Funny scripts redemption bride at a wedding in a modern style

This scenario is suitable for the redemption of a bride living in a private house.

Almost reaching home, girlfriends meet the groom

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Where are you from and where.
And what do you want? Come pass by!
The groom will come to us now! We are looking forward to it here!
We will pay a lot of money, together with him we will go to the registry office!

Oh! So you are the groom?
Why then so quiet.

Redemption of the bride. Original modern script

It has long been a tradition to redeem a bride from parents. Nowadays, this is not so relevant (almost every couple at the time of the wedding already has experience living together), but nevertheless, traditions are traditions and we try to comply with them.

In preparation for the ransom, the bride and her friends usually procure old, painfully familiar trials, the groom, not hearing the task, already knows the answer to it. The ransom of the bride turns into some sort of mundane boring activity.

Simple bride redemption scenario

Meeting the groom near the entrance or near the gate of the house.
(This role is better for the host)

What's that noise? What the hell? Who came to us?
Boys, what do you want? Marmalade? Chocolate?
Suit, white collar (looking at the groom)
Are you probably the groom?

Come on (Name of the groom) the path to his chosen one
lay out bills, brand new and clean.

Redemption of the bride in the verses of the "lost property"

- What kind of guy came to us?
Lost what, al found?
What are you looking for in this place?
Answer us (BRIDE)

Ah, bride, then let's see
I remember that they were, yes.
So you need to go to the warehouse.
Can we find something else?

Maybe a key, a key ring, an umbrella
Maybe a notebook?

No, okay. Let’s take a look.
Hey helper, come here.

- What? Removed from the place.


Redemption of the bride in 15 minutes

Arranging the ransom of the bride, do not delay it, enough for 10-15 minutes. When choosing contests, think about whether your chosen one will cope with this or that task (do not go too far so as not to spoil his mood). Competitions are offered here, among which there are those that will please both the groom and you.

Fairytale Bride Redemption Scenario

General plan of action:

  1. The groom meets the "wise old woman."
  2. Go to the Dark Kingdom, the test of the "guard".
  3. They go to the kingdom of Fragrances, a test at the "incense damsel."
  4. They go to the Ice Kingdom, the test of the "princess of ice."
  5. The groom goes through the front door, then a big heart.

"Classic" scenario redemption bride

The groom and his retinue are approaching the ransom starting place, where they are already waiting for the bridesmaids.

Hello, guests, gentlemen, who are you coming here for?

Groom and friends - For the bride!

Ah, everything is clear! For the bride! Speak, do you need?
Well, if you need it, remember, we just won’t give it back.
Prove that you are worthy - and then we'll see.

Court style bride redemption scenario

The original ransom of the bride is especially suitable if one or both of the newlyweds are working or at least indirectly associated with this structure. You can accuse the groom of stealing the bride’s heart and pronounce him a life sentence. There are many options, and there are also a large number of tests that can be easily organized.

Script redemption bride in the style of the traffic police

Again, it is suitable for those who have relatives in the family in the family or the newlyweds themselves work in this structure. In this case, it will not be difficult to find a costume for the presenter and the rest involved in the ransom. But even if you are in no way connected with the traffic police, no one bothers to organize a ransom in this style. You can organize tests in the form of examinations to obtain perpetual rights to family life.

The role of rituals at a wedding

Every nation marries and celebrates in different ways, but since ancient times it is one of the most important events in a person’s life in any culture. For this reason, the wedding has always been surrounded by many signs and superstitions, from which traditions were then formed. They were observed in order to bring happiness, luck and prosperity to the life of the newlyweds.

Each marriage took place according to the same scenario, since it consisted of established customs. For modern newlyweds, pre-wedding preparation takes a lot of time and effort, because we have to think through each stage of the wedding, and our ancestors did not have such problems - everything was already decided in advance.

