Short wedding dress 2018-2019

The outfit for the most exciting celebration is just as susceptible to various fluctuations in the fashion industry as any other. And although the current year has just come, world designers have already determined what wedding dresses 2018 will be - fashion trends.

Wedding dresses 2018

It is believed that the outfit for this important ceremony is weakly influenced by current trends, as it is conservative. This is difficult because, since white is an invariable favorite of preferences for more than one decade and even a century. But at the same time, the styles that modern brides prefer are far from strict analogues of the beauties of the Victorian era.

Wedding dresses in 2018 adhere to often conflicting trends: along with revealing outfits, traditional closed models with a long sleeve and a high neck are relevant. Designers share styles depending on the time of year, giving them a consistently luxurious look. Summer products are open and less pompous. But winter dresses will demonstrate the full range of magnificence.

  1. Puffy wedding dresses 2018 have a clear geometric shape.
  2. The main focus of fashion luminaries is the trapezoid skirt, which beautifully draws the waist.
  3. The combination of the A-silhouette with other spectacular cut options is shown - a small train, open back, lace neckline or asymmetrical hem.
  4. Incredibly spectacular outfits decorated with voluminous elements - flower buds, butterflies and so on.
  5. Concise models of dense fabrics with a complex sculpture of folds and draperies are relevant.

Short wedding dresses 2018 - fashion trends

An exciting and impeccable image of the most perfect bride is possible not only in the framework of the usual dress on the floor. Short wedding dresses 2018 is another expressive trend:

  1. Vintage models in the style of Audrey Hepburn are invariably charming: a magnificent bottom is crowned with a modest bodice.
  2. Actual products with an uneven hem. A short bottom can be decorated with a long train at the back.
  3. Of interest are dress dresses, in which the upper part is decorated in the form of a shortened blouse. Often the outfit is decorated with pearls.
  4. Exquisite short wedding dresses with bare shoulders.
  5. Bold dress shorts will appeal to fans of eccentricity in style.
  6. Showing tiered hem.
  7. An interesting contrast is between the length of the knee and the sleeve to the wrist.

Colored wedding dresses 2018

If a classic wedding in white is not an option, choose the color that best suits your complexion. Designers do not get tired of experimenting using airy fabrics of beautiful pastel shades. Inspirational powdery, cold pale blue, pale pink or luxurious gold are the fashionable colors of wedding dresses 2018. Such models look no less impressive and stately. If the proposed option is too bold for you, but you want something new, give preference to outfits that combine the white tone of the main fabric and any other color in the decoration.

Short wedding dresses are very few. It should be borne in mind that designers feel fashion trends and try to please all the brides. It turns out that today meek models do not fit into fashion trends. Although according to stylists, today the most important trend is our personality. Therefore, if you like a short dress, you can safely buy and not worry about the trends of the season.

Some brides choose such short wedding dresses, reminiscent of a more closed wedding swimsuit with a transparent train than a dress. Someone likes the average length, or a long, but completely transparent skirt. Walk around the salons, try on and be sure to find your perfect dress.

Wedding dresses Vera Wong 2018

Outfits from a recognized American brand are an ode to female attractiveness and blatant sexuality. Beautiful wedding dresses 2018 from Vera Wong are made in the usual range without shocking bright colors. The main attribute of the collection was a feather boa. In general, the decor of the brand has a lot of feathers along the hem, in the neckline. The silhouette is replete with asymmetric elements and flowing waves of translucent fabric - lace, mesh, organza. A noticeable trend is the combination of dense fabric and light tulle elements. Models with an elegant crepe cut are offered.

  1. In a harmonious and non-trivial way, wedding dresses 2018 combined the most fashionable trends with the sophisticated lines of the past.
  2. Magnificent models with a corset and crinoline with rich finishes are considered to be the hallmark of the brand.
  3. Invariably, the use of lace frames is the main trend of wedding dresses 2018.
  4. No less exquisite A-silhouette products.
  5. Incredibly luxurious looks the model of the fish style with a fantastic long train.

Wedding Dresses Zuhair Murad 2018

A beautiful collection from a talented Lebanese designer is replete with elegant lace, handmade embroidery and voluminous appliqués. Zuhair Murad bet on transformer models and did not lose! Complicated dresses with removable skirts and capes after a solemn ceremony of marriage or wedding easily turn into no less stylish, but more comfortable outfits. The provocative vintage wedding dress 2018 of a simple cut, but made of translucent fabric, is also in the spotlight. Voluminous flowers, vines and branches with stones as if scattered directly on the body.


