middle of the chest to the minimum - just above the chin. One of the variations of the elongated bob - square is considered to be a square on the leg. The occipital part in this case may even be shaved, it all depends on the wishes of the client.

The algorithm of the work, how to cut:

  • Separate the hair in the middle and secure with clips.
  • Determine the location of the front diagonals. This is done for various variations of the square, so there will be a lot of options.
  • The lower strand will be the control, as in previous cases. The difference is the direction of the cut. A kind of horseshoe is cut off, with an extension on the sides.
  • Subsequent strands are separated obliquely parted. The technology remains the same: each subsequent strand is longer by about 2 - 3 mm and completely overlaps the previous one.
  • When it comes to the hair of the temporal zone, the diagonal is extended further, and not performed separately.
  • After cutting, it is necessary to check the correspondence of the lengths of hair on the right and left sides and profile the ends.
  • At the end, it is necessary to separate the strand from the forehead line and level the general level, observing the direction. At the same stage, if necessary, bangs are performed.

On the video technique of performing a bob with extension (diagram with a description step by step):

Daily styling must be done using an iron. The aligned strands can be slightly bent inward to give the hairstyle a finished look.

You can see the photo of the hairstyle of the caret cascade for short hair in this article.

But what does a short-crowned haircut look like, you can understand if you read the contents of this article.

You may also be interested to learn about what a haircut looks like on a long hair with bangs.

But here is what a haircut looks like on medium hair and what is the technology of its execution, is described in detail in this article.

A bob haircut is an excellent example of a versatile and very feminine hairstyle. It will suit any girl, because there are a lot of varieties of this option. A great advantage will be unpretentious care and ease of implementation. Like all haircuts, she needs periodic updating, as well as styling. Having picked up a variation suitable for your appearance, you can safely experiment with various styling options and apply additional color decoration.

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Stacking caret back and retro style.

To fully open the face and add volume to the crown, you can put the square back. According to stylists, this type of styling corresponds to the evening option, and not everyday. The front strands of the haircut need to be combed back and dried with a hairdryer. Invisibility will help to beautifully lay the strands. At the end of the installation, you will need to fix the strands with varnish.

What does a bob hairstyle look like with extension

The variety of bob-haircuts captivates you. But there is a reference option, which is considered a classic. This haircut combines a short hair length with smooth lines. She perfectly emphasizes the oval and makes facial features more expressive. Just look at the photo of Mireille Mathieu in his youth.

The image of the famous French singer Mireille Mathieu was emphasized by the classic bob-haircut

Short bob haircut 2019-2020 - a sea of ​​creativity and outrageous

If you like a short bob haircut, feel free to choose this option, because it is ultra fashionable today.

Also, a bob haircut for short hair is a kind of indicator of age, dropping a woman a couple of years, so for sure.

A fashionable bob haircut for short hair is realized by creating an effective layering, so it is perfect for thin hair.

A short-haired bob 2019-20-20 haircut can be graded, asymmetric, with elongation near the face, which makes it possible to adjust the appearance, hiding small imbalances, if any.

The short bob is made so that when growing back, the hair does not look randomly. Thanks to the unique technique, a short bean smoothly goes into the middle, without requiring major adjustments from the master.

Our selection shows bob haircuts front and back. Watch and choose a short bean for yourself.

What does it look like

  • This hairstyle is elegant and feminine.
  • It can be made in different variations, each of which is original. The front strands can be quite long, even below the shoulders.
  • The most harmonious is such a haircut, the line of which repeats the line of the cheekbones.
  • The length of the strands on the back of the head can be both long enough to the shoulder line, and very short, up to the shaved neck.
  • To revitalize the hairstyle and brightness of the image, you can use coloring or highlighting.
  • Several colored strands of bright colors will give the image not just youth, but also avant-garde style.
Bob bob haircuts can be made in different variations, each of which is original

Wet hair effect

Many stylists prefer certain options for haircuts and hairstyles. A hairstyle with the effect of wet hair has long been considered the most popular, it is often used to create spectacular looks at fashion shows. A stylish hairstyle is more relevant in the warm season, but in winter it looks out of place. A haircut looks good both on short hair and on long strands.