Hundreds and even thousands of years have passed since then, so most of the traditions have been forgotten, as they have lost their relevance. Some of them have changed, others have remained the same, but there are still customs that are still observed. Even the exchange of wedding rings and the transfer of an already lawful wife through the threshold of the house in her arms are wedding traditions.

The old foundations are replaced by modern ones, which are no longer based on people's beliefs, but on personal preferences and fashion. In any case, both old and new traditions form the basis of the event, and all other stages are only layered on the frame and complement the script.

Interesting! You can replace the ransom with another interesting event. Suitable options are in this article.

The essence of tradition

In ancient times, it wasn’t customary for the bride to be given away just like that, because for her family she was an au pair, contributed to the production of food. When the girl left her father’s house at the groom’s family, her parents lost a pair of working hands, which resulted in quite tangible material losses.

To compensate for them, the groom agreed with the head of the family on the amount of the ransom. Money, cattle, products, and tools useful in the household could act as it. During the matchmaking, the girl had to show herself from the best side - to cook something, politely treat the guests, then remove from the table. All this, coupled with the beauty of the bride, increased the size of the ransom.

Now the old order is no longer relevant, the event takes place in a completely different way. The groom no longer pays his beloved parents, but must pass the tests prepared by her friends and relatives. All competitions are aimed at checking savvy or memory, so it turns out an interesting and vivid sight.

How is it now

In most cases, before the wedding, they draw up a cool scenario for buying a bride in a modern style, “Getting married is not easy!” The celebration takes place like this: the groom drives up to his beloved's house, where her friends and relatives meet him. They charge a fee for the opportunity to enter the porch or the gate if the bride lives in a private house. After that, competitions are held on each floor of the entrance or in several places of the courtyard, for the victory in which the groom goes further, and for the failure pays a ransom.

The modern bride ransom suggests that all tasks, surroundings, costumes of the organizers and other details of the event are selected in a single style.

Expert Advice! The thematic scenario looks much more attractive and is not considered commonplace, so if possible it is better to choose just such an option.

For ransom, you can come up with any style. The most common, for example, are considered medical, fabulous and military. For a ridiculous modern scenario of buying a bride, it is best to choose a theme that will be combined with the interests of the groom, for example, if he is a fisherman, a football fan or a gamer, then you can come up with contests in this spirit. You can use the circumstances of meeting future newlyweds: if they first met on an airplane, a hairdresser or in a store, then the scenario can be chosen in the spirit of an airline, a beauty salon or a flower shop, respectively.

After choosing a specific style, you need to think about outfits. The ransom organizers can stay in ordinary wedding suits and dresses, wearing only badges or tablets with their stage role.

However, contests will look even more fun if the bridesmaids and relatives of the bride select the appropriate costumes. They can be sewn on their own, made from improvised materials, or rented in a theater club.

You also need to take care of the surrounding area. The universal details of the decoration of the bride’s house are posters and balloons. You can also use fresh or artificial flowers, paper garlands, flashlights and pompons. A sign with the name of the institution, for example, a beauty salon, a shop, a military commission, etc., is hung above the entrance to the porch or house.

Interesting! Consider creative foreclosure ideas. For example, in the style of pirates or based on films about gangsters.

Competition Options

The classic beginning of many modern foreclosures is proof that the groom came to the address. To do this, he is offered not just to name his bride, but to portray him in banknotes on a tray. This is a kind of payment for the beginning of the ransom, that is, after that the tests will directly begin, which can be passed without money, armed only with your own ingenuity.

The next step, the bridesmaids offer her lover to feel like a prince from a fairy tale about Cinderella. Sheets with circled feet of different girls are laid out on the ground or in the porch at the entrance; if you wish, you can add contours of male legs for comic style. The groom will have to guess which fingerprint belongs to his beloved, and this contest can be accompanied by the phrase “Guess what foot you have to kiss for the rest of your life”.