Wedding is the most important event for any girl. And how do you want that on this day everything was perfect: treats, decoration, makeup, and in particular, the bride’s wedding outfit. In this article, we consider the most stylish wedding dresses 2018 - 2019, fashion trends. 100 photos of dresses from the best couturiers in the world will clearly show you how to be irresistible. Excellent design solutions and new products of the year are presented to your attention.

Fashion trends 2018 - 2019

The definition of “fashion trends” this season includes several details:

Today, a trouser wedding suit or jumpsuit looks very stylish and bold on brides. Look at one hundred percent and choose the most suitable option will help you presented in the article photos of wedding dresses for 2018 - 2019. Fashion trends in terms of colors are similar to last year - designers did not put forward any strict framework. A non-white dress option is allowed. The most daring can boast a red and black outfit. But in exclusive collections, white, soft blue, beige and powder shades are more common than bright colors.

Fashionable and lush

From early childhood, the girl presents herself at her wedding in a luxurious and magnificent dress. She imagines how she goes to the altar with her fairy-tale prince. Girls grow up, and dreams of a prince and a chic dress remain unchanged.

Regarding the splendor of the dress, there is still one “but”. Fashion designers replaced the extremely uncomfortable fluffy skirts on the frame with multilayer lightweight skirts or a combination of light and dense tissue. Under the concept of fashionable and magnificent wedding dresses 2018 - 2019, several styles fall:

  • Classical. With a straight hem of several layers of chiffon, crepe and organza with a lining of the main fabric under them.
  • Dress with a torn hem. One of the upper layers of the skirt made of lightweight fabrics is attached to the dress “obliquely”. This gives the impression that the oblique corners of the hem were torn off. It turns out a very romantic image, no matter how terribly its name sounds.
  • Dress with an asymmetric skirt. In this case, one edge of the dress is slightly or much shorter than the other. Thanks to this, it is possible to show the shoes, and if desired, the whole lovely leg.

Models with a full skirt help emphasize other places. You can completely bare your shoulders by choosing a dress on a corset. And you can deeply open the back and neckline area, while making a high hairstyle.

Show a long slender leg on the right side, bare your arm and shoulder on the left, and the perfect asymmetric look is ready! Slender and tall girls, this option is especially good.

For owners of more magnificent forms, the dress is perfect in greek style. A delightful drop-down image with a high waist hides all the flaws, if any, and makes you visually taller and slimmer.

Short dresses

If 10 years ago a short wedding dress was nonsense, now almost every wedding fashion designer has a couple of short models in his collection. There are three options for a short dress:

To date, no one is surprised when he sees an ultrashort length dress on his bride. Especially when the top of the dress is quite closed and decorated with lace and pearls. There is only one condition: for such an outfit, it is desirable to have an ideal figure.

Models with skirts of medium length and below the knee are suitable for girls with different proportions. Girls with medium height are ideally suited for dresses with a fluffy skirt to the knees.

Trend 2018 - 2019 - dress in the style of Audrey Hepburn. A neat bodice and a fluffy bell skirt to the knees or ankle-deep. This model looks good with a neat stand-up collar.

TOP 5 most beautiful and expensive wedding dresses in the world!

Fifth place - a model from Vera Wong.

The amazing and extraordinary Vera Wong always surprises with her bold ideas. This wedding dress was no exception. An outfit made from real peacock feathers will cost customers $ 1.5 million. In addition to bird feathers, of course, there are diamonds and 18 carat gold.

Fourth place - model of Jada Gandura and Danasha Lakshariza.

Top model Kassandra Natasha Havel presented the world a dress worth $ 1.5 million, created by these two eminent couturiers. Exquisite wedding dress made of silver taffeta and decorated with gold and diamonds. Fashion designers planned to create a discreet image that emphasizes female features. Did they succeed or not, you judge.

Third place - a model from Ginza Tanaka.

This outfit is estimated at about $ 8 million. The refined and extraordinary Ginza Tanaka adorned it with thousands of pearls and added about 500 gems there. Presented the dress for wide viewing Olympic champion in figure skating Shizuka Arakawa in 2003 in Tokyo.