To do your own styling:

  • take the gel
  • apply gel on fingers
  • starting from the forehead and passing to the back of the head, with the help of fingers, the product is applied to curls,
  • curls curl with your hands
  • waiting to dry
  • locks are combed back
  • fixed with varnish.

To make this hairstyle natural and vibrant, it is better to let the hair dry on its own, without the use of household appliances.

Haircut bob for medium hair 2019-2020 - stylish and elegant

The average bob haircut for medium hair 2019-2020 is the most versatile and common, because the average bob not only allows you to make beautiful styling, but also offers a lot more options for coloring and coloring of hair, as well as stylish hairstyles for every day and for a special occasion.

Just the average bob 2019-2020 is an original solution for women with hair of any type.

Beautiful bob haircuts for medium hair 2019-2020 are relevant for any appearance. It is noteworthy that a bob haircut on medium hair will look new if you add some kind of bangs, prefer asymmetric locks, create a torn effect.

In addition, a bob haircut in the classic version, for example, with bangs will be in harmony with elegant evening dresses, office trouser suits, laconic dresses, sheath and trapeze, etc.

Fashionable bob haircuts 2019-2020 for medium hair on the fairer sex, who respect the casual style, informal street, urban and sports clothing style, will look stylish and damn attractive. You can see the bob front and back below.

Classic version

This is a rather complicated haircut, requiring high hairdresser skills. Its highlight is the short length of the hair at the back of the head and the longer one in the front. In this case, a smooth transition between the rear and front locks is very important. This immediately emphasizes the shape of the head and exposes the neck.

Classic elongated bob

Stylish bunch

For several seasons in a row, a stylish bunch has been holding onto the peak of popularity. To create a trendy hairstyle, you need to separate the lower part of the hair and leave it, twist the upper one in a careless bun. It can be fixed with studs or a small elastic band.

If your hair is long enough to collect it a tail, then all strands can participate in creating a bun, without exception.

Trendy bob haircuts 2019-2020 with long strands - become a star with a starry hairstyle

When fashionistas are looking for bob haircuts for long hair, it is a question of such a variation as an elongated bob (long bob or the second name lob), providing for elongation in front and substantially short in back.

Like a haircut bob on medium hair, an elongated bob will allow you to come up with many interesting images, styling, try famous dyeing techniques, for example, shatush, ombre, sombre, colombra, balyazh, baby lights, etc.

You can straighten stylish bob haircuts for long hair to perfect smoothness or give curls a curly effect, while creating a bob haircut (wob).

It is permissible to create a light, well-thought-out mess that will look playful, bold and ultra fashionable.

Cutting the bob 2019-2020 with elongated strands in front can be done with or without bangs.

If you need to transform bob haircuts into an elegant hairstyle, without pinning all the strands up, pay attention to the plaits and pigtails that form a very cute and lovely look that impresses a real lady.

In addition to the classic bean, many people like the haircut bean in all kinds of interpretations.

Thanks to the mixing of various techniques, fashionistas have the opportunity to choose bright and unusual solutions.

Hair gathered back

The length of hair in a haircut cut allows you to do simple hairstyles. You can make a small tuft in the back or collect hair in a mulvin. You can use different techniques that will decorate the styling, for example, small braids, beautiful hair clips or hairpins. When styling, you can do it at the top of the hair or make a hairstyle babette, weaving or a shell. You can also combine different techniques, such as French braids with a bundle.

Bob-haircut 2019-2020 - sophistication and playfulness of the image

A fashionable bob-haircut using graduation and cascading levels, combining the restraint of a bob and the playfulness of a bob, has long won the love of millions of girls who prefer short and medium hairstyles.

This type of haircut is performed, both in the classical technique for straight and even hair to the earlobe with a clear and even cut, and in the form of textured examples with soft contours that are realized by thinning and grading the strands.

Just this variation is the ideal solution for those who need to slightly change the contours of the face, modeling a beautiful and proportional appearance.

An ideal, or better said, universal example is considered to be a bob with a bang obliquely, because a straight and even bang, unfortunately, is not suitable for everyone.