At the next stage, photographs of several girls, including his bride, are hanging in front of the boy. The groom is invited to guess his betrothed, for this it is advisable to use at least 20 different pictures. In some cases, this competition is held for the witness, because it is assumed that he should know the bride of his best friend only slightly worse than the hero of the occasion.

When the photos are left behind, a dart target appears in front of the groom in which ordinary fields are replaced by the following phrases:

  • boredom,
  • the demon beguiled
  • argued
  • I want a father-in-law car
  • mother-in-law like
  • nowhere to live
  • parents made
  • friends are laughing
  • for love (in the center).

The young man is given one dart and is invited to show the real reason why he decided to marry. In some cases, the groom is given several attempts: the first two to shoot, the third to show what he told his friends, the fourth - what he told his parents, fifth - what he told the bride, and sixth - how things really are. If the groom fails to hit the bull's eye with the last shot, he pays a fine.

Advice! The target can be purchased in the store with the requisite for the wedding or made independently from ordinary cardboard and polystyrene.

After checking accuracy, the groom is offered to demonstrate his ingenuity and readiness for family life. For the competition, sheets are prepared with written abbreviations denoting the responsibilities of the husband in married life. They are either glued to each step of the stairs, or laid out on its way to a private house as traces. Abbreviations may be as follows:

  • MP - wash the dishes,
  • HRV - meet from work,
  • MOH - to earn a lot,
  • PSh - buy fur coats,
  • VZ - carry a rest,
  • DC - to give flowers,
  • NZPG - do not forget about the anniversary.

The groom can come up with other decipherments of abbreviations, the main thing is that the answer is suitable for the realities of married life. If nevertheless the organizers of the ransom do not like him, then the young man pays a fine.

Following the ingenuity, the memory of the groom is checked. Since men rarely pay attention to seemingly insignificant things, you can catch a young man on his inattention to his spouse. In the hands of the hosts is a flower made of paper with separate petals, each of which has a number written on it, and the bridegroom needs to guess what it means. You can choose one of the following options:

  • the number of kilometers from the bride’s house to the registry office,
  • heel length on the bride’s wedding shoes,
  • the waist circumference of the bride,
  • mother-in-law's age
  • the number of pet bride
  • the number of cars that the father-in-law had.

When the groom is very close to the bride, you can arrange a contest "Footprints". To do this, footprints are cut out of white paper, which are glued on steps, walls and railings with a large distance. The groom's task is to follow precisely these traces without stepping on the surrounding space. To do this, he needs to guess to ask friends to carry it, applying it to the prints.

You can place a basin in front of the bride’s door and attach the inscription “Put here the most valuable gift for the bride” above it. At first, the groom will put wedding rings, flowers, money, a phone and other things there, but in the end he must guess that he himself needs to get into the basin.

If you wish, you can continue the modern competitions for the ransom of the bride so that friends must bring the hero of the occasion to his beloved in this basin.

The main idea of ​​all the youth fun scenarios for buying a bride of a modern style is fun and ease, so you should focus not on the monetary component of the event, but on contests and surroundings. Modern tasks differ only in that they are served under one theme, and the facilitators skillfully accompany them with their comments. If you approach the matter with soul and imagination, then the ransom will turn out to be stylish and bright.

Cool bride redemption: Meeting at the entrance.

(We pretend that we are not expecting anyone, on the heads of scarves, under the scarves of a bow).

- Guys, leave here. Now the groom will come.

- Do not block the entrance, we are waiting for the groom here.

- Why did you come?

“But why are you today at the parade?” And why did you all come with ties?

“Oh, it's you, groom.”

- We invite, come in, we are selling the bride. Do not want to - come in, we will always find grooms.

- Choose any of us.

- We hardly know the groom

And we want to know all about him

Let the witness slowly

He will list the merits of the groom to us.

If he does not name ten qualities in advance

There will be a full turn from the threshold to the gate

(Friends should praise the groom. Then we remove the scarves, hold out the Chupa Chups and say that they praise him again, but with sweets in his mouth).