Second place - a model from Yami Katsura.

Yami Katsura won the glory of one of the most popular wedding dress designers. The masterpiece, which took second place in our top, will cost you more than $ 8 million. Yami chose satin and silk as the material. Then he embroidered them with diamonds, emeralds, pearls, appliques and white gold.

First place - a model from Rene Strauss and Martin Katz.

Crowns our list of the most beautiful and expensive dresses “diamond dress” worth $ 12 million. The dress is embroidered with diamonds of 150 carats and since 2006 wears the title of the most expensive wedding dress in the world. Not surprisingly, the dress still has not found its buyer.

Autumn winter

Cold weather is not a reason to deny yourself a luxurious wedding dress. Dresses suitable for weddings at this time of the year are divided into two categories:

  • Dress with a closed neck. The classic collar and stand-up collar look very elegant on such a wedding dress. Add a scattering of pearls, rhinestones, and a rich image of a socialite is provided to you.
  • Dress with long sleeves. The fashion trend of this season is the bell sleeves flared down. And the wider the flare, the more attractive your dress looks.

On a frosty winter day, a white fur coat or cape helps the bride out. With a wedding dress, they look stylish and solemn. For a winter wedding dress, it is better to choose dense fabrics: taffeta, brocade, velvet and satin.

Another extremely fashionable detail in 2018 - 2019 was the long cape worn instead of a veil. This little thing makes the image truly royal. Imagine how on this solemn day you go to the altar in a fabulous dress with a long flowing train on your shoulders, developing in the rhythm of your walk.

Spring Summer

For spring-summer wedding attire, dresses made of light fabrics are suitable: chiffon, silk, organza, crepe, etc. The choice of styles is large enough. The main thing is for the bride to feel comfortable.

A very fashionable summer style is considered mermaid dress. In such a dress, the bride looks seductive. A tight upper, narrowing to the knees and a magnificent flare down make the bride's walk incredibly feminine, and the figure itself is slender and sophisticated.

In summer, it is permissible to allow yourself some liberties and choose a short light model for the wedding ceremony. Fitting lace case or A-line silhouette - try on everything and choose what you will feel most comfortable in. Remember that you have been in it for quite some time, and it’s a hot sunny day outside.

The wedding image in the warm season is well complemented by a picture of flowers, a wreath of real flowers.

Owners of curvaceous forms are advised to abandon the styles with an abundance of ruffles, stones and bows. The use of dense shiny fabrics and rhinestones is undesirable. We do not recommend loading the image with additional elements and a large number of folds.

Fashion Dress Prices

If the beautiful half of humanity is mainly concerned with the style of the future wedding dress, then the strong half is worried about the financial side of the issue.

Prices for wedding dresses have a fairly large run. Many factors affect the price category: product brand, quality of fabric, quality of accessories, country of manufacture, style complexity.

If in a regular, average wedding store, the cost of dresses varies from 8000 to 100000 rublesthen designer outfits will cost you in 500,000 or more. Exclusive designer products belong to an even higher price category.

There is an option of sewing a wedding dress. In a professional atelier, sewing a wedding dress costs approximately in 7000-10000 rubles. What quality to choose fabric, you decide based on your preferences and capabilities. In a studio with competent and qualified specialists, you will be counted on fabric consumption and help with the choice for a particular model.

Trends and trends 2018 - 2019

World fashion designers dictated the wedding trends of 2018 - 2019. This season, simplicity is combined with interesting and unusual (not white design) elements. We present to your attention photos of wedding dresses for 2018 - 2019.

Minimalism and simplicity constantly find their connoisseurs, because it is not always appropriate to “weight” your look with unnecessary decor and decorations. Having put on a lot of ruffles, bows and shiny rhinestones, you risk rightly earn the title of crow. In addition, sometimes the desire to highlight a dress with a large number of decor elements looks vulgar, which certainly does not suit the bride's face.

Instead of a thousand shimmering stones, designers recommend paying attention to black accents - another fashion trend of 2018 - 2019. Decorate the wedding dress with a black belt, black flowers or lace, and guests will remember such a bold decision for a long time.

This wedding season, fashion designers are advised to emphasize cutouts. But the neckline does not always have to be real. A flesh-colored mesh successfully creates the illusion of an open back or decollete. She, by the way, not only implements a cutout props, but also gives the dress the desired shape, helping him to fit the figure beautifully.