With and without bangs

This haircut can be with a bang, or maybe without it:

  • The bangs, especially even, create a spectacular image that emphasizes the eyes.
  • Bangs to the side - for asymmetry. In this installation option, parting is also oblique.
  • The elongated bangs and voluminous hairstyle on the back of the head create a sophisticated look of an elegant French woman.
  • The option without bangs is the ability to visually narrow the contour of the face and smooth wide cheekbones.

Asymmetry and haircut bob 2019-2020 - only for bold and effective fashionistas

Haircuts bob 2019-2020 with asymmetry, creating multilevel transitions front and rear or on the one hand, will appeal to girls who are not looking for the same type, wanting to constantly change and improve externally.

Choosing an asymmetry, you will feel amazing, because a bob haircut with asymmetry will immediately attract the attention of the opposite sex and the goggles of other women.

Asymmetry can be either smoother or based on sharp length transitions.

It all depends on what extravagant and extraordinary experiments you are ready for, because a bob haircut should impress not only your inner world, but also your lifestyle.

We tried to present all kinds of bob haircuts that are now at the peak of relevance, in particular creative solutions with straight, torn bangs, oblique, etc.

Look, choose, and, by all means, try to do something interesting with your hair.


A side parting makes such a hairstyle as asymmetric and dynamic as possible. It is suitable for courageous beauties who are self-confident and strive to attract attention.

With this haircut, the strands are longer on one side and shorter on the other. Bangs in such styling can also be.

This approach creates additional volume on the top of the head, which is very suitable for women with thin hair and chubby. The asymmetry will look especially good on young women who prefer a loose style in clothing. The bolder and more creative the approach, the better.


Stylists recommend this haircut to those who do not have enough volume in the hairstyle. Short strands on top and long to the bottom of the head can go well with bangs, which also aims to add volume.

Bangs can be:

Graduation is one of the fashion trends of recent seasons. The effect of negligence, created at the same time gives lightness, is young.

Technology for creating a bob haircut extension

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Hair is washed and combed. A vertical parting is made (from the middle of the forehead to the middle of the neck),
  2. The upper strands are collected with hairpins,
  3. Haircut starts at the back of the head. First, the lowest strands are cut, then the upper ones. It turns out a kind of ladder, in which the upper strands are 2-3 cm longer than the lower ones,
  4. After the back of the head, the hairdresser makes a horizontal parting (from one ear to another) and moves to the front strands. They are cut using the same technology as the back hair,
  5. The most recent is bangs. The hairdresser makes her a single strand in the shape of a triangle in the center. Then - cuts to the desired length,
  6. At the end, the hair is dried and blow-dry. Haircut is finished, you can evaluate the result.

Evening hairstyles

Laying beautiful volumetric curls in retro style is suitable for parties and attending various events in the evening. This style involves styling hair with a well-defined bangs.

A retro-style hairstyle can be on straight strands or on wavy curls. To give waves, it is better to use a gel. You can fix the hairstyle with special clips.

On the leg

Such a hairstyle will emphasize the elegance of the neck. Short in the nape and elongated to the face strands are a fashionable image that goes well with a sporty style, as well as with a romantic or casual.

The hair in front is cut symmetrically with extension to the chin.

A napkin shaved under a typewriter is suitable for brave girls who want to stand out from the crowd.

A well-cut head is a fashionable accent that makes a good master stand out.

One of the fashionable nuances can be underlining the lower edge of the hairstyle with a contrasting color.

Note: This haircut option may not work for those who have a full face.

From the back, the hair covers the neck, and in front they go down below shoulder level.

It is convenient that such a hairstyle does not require complex styling and is suitable for any type of hair.

Video lessons

At first glance, the technology of haircuts may seem quite complicated, but looking at these video tutorials you can easily understand all the subtleties of this hairstyle.

The technology of the elongated bob haircut has long been a classic. Most masters adhere to it, but often hairdressers supplement it with some interesting details.

Holiday options

Bob-car initially looks original and fashionable. Give the hairstyle the most interesting and sophisticated look with proper styling. If you are going to a gala event or a youth party, it is better to come up with original options. For the New Year or another holiday, creative hairstyles will come up that will help transform the image and make it unusual.