(in unison): - Take Chapa Chups in your mouth

And first repeat!

(they should put the eyeglasses in their mouths and say the praises again).

- And our ____________ is a beauty!

She won't like anyone

What in vain boast

It is necessary to cope with difficulties!

You carry out the tasks

And pick up the pieces

Everything will come in handy, believe

The bride redemption is cool: at the stairs

With them we just open the door.

1-2 floor. (1st span)

- The Three Rides

And on Troika well done

A young bride is waiting

To be taken down the aisle.

(Three horses from the groom's friends)

1-2 floor (2nd passage) - Riddles

- To pass us by

And to find the way to the bride,

We will give you riddles

And guess the show

If you don’t know the answer, for a little step give us a bribe.

1. They don’t eat me alone

And without me they don’t look at food. (salt)

2. Multi-colored crunchy says a lot? (any bill)

3. Liquid, not water, white, not snow. (milk)

4. Green, not a frog, Shoots, not a gun? (champagne)

2-3 floor (hunting) 3rd piece

- Your horses are fast

Thoughts are clear and simple.

Monsters surrounded the Light

You must save her!

(shoots a beast from a slingshot).

3-4 floor (household chores) 4th piece

- The bride needs our helper husband,

Show me what a hell you are.

Go up the stairs

Housework guess guess:

Go to the ladder

And what will you do about the housework - promise.

(The letters are drawn on the stairs: MP, SB, etc.)

MP - wash dishes

Sat - wash clothes

PC - vacuum the apartment

VM - take out the trash

GO / B - iron clothes / linen

PP - wipe dust

X to M - go to the store

VD - bring up children

ZP - make the bed

ZD - make money

DR - make repairs

4th-5th floor (oh - sighs) 5th slice

- Remember the hand held?

Do you remember making appointments?

Sadly you sighed about her ...

Remember how you did it

The friend will help

The chorus of beauty sigh.

(they sigh amicably and at the same time the groom calls affectionately the bride).

6th floor (1 first flight from 5th to 6th floor) 6th piece

- (Dressed up a girlfriend in a little girl)

While languidly sighed here

We scared the baby

Calm this hour!

But we won’t let you go!

(must appease a hysterical child).

6th floor (2 span from 5 to 6th floor) (6th piece)

- I made my way to the castle for a long time

And an obstacle again.

Must you get through the thorns

Just do not hurt them!

(sneaks through a web made of satin ribbons over a whole stairwell).

Redemption Organization

It will be easy for creative people organizing the event to come up with a poetic script with contests. The easiest way is to use the ready-made version, change some phrases in it in accordance with the theme of the holiday, or take a script that has already been tried at familiar weddings in verse.

When the poetic conducting of a holiday is chosen, one should not saturate a traditional event with numerous rhymes, but rather stop at competitions. To explain the groom the rules for completing tasks, 1-2 short poems are enough. For a full holiday, you need to come up with an introduction and a logical conclusion.

In addition, it provides for the decoration of the bride’s house. You can hang posters, colorful ribbons, balloons, flowers, various garlands, etc.

The clothes of the organizers of the ritual with contests should correspond to the chosen topic. If there is no specific style, then you can do without a dress code.

When preparing the ransom ceremony, we advise:

  1. Define a budget. Buying the necessary little things, thematic paraphernalia may require a decent investment. It is worthwhile to determine in advance the amount that you are ready to invest. If the young people already jointly earn money for the family, then it’s worth including in the budget the ransom and ransom of the groom: sweets, alcohol, money,
  2. Time limit. If the painting is scheduled for the morning, and you want to follow the traditions, then a short ransom of the bride would be an ideal option. The main thing is for the witness to keep track of time and the young people not to be late in the registry office.
    It is important that the ransom is not too long, otherwise the guests and the groom may get tired, and there are still so many important and interesting things ahead!
  3. Scenario of a wedding ransom. We advise you not to place all the responsibility on the witness in planning this rite. As a bride, you probably know what your beloved is capable of, and what contests can affect his male ego. Be sure to consider the tastes and principles of the groom, otherwise the ransom may be frustrated, and the mood - irreparably damaged.
    For a thematic wedding, it is better to choose the ransom of the corresponding theme. This will allow guests to tune in the upcoming mood of the gala evening,
  4. So that the farmer doesn’t “walk hand in hand”, take care of a candy basket and a chest for money,
  5. Organize a video. You, as a bride, will be especially interested to see firsthand how the chosen one with dignity and courage proved his love and loyalty, and the groom to look at himself from the side. Watching the captured video in a couple of years, you will still laugh at the youth ransom of the bride and the ingenuity of the groom and the witness.

An interesting foreclosure program and new wedding contests will help the groom a little distract and relieve nervous tension. In the meantime, the groom is struggling to access his beloved, the bride can once again correct her makeup and drink some champagne.

Greeting the groom

The ransom of the bride 2018 with a funny and modern script begins with a meeting of the groom in front of the lover's house. The host of the event invites guests to introduce themselves and voice the purpose of their arrival.

In poetic form, you can ask this:

Oh you guests-gO Lord, where are you from and where?

In the path-road equipped?

Why so dressed up?

And what is in that suitcase?

And why in the pockets of mani?

(The matchmakers name the reason for their arrival)

Look, how it went!

You wanted to get married!

Well, which one of you two,

Then the ransom value is presented to the groom, which he makes up for with money or sweets. After everything is paid, the opportunity to go through contests.

The modern scenario of the redemption of the bride (2019)

Great-grandfather's traditions are undergoing changes, especially in recent decades. The ransom young was no exception. Now the main thing is that the bride redemption scenario 2019 is relevant and truly original. After all, the main requirement of today's newlyweds is a departure from accepted standards and hackneyed cliches.

On our site you will find interesting and fresh programs for the event. A detailed description of the contests, dialogs will allow you to pass the event easily and provocatively. Funny bride redemption scenarios are exactly what your wedding needs!


The beginning of the redemption of the bride in 2018 according to a ridiculous and modern scenario is the passing of tests in front of the lover's house. The most common task the ritual begins with is to prove one’s feelings. For this, the groom needs to shout three times about love for the girl.

Demand this in verse as follows:

So that the bride sitting at home

A friend heard the voice

You, Ivan, do not be shy

Confess love to Katya

Shout loudly, not melting:

"Katya, I love you!"

Come on shout out trepeatedly to her about his love.

In turn, the groom repeats three times that he loves the bride. Usually, after completing such a task, no response is received, and the submission of tenders continues. The organizer can say the following lines:

“There is no answer from the bride.

You tell us no secret

Have you come there?

Did you find the right house?

Describe the bride to us

Kohl came to this place. ”

To confirm the truth of his words, the groom is asked questions regarding the life of the bride. If he is mistaken, he pays money or gives away sweets, chocolate, etc.

  • date of birth of the bride
  • mother-in-law's date of birth
  • future wife’s apartment number,
  • the age of the bride
  • date of acquaintance
  • beloved hobbies,
  • favorite eye color
  • the most cherished dream of the future wife.

After the correct answers to the questions, the ransom presenter passes the groom closer to the bride and says the following words:

“So you came right,

I didn’t lie - I found fate.

You need to go further

And find a bride. ”

For further competition, you can prepare a flower with petals, on which to write various tasks for the groom and the witness.

The presenter introduces the rules of the competition:

"To go further up to you,

Everyone needs to get together.

Here you have the colored petals,

The tasks in them are not easy.

Choose any one soon

It takes two to do it. ”

The witness, along with the hero of the occasion, selects the petal they like and fulfill the task written there. In case of refusal of this competition or improper performance, they are required to pay an appropriate fee.