The image, of course, is bold and extravagant. If you decide to use this option, be careful that the sexy outfit does not seem too frank. In the new season, the effect of sexuality is relevant, but the wedding outfit of restrained cut is called no less fashionable.

Flying outfit in the style of Merlin Monroe. Such a cut does not lose ground for the past few seasons, and in 2018 - 2019 is gaining even more popularity. The proposed look looks easy and airy. Beautifully open shoulders, slightly deflated sleeves - such a detail will make the image graceful and elegant. The dress is suitable for women who prefer classics and romantic looks.

2018 - 2019 is the right time to realize the idea of ​​a wedding dress with long sleeves. Use a light and delicate fabric for the sleeves, if you celebrate the wedding in summer in hot weather, in the cold season, choose sleeves from warm materials. Wearing a dress with a long sleeve, you will focus on the upper body and distract attention from the wide hips. High collars and a closed neck are no less interesting alternative to the usual methods of decor of the top of the wedding dress.

Instead of traditional veils, fashion designers offer our attention capes, transparent long capes, vintage coats decorated with embroidery, feathers and lace.

In the role of the main "highlight" of the wedding dress, do not be afraid to use bows. With the help of a large bow, thin girls will make the figure more magnificent and appetizing, small bows will become a cute flirty addition to the image.

You won’t surprise anyone with a white wedding dress, so fashion houses boldly add outfits of various colors to their collections: from delicate pink-peach to darker and more saturated. Violet, berry and gray shades are in fashion.

We especially recommend paying attention to sky-blue wedding dresses, which can give the impression of lightness and innocence inherent in white classics, and at the same time add brightness and romance to the image. The blue palette includes a large number of shades, and each has its own special character. Translucent blue gives the bride tenderness, femininity and purity, light turquoise looks fresh and unusual.

The color of the sea wave combines green and blue shades and is distinguished by unusual sophistication. Blue colors are universal - they look good with different textures and harmonize with other colors: pink, coral, beige, silver, golden, white.

Floral applications, prints and embroidery always look rich, luxurious, feminine. The trend dominates in recent seasons - spring 2018 - 2019 was no exception.

Do not forget about accessories - large pearl beads and vintage jewelry return to fashion. Choose additional decor to match the dress or use contrasting colors-companions. This season, the bride is offered to get a small handbag with shiny pebbles and sparkles. Additionally, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the article fashionable women’s bags. Shoes are not necessarily white - let them match the theme and colors of the wedding.

The idea of ​​the most daring brides is a laconic jumpsuit, luxuriously embroidered with lace patterns. They haven’t come up with anything more elegant! If the option is quite radical, choose it as the second outfit for the wedding.

For lovers of trousers, we suggest additionally looking at an article about which trousers are in fashion.

Well, the main trend of any season is the author’s decision. Add something of your own to your image, make it unique.

In men's fashion, the trends are completely different, you can be sure by looking at the article about men's jeans.

Beautiful wedding dresses 2019-2020: current trends of the upcoming season

Fashion industry never sleeps and always presents us with various new products and fashion trends.

In 2019-2020, fashion designers advised choosing wedding dresses with an open back or V-neckline, because it perfectly emphasizes the tenderness and femininity of the bride.

Also, we cannot but mention wedding suits that perfectly replace wedding dresses and add a twist to the celebration.

Fashion trends did not pass by wedding accessories 2019-2020. This season, designers used capes and drape instead of the usual veil, which perfectly harmonized with the image of the young.

Does the bride in a white dress seem boring and too traditional to you? Then feel free to choose wedding dresses 2019-2020 in blue, mint, pink or yellow.

Such bright colors will appeal to extravagant brides who will make their wedding unforgettable.

And now we will talk in more detail about the styles of wedding dresses for the best brides.

Wedding dresses 2019-2020: timeless classics

White, ivory, light pink and champagne are the essential shades of a classic bride's dress.

It should also be noted that classic wedding dresses are often very lush, delicate and luxurious.

This season, designers advise choosing wedding dresses 2019-2020 in a classic style with floral embroidery or guipure. Such elements will make the image of the bride very elegant and royal.

Girls should also look at dresses with open shoulders, because they look very feminine and cute.

By choosing a delicate and beautiful wedding dress 2019-2020, brides will feel like queens.