You can lay the festive version of the bob-car not only in the salon, you can do it yourself. To be sure of the choice, it is better to think over several options for a festive hairstyle and make a trial hairstyle in advance. This will allow you not to worry about the final result and look great on this day.

A great option for both a party and a business dinner can be a bob-car, which is laid back. Such styling will help to make the image stylish and elegant. This hairstyle looks better on medium hair. To create a hairstyle, do the following.

  • Wash hair.
  • Dry them lightly.
  • Apply styling foam to the dried strands and evenly distribute.
  • Using clips or hairpins, stab strands that do not use.
  • Styling starts from the back of the head.
  • During drying, a round volume brush is used. In this case, each lock should be combed back.
  • At the last stage, a strong fixation varnish is applied to the curls.

For evening hairstyles, beautiful headbands, decorative hair clips will be appropriate.

Middle length

Suitable even for those with thin hair. Styling is carried out using a directed stream of warm air from a hairdryer and brushing.

Beautiful examples

The idea of ​​a festive styling for short hair. Such styling is appropriate at any important event. For its execution it is necessary to apply foam on wet locks and wind curls on large curlers. The hair is dried with a hairdryer, the curlers are removed, then with your fingers give the curls the desired shape.

Hollywood curls on a bob-car.

This hairstyle is perhaps the most popular. Luxurious curls will decorate the face and make the image more feminine. No wonder this option is preferred by many celebrities. A fashionable hairstyle will help to stand out at any event.

Asymmetrical hairstyles have recently become very popular. Such creative hairstyles help distract attention from small imperfections on the face. In addition, the different length of the locks helps to make the image playful and extraordinary. Asymmetric hairstyles should be carefully laid, otherwise they will look not well-groomed.

How is performed

Hairstyle is not particularly difficult. But it requires accuracy in the execution, a clear separation of the strands and the exact angle of the draw and cut:

  • The length of the strands on the back of the head can be either long enough to the shoulder line, or very short, up to the shaved neck All hair is divided into four zones:
    • lower occipital,
    • superior occipital,
    • temporal lateral
    • frontally-parietal.
  • We begin to work with the lowest part of the strands. We shorten to the length that we need.
  • We gradually move higher, focusing in length on the already trimmed strands. To separate the strands, use a comb with frequent teeth.
  • From the temples zone the lower strand pulled to the nape line.
  • We get to the processing front strands of the temples zone.
  • The strands that are on the top of the head should be divided into a diagonal parting. When cutting, we take them back.
  • The parietal part of the head is trimmed at the end. It is parted and cut to long from short. The strands are pulled at an angle of 90 degrees to the head.
  • Comb hair for natural growth and profile.
  • Strandingbut with maintaining the length and shape of the hairstyle.
  • If the bangs are asymmetric, then starts with a short length at one of the temples.
  • At the same time, we focus on the natural contour of the head. We strive to round the contour.
  • After cutting, dry the strands. If necessary, trim the tips.

  • Note 1: haircut is carried out towards the face.
  • Note 2: graduated haircuts can only be done by a professional hairdresser.
  • Note 3: every few strands should be compared with each other.

How to stack

For everyday styling:

  • we apply styling agent on clean hair.
  • twist the strands down with a round brush while guiding the hairdryer stream.

Careless styling:

  • apply mousse to clean strands.
  • pull the strands randomly.

The front strands freely fall on the face and give lightness to the image.

Rebel hairstyle - for those who do not want to spend a lot of time on styling:

  • spread over the strands of mousse for styling.
  • We carry out a fleece without fanaticism.
  • we divide the hair along the parting with a comb, throwing long locks on one side.
  • fix the hair with invisibility.
  • sprinkle with varnish.

Evening hairstyle:

  • all strands are pulled out with an iron.
  • fix with varnish.

Wedding hairstyle 1:

  • we divide all hair into strands.
  • wrap each separately.
  • we disassemble into curls with our hands and fix with varnish.

Wedding hairstyle 2:

  • on the long front strands apply a means to add volume.
  • freely comb them up and to the side.
  • pin with a hairpin or decorative flower.
  • fixation with varnish.