To organize a funny and modern ransom of the bride 2018 according to the scenario, it is recommended to use the following inscriptions on the petals:

  • show a funny story with gestures,
  • dance on one leg
  • stand on a chair and scream that he is a caterpillar,
  • portray the rumbling of the abdomen,
  • sing a song in a fictional language
  • after inhaling from a ball of helium, tell a terrible story.

After the groom and the witness completed all the tasks, they are passed on. On the stairs to the beloved’s apartment, leaflets with letters were laid out at a certain distance, along which the hero of the occasion should walk and give compliments to the future wife (the letter that is written on paper):

“The path to fate will not be easy.

Need to go through the sheets

To go to my beloved. "

The final stage in passing the tests can be a contest with a fruit (for example, an apple), which is hung on a bell near the door of a lover. What needs to be done, the organizer explains:

"And now the last step

For you, tired poor fellow.

To go to the bride

This fruit you bite.

Only act with your teeth -

Do not help yourself with your hands.

If you can handle it soon,

This is an apple of discord

Loses its strength -

You will live in peace with your beloved. ”

If the groom successfully performs the tests, the host passes him to the bride, who is bestowed with a kiss and a bouquet of flowers.

The end of the buyback can be expressed in the following lines:

It's time to finish the poems

The assignments were not easy

But you could fulfill all of them,

And it will be like a lesson,

Now take the bride

Open the door to a new life

Love her and respect her

Then there will be paradise around you!

If you wish, you can add a few more tasks to make the ritual more intense and interesting.

When the competitions are over, all the guests enter the bride’s house, sit down at the festive table and mark the successful completion of the ransom. Then the newlyweds go to the official ceremony of marriage at the registry office.

In the thematic section are presented:

  • Scenarios in a magical theme,
  • Ransom bride in the style of Hollywood casting,
  • A compulsory exam, admitting to the bride’s heart,
  • Modern quests
  • As well as a sea of ​​diverse methods, it is interesting to conduct a traditional ceremony.

Modern ransoms are distinguished by fresh jokes and contests, not boring scripts and a thorough approach to thematic attributes. Do not like ready-made scripts? You can always choose your favorite tasks and questions from different programs, creating your own individual cool scenario of redeeming yourself-beloved.

Case Studies

If the organizers of the holiday have a desire to come up with a thematic scenario, you can focus on the fabulous style. Stories can be both domestic and foreign.

For example, the future wife can be portrayed as a princess in prison, and the bridegroom as her savior, who came with great love and desire to free.

An equally interesting idea is a ransom in a gypsy theme. To get to the bride, the host of events, dressed in bright, lush and eccentric clothes, arrange a difficult test for the groom, accompanied by dancing and songs.

Organizing a bride’s ransom in poetic form can be much easier than holding a celebration in prose. The sound of the lines looks beautiful, full, understandable, and trials of the hero of the occasion are carried out quickly and clearly. To make the traditional ritual interesting and spectacular, you need to include fantasy.

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Before redemption the groom should:

  1. Take care of the farmer. We are sure that the bride will tell you how many sweets and bottles of alcohol are worth buying, and will orientate you for the money. The bridegroom and the witness can only listen carefully, record, and - buy,
  2. For cash purchases exchange money in advance, acquire a trifle and acquire fake “currency”,
  3. Sense of humor - The groom’s main weapon in foreclosure. The main thing to understand: no one wants to offend or put the future spouse in an awkward position, even on the most advanced bride buyback of 2019,
  4. Remember the important dates regarding the bride and close relatives, especially the future mother-in-law. Figures, favorite subjects and activities - everything connected with a sweetheart should not confuse the groom.

When organizing a buyback plan, or planning a bachelorette party scenario, it is important to consider every detail. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant moments. And an active witness and a humorous witness are the best helpers of the young on the day of the wedding celebration!

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