And what else does the true queen lack? That's right, crowns! Therefore, in addition to or instead of a veil, you can use a luxurious diadem or crown.

Beautiful wedding dresses: elegant one-year dress

The bride should always be gentle and feminine, so designers advise choosing wedding dresses 2019-2020 in the style of the year.

With the help of such dresses, insanely beautiful images of the young are created, which everyone will definitely like and will become wedding decorations.

Fashion lawmakers also advise experimenting with the color scheme, for example, you can choose fashionable red wedding dresses that will appeal to bright and eccentric girls.

Still, such a choice will appeal to women who are not the first time to get married, because such a vivid image will not go unnoticed by guests.

The choice of accessories for a wedding dress is great, as you can try on a veil in the same color scheme as the dress, and the crown, and delicate headbands.

Wedding dresses 2019-2020: romantic provencal style

If the bride and groom decided to make a wedding in the Provencal style, then their outfits should also match him.

Provencal style is very similar to rural style and involves the use of natural materials and simple shapes.

Designers advise choosing wedding dresses 2019-2020 simple and it is very important that they emphasize the naturalness and simplicity of the bride.

You can experiment with the length of the dress. Looks great, both short and long dresses.

Instead of veils, it is better to use small wreaths of flowers that are in the bride’s bouquet or delicate headbands that delightfully complement the image of the bride.

What will be the wedding dress 2019-2020: photos, ideas, fashion trends

Every bride wants to look special on her wedding day. The fashion industry is constantly bringing some new updates to the wedding fashion, fully realizing the needs of modern brides.

Today, wedding dresses are on sale in such abundance that even an unusually whimsical fashionista will find her own version.

In 2019-2020, at the peak of wedding fashion, there will be interesting and unusually beautiful short wedding dresses, which are an alternative proposal for a wedding dress that creates competition for long wedding dresses.

Undoubtedly, future brides will be interested in short wedding dresses of famous brands from lace, satin, silk and other magnificent materials, the main theme of which is femininity, sensuality, sophistication, grace and restrained elegance. Nevertheless, dresses will also appear in boutiques, creating the most unexpected looks.

The most beautiful short wedding dresses 2019-2020 have gained their popularity due to their versatility.

Happy brides who choose a short wedding dress get a comfortable outfit and feel extremely comfortable throughout the wedding event.

Someone may think that short wedding dresses are all monotonous and uninteresting, but in fact, a short wedding dress surprises with an abundance of styles.

Short dresses for the bride will help to create original images, making the girl elegant, feminine, flirty, cocky, sexy, defiant, etc.

Wedding dresses, in particular short wedding dresses, are a favorite theme of designers in 2019-2020.

It is designer short wedding dresses that are very popular with stars and representatives of high society.

But before considering the most beautiful and fashionable short wedding dresses of 2019-2020, you should make sure that the wedding dress in a short version is your style.

Short wedding dresses are usually suitable for short brides with beautiful smooth legs.

Also, short wedding dresses are risky to choose too thin representatives of the weaker sex, because they emphasize this feature of the figure.

Short wedding dresses and girls with too elegant shapes and overweight are contraindicated. For such brides, it is worth looking after a wedding outfit in an elongated version.

But, if your type of figure matches this outfit, you can definitely pay attention to fashionable short wedding dresses.

Short wedding dresses are also good because they can be worn after the wedding as a cocktail dress for special occasions.

Short evening dresses for weddings - sheath, short A-line wedding dresses, short wedding dresses in a straight cut and retro style make the bride a sophisticated lady, emphasizing her beauty with an elegant look.

For active beauties, who are always in the spotlight, more extravagant short type wedding dresses are suitable, which will tell about the bride without words.

Elegant short wedding dresses with a train, fabulously beautiful wedding short dresses with a multi-layered puffy skirt - this is the dream of brides who want to conquer with their originality.

Seductive short evening dresses for the bride with a removable transformer skirt are also the most practical option among beautiful trendy wedding dresses 2019-2020.

Many fashionistas will surprise not only guests, but also the groom with a choice of a wedding dress with a tutu skirt. Agree, brides with a twist allow themselves to make such a choice.

If you have magnificent forms, but you want to wear a short wedding dress, pay attention to beautiful short dresses for brides with a deep neckline.