Suitable for elongated curls. In this case, the strands are wound either on curlers or on a curling iron.

Owners of long oblique bangs can form curls from the middle of the head, and leave the rest of the strands flat.

Coloring looks very impressive on twisted strands, allowing the light to play in the free waves of curls.

For chubby:

It is recommended to give volume at the roots, and reduce it to the tips by twisting them slightly inward. The bangs, if any, should be combed to the side.

Advantages and disadvantages


  • Universal haircut.
  • Haircut is young.
  • Suitable for different images and styles of clothing.
  • Simple styling that does not require much time.
  • Suitable for ombre.
  • Feminine, looks natural.
  • Stylish.
  • Suitable for different hair colors. It looks original both on natural shades and on tinted strands.


  • Regular haircut correction is required for a neat appearance.
  • The owner of curly hair does not fit.
  • Not recommended for owners of narrow faces.

An extended bob haircut is always in fashion. Implementation techniques change, fashionable accents and color nuances are added, but the hairstyle itself is one of the most popular.Laconic, not requiring long styling, suitable for many, elongated bob-car deserves attention.

Haircut pattern

The haircut can be decomposed into several successive steps that characterize the algorithm of the hairdresser:

  1. Divide all hair into several areas, as shown in the photo.
  2. It is recommended to start a haircut from the bottom of the hair. From the left section, take the central strand no more than 8 mm thick, comb it thoroughly and make a clear cut parallel to the parting.
  3. Having done the same manipulations with the right and left parts of the hair, you will get the first strand to control the length and angle of cut.
  4. After that, you need to split all the remaining curls in the occipital region, select the lock in the center, pull it at a right angle and make a cut at an angle of 45 degrees. Thus, you get a second control strand.
  5. Continue to cut all the strands from this zone in the same way, keeping the set cutting angle and tension. Try to pull the hair to the second control strand, forming an extension in the temporal region. After you can go to the upper occipital region. Pull the lock at a right angle to the surface of the head and cut it at an angle of 90 degrees, focusing on the central vertical parting. The third control strand should be longer than the previous ones. Compare the remaining strands from the top of the head with the control strand No. 3 and gradually increase the length of the hair on the face.
  6. The strands in the temporal zone should be trimmed towards the back of the head. After this, it is necessary to perform hair trimming in the temporal region along an oblique line.
  7. Divide the hair in the parietal zone into two parts and cut from “short to long” to obtain an extension to the center of this zone.
  8. Comb and profile the hair, removing the mass, but maintaining their length along the contour.
  9. A bob haircut with extension can be with and without bangs. In the classic version, the presence of a bang is implied, the shape of which can be very diverse.

Bob-car with extension and bangs

The hairstyle looks stylish and original on women with delicate facial features. The voluminous nape and open neck allow you to wear large earrings and pendants on the neck. A woman with such a haircut resembles an elegant Frenchwoman of the twentieth century.

Asymmetric haircut option

It differs from the ordinary haircut option in strands of different lengths. It looks impressive and bright on self-confident girls. Today it is preferred by young women from 18 to 30 years old. This is not surprising, since this haircut fits perfectly with the country style in clothes.

Extension on curly hair

Girls and women with wavy hair are also entitled to a stylish haircut. The most striking example is Marilyn Monroe, who had luxurious curls and stylishly styled them in short hairstyles. An experienced master easily cuts a bob-car both on wavy hair and on curls.

Back view

A clear sign of a quality hairstyle is a beautiful nape. Ideally, it should be a continuation of the graceful figure and graceful neck of a woman. Let's see how the reference bob-car should look from the back.

Long haircut variations with spectacular color transitions

A caret with lengthening and interesting options for hair coloring is the choice of modern and confident girls who are not afraid to be in the spotlight or want to stand out from the crowd.

Having examined in detail the photo of various options for hairstyles with lengthening, you can choose for yourself exactly what suits you and, turning to a professional stylist or hairdresser, turn your idea into reality.

Continuing the theme of hairstyles in the caret style:

Watch the video: Cutting and Laying Roof Rafters for the Vaulted Roof (February 2020).