For delicate, sophisticated brides with small breasts, fashion designers offer luxurious short wedding dresses with unusual flounces and frills in the chest area that visually enlarge the chest and make the image very feminine and interesting.

But for brides with thin ankles, but very curvaceous, short wedding dresses with a fluffy skirt below the knee length, which will make an appropriate emphasis on the waist, are suitable.

As we already mentioned, fashionable short dresses 2019-2020 with a removable puffy or elongated skirt will be relevant soon for brides who want to express their individuality and peculiarity.

Do not forget that fashionable short wedding dresses create for the bride exactly the image that she preferred, it is worth taking care of accessories and choosing the right wedding shoes.

Shoes are chosen depending on the season. But remember, wedding shoes should not only be beautiful, but also comfortable. Therefore, whether you choose wedding sandals, shoes or beautiful boots, try to make your legs look not only chic, but also feel like that.

If we talk about accessories, then the fashionable short dresses 2019-2020 will complement the beautiful belts of a distinguishing color. Such a belt will make your dress not only more memorable, but also emphasize your waist.

The bride’s head can be decorated with fresh flowers, interesting hairpins, appropriately complementing the wedding hairstyle, a traditional veil or an original hat - a veil. Undoubtedly, wedding gloves of different lengths will be an appropriate wedding accessory.

Also, to emphasize a beautiful short dress, you should definitely choose wedding decorations. It doesn’t matter if it is jewelry or precious jewelry, the main thing is that they are combined with the outfit, emphasizing the image you created.

Remember, no matter what fashionable short dress you choose, the main thing is that you feel like a real lady in it.

And now we offer to see the most beautiful short wedding dresses 2019-2020, photos of which will undoubtedly interest ladies who are getting married.

Fashionable wedding dresses: delicate boho style

Any event in the style of boho is always lightness, tenderness, romance and love, so this style is what you need for your wedding.

Many brides love the luxurious and amazing wedding dresses in the boho style, because everyone, without exception, likes the thin line, lightness, freedom and non-standard.

If you compare fashionable wedding dresses 2019-2020 with past seasons, you can see that now they will be more elegant and decorated with expensive stones.

Also, do not forget that the image of a bride in the boho style does not imply the use of a veil. Instead of the usual accessory, various wreaths, headbands or dressings are used.

Boho style will make your wedding romantic, luxurious and unforgettable.

Wedding suit for the bride 2019-2020: the choice of the original ladies

For women aged or those who get married not the first time there is an alternative option to the dress - a wedding suit.

Such a bold decision is best suited for a small wedding in the circle of the closest people or for a bohemian wedding to stand out among other girls.

There are a large number of varieties of wedding suits for the bride, since you can choose trousers of various styles, and a jacket of various shapes and lengths.

Also, do not choose a veil, but it is better to opt for a cape or drape. Such an alternative will make the image of the bride wonderful and easy.

Today you learned what styles of wedding dresses will be in trend in 2019-2020, about fashion accessories for the bride’s wedding look, and you also know how to replace wedding dresses this season.

Now look at our photo review, where you will definitely find the very wedding dress 2019-2020.


Lace is a symbol of romance. The openwork cloth gives the impression of an expensive, elegant fabric. Snow-white lace fashionable wedding dresses are of high interest among the vast majority of brides today. The new collections of famous brands are filled with lace dresses of different lengths: with trains and sleeves, with a short skirt, an open back. The choice of dresses with lace is really large and each of them deserves the attention of sophisticated and delicate brides.


Look for inexpensive, but fashionable wedding dresses in stores and salons that offer profitable promotions and sales. Often, sellers sell the remains of old collections. Of course, the dress was already measured, it looks dented and not at all fresh. But dry cleaning services, atelier will help to fix most of the shortcomings.

It is possible to buy a used dress. If it does not quite fit, but a pleasant price has bribed you, experienced craftsmen will help to solve the problem of inappropriate size, style, lack of decor.

Where to buy and how much?

There are many shops and venues that can please you with a variety of wedding dresses.
We bring to your attention several inexpensive online stores where you will find a suitable dress:

  • is a great store with good prices from 2,500 to 25,000 rubles and stocks.
  • Vesta House - good craftsmen and competitive prices from 5,000 to 55,000 rubles.
  • Mary Br>Wedding Dresses

And in order to shine on your honeymoon, we bring to your attention a selection of fashionable swimwear.